Vision, Mission and Objective

College vision:

Excellence in providing educational and research services in all fields of engineering and technology. Also, preparing specialized engineers who can assume various positions in the government jobs and the private sector companies and Factories. At the same time, contributing to the development of society and the local and regional economy. Moreover, preparing them as good citizens who believe in human and moral values ​​and are aware of their responsibility towards their religion, country, and people.


The Message of College:

Preparing qualified engineering equipped with modern knowledge and technology in various engineering fields. Associated with academic education and a research environment under international standards and effective community partnership. The institutional values ​​espoused by the College of Engineering:

1. Professional

2. Responsibility

3. Justice

4. honesty

5. Transparency

6. Creativity

7. Teamwork


College Strategic Goals:

1) Preparing and training students for various engineering professions by emphasizing their familiarity with engineering principles in the field of specialization. Moreover, qualifies the graduate to absorb technical problems and contribute to the development of scientific solutions to them.

2) Encouraging and motivating students to acquire knowledge through study and research to develop students' ability to think independently, self-confidence, self-learning, and follow up on scientific sources.

3) To provide the student with the principles of management, economics, and human sciences to complete his qualification to occupy his leadership position in society.

4) Publishing academic and applied research to enrich knowledge in the engineering field and solve engineering problems in government and private companies.