.Awarded Certificates and Alumni Descriptions-Petroleum Eng. D

Preparatory certificate holders (applied branch) are accepted to study in the Department of Petroleum Engineering on a bachelor’s program according to the central admission system of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in addition to 10% of the top students at technical institutes. A Bachelor of Science degree in the Department of Petroleum Engineering is awarded to the graduate after successfully completing the academic requirements. Which the student studies in four academic years, with two semesters for each academic year

Classes include specialized major lessons, basic lessons, and non-core lessons.

Studying in the department qualifies the graduate to work in research, production and industrial institutions, especially institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Oil

Petroleum Engineer Job Duties:

1- Work on preparing appropriate plans and methods that help in finding the locations of oil and gas fields

2- Studying oil and engineering projects and preparing appropriate plans for oil exploration and extraction

3- Cooperate with a specialist in earth sciences or geology, in order to study and analyze the geological formation of gas and oil reservoirs

4- Analysis of the rock system and the nature of rocks, as well as geological data and calculating the amount of oil reserves in these reservoirs

5- Evaluation of the field based on effort, cost and expected returns

6- Designing the appropriate drilling program to drill each layer that the oil well passes through, and choosing the appropriate drilling fluid specifications for each layer

7- Supervising the development of oil fields and developing appropriate plans to increase the productivity of the reservoir and maintain its performance for the longest possible period.

8- Monitoring the performance of the oil field and wells by following up the oil production operations by monitoring pressures and production rates

9- Ensure the safety of machinery and equipment used in projects

Follow-up of the equipment used in drilling and excavation operations, and ensure that there are no malfunctions that impede the work

10- Cooperate with the work team

Job Descriptions

A holder of a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering can work in state departments affiliated to the ministries of oil and higher education and in the private sector as an engineer specializing in petroleum engineering, which serves work in those institutions and departments

Work places in which the graduate can work