About the Department of Computer Engineering

About the Department of Computer Engineering

Computer engineering department has been established in 1997 to meet the emerging needs for skilled computer engineers also to keep track with the global scientific and technical progress. The Department thrives on exploration and discovery from the beginning, it adopted an efficient academic program that matched the global standers in both theocratical and practical fields.

Students who join our department are able to develop skills and knowledge that set them on successful and enriching careers especially our program focus on the practical sector to establish the required qualifications that are vital to securing employment in the wider industry. The undergraduate study at the department take four years in total then the student will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering.

As known Postgraduate studies can open the door to new experiences and opportunities, our department started the postgraduate courses in 2001 to grant Master’s degree in computer engineering after completing two years of the academic study.


A scientific and practical pioneering environment in both research and teaching sectors and has the capability of keeping pace with the continues growth of the technological developments in the fields of computer engineering and information technology. Mission

the department seeks to provide the excellent environment that stimulates creativity, innovation, research and development in order to produce highly qualified computer engineers who are able to serve the labor market locally and globally.


  1. Provide highly qualified and competitive computer engineers who can deal with the professional challenges in both private and public sectors since that are well prepared and fully equipped for a successful career as computer engineers.
  2. Providing advanced academic programs in the computer engineering field for both theoretical and practical sectors that match the international standards and meet the labor market needs.
  3. Encourage the development of the scientific research in computer engineering field especially the information technology, computer software, computer networks, telecommunication systems, AI and robotics.
  4. Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts with the private, public and government sectors
  5. Create enabling environment for the faculty member that helps them to improve their teaching and research skills.