Titles of English books

      ei engineering conference index chemical agricultural food and bio engineering port city press
a guide to instrument design  
advances in chemical engineering  
advances in welding processes  
guide to broadcasting stations  
industrial electrical systems  
milestones in soil mechanics the first ten rankine lectures  
mosul dam project planning drawings  
mosul dam project planning report  
mosul dam project planning report summary  
national telecommunications conference Dallas  
numerical methods in offshore engineering  
proceedings of the symposium on shallow foundations  
symposium on modern trends in civil engineering  
the engineering buyers guide  
the symposium on design and operation of siphons and siphon spill ways  
the theory of machines and mechanisms  
trends in control components  
turbulence in mixing operations theory and application to mixing and reaction  
operational research 75    k.b.haley
english for technical students2  david bonamy
construction planning for engineers  f.h.(bud)griffis
a text book of organic chemistry  k sTewari
comprehensive chemical kinetics  r.g.compton comprehensive
 relayation methods in theoretical physics  r.v.southwell
Algebra structure and method  Richard G.brown
problems of theoretica seismology and physics of the earths interior  v.a.magnitskii
 operating systems  william stallings
an introduction to scientific research
  E.Brig lt wilson
an introduction to scientific research
 E.Brig lt wilson
information technology
fundamental concepts in the design of experiments

charles r.hicks
  information and data modelling

david benyon
information and data modelling

david benyon
 theory of modelling and simulation
bernord p.zeigler
  information and data modelling
david benyon
 information and data modelling
david benyon
information and data modelling
david benyon
 operational research
operational research
information theory with applicaltion
silviu guiasu
Mechanics of Fluids A . C. Walshaw
solution of problems in surveying and field astronomy a bannister
analysis of structural systems for torsion A C I
design of cylindrical concretes shell roofs A C I
impact of computers on the practice of structural engineering in concrete A C I
roadways and airport pavements A C I
text processing a colin day
fundamentals of structural theory a coull
quality control and reliability a g.robertson
basic electronics technology a howord w.sams
combustion measurements modern techniques and instrumentation a project squid
environmental engineering a s c e
Mechanics of Materials A. C.  Ugural
micro facies analysis of the mauddud formation in kuwait a.a.a.shamlan
theory of oscillators A.A.Andronov
soil mechanics and foundation engineering tenth international conference a.a.balkema
strength of materials a.a.lLyushin
the theory of gravity a.a.logunov
solar energy application in buildings a.a.m.sayigh
solar energy engineering a.a.m.sayigh
phased array antennas a.a.oliner
basic principles of automatic control theory a.a.voronov
fundamentals of electromagnetic field theory A.A.Zaky
digital circuits truth tables minterms maxterms karnaugh maps a.abdelilah
simulation with gasp pl/1 a.alan b.pritskes
the gasp iv simulation language a.alan b.pritskes
mathematics for elementary teachers a conceptual approach a.b.bennett
mathematics for elementary teachers an activity approach a.b.bennett
foundation construction a.b.carson
structural steel work limit state design a.b.clarke
hi-fi loud speakers and enclosures a.b.cohen
carpentry and joinery (wood trades) a.b.emary
carpentry joinery and machine wood working (wood trades) a.b.emary
chemistry a study of matter a.b.garrett
deposition and corrosion in gas turbines a.b.hart
introduction to logic design a.b.marcovitz
concrete for high temperatures a.b.phillips
active filter design a.b.williams
technology transfer and change the arab world a.b.zahlan
phase Locked Loops application to coherent receiver design a.blanchard
plastics materials and processing a.brent.strong
Communication systems an introduction to signals and  noise in electrical communication A.bruce carlson
communication systems an introduction to signals and noise electrical communication a.bruce carlson
communication systems an introduction to signals and noise in electrical communication a.bruce carlson
communication systems a.bruce.carlson
communication systems an introduction to signals and noise in electrical communication a.bruce.carlson
communications systems a.bruce.carlson
electrical engineering concepts and applications a.bruce.carlson
fortran and algol a.c.bajpal
the basics of basic a.c.gomez
general engineering workshop practice a.c.guide
accelerated strength testing A.C.I
aci bibliography causes.mechanism and control of cracking in concrete a.c.i
aci bibliography evaluation of strength tests of concrete a.c.i
aci bibliography fatigue of concrete a.c.i
aci bibliography shrinkage and creep in concrete a.c.i
aci bibliography.torsion In concrete a.c.i
an international symposium fiber reinforced concrete A.C.I
cold weather concreting a.c.i
designing for creep and shrinkage A.C.I
fiber reinforced concrete A.C.I
hot weather concreting a.c.i
industrialization in concrete building construction A.C.I
placing concrete by pumping methods a.c.i
recommended practice for curing concrete a.c.i
recommended practice for evaluation of strength test results of concrete a.c.i
recommended practice for selecting  proportions for no.slump concrete a.c.i
recommended practice for selecting proportions for normal and heavy weight concrete a.c.i
recommended practice for selecting proportions for structural light weight concrete a.c.i
recommended practice for the use of shrinkage.compensating concrete a.c.i
reconmmended practice for atmospheric pressure steam curing of concrete a.c.i
refractory concrete A.C.I
reinforced concrete structures in seismic zones A.C.I
specifications for structural concrete for buildings a.c.i
symposium on creep of concrete A.C.I
temperature and concrete A.C.I
flight without formulae a.c.kermods
robot technology theory design and applications a.c.mcdonald
geology for civil engineers a.c.mclean
a first year engineering drawing a.c.parkinson
intermediate engineering drawing a.c.parkinson
intermediate engineering drawing a.c.porkinson
introduction to super conductivity a.c.rose.innes
digital signal computers and processors a.c.salazar
robotics and al an introduction to applied machine intelligence a.c.staugaard
civil engineering supervision and management a.c.twort
water supply a.c.twort
advanced strength and applied elasticity a.c.ugural
mechanic of material a.c.ugural
mechanics of materials A.C.Ugural
mechanics of fluids a.c.walshaw
SI calculation in engineering science A.C.walshaw
electrodeposition of metal powders a.calusaru
basic Lubrication theory a.cameon
basic Lubrication theory a.cameron
the design of shells a practical  approach a.chronowicz
modern refrigeration and air conditioning a.d.althouse
photoelectron spectroscopy chemical and analytical aspects a.d.baker
physical chemistry molecular structure and properties a.d.buckingham
physical chemistry spectroscopy a.d.buckingham
physical chemistry theoretical chemistry a.d.buekingham
chemistry of natural products -10 a.d.campbell
mechanical reliability a.d.s.carter
friction and wear a.d.sarkar
mould and core material for the steel foundry a.d.sarkar
wear of metals a.d.sarkar
vlf radio engineering a.d.watt
proceedings of the third international symposium on fresh water from the sea a.delyannis
vibration for engineers a.dimarogonas
classical mechanics a.douglas.davis
electrical circuits including machines a.draper
electrical machines a.draper
progress in ion exchange advances and applications a.dyer
electronic logic systems a.e.a.almaini
two phase flow and heat transfer in the power and process industries a.e.bergles
report writing. The form and style of efficient communication A.E.Darbyshire
solar energy conversion an introductory course a.e.dixon
basic electrical engineering solutions a.e.fitzerald
Basic electrical engineering A.E.fitzgerald
electric machinery a.e.fitzgerald
electric machinery the dynamics and statics of flectromechanical energy conversion a.e.fitzgerald
reinforced concrete bridges a.e.fitzgerald
safety education a.e.florio
industrial instrumentation fundamentals a.e.fribance
theoretical elasticity a.e.green
electrical  power systems in two volumes a.e.guile
electrical power systems a.e.guile
a policy on geometric design of rural highways a.e.johnson
contemporary concrete structures a.e.komendant
hydrography for the surveyor and engineer a.e.lngham
the remote sensing of oil slicks a.e.Lodge
principles of digital computer design a.e.m.abd.alla
special issue on electronics a.e.samie mostafa
an introduction to lasers and masers a.e.siegman
the strength and stiffness of polymers a.e.zachoriades
Biomedical engineering A.Edward profio
solar energy for domestic heating and cooling a.eggers
machine design a.esposito
mathematical analysis a.f.bermant
design of control systems a.f.dsouza
basic electrical engineering a.f.fitzgerald
capital budgeting theory quantitative methods and applications a.f.herbst
alternating-current machines a.f.puchstein
essentials of soil study a.faniran
guide to efficient burner operation:gas, oil, and dual fuel a.faulkner
design of control systems a.frank d.souza
advanced dynamics modeling and analysis a.frank dsouza
design of control systems a.frank dsouza
vapor-liquid equilibria using unifac a.fredenslund
networks and systems a.g.bolton
highway design and construction a.g.bruce
electronics 1 a.g.d.channon
management information and systems a.g.donald
mechanism design analysis and synthesis a.g.erdman
flames their structure radiation and temperature a.g.gaydon
essentials of materials science a.g.guy
introduction to materials science a.g.guy
the architecture of small computer systems a.g.Lippiatt
interfaces in metal matrix composites a.g.metcalfe
Quality control and reliability A.G.Robertson
the theory of functions of a complex variable A.G.sveshnikov
kinetics of inorganic reactions a.g.sykes
urban and regional models in geography and planning a.g.wilson
waste water stabilization ponds a.gezair.hussein
structural analysis a.ghali
electrical transients in power systems a.greenwood
semiconducting devices a.h.agajanian
fire engineering design guide a.h.buchanan
strength of materials and structures a.h.chilver
sewage sludge treatment and use: new developments technological aspects a.h.dirkzwager
nonlinear systems:processing of random signals a.h.haddad
gas turbine combustion a.h.lefebvre
advanced electrical engineering a.h.morton
design of concrete structures a.h.nilson
diffusional mass transfer a.h.p.skelland
 highway meteorology a.h.perry
highway meteorology a.h.perry
structural safety and reliability a.h.s.ang
diffusional mass transfer a.h.skelland
mechanism synthesis and analysis a.h.soni
statistical mechanics fluctuations and noise A.H.W.Beck
basic concepts of structural analysis a.hall
mechanics of materials a.higdon
advanced level physical chemistry a.holderness
class book of problems in chemistry a.holderness
problems and worked examples in chemistry to advanced level a.holderness
revision notes in advanced level chemistry organic chemistry a.holderness
revision notes in inorganic chemistry a.holderness
revision notes in physical chemistry a.holderness
the essentials of qualitative analysis a.holderness
environmental business management a.hutchinson
introduction to heat transfer a.I.brown
steel construction a.I.of.s.constr
load and resistance factor design a.i.s.c
microwaves a.j.b.fuller
microwaves an introduction to microwave theory and techniques a.j.b.fuller
worked examples in engineering field theory a.j.baden fuller
engineering field theory a.j.baden.fuller
finite element computational  fluid mechanics a.j.baker
direct reading lwo-way metric conversion tables A.J.biggs
digital instrumentation a.j.bouwens
hydraulics in civil engineering a.j.chadwick
electric wiring(domestic) a.j.coker
principles of electronic instrumentation a.j.diefenderfen
applied stress analysis a.j.durlli
problems in engineering design a.j.elger
electromechanical energy conversion a.j.ellison
introducing structures a.j.francis
bituminous materials asphalts tars and pitches a.j.hoiberg
24 worked engineering drawing examples a.j.jones
deformations of fibre-reinforced  materials a.j.m.spencer
engineering amthematics A.J.M.spencer
engineering mathematics A.J.M.spencer
engineering mathemtics A.J.M.spencer
hydraulic design of stilling basins and energy dissipators a.j.peterka
basic mechanical vibrations a.j.pretlove
advanced fluid mechanics an introduction a.j.raodkivi
analysis of ground water flow a.j.raudkivi
Loose boundary hydraulics a.j.raudkivi
Losse boundary hydraulics a.j.raudkivi
understanding mechanics a.j.sadler
calculus:pure and applied a.j.sherlock
centrifugal and axial flow pumps a.j.stepanoff
introduction to operating systems a.j.t.colin
engineering economy a behavioral approach a.j.tarquin
introduction to operating systems a.j.t-colin
advances in communication systems theory and applications a.j.viterbi
pressure losses ducted flows A.J.ward smith
Electrical installation calculations A.J.Watkins
the wireless mobile internet architectures protocols and services a.jamalipour
biological indicators of water quality a.james
the mathematical foundation of the finite element method with applications to partial differential equations A.K.Aziz
the mathematical foundations of the finite element method with applications to partial A.k.Aziz
the philosophy of urban existence a prolegomenan a.k.bierman
soil mechanics and foundation engineering a.k.g.eldin
fluid mechanics including hydraulic  machines a.k.jain
Engineering physics-11 A.K.Katiyar
development of computer based production systems a.k.kochhar
heat and mass transfer in recirculating flows a.k.runchal
maintenance replacement and reliability a.k.s.jardine
a course in electrical and electronic measurements and instrumentation a.k.sawhney
electrical machine design a.k.sawhney
electrical machine design and machine drawing a.k.sibal
graphs dynamic programming and finite games A.kaufmann
introduction to the theory of fuzzy subsets A.kaufmann
strengthening methods in crystals a.kelly
engineers in industry a management guide for  engineers who wish to perform creatively a.kennaway
budapest conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering a.kezdi
building materials and components a.komar
discharge of sewage from sea outfalls a.L.h.gameson
physical properties of inorganic compounds a.L.horvath
reinforced concrete a.L.L.baker
foundations a.L.Little
tables of experimental dipole moments A.L.macclellan
introduction to ordinary differential equations a.L.rabenstein
the solar alternative an economic perspective A.L.walton
heat and mass transfer a.Luikov
bipolar microprocessor Logic and interface data book a.m.devices
connecting induction motors operation and practice a.m.dudley
principles of mineral dressing a.m.gaudin
research  methods a process of inquiry a.m.graziano
introduction to todays ultrahigh.strength structural steels a.m.hall
 an introduction to gas discharges a.m.howatson
An Introduction to Gas Discharges A.M.Howatson
engineering tables and data a.m.howatson
principles of applied electricity a.m.howatson
fundamentals of operating systems A.M.lister
coastal hydraulics a.m.muir wood
coastal hydraulics a.m.muir.wood
concrete technology A.M.Neville
properties of concrete a.m.neville
basic instrumentation for engineers and physicists a.m.p.brookes
energy conservation in buildings a.m.waked
an introduction to the theory of stationary random functions A.M.yaglom
physical chemistry mass spectrometry a.maccoll
matrix theory for flectrical engineers A.mary tropper
the mechanical and thermal properties of materials a.mcb.collieu
alasticity:theory and application a.mendelson
data structures via c++ objects by evolution A.michael berman
data structures via c++ a.michael.berman
biological waste treatment a.mizrahi
influence surfaces of two span continuous plates with free longitudinal edges a.molkenthin
automation and mechanization of production processes in the instrument industry a.n.gavrilov
electricity and magnetism a.n.matveev
partial differential equations of mathematical physics A.N.Tychonov
nonlinear networks theory and analysis a.n.willson
theory of automatic control a.netushil
open channel hydraulics a.osman akan
advanced data.transmission systems a.p.clark
principles of digital data transmission a.p.clark
elements of continuous multivariate analysis A.P.dempster
heat exchanger design a.p.fraas
vibrations and waves a.p.french
electronic instrumentation fundamentals a.p.malvino
materials of construction a.p.mills
materials of construction their manufacture and properties a.p.mills
process control a.pollard
basic electricity a.programmed.cou
program debugging the prevention and cure of program errors a.r.brown
protective relays their theory and practice a.r.c.warringto
protectice relays their theory and practice a.r.c.warrington
protective relays their theory and practice a.r.c.warrington
bridge deck analysis a.r.cusens
the performance of electrical machines a.r.daniels
elementary electrochemistry a.r.denaro
electrical engineering principles and applications a.r.hambley
atmospheric pollution its history origins and prevention a.r.meetham
encyclopaedia of linguis.information and control a.r.meetham
encyclopaedia of Linguistics information and control a.r.meetham
computational methods in partial differential equations A.R.mit chell
helicopter dynamics a.r.s.bramwell
protective relays their theory and practice a.r.v.c.warringtov
protective relays their theory and practice a.r.v.c.warrinton
protective relays their theory and practice a.r.van c.warrington
protectice relage their theory and practice a.r.van.c
protective relays their theory and practice two a.r.vanc.warringta
geological structures and maps a.roberts
geotechnology an introductory text for students and engineers a.roberts
design of steel structures a.s.arya
structural design in steel masonry and timber a.s.arya
civil engineering education related to engineering practice and to the nations needs a.s.c.e
classic paper in hydraulics a.s.c.e
coastal zone 78 a.s.c.e
electronic computation a.s.c.e
ground water management a.s.c.e
high level radio active waste management a.s.c.e
international seminar on probabilistic and extreme load design of nuclear plant facilities a.s.c.e
irrigation and drainage in the nineteen eighties a.s.c.e
pipelines in adverse environments a state of the ort a.s.c.e
planning engineering and constructing the super projects a.s.c.e
proceedings of conserve  93 the new water agenda a.s.c.e
research conference on shear strength of cohesive soils a.s.c.e
structural design of nuclear plant facilities a.s.c.e
symposium on modeling techniques a.s.c.e
urban transportation efficiency a.s.c.e
world marina proceedings of the first international conference a.s.c.e
physics and technology of semiconductor devices a.s.grove
an english-readers distionary A.S.hornby
problems in engineering graphics a.s.levens
problems in mechanical drawing a.s.Levens
computers in engineering a.s.m.e
drying 80 developments in drying a.s.mujumdar
advances in drying a.s.mujumdav
drying 80:proceedings of the second international symposium a.s.mujumdor
applications of numerical methods to forming processes a.s.of.mechan
dependability and durability of engineering products a.s.pronikov
thermal insulation performance A.S.T.M
computer networks a.s.tanenbaum
operating systems:design and implementation a.s.tanenbaum
computer networks a.s.tanenbaun
introduction to engineer physics a.s.vasudera
piling practice a.s.west
computer programs for piston engine bearing Loads and polar diagrams a.sarsten
nuclear power plant design analysis a.sesonske
colloid chemistry a.sheludko
operating system concepts a.silbers chatz
circuits and networks a.sudhakar
data structures theory and practice A.T.berztiss
the structure and properties of materials a.t.dibenedetto
digital protection for power systems a.t.johns
general theory of electrical machines a.t.morgan
introduction to fluid flow and the transfer of heat and mass a.t.olson
air pollution control guide book for management a.t.rossano
generation transmission and utilization of electrical power a.t.starr
Lecture notes in control and information sciences a.v.balakrishna
total quality control engineering and management a.v.feigenbaua
total quality control engineering and management a.v.feigenbaum
computational structures an introduction to non numerical computing a.v.hall
analytical heat diffusion theory a.v.Luikov
prevention of reflective cracking pavements a.vanelstraete
27th international congress of pure and applied chemistry a.varmavuori
gas analysis instrumentation a.verdin
theory of ground water flow a.verruijt
numerical methods in engineering practice a.w.al.khafaji
numerical methods in engineering practice a.w.al.khafajl
elementary structural design in concrete to cp 110 a.w.astill
engineering drawing a.w.boundy
the technology of anodizing aluminium a.w.brace
finite mathematics with applications A.W.goodman
an introduction to load bearing brickwork design a.w.hendry
elements of experimental stress analysis a.w.hendry
reinforced concrete bridges a.w.legat
plant layout and materials handling a.w.pemberton
process flow sheeting a.w.westerberg
organizational behaviour and performance a.warmington
introduction to computer simulation a.wayne.bennett
development with thermosetting plastics a.whelan
models and sensitivity of control systems a.wierzbicki
electric fuses a.wright
tribology friction Lubrication and wear a.z.szeri
data structures using pascal aaron m.tenenbaum
the role of water in development an analysis of principles of comprehensive planning Aaron.wiener
diffusion aaronson.h.I
theory and mathematics of chromatography abdel salam said
energy a global outlook the case for effective international co-operation abdul hady hassan taher
a text book of hydraulic machinery abdula.shriff
a text book of hydraulic machinery abdulla.s
a text book of hydraulic machinery abdulla.sharif
international symposium on stratified flows abdulla.sharif
pipelines in adverse environments a state of the art abdulla.sharif
a text book of hydraulic machinery abdulla.shariff
finite mathematics with applications abe mizrahi
fatigue of concrete abeles.symposiun
Database  System  Concepts Abraham   Silberschatz
switching power supply design abraham I.press man
information theory and esthetic perception abraham moles
operating system concepts abraham silbersc hatz
database system concepts abraham silberschatz
operating system concepts abraham silbrschato
digital signal processing theory design and implementation abraham.peled
applied operating system concepts abraham.silberschatz
mechanics of flight ac kermode
foundations for equipment and machinery ACI
models for concrete structures aci
rein forced concrete columns aci
action systems the petroleum industry production operations action systems
proceedings of the international congress on catalysis adaLbert
applied drilling engineering adam T.bourgoyne
6800 programming for logic design adam.osborne
an introduction to microcomputers basic concepts adam.osborne
an introduction to the beginners book adam.osborne
basic concepts adam.osborne
elasticity theory and applications adel s.saada
Microelectronic Circuits Adel S.Sedra
micro electronic circuits adels.sedra
microdectreric circuits adels.sedra
microelectronics circuits adels.sedra
applied solar energy an introduction aden b.meinel
microprocessors/microcomputers adiJ.khambata
semiconductors and electronic devices adir.bar
50th anniversary of the hydraulics adnan m.alsaffar
energy conservation in buildings adnan waked
energy conservation in buildings adnan.waked
einflubfelder elastischer platten influence surfaces of elastic plates adolf.pucher
an introduction to microcomputers some reat microprocessors adom.osborne
geometry of structural forms adrain gheorghiu
convection heat transfer adrian bejan
post-industrial socialism towards anew politics of welfare adrian little
convection heat transfer adrian.bejan
mechanical reliability ads carter
in catalysis and related subjects advances
Matlab and simulink for engineers agam kumar tyagi
die feuerfesten baustoffe agst.jaachim
basic programming aguide to
vibration damping ahid d.nashif
Biofuels rofining and performance Ahindra Nag
nanotechnology principles and applications ahmed ali moosa
hurricane alicia one year later ahsan.kareem
digital signal processing Aian.v.oppenheim
simulation of systems AICA congress.delft
basic Lubrication theory aicdmerorg
series a process control Aich.E
series B stagewise and mass transfer operations AIch.E
series C:transport AIch.E
series D:thermodynamics AIch.E
series E:kinetics AIch.E
series F:material and energy balances AIch.E
refrigeration and air conditioning air.conditioning
refrigeration and air-conditioning air.conditioning
load and resistance factor design AISC
basic mechanical vibrations AJ.pretlove
audio video and T.V engineering Ajay sharma
Design and construction of solmitary and storm scwers Ajoin T.commttce
Classical mechanics AK.Saxena
the sspa cargo Liner series propulsion ake.williams
wave propagation and scattering in random media single scattering and transport theory akira.lshimaru
wave propagation multiple scattering turbulence rough surfaces and remote sensing akira.lshimaru
fluid flow and heat transfer aksel L.Lydersen
mass transfer in engineering practice aksel L.Lydersen
the performance and design of direct current machines al.e.clayton
turbo c the essentials of c programming al.kelley
kuwait city parks a critical review of their design facilities programs and management al.mutawa
introduction to soil mechanics al.r.jumikis
theory of alternating current machinery al.s.langsdorf
concise organic chemistry al.sayyab
solid mechanics using the finite elements method alain berlioz
phase Locked loops application to coherent receiver design alain blanchara
phase.Locked loops application to coherent receiver design alain.blanchard
introduction to logic and computer design alan b.marcovitz
Introduction to logic design Alan B.marcovitz
microprogrammable computer architectures alan b.salisbury
bubble domain memory devices alan b.smith
concurrency in ada alan burns
theory of particulate processes analysis and techniques of continuous crystallization alan d.randolph
integrated circuit design alan f.murray
iinorganic syntheses alan g.macdiarmid
physics for the life sciences alan h.cromer
the building envelope and connections alan j.brookes
fundamentals of heat transfer alan j.chapman
chemistry of waste water technology alan j.rubin
matrix computation for engineers and scientists alan jennings
the computer in literary and linguistic studies alan jones
introduction to chemical engineering and computer calculations Alan L.myers
fundamentals of fluid mechanics alan L.prasuhn
works organisation alan Lawlor
managing performance through
training and development
alan m.saks
robert r.haccoun
Earth retention systems Alan machab
supplying energy through greater efficiency alan meier
mathematics in action Alan R.haffer
principles of unit operations alan s.foust
the essence of measurement alan s.morris
digital signal processing alan v.oppenheim
digital signal processing a self-study alan v.oppenheim
analog integrated circuits alan.b.grebene
the component contribution alan.baker
the logical design of operating systems alan.c.shaw
the computer glossary alan.freedman
the front end of engineering how to manage technical innovation alan.glasser
aqueous.environmental chemistry of metals alan.j.rubin
an introduction to radiation protection alan.martin
english workshop practice alan.mountford
principles of industrial microbiology alan.rhodes
signals and systems alan.v.oppenheim
the measurement of soil properties in the triaxial test alan.w.bishop
java database programming servlets and JDbs alan.williamson
practical electronic project building alanc ainslie
mathematics for elementary teachers a conceptual approach albert b.bennetl
mathematics for elementary teachers a conceptual approach albert b.bennett
engineering drawing albert boundy
foundations of discrete mathematics albert d.polimeni
elementary electrical engineering albert e.clayton
elements of physical metallurgy albert g.guy
the return on investment in continuing education of engineers albert j.morris
Modern biology Albert towle
sedimentary rocks concepts and history albert v.carozzi
mathematics for elementary teachers a conceptual approach albert.b.bennett
the human body in equipment design albert.damon
engineering statistics albert.h.bowker
thermodynamics for the foundryman albert.I.veinik
the urgent future people housing city region albert.mayer
digital computer electronics an introduction to microcomputers albert.p.malvino
the electromagnetic field albert.shadowitz
experimental techniques in fracture mechanics alberts.kobayashi
experimental techniques in fracture mechanics2 alberts.kobayashi
physical chemistry alberty.r.a.f
coupling of external  electromagnetic fields to transmission Lines albet a.smith
photoelastic stress analysis albrecht kuske
aluminum its forms.alloys and tempers alcoa
noise in measurements aldert van
nonlinear electronic circuits aldert.van
applied engineering mechanics :strength of materials aldor c.peterson
flame retardant coatings and building materials alec.williams
boiler room questions and answers alex.higgins
calculus ideas and applications alex.himonas
structural analysis alexander chajes
Principles and practice of electrical engineering Alexander Gray
design of curved members for machines alexander.blake
structural analysis alexander.chajes
electrical machine design alexander.gray
graphics in engineering design alexander.levens
the bulletin of the faculty of engineering alexandria university
petroleum engineering alfred mayer
industrial heat transfer practical and theoretical  with basic numerical examples alfred schack
applied strength of materials alfred.jensen
statics and strength of materials alfred.jensen
industrial heat transfer alfred.schack
the basics of basic alfredo c.gomez
probability concepts in engineering planning and design basic principles alfredo h.s.ang
mechanics of soils fundamentals for advanced study alfreds.r.jumikis
probability random variables and stochastic processes alhanasios papoul
the fourier in tegral and its applications alhanasios papouli
power distribution system reliability practical methods and applications ali a.chowdhury
plasma physics and magneto fluid mechanics ali bulent cambel
numerical simulation models of pertoleum reservoirs alim.akbar
A-Z semiconductor Alimuddin khon
Al gebra 1 Allan  E. Bellman
Automotive science and mathematics Allan bonnick
foundations of education allan c.ornstein
Algebra 1 Allan E.bellman
Algebra 1 Solution key Allan E.bellman
Elementary statistics Allan G.bluman
abcs of computer programming allan lytel
electrical engineering principles and applications allan r.hambley
principles of construction safety allan st john.holt
principles of construction safety allan st.john holt
optical waveguide theory allan w.snyder
abc of computers allan.lytel
industrial electronics allan.Lytel
introduction to control theory for engineers allan.sensicle
programming languages allen b.tucker
an introduction to optical fibers allen h.cherin
power generation operation and control allen j.wood
a survey of mathematics with applications allen r.angel
computer vision systems allen r.hanson
photometry and radiometry for engineers allen stimson
environmental engineering allen.medine
theory and problems of machine design allen.s.hall
electronic handling of information: lesting evaluation allen-kent
theory and problems of machine design allens.hall
material and energy balances alois x.schmidt
 signals and systems alon v.oppenheim
design and construction of ports and marine structures alonzo def.quinn
fundamental methods of mathematical economics alpha c.chiang
electrical power systems engineering problems and solutions alvin h.knable
principles of water resources planning alvin s goodman
civil and environmental engineering aspects of energy complexes alvin s.goodman
an introduction to the art of engineering alvin s.weinstein
engineering kinematics alvin sloane
fundamentals of applied probability theory alvin w.drake
an introduction to the worlds oceans alyn c.duxbury
worlds oceans alync.duxbury
viasinc GDS training system
format guide
digital circuits amalou.abdelilal
introductory network theory amar g.bose
introduction to nmos and cmos vlsi systems design amarmukherjee
coatings for corrosion prevention american
ferrocement materials and applications american
Laboratory shear strength of soil american
performance monitoring for geotechnical construction american
performance of earth and earth supported structures american
physical metallurgy for engineers american
rubber and related products new methods for testing and analyzing american
soil specimen preparation for Laboratory testing american
worldwide guide to equivalent irons and steels american
ultrasound in medicine american institute
structure of language and its mathematical aspects american mathemat
map uses scales and accuracies for engineering and associated purposes american s.c.e
engineering dielectrics coronal measurement and interpretation american society
performance of earth and earth-supporter american society
water quality and treatment american water
water guilty and treatment american water works
whos who environmental engineering american.academy
rules for building and classing steel vessels american.bureau
concrete crafts man series american.c.i
impact of computers on the practice of structural engineering in concrete american.c.i
proportioning concrete mixes american.c.i
shotcreting american.c.i
concrete for nuclear reactors american.concrete
durability of concrete american.concrete
models for concrete structures american.concrete
pipeline design for water and waste water american.s.c
the california coastal zone experience american.s.c.e
national conference on environmental engineering american.s.o.c.e
a catalog of friction and wear devices american.society
proceedings of the ninth international conference on offshore mechanics and  aretic engineering american.society
source book on materials selection american.society
a guide go urban arterial systems american.society.c.e
a list of translations of foreign literature on hydraulics american.society.c.e
addressing societal needs of the 1980 through civil engineering research american.society.c.e
american society of civil engineers membership directory american.society.c.e
an overview of the alaska highway gay pipeline the worlds american.society.c.e
assessment of resources and needs in highway technology education american.society.c.e
contribution  of irrigation and drainage to the world food supply american.society.c.e
dynamic planning for environmental quality in the 1980 american.society.c.e
effective management of engineering design american.society.c.e
international air transportation conference american.society.c.e
irrigation and drainage and water resources planning and management american.society.c.e
land application of residual materials american.society.c.e
lessons learned from design construction and performance of hydraulic structures american.society.c.e
management of engineering of control systems for water pipelines american.society.c.e
mathematical model of aggregate plant production american.society.c.e
modes of transportation american.society.c.e
nuclear fuel cycle facilities american.society.c.e
probabilistic basis for design criteria in rein forced concrete american.society.c.e
pure and wholes some american.society.c.e
quality in the constructed project a guide for owners designers and constructors american.society.c.e
selected abstracts on structural applications of plastics american.society.c.e
selected papers by alfred m.freuoenthal civil engineering classics american.society.c.e
solid waste research and development needs for emerging coal technologies american.society.c.e
survey of current structural research american.society.c.e
Terzaghi lectures american.society.c.e
the effects of earthquakes on  power and industrial facilities and implications for nuclear power american.society.c.e
transportation and energy american.society.c.e
uncertainty and conservatism in the seismic analysis and design of nuclear facilities american.society.c.e
urban transportation financing american.society.c.e
urban transportation planning american.society.c.e
water and waste water control engineering american.society.c.e
water conservation needs and implementing strategies american.society.c.e
water policy initiatives american.society.c.e
machine shop operation and setups american.t.s
design of reinforced concrete structures amerm.ibrahem
quantum electronics ammon yariv
optical electronics ammon.yariv
introduction to optical electronics amnon yariv
quantum electronics amnon.yariv
quantum electronics amnon.yaviv
electronic switching central office systems of the world amos e.joel
matlab/an introduction with applications amos gilat
earth quake engineering anand s.arya
introduction to chemical engineering andersen and wenze
electronic noise andras.ambrozy
Practical  Reliability  Engineering Andre  Kleyner
multivariable system control andre.fossard
vacatio homes andrea boekel
cobol for business applications andreas s.philippis
business information systems andreas sofroniou
digital filters analysis and design andreas.antoniou
interoperable and distributer procceing in gis andrej.vckovski
program verification using ada andrew d.mcgettrick
vibration for engineers andrew dimaro gonas
managing environmental pollution andrew farmer
Essentials of management Andrew j. Dubrin
principles of coherent communication andrew j.viterbi
principles of digital communication and coding andrew j.viterbi
chemistry of solids an introduction to the chemistry of solids and solids surfaces andrew k.galwey
hydraulics andrew L.simon
practical hydraulics andrew L.simon
estimation theory with applications to communications and control andrew p.sage
system identification andrew p.sage
robotics and al:introduction to applied nachine intelligence andrew.c.stangard
algol 68 a first and second course andrew.dmegettrick
methodology for large-scale systems andrew.p.sage
optimum systems control andrew.p.sage
systems engineering:methodology applications andrew.p.sage
saline water distillation processes andrew.perteous
operating systems:design and implementation andrew.s
critical state soil mechanics andrew.schofield
sustainable rural development andrew.shepherd
Light weight concrete andrew.short
dimensional analysis andrew.v.lukas
microprocessors design and applications andrew.vevonis
principles of digital communication and coding andrew.viterbi
advanced dynamics andrew.w.marris
Structured Computer Organization Andrews  .Tanenbaum
computer networks andrews.tanenbaum
arctic coastal processes and slope protection design andrie t.chen
structured catalysts and reactors andrzej cybulski
modeling human error in structural design and construction andrzej s.nowak
reliability of structures andrzej s.nowak
foundational studies selected works andrzey j.mostowski
 human-computer factors:a study of users and information systems Andy smith
human-computer factors:a study of users and information systems Andy smith
electrical principles of electronics angelo c.gillie
Creative after effects 7 Angie taylor
advanced calculus angus e.taylor
structural design for architecture angus j.macdonald
aguide to fortran programming aniel d.mceracken
environmental chemistry anil kumar de
tr ends in ergonomics/human factors anil mital
fundamentals of polymer science and engineering anil.kumar
chemical _ resistant materials;vitrified clay,products;mortars;masonry annual book of astm standards
plastic pipe and building products annual book of astm standards
refractories,glass and other ceramic materials, manufactured carbon and graphite products annul book of standards
principles of communication engineering anokh.singh
Mechanical design an integrated Ansel C.ugural
Mechanical design an integrated approach Ansel C.Ugural
guide to post earthquake investigation of lifelines anshel j.schiff
engineering mechanics dynamics anthony bedford
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics anthony bedford
robot technology theory design and applications anthony c.mc donald
engineering mathematics anthony croft
electrical distribution engineering anthony j.pansin
basic electrical power distribution anthony j.pansini
foundations of mechanical engineering anthony johnson
a first cource in numerical analysis anthony ralston
a first course in numerical analysis anthony ralston
a guide book to nuclear reactors anthony v.nero
engineering mechanics dynamics anthony.bedford
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics anthony.bedford
engineering mechanics.statics anthony.bedford
fluid mechanics with applications anthony.esposito
fluid power with applications anthony.esposito
kinematics for technology anthony.esposito
water power 89 anthony.j.eberharot
mass transfer fundamentals and applications anthony.L.hines
a first course in numerical analysis anthony.ralston
solid state electronic circuits for engineering technology anthony.s.manera
engineering mechanics dynamics anthony.vedford
prestressed concrete analysis and design fundamentals antoine e.naaman
calculus anton howard
calculus anton.haward
irrigation improvements in the amarah area final planning report appendix.b
vibrations in rotating machinery applied.mechanics
solar cooling and dehumidifying ar.martinez
architects essentials ara j.abramow hz
first arab seminar on underground storage of oil and gas arab geologist
arab maritime data arab maritime
passive and active network analysis and synthesis aram.budak
engineering mechanics statics archie higdon
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics archie higdon
principles of energy conversion archie w.culp
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics archie.higdan
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics archie.higdon
mechanics of materials archie.higdon
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics archie-higdon
post-industrial socialism towards anew politics of welfare ardian little
simulation modeling and analysis arerill m.Law
advanced mechanics of materials arhtur p.boresi
the polish solidarity movement revolution . democracy and natural rights arista maria cirtaatas
engineering hydrology arlen d.feldman
railroad track mechanics and technology arnold d.kerr
foundations of aerodynamics bases of aerodynamic design arnold m.kuethe
materials considerations in design arnold m.ruskin
structural brickwork arnold w.hendry
methods and models of operations research arnold.kaufmann
high speed pulse and digital techniques arpad.barna
integrated circuits in digital electronics arpad.barna
engineering fundamentals and problem solving arrid.eide
computer science:amathematical inrtoduction art lew
computer science:amathemtical introduction Art lew
design of concrete structures arthar h.nilson
Crafting and executing strategy Arthur A.thon
air pollution the effects of air pollution arthur c.stern
air pollution their transformation and transport arthur c.stern
airpollution:airquality management arthur c.stern
engineering control of air pollution arthur c.stern
measuring monitoring and surveillance of air pollution arthur c.stern
designing with field effect transistors arthur d.erans
logical design of digital systems arthur d.friedman
geology in environmental planning arthur d.howard
programming for numerical control machines arthur d.roberts
value engineering a systematic approach arthur e.mudge
Hbj algebra2 with trigonometry Arthur F.Coxford
the architecture of small computer systems arthur g.lippiatt
multiple-input describing functions and nonlinear arthur gelb sc
partial differential equations of mathematical physics arthur gordon webster
gas turbine combustion arthur h.Lefebvre
design of concrete structures arthur h.nilson
design of prestressed concrete arthur h.nilson
Atext-book of macro and semimicro qualitative inorganic analysis Arthur I.vogel
practice and procedure for the quantity surveyor arthur j.willis
geo morphology a systematic analysis arthur L.bloom
advanced mechanic of materials arthur p.bores
advanced mechanics of materials arthur p.boresi
introduction to remote sensing arthur p.crackrell
estuary and coastline hydrodynamics arthur t.lppen
Geochemistry in mineral  exploration Arthur w.  Rose
a text book of  physical chemistry arthur w.adamson
physical chemistry of surfaces arthur w.adamson
theory and problems of basic mathematics for electricity and electronics arthur.beiser
theory and problems of earth sciences arthur.beiser
programming for numerical control machines arthur.d.roberts
applied optimal control optimization estimation and control arthur.e.bryson
applied optimal estimation arthur.gelb
multiple-input describing functions and nonlinear system design arthur.gelb
introduction to geography arthur.getis
design of prestressed concrete arthur.h.nilson
principles of electricity in slunits arthur.morley
applied group theory arthur.p.cracknell
heat exchanger design arthur.p.fraas
solar energy for heating and cooling of buildings arthur.r.patton
mechanics of heterogeneous fluids in porus media arthur.t.corey
physical chemistry of surfaces arthur.w.adamson
machine and assembly language programming of the pop-11 arthur-gill
linear circuit analysis artice m.davis
Linear circuit analysis artice.m.dais
heat exchanger design artur.p.fraas
vibration beams plates and shells arturs.kalnins
goods transportation in urban areas arun.chatterjee
innovative strategies to improve urban transportation performance arun.chatterjee
advances in drying aruns.mujumdar
Engineering fundamentals&problem solving Arvid R.eide
introduction to engineering design arvid r.eide
national conference on environmental engineering research development and design asce
the dynamics and thermodynamics of compressible fluid flow ascher h.shapiro
source book on heat treating materials and proceses asfm
source book production and engineering practices asfm
electrical power system ashfaq husain
Quik  Arithmetic  Ashish  Aggarwal
digital signal processing a modern indro ashok ambardar
machine recognition of patterns ashok k.agrawala
advanced semiconductor memories architectures.designs and applications ashok k.sharma
foundations of microprogramming ashok.k agrawala
ashrae brochure on psychrometry ashrae
ashrae transactions ashrae
environmental control principles ashrae
Load profiles and energy requirements for heating and cooling building ashrae
methods of testing thermal storage devices based on thermal performance ashrae
product directory ashrae
product directory:applications ashrae
product directory:systems ashrae
refrigeration systems and applications ashrae
thermophysical properties of refrigerants ashrae
advanced building technologies for sustainability asif syed
matrix analysis of structures aslam.kassimali
applications of Lasers in materials processing asm
case histories in failure analysis asm
source book on powder metallurgy asm
source book on selection and fabrication of aluminum alloys asm
what does the charpy test really tellus asm
the theory of machines and mechanisms ASMB
1977 design criteria of boilers and pressure vessels asme
advance in reliability and stress analysis asme
advanced centrifugal compressors asme
advances in design for elevated temperature environment asme
advances in heat and mass transfer at air water interfaces asme
applications of materials for pressure vessels and piping asme
applications of numerical methods to forming processes asme
applied mechanics proceedings asme
boundary integral equation method asme
case studies in computer control asme
computational techniques for interface problems asme
computing in applied mechanics asme
concrete reactor vessels and containments asme
constitutive equations in viscoplasticity asme
design technology transfer asme
diagnosing machinery health asme
diesel and gas engine power division asme
ductility and toughness considerations in elevated temperature service asme
dynamics of fluid structure systems in the energy industry asme
dynamics of structured solids asme
elastic waves and non.destructive testing of asme
energy conservation in building heating and air conditioning asme
failure prevention and reliability asme
finite elasticity asme
finite element analysis of transient nonlinear structural behavior asme
flow measurement and control in and industry flow measuring devices part two asme
flow measurement and control in science and industry flow characteristics
part one
flow measurement and control in science and industry flow measurement and control part three asme
fluid transients and acoustics in the power industry asme
fluids engineering advanced energy systems asme
fundamentals of the design of fluid film bearings asme
gas turbine combustion and fuels technology asme
gas turbine heat transfer asme
interactive computer graphics in engineering asme
isolation of mechanical vibration impact and noise asme
measurements in polyphase flows asme
measurements of the impacts of materials substitution a case study in the asme
mechanics and sport asme
mechanics of transportations us pension systems asme
nonlinear system analysis and synthesis fundamental principles asme
numerical solution of non linear structural problems asme
passenger vibration in transportation vehicles asme
polyphase flow in turbomachinery asme
propagation of shock waves solids asme
properties of steel weldments for elevated temperature pressure containment applications asme
ptfe seals in reciprocating compressors asme
pump turbine schemes planning design and operation asme
reliability design for vibrocoustic environments asme
rock mechanics symposium asme
structural optimization symposium asme
surface mechanics asme
system identification of vibrating structures asme
the effects of voids an material deformation asme
the mechanics of visco elastic fluids asme
thermal storage and heat transfer in solar energy systems asme
topics in two-phase heat transfer and flow asme
turbulent boundary layers asme
vibration testing instrumentation and data analysis asme
wear of materials asme
17th design automation conference asme.machine.design
design engineering conference papers and program for the 1960 asme.machine.design
discontinuous groups of isometries in the hyperbolic plane asmus L.schmidt
problems in engineering electromagnetics
stationary and quasi-stationary fields
asser a.zaky
problems in electromagnetic field theory asser.ali.zaky
disposal of plastics with minimum environmental  impact ast
monitoring structural integrity by acoustic emission ast.special
analysis of the test methods for high modulus fibers and composites astm
analytical methods developed for application to lunar samples analyses astm
biological methods for the assessment of water quality astm
biological monitoring of water and effluent quality astm
building seals and sealants astm
composite materials in the automobile industry astm
composite materials testing and design astm
composite reliability astm
corrosion of metals in concrete astm
damage tolerance in aircraft structures astm
design of cylindrical concrete shell roofs astm
directory of testing laboratories commercial astm
elevated temperature properties as influenced by nitrogen additions to astm
elevated temperature testing problem areas astm
environmental effects on advanced composite materials astm
evaluation of relative density and its role in geotechnical projects involving astm
fracture toughness evaluation by r-curve methods astm
fracture toughness testing and its applications astm
fracture toughness testing at cryogenic temperatures astm
galvanic and pitting corrosion field and Laboratory studies astm
glossary of terms relating to rubber and  rubber technology astm
heat transmission measurements in thermal insulations astm
ignition.heat release and noncombustibility of materials astm
inelastic behavior of composite materials astm
localized corrosion-couse of metal failure astm
materials performance and the deep sea astm
micro organic matter in water astm
roofing systems astm
seventh symposium on thermophysical properties astm
significance of tests and properties of concrete and concrete making materials astm
skid resistance of highway pavements astm
special procedures for testing soil and rock for engineering purposes astm
specifications for carbon-and alloy steel plates for pressure vessels excluding corrosion astm
stress corrosion new approaches astm
structural integrity technology astm
surface texture versus skidding:measurement frictional aspects and safety astm
testing for prediction of material performance in structures and components astm
thermal fatigue of materials and components astm
underwater soil sampling testing and construction control astm
water pollution assessment:automatic sampling and measurement astm
water quality parameters astm
window and wall testing astm
achievement of high fatigue resistance in metals and alloys astm special
bearing steels :the rating of nonmetallic inclusion astm special
characterization and determination of erosion resistance astm special
chloride corrosion of steel in concrete astm special
corrosion in natural environments astm special
determination of the insitu modulus of deformation of rock astm special
effects of environment and complex load history on fatigue life astm special
erosion.wear-and interfaces with corrosion astm special
fast fracture and crack arrest astm special
fatigue of composite materials astm special
field testing and instrumentation of rock astm special
flaw growth and fracture astm special
foreign object impact damage to composites astm special
fractography.microscopic cracking processes astm special
fracture mechanics of composites astm special
fracture toughness testing and its applications astm special
impact testing of metals astm special
instrumented impact testing astm special
Low.temperature properties of bituminous materials and compacted bituminous paving astm special
plane strain crack toughness testing of high strength metallic materials astm special
probabilistic aspects of fatigue astm special
recent developments in mechanical testing astm special
selection and use of weartests for metals astm special
stress corrosion cracking of metalsa state of the art astm special
temper embrittlement of alloy steels astm special
acoustic emission astm.special
application of composite materials astm.special
composite materials:testing and design third conference astm.special
cyclic stress-strain behavior-analysis experimentation and failure prediction astm.special
dispersive clays related piping and erosion geotechnical projects astm.special
fatigue and dynamic testing of bituminous mixtures astm.special
fatigue and fracture toughness-cryogenic behavior astm.special
fatigue of compacted bituminous aggregate mixtures astm.special
fineness of cement astm.special
fracture analysis astm.special
fracture toughness and slow.stable cracking astm.special
fracture toughness proceedings of the national symposium on fracture astm.special
laboratory shear testing of soils astm.special
living with marginal aggregates astm.special
masonry:past and present astm.special
nondestructive rapid identification of metals and alloys by spot test astm.special
practical applications of neutron radiography and gaging astm.special
progress in flaw growth and fracture toughness testing astm.special
properties related to fracture toughness astm.special
reproducibility and accuracy of mechanical tests astm.special
sampling of soil and rock astm.special
special procedures for testing soil and rock for engineering purposes astm.special
stress analysis and growth of cracks astm.special
use of computers in the fatigue laboratory astm.special
viscosity testing of asphalt and experience with viscosity graded specifications astm.special
composite materials:testing and design (fourth conference) astm:stp
concrete pipe and the soil structure system asymposium
properties of materials for Liquefied natural gas tankage asymposium
circuits and systems a modern approach athanasios papoulis
probability random variables and stochastic processes athanasios papoulis
probability, random variables and stochastic processes athanasios papoulis
signal analysis athanasios.papoulis
modern control theory athans.mic
practical data base mangement auerbach publishers
pre algebra aufmann
open spaces the life of american cities august.heckscher
business and general aviation aircraft pilot reports auiation.week
mechanical vibrations austin h.church
electric motors and drives fundamentals types and applications austin.hughes
microprocessor interfacing techniques austin.Lesea
workshop theory for metal work and engineering austin.v
hydraulics and fluid mechanics australasian
geomechanics australia
soil mechanics and foundation engineering australia.new
proceedings of the first Australia new zealand conference on geomechanics australian
an introduction to simulation using simscript 11.5 averill m.law
applied  operating system concepts avi.silberchatz
applied operating system concepts avi.silberschatz
verification validation and testing of engineered systems avner engel
combined properties of conductors avrahom.tslaf
the 8088 microprocessor programming interfacing software hardware and applications avtar.singh
water quality and treatment awwa
introduction to probabilistic automata azaria paz
fundamentals of digital systems b r.bannister
acoustic fields and waves solids b.a.auld
construction measurements b.a.barry
the logical design of multipe-microprocessor systems b.a.bowen
irrigation practice and engineering b.a.elcheverry
the method of weighted residuals and variational principles b.a.finlayson
data communication and networking b.a.forouzan
an introduction to electrical instrumentation b.a.gregary
an introduction to electrical instrumentation b.a.gregory
an introduction to electrical instrumentation and measurement systems b.a.gregory
thin plate design for transverse loading b.aalami
biochemical reactors b.atkinson
errors in practical measurement in science engineering and technology b.austin.barry
theory of machines b.b.low
water hammer problems and solutions b.b.sharp
buckling of structures b.budiansky
Introduction to chemical Equipment B.C.Bhattacharyya
introduction to chemical equipment design mechanical aspects b.c.bhattacharyya
applied petroleum reservoir engineering b.c.craft
well design drilling and production b.c.craft
well design drilling and production b.c.craftsw.r
automatic control systems b.c.kuo
estimating air conditioning systems b.c.Langley
a text book of building construction b.c.punmia
wastewater engineering including air pollution b.c.punmia
SI units b.chiswell
computer spreadsheet applications in building and surveying b.cooke
power from sea waves b.count
Linear optimal control b.d.o.anderson
optimal filtering b.d.o.anderson
catalyst deactivation b.delmon
problems in mathematical analysis b.demidovich
information and systems b.dubuisson
jones instrument technology b.e.nolthingk
instrumentation reference book b.e.noltingk
electroslag welding and surfacing b.e.paton
personality theories an introduction b.engler
building acoustics b.f.day
unified design of reinforced concrete members b.forsyth.p
control system design an introduction to state space methods b.friedland
power station engineering and economy b.g.a.skrotzki
an introductory guide to silvar Lisco and hilo simulators b.g.blundell
principles of urban transport systems planning b.g.hutchinson
guide stability design criteria for metal structures b.g.johnstom
chemical and process thermodynamics b.g.kyle
structural theorems their applications b.g.neal
solid state electronic devices b.g.streetman
heat conduction and mass diffusion b.gebhart
maintenance of industrial equipment b.gelberg
communications channels characterization and behavior b.goldberg
manufacturing processes b.h.amstead
solution of problems in soil mechanics b.h.c.sutton
properties of matter b.h.flowers.f.r.s
solving management problems a systems approach to planning and control b.h.rudwick
digital logic design b.haldsworth
structure and properties of engineering materials b.harris
high-performance computing and networking b.hertzberger
foundation course in computer science b.higman
computers for engineers b.hodge
digital Logic design b.holds worth
numerical methods in applied fluid dynamics b.hunt
stoichiometry b.i.bhatt
chemical principles of environmental pollution b.j.alloway
structures for architects b.j.b.gauld
solar energy for man b.j.brink worth
electromagnetic problems of a.c.machines b.j.chalmers
advanced communication systems b.j.halli well
fundamentals of machine elements b.j.hamrock
statistical thermodynamics b.j.mcclelland
acoustics and noise control b.j.smith
 statistical principles in experimental design b.j.winer
modern petroleum refining processes b.k.b.rao
Sequential tests of statistical Hypotheses B.K.Ghosh
effects of chemicrlson compressibility and strength of brghdfid silty clays b.k.ramiah
engineering properties of subsoils in baghdfid arer b.k.ramiah
aduancesin image pickup and display b.kazan
industrial waste disposal b.koziorowski
Theory and analysis of experimental designs B.L.Agarwal
applied statistics improving business processes b.L.bowerman
clinical electrocardiography b.L.chia
engineering drawing and computer graphics b.L.davies
quality control theory and applications b.L.hansen
machining processes theory and practice b.l.juneja
algol by problems b.l.meek
a text book of electrical technology b.L.theraja
advanced problems in electrical engineering b.L.theraja
basic electronics solid state B.L.theraja
electrical electronic and telecommunication engineering b.L.theraja
electrical electronics and telecom  engineering b.L.theraja
electrical electronics and telecom eng b.L.theraja
elements of electrical and mechanical  engineering b.L.theraja
elements of electrical and mechanical engineering b.L.theraja
fundamentals  of electrical engineering electronics b.L.theraja
in electrical engineering b.L.theraja
problem layouts for technical descriptive geometry b.L.wellman
industrial power supply b.Larin
apache the definitive guide b.Laurie.p.Laurie
introduction to graphical analysis and design b.lelghton.wellman
analog digital and digital conversion b.loriferne
the measurement of the dynamic properties of elastomers and elastomeric mounts b.m.hillberry
electric power systems b.m.weedy
characterisation of porous solids b.mcenaney
estimating and costing in civil engineering b.n.dutta
steel design for structural engineers b.o.kuzmanovic
Limit state theory for reinforced concrete design b.p.hughes
modern digital and analog communication systems b.p.Lathi
petroleum formation and occurrenence b.p.tissot
friction and wear a tribology text for students b.pugh
practical Lubrication an introductory text b.pugh
fundamentals of digital systems b.r.bannister
fundamentals of modern digital systems b.r.bannister
transducers and interfacing principles and techniques b.r.bannister
fundamentals of electrical networks b.r.gupla
electronics and instrumentation b.r.gupta
power system analysis and design b.r.gupta
power system and analysis b.r.gupta
thyristor phase controlled converters and cyclocenverters b.r.pelly
power system protection and switchgear b.ravindranath
models in urban and regional planning b.reif
hydrocarbon fuel cell technology b.s.baker
logistics engineering and management b.s.blanchard
maintainability principles and practices b.s.blanchard
systems engineering and analysis b.s.blanchard
site investigations b.s.institution
mechanics of fluids b.s.massey
reading power reading faster thinking skills reading for pleasure comprehension b.s.mikulecky
introduction to system design using integrated circuits b.s.sonde
shaped reflector antenna design b.s.westcott
matrix eigensystem routines- e is pak guide B.T.smith
thermodynamics for engineers b.v.karlekar
an introduction to electronics b.v.rollin
structural mechanics with introductions to elasticity and plasticity b.venkatraman
process dynamics modeling analysis and simulation b.w.bequette
models for structural concrete b.w.preece
power electronics b.w.williams
power electronics deviers and applications b.w.williams
essential solid mechanics theory worked examples and problems b.w.young
process dynamics modeling analysis and simulation b.wayne bequette
creep and fracture of engineering materials and structures b.wilshire
spectral  well logging geochemical studies of sedimentary rocks b.y.kudymov
the indeterminate beam theory and examples b.y.tonge
basic control engineering b.yousefzadeh
steam lits generation an use babcock and wilcax
introduction to vlsi silicon devices physics technology and characterization badih el.kareh
Land application of residual materials bakkom.t.k
electrical machine design baLbir sigh
art beyond representation the performative power of the image barbara.bolt
modern elementary algebra barnett.rich
princeiples and problems of plane geometry barnett.rich
microprocessor hardware interfacing and applications barry b.brey
microprocessors and peripherals hardware software interfacing and applications barry b.brey
the 8086/8088 microprocessr barry b.brey
the intel microprocessors barry b.brey
the intel microprocessors 808618088.80186.80188.80286.80386.80486 pentium pro processor pentium barry b.brey
principles of electronics barry dowding
instrumentation measurement and feed back barry e.jones
instrumentation measurement and feedback barry e.jones
surveying barry f.ka
surveying with construction application barry f.kavanagh
practical electronics barry g.woollard
basic structural behavior via models barry hilson
fundamentals of engineering design barry hyman
Applied clinical engineering Barry N.feinberg
static and strength of materials barry ohouye
introduction to engineering mechanics barry schlenker
operations management barry shore
effective technical writing and speaking barry t.turner
rock slides and avalanches barry voight
microprocessors and microcomputer for engineering students and technicians barry.g.woollard
mastering microsoft exchange server 2003 barry.gerber
basic structural behaviour via models barry.hilson
computing in civil engineering and geographic information systems symposium barry.j.goodno
diesel engines and fuel systems barry.wellington
science awakening the birth of astronomy bartell.van
fundamental aspects of petroleum geochemistry bartholomew.nagy
Remote sensing and gis BASUDED bhatta
university physics with modern physice bauer westfall
work book for basic mathematics for electricity and electronics be.b.singer
heat conduction and mass diffusion be.gebhart
Principles of geotechnical Engineering BEAJA.DAS
digital filters and the fast fourier transform bede.Liu
Vector mechanics for engineers Beer johnston
data communications and networking behrouz.a.forouzan
fundamentals of network analysis and synthesis behrouz.peikari
fundamentals of microelectronics behzad razavi
design of integrated circuits for optical communications behzad.razavi
fundamentals of microelectronics behzael rezavi
engineering mechanics:statics bela I.sandor
linear programming bela.kreko
nonlinear programming theory and methods bela.martos
experiments in strength of materials belal.sandor
electronic devices and circuits bell
topics in contemporary mathematics bello.britton
Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Scienc Bemard  Kolman
Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science Bemard  Kolman
solid state electronic devices ben g.streetman
applied linear algebra ben.noble
urban runoff quality impact and quality enhancement technology ben.urbonas
theory and problems of group theory benjam r
theory and problems of group theory benjamin baumslag
automatic  control systems benjamin c.kn
automatic control systems benjamin c.kuo
digital control systems benjamin c.kuo
Linear networks and systems Benjamin C.Kuo
theory and applications of step motors benjamin c.kuo
introduction to geophysics benjamin f.howell
irreversibilities in quantum mechanics benjamin fain
product design and process engineering benjamin w.niebel
automatic control systems benjamin.c.kuo
automatic control systems benjamin.ckuo
heat conduction and mass diffusion benjamin.gebhart
mechanical and electrical equipment for buildings benjamin.stein
The Cosmic  Perspective Professional Copy . Not For Sale Bennet. Donahue .Voit
renewable energy bent.sorensen
Automatic control systems Berjamin C.Kuo
grob basic electronics bernadr grob
Digital Processing of Signals Bernard  Gold
the general theory of electrical machines bernard a d kins
history of the institute of marine engineers bernard c.culing
electrical actuators identification and observation bernard defornel
surveying and levelling for students bernard h.knight
discrete mathematical structures bernard kolman
discrete mathematical structures for compouter science bernard kolman
discrete mathematical structures for computer science bernard kolman
elementary linear programming with applications bernard kolman
electronic measurements and instrumentation bernard m.oliver
programming in basic with applications bernard m.singer
statistics in research bernard ostle
theory of modelling and simulation bernard p.zeigler
Ion implantation range data for silicon and germanium device technologies bernard smith
the general theory of alternating current machines application to practical bernard.adkins
basic electronics bernard.grob
basic television principles and servicing bernard.grob
theory of probability bernard.harris
college algebra bernard.kolman
college algebra and trigonometry bernard.kolman
discrete mathematical structures for computer science bernard.kolman
design and analysis bernard.Leupen
mechanics of fluids bernard.massey
an introduction equilibrium thermodynamics bernard.morrill
reactions in solution an applied analytical approach bernard.tremillon
programming in basic with applications bernardm singer
fundamentals of control technology bernd bocksnick
reliability and safety in hazardous work systems approaches to analysis and design bernhard wilpert
theory of modelling and simulation bernord p.zeigler
advanced drilling well technology Bernt S. Adnoy
a modern approach to probability theory bert.fristedt
photogrammetry basic principles and general survey bertil hallert
Medicine and clinical engineering Bertil jacobson
reliability mathematics fundamentals bertram L.amstadter
metal forming processes and analysis betzale L.avitzur
metal forming the application of Limit analysis betzalel.avitzur
analysis and performance of fiber composites bhagwan.d.agarwot
fundamentals of irrigation engineering bhaqat.singh
introduction to irrigation engineering bharat singh
organic chemistry bhupinder mehtar
systems approach to hydrology bilateral.u.s
inside the java virtual machine bill venners
integrated science bill w.tillery
physical science bill w.tillery
coms data book bill.hunter
coastal engineering conference 17 billy L.edge
coastal zone 80 billy L.edge
twenty-first coastal engineering conference billy L.edge
coastal engineering conference billy.L.edge
ocean wave measurement and analysis billy.L.edge
adjustable speed ac drive systems bimal k.bose
ferrocement bishwenduk.paul
optical communication networks biswanath mukherjec
bioprocess engineering:systems equipment and facilities bjorn k.lydersen
phase locked loops blanchard.a
transformer engineering  atreatisean the theory-operation and application blume a.boyajian
robust design methodology for reliability exploring the effects of variation and uncertainty bo bergman.jacquesdemare
Transition to higher mathematics Bob A.dumas
testing teachers the effect of school inspections on primary teachers bob jeffrey
 testing teachers the effect of school inspections on primary teachers bob jofferey
how to succeed  at university bob smale
making sence: constructing  knowledge in the arts and sciences bob.coleman
computer telephony and wireless technologies bob.emmerson
trucks on the highway safety in design bobl.smith
concepts and models of inorganic chemistry bodie.e.douglas
fighting computer crime anew framework for protecting information bonn.b.parker
micro analusis of computer system performance Boris beizer
steel structures Boris Bresler
information and data in systems borje langefors
information systems architecture borje.langefors
arabic computer applications 1 Boulos Chalita
modern steel construction in europe bouwcentrum
automobile repair guide boyce.dwiggins
System analysis design and computation Bradley W.dickinson
signal processing using optics fundamentals devices architectures bradley.g.boone
electronics for experimentation and research brain k.jones
engineering mechanics dynamics braj m.das
engineering mechanics dynamics braja m.das
principles of geotechnical engineering braja m.das
principles of foundation engineering brajam.das
introductory engineering electomagnetics branko d.popovic
microprocessors and microcomputers branko.soucek
minicomputers in data processing and simulation branko.soucek
ICDL 4 the complete course book for microsoft office xp brendan munnelly
introduction to cryptology and pc security brian beckett
Michael Faraday and electricity brian bowers
basic optimisation methods brian d.bunday
essential matlab for scientists and engineers brian d.hahn
essential matlab for scientists engineering brian d.huhn
fractured cities capitalism community and empower ment in Britain and america brian d.jecobs
a course of mathematics for engineers and scientists brian h.chirgwin
acourse of mathematics for engineers and scientists brian h.chirgwin
new approaches to the design and economics of ehv transmission plant brian jones
electric power systems brian m.weedy
synthesis of dynamical systems brian porter
water power general sessions planning brian w.clowes
water power hydraulic design turbines brian w.clowes
water power hydrology reservoir regulation and system operation design brian w.clowes
the programmers guide to SCSI brian.sawert
introduction to integrated circuit layout brian.spinks
the internet for scientists and engineers brianj.thomas
an introduction to material engineering and science for chemical and materials engineers brians.mitchell
applied numerical methods brice.carnahan
digital computing and numerical methods brice.carnahan
digital electronics:principles and practice brice.ward
Heat thermodynamics and statistical physics brijlal
safe load tables based on bs 449-1959 british construction
conversion factors and tables british standard
in situ investigations in soils and rocks british.geotechnica
principles of geotechnical engineering broja m.das
electronic power control and digital techniques bruan.norris
build your own universal computer interface bruce a.chubb
introduction to chemical engineering computing Bruce A.finlayson
non linear analysis in chemical engineering bruce A.finlayson
serviceability and durability of construction materials bruce a.suprenant
Sour-Gas design considerations Bruce D. craig
electronic components and measurements bruce d.wedlock
an introduction to fiber optics system design bruce e.briley
The properties of gases and liquids Bruce E.poling
study and solutions guide pre calculus: a graphing approach bruce h.edwards
introduction to dynamics bruce h.karnopp
Principles of Programming Languages design, Evaluation, and Implementation Bruce J . Maclennan
principles of programming languages:
design ,evaluation and implementation
bruce j.maclennan
fundamentals of fluid mechanics bruce r.munso
fundamentals of fluid mechanics bruce r.munsor
numerical algorithms:origins and applications bruce w.arden
microcomputer interfacing bruce.a.artwick
pipeline infrastructure bruce.a.bennett
Lecture notes in control and information sciences bruce.a.francis
in situ and on site bio remediation bruce.c.alleman
electronic components and measurements bruce.d.wedlock
basic steel design bruce.g.johnston
study and solutions guide algebra and trigonometry:a graphing approach bruce.h.edwards
study and solutions guide: college algebra : a graphing approach bruce.h.edwards
college chemistry bruce.h.mahan
the new electronics bruce.h.shore
techniques of finite elements bruce.Irons
workshop processes practices and materials bruce.j.black
numerical algorithms:origins and applications bruce.warden
irrigation design and practice bruce.withers
acoustic noise measurements bruel and kjaer
noise control bruel and kjaer
theory of thermal stresses bruna a.boley
a comparative study of programming languages bryan.higman
how designers think the design process demystified bryan.Lawson
electronic power control and digital techniques bryan.norris
microprocessors and microcomputers and switching mode power supplies bryan.norris
mos and special purpose bipolar integrated circuits and .r.f.power transistor circuit design bryan.norris
busbars and busbar connections BSI
network analysis and design in the frequency domain budak.a
soil mechanics and foundation engineering budapest
design of equilibrium stage processes buford.d.smith
digital computer principles burroughs.c
kinematics and dynamics of planar machinery burton.paul
Spreadsheet tools for engineers using Excel Byron S. Gottfried
programming with fortran iv byron s.gottfried
Spreadsheet tools for engineers using Excel 2007 Byron S.gottfried
fire and theft security systems byron.wels
theory and problems of introduction to engineering calculations byrons.gottfried
theory and problems of programming with basic byrons.gottfried
refrigeration and air conditioning c p.arora
Analysis of lumped electrical systems C. w. Merriam  iii
introduction to electronic analogue computers c.a.a.wass
advanced engineering electromagnetics c.a.balanis
braiding and knotting for amateurs c.a.belash
statistical analysis in chemistry and the chemical industry c.a.bennett
boundary elements an introductory course c.a.brebbia
computational hydraulics c.a.brebbia
computational methods for the solution of engineering problems c.a.brebbia
fundamentals of finite element techniques c.a.brebbia
lecture notes in engineering c.a.brebbia
mathematical models for environmental problems c.a.brebbia
science for chemical process operators c.a.colman
feedback systems input-output properties c.a.desoer
design details for health making the most of interior designs healing  potential c.a.Leibrock
physical chemistry magnetic resonance c.a.mcdowell
physical chemistry magnetic resonance c.a.medowell
highways:highways engineering c.a.o.oflaherty
highways c.a.of laherty
highways: highways and traffic c.a.oflaherty
highways:highways and traffic c.a.oflaherty
microcomputer design c.a.ogdin
software design for microcomputers c.a.ogdin
inmos Limited occam tm programming c.a.r.haore
communicating sequential processes c.a.r.hoare
mathematical logic and programming languages C.A.R.hoare
basic methods of cryptography c.a.van derlubbe
modern batteries an introduction to electrochemical power sources c.a.vincent
logic circuits and microcomputer systems c.a.wiatrowski
principles of pyrometallurgy c.b.alcock
the principles and practice of surveying higher surveying c.b.breed
engineering drawing technology c.b.firth
concrete for structural engineers c.b.wilby
concrete shell roofs c.b.wilby
post tensioned prestressed concrete c.b.wilby
prestressed concrete beams design and logical analysis c.b.wilby
principles of combinatores c.berge
a survey of modern algebra c.birkhoff
advances in x-ray spectroscope C.Bonnelle
power cables their design and installation c.c.barnes
group technology c.c.gallagher
signals and information c.c.goodyear
data types and structures c.c.gotlieb
the strain gage primer c.c.perry
marine diesel engines c.c.pounder
inorganic chemistry c.chambers
mapping from aerial photographs C.D.burnside
introductory mechanics c.d.collinson
introductory vector analysis c.d.collinson
fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering C.D.Holland
analysis of statically indeterminate structures c.d.williams
structural design in metals c.d.williams
introduction to siman with version 3.0 enhancements c.dennis pegden
solar cells c.e.backus
particle size enlargement c.e.capes
modern power station practice c.e.g.b
modern power station practice electrical generator and electrical plant c.e.g.b
modern power station practice instrumentation controls and testing c.e.g.b
modern power station practice mechanical c boilers.fuel and asb C.E.G.b
modern power station practice mechanical turbines and auxiliary c.e.g.b
modern power station practice nuclear power generation c.e.g.b
modern power station practice operation and efficiency c.e.g.b
modern power station practice planning and layout C.E.G.b
physical chemistry macromolecular science c.e.h.bawn
semiconductor devices testing and evaluation c.e.jowett
kempes engineers year.book for c.e.prockler
engineering descriptive geometry c.e.rowe
elementary vector analysis c.e.weatherburn
construction management a state of the art update c.edwin haltenhoff
structural vibration analysis modelling analysis and damping of vibrating structures c.f.beards
modern approach to inorganic chemistry c.f.bell
detection and measurement of hazardous gases c.f.cullis
work measurement and cost control c.f.graham
semiconductor optics c.f.klings hirn
performance testing of Lubricants for automotive engines and transmissions c.f.mccue
inertial navigation analysis and design c.f.odonnell
the internal combustion engine c.f.taylor
symmetrical components c.f.wagner
railroad curves and earthwork c.frank.allen
woldmans engineering alloys c.gibbons
computer sturctures :readings and examples c.gordon bell
domestic and commercial oil burners c.h.burkhardt
residential and commercial air conditioning seizing  installation servicing c.h.burkhardt
pattern recognition and artificial intelligence c.h.chen
pattern recognition and signal processing c.h.chen
construction vibrations c.h.dowding
rock masses modeling of underground openings probability of slope failure fracture c.h.dowding
skill building  speed and accuracy on the keyboard c.h.eide
peat industrial chemistry and technology c.h.fuchsman
digital control systems theory  hardware software c.h.houpis
engineering drawing and design c.h.jensen
elementary structural analysis c.h.norris
high way engineering c.h.ogl esby
kinematics and mechanisms design c.h.suh
random pulse trains their measurement and statistical properties c.h.vincent
recent advances in Liquid-Liquid extraction c.hanson
problems of product design and development c.hearn buck
materials and methods for contemporary construction c.hornbostel
an introduction to data systems c.j.data
an introduction to database systems c.j.data
an introduction to data base systems c.j.date
an introduction to database systems c.j.date
database:aprimer c.j.date
transport processes and unit operations c.j.geankoplis
transport processes momentum heat and mass c.j.geankoplis
self-tuning and adaptive control theory and applications c.j.harris
stability of linear systems some aspects of kinematic similarity c.j.harris
control system design c.j.savant
applied stream sanitation c.j.veiz
transportation engineering an introduction c.jotin khisty
separation processes c.judson.king
industrial and power electronics c.k.mithal
chemical metallurgy principles and practice c.kumar.gupta
computers applications in industry and management c.L.coudas
Lasers the light fantastic c.L.hallmark
microelectronics c.L.hallmark
introduction to combinatorial mathematics C.L.Lia
elements of discrete mathematics C.L.Liu
Linear systems analysis c.L.Liu
drafting problem layouts c.L.svensen
heat transfer c.L.tien
electrical power systems c.L.wadhwa
modeling and analysis of dynamic systems c.m.close
microprocessors principles and applications c.m.gilmore
use of digital computers for engineering applications c.m.haberman
microwave filters for communications systems c.m.kudsia
Unit operation and unit processes 2 C.M.Narayanan
technology engineering and safety c.m.nicholls
diesel and mobile plant service technology c.m.tempest
chemical applications of infrared spectroscopy c.n.r.rao
deformation geometry for materials scientists c.n.reid
heterogeneous catalysis in practice c.n.satterfield
momentum heat and mass transfer c.o.bennett
graphical solutions c.o.mackey
data processing current theories and practices c.p.clare
design of modern steel highway bridges c.p.heins
selecting thermoplastics for engineering applications c.p.macdermott
optical fibre communication systems c.p.sandbank
engineering mechanics division specialty conference c.philip.johnson
computer modelling in inorganic  crystallography c.r.a.catlow
control of manufacture an introduction to engineering management c.r.buchanan
engineering plasticity c.r.calladine
the art and science of protective relaying c.r.mason
the art science of protective relaying c.r.mason
accounting principles c.r.niswonger
surface water treatment for communities in developing countries c.r.schulz
an introduction to soil mechanics and foundations c.r.scott
developments in soil mechanics c.r.scott
Cameron hydraulic data c.r.westaway
advanced engineering mathematics c.r.wylie
introduction to projective geometry C.R.wylie
introduction to projective geometry C.R.wylie.jr
advanced engineering mathematics c.ray wylie
advanced engineering mathematics c.ray.wylie
design for strength and production c.ruiz
the art and science of protective relaying c.russell.mason
structure of metals c.s.barrett
numerical methods in geomechanics c.s.desal
optimization: theory and practice c.s.g.beveridge
management in industry c.s.george
an introduction to electrical engineering materials c.s.indulkar
pressure build up and flow tests in wells c.s.matthews
electrical circuits c.s.siskind
an introduction to wind effects on structures C.Seruton.B
solar energy in the 80s c.stambolis
an introduction to computational biochemistry c.stan tsai
dynamic analysis of pressure vessel and piping components c.sundararajan
computational methods in structural and continuum mechanics c.t.f.ross
applied air conditioning and refrigeration c.t.gosling
programmable controllers concepts and applications c.t.jones
control and dynamic systems advances in theory and applications c.t.leondes
fuzzy logic and expert systems applications c.t.Leondes
industrial piping c.t.Littleton
user responsive design reducing the risk of failure c.t.mitchell
An introduction to object-oriented programming with java C.thomas WU
rational thermodynamics c.truesdell
engineering measurements c.v.collett
statistical mechanics.kinetic theory and stochastic processes c.v.heer
application of fuzzy sets to systems analysis c.v.negoita
elements of fluid mechanics c.v.seshadri
Linear programming and related techniques c.van de panne
methods for linear and quadratic programming c.van de panne
an introduction to numerical  analysis C.W.celia
foundations of structures c.w.dunham
the theory and practice of reinforced  concrete c.w.dunham
the theory and practice of reinforced concrete c.w.dunham
mechanics of machinery c.w.ham
rational mechanics c.w.kilmister
dimensional instability an introduction c.w.marschall
optimization theory and the design of feedback control systems c.w.merriamlll
fundamentals of geology c.w.montgomery
testing of engineering materials c.w.muhlenbruch
elements of metalworking theory c.w.rowe
organic chemistry an introductory text c.w.wood
protectice relays their theory and practice c.warrington
protective relays their theory and practice c.warrington
commercial and industrial refrigeration c.wesley.nelson
computer organization and programming c.william gear
numerical initial value problems in  ordinary differential equations C.william gear
Auto mechanic C.William harrison
computer organization and programming c.william.gear
project controls needs and solutions c.william.ibbs
advanced engineering mathematics C.wylie.jr
introduction to circuit synthesis and design cabor c.temes
highway traffic planning and engineering cad flaherty
object.orented programming with c++ and small talk caleb.drake
a program and introduction to critical path methods cambridge.consul
electronic circuit design cae.users guide cap.fast
materials science in engineering carl a.keyser
metallic and industrial mineral deposits carl a.lamey
fatigue design carl c.osgood
numerical methods in engineering and science carl e.pearson
route surveying carl f.meyer
route surveying and design carl f.meyer
fundomentals of cobol progrmming carl feingold c.p.a
entity-relationship approach to software engineering carl g.davis
advanced mathematical methosds for scientists and engineers carl m.bender
engineering electromagnetic fields and waves carL T.a.johnk
introduction to mineralogy crystallography and petrology carl w.correns
statistical theory of signal detection carL w.helstrom
data structures files and data bases carl.bamford
data structures.files and data bases carl.bamford
fatigue design carl.c.osgood
boilers.types.characteristics and functions carL.D.shields
introduction to numerical analysis carl.frik.froberg
electrochemistry carl.h.hamann
engineering electromagnetics fields and waves carl.T.a.johnk
Environmental geology Carla W.montgomery
fundamentals of geology carla w.montgomery
engineering mechanics:dynamics carleton g.fanger
engineering mechanics:statics carleton g.fanger
ulsi 87 vlsi design of digital systems carlo h.sequin
vlsi 87 vlsi design of digital systems carlo h.sequin
programming language concepts carlo.ghezzi
die industrialisierung bauens the industrialization of building carlo.testa
mining in the new world carlos.prieto
new directions in mentoring :creating aculture of synergy carol a.mullen
bioremediation series cumulative indices 1991-1995 carol w.young
guide to abstract algebra carol.whitehead
treatise on materials science and technology carolyn m.preece
the complete h.b. of radio receivers carr.j.j
modern applied algebra carrett.birkhoff
machine vision algorithms and applications carsten steger
environmental geology carta w.montgomery
analog vlsi and neural systems carver.mead
introduction to vlsi systems carver.mead
fundamentals of graphics communication cary r.bertoline
graphics drawing work book cary r.bertoline
first cource in functional analysis casper goffman
process technology and flow sheets cavaseno.v
core java cay s.horstmann
sixth plenary assembly ccitt
sixth plenary assembly general tariff principles lease of circuits for private service ccitt
sixth plenary assembly programming languages for stored programme control exchanges ccitt
power sources Links and loads ce.moorhouse
Engineering drawing and design Cecil jensen
engineering drawing and design cecil jenson
basic process measurements cecil L.smith
drawing workbook for fundamentals of engineering drawing cecil.jensen
engineering drawing and design cecil.jensen
fundamentals of engineering drawing cecil.jensen
current british directions ced researd
expert systems in civil engineering celal n.kostem
heat transfer a practical approach cengel yunus a
table of contents central workers
electrical transmission and distribution central.station
electrical transmission distribution reference book central.station
the practice of clinical engineering cesar a.caceres
experimental mechanics of solids cesar a.sciammarella
transport processes and unit operations ch.j.geankoplis
fundamentals of electric circuits ch.k.alexander
introductory structural analysis cha.kia wang
hvdc transmission power conversion applications in power systems chan.ki.kim
introduction to the finite element method a numerical methods for engineering analysis chandrakant s.desai
introduction to the finite element chandrakants
constitutive laws for engineering materials with emphasion geologic materi chandraknts. Desal 
rheology in polymer processing chang.daehan
relational data base chao-chih yang
electrical machines directed and alternating current charies.s.siskind
Fundamentals  of Electric  Circuits Charles  K.  Alexander
power system analysis charles A. gross
industrial electronics design and application charles a.davis
basic circuit theory charles a.desoer
power system analysis charles a.gross
electronic circuits digital and analog charles a.holt
electronics circuits digital and analog charles a.holt
optimal estimation in approximation theory charles a.micchelli
principles of electric utility engineering charles a.powel
electronics principles and applications charles a.schuler
physics of solids charles a.wert
the bounding approach to vlsi circuit simulation charles a.zukowski
introduction to theoretical geophysics charles b.officer
concepts of communication:interpersonal intrapersonal and mathematical charles b.tompkins
mechanics for technology charles d.bruch
fundamentals of multi component distillation charles d.holland
fundamentals of multicomponent distillation charles d.holland
fundamentals and modeling of separation processes charles d.hollano
spread spectrum communications charles e.cook
an introduction to reliability and maintainability engineering charles e.e beling
an introduction to reliability and maintainability engineering charles E.Ebeling
chemical thermodynamics charles e.reid
examples of the design of rein forced concrete building to bs 8110 charles e.reynolds
applied mechanics:more dynamics charles e.smith
programmed entropy and the second law charles e.wales
programmed thermodynamics the first law of thermodynamics charles e.wales
the chemistry of clay minerals charles e.weaver
kinematics and dynamics of machinery charles e.wilon
computer integrated machine design charles e.wilson
post-audits of environmental programs and projects charles g.gunnerson
an introduction to chemical engineering kinetics and reactor design charles g.hill
steel structures design and behavior charles g.salmon
numerical control for  machine tools charles h.barron
urban and regional conflict resolution in water related issues charles h.king.jr
joint usage of utility and transportation corridors charles h.kiohn
analytic geometry charles h.lehmann
college algebra charles H.lehmann
structural design for dynamic loads charles h.norris
fundamentals of logic design charles h.roth
fundamentals of logic design charles h.roth.jr
Electric circuits AC/DC An integrated approach Charles I.hubert
the practical vibration primer charles jackson
Fundamentals of electric circuits Charles K.alexander
fundamentals of electric circuits charles k.alexonder
fundamentals of electric circuits charles k.alexudrer
assembly language for the pdp-11 charles kapps
introduction to solid state physics charles kittel
electronic engineering charles L.alley
microelectronics charles L.alley
analytical mechanics for engineers statics charles L.best
feedback controls systems charles L.phillips
statistical design analysis of engineering experiments charles lipson
statistical design and analysis of engineering experiments charles Lipson
the analysis of linear circuits charles m.close
physical geology laboratory course charles m.gilbert
phase transfer catalysis principles and techniques charles m.starks
crafting a compiler charles n.fischer
intelligent hypertext charles nicholas
the science of engineering materials charles o.smith
the programmers algol:a complete reference charles philip lecht
the programmers pl/I acomplete reference charles philip lecht
basic pl/I programming charles r.bauer
  fundamental concepts in the design of experiments charles r.hicks
 fundamental concepts in the design of experiments charles r.hicks
machine tools and processes for engineers charles r.hine
environmental engineering charles r.omelia
technology.industry and man the age of acceleration charles r.walker
computing in civil engineering charles s.hodge
analysis and design of integrated circuits charles s.meyer
civil and environmental systems engineering charles s.revelle
electrical control systems in industry charles s.siskind
experimenting with msl-Lsi.10 and modular memory systems charles w.mckay
digital and analog system circuits sana devices charles.belove
digital and analog systems circuits and devices an introduction charles.belove
fundamentals and modeling of separation processes absorption distillation charles.d.holland
mechanical engineering practices charles.f.shoop
highway safety forum charles.goedken
structural design for dynamic loads charles.h.norris
fundamentals of logic design charles.h.roth
rock mechanics and engineering charles.jaeger
techniques for rapid assessment of seismic vulnerability charles.scawthorn
hydro-power the use of water as an alternative source of energy charles.simeons
the hydrophobic effect information of micelles and biological membranes charles.tanford
general college chemistry charles.w.keenan
digital electronics and laboratory computer experiments charles.wilkins
electrical machines direct and alternating current charless siskind
electrical machines direct and alternating current charless.siskind
Digital Control system analysis and Design Charlest Phillips
heat treatment of ferrous alloys charlie.r.brooks
chemical engineering in medicine chemical
from process selection to commercial operation chemical.plant
programming for design from theory to practice cherry.faia
specifications for architecture engineering and construction chesley.ayers
managing global chaos sources of and responses to international  conflict chester a.crocker
Linear system theory and design chi.tsong chen
Linear system theory and design chi.tsong.chen
advances in applied mechanics chia-shun yih
elements of optoelectronics and fiber optics chin-lin chen
drawing the landscape chip.sullivan
Applied  Elasticicity chi-Teh wang
Linear system theory and design chi-tsong chen
system and signal analysis chi-tsong chen
introduction to Linear system theory chi-tsong.chen
one.dimensional digital signal processing chi-tsong.chen
system and signal analysis chl-tsong chen
principles of industrial chemistry chris a.clausen
the design collection:adobe indesign cs3 photoshop cs3 and illustrator cs3 chris botetlo
cad cam principles practice and manufacturing management chris mcmahon
super sheds the a architecture of long span large volume buildings chris wilkinson
mass transport phenomena christie.geankopls
masonry design and detailing christine.beall
transport processes and separation christle john
the basics of crystallography and diffraction christopher hammond
statistics for technology christopher.chatfidl
essential heat transfer christopher.long
discrete event systems:modeling and performance analysis christos.g
Elementary theory of structures Chu.Kia wang
statically indeterminate structures chu.kia wang
reinforced concrete design chu.kia.wang
international conference on electricity distribution cired
Alan A.smith Civil engineering systms analysis and design
electronic display and data systems constructional practice cj.richards
chemistry for environmental engineering clair n.sawyer
chemistry for environmental engineering and science clair n.sawyer
chemistry for sanitary engineers clair n.sawyer
Continuous and Discrete Signal and System Analysis Clare D. Mcgillem
continuous and discrete signal and system analysis clare.d.mcgillem
contracts specifications and law for engineers clarence w.dunham
the theory and practice of reinforced concrete clarence.w.dunham
highway engineering clarkson h.oglesby
the faraday s law machines laboratory claude m.summers
MIMO wireless communication claude oestges
learning basc fast claude.j derossi
coastlines of brazil claudio.neves
fundamentals of thermodynamics claus borgrakk
thermodynamics and transport properties claus.borgnakke
introduction to electromagnetics fields clayton r.paul
engineering fluid mechanics clayton t.crowe
introduction to electromagnetic compatibility clayton.r.paul
questions and answers on hi-fi clement.brown
construction equipment and techniques for the eighties cliff j.schexnagder
Introduction to bioinstrumentation Clifford D.ferris
structural design in reinforced concrete clifford d.william
liquid state physics.a statistical mechanical introduction clive a.croyton
introduction to the theory of shells clive dym
principles of mathematical modeling clive L.dym
solid mechanics a variational approach clive L.dym
knowledge based systems in engineering clive L.Dyn
tropical medicine from romanceto reality clive wood
mathematical psychology an elementary introduction clyde h.coombs
mathematics for electronics clyde n.herrick
theory and problems of physical chemistry clyde r.met z
a programmed introduction to dynamics clyde.e.work
a programmed introduction to dynamics reference text clyde.e.work
theory and problems of physical chemistry clyde.metz
instruments and measurements for electronics cLyde.n.herrick
modern engineering mathematics clyn james
modern control systems theory co.t.Leondes
the pre.lndustrial cities and technology reader colin chant
metals reference book colin j.smithells
design of bridge super structures colin oconnor
on human communication colin-cherry
convective boiling and condensation collier.john g
random signal analysis colloquium on
build amicrcomputer computer architecture
second euromicro workshop on advanced mobile robots computer.society
computer aided control system design conference
diesel and gas engine power division conference
teaching tribology conference
the state of the art in numerical analysis conference.onthe
development and management aspects of irrigation and drainage systems conrad g.keyes.jr
design of modern concrete high way bridges conrad p.heins
design of modern concrete highway bridges conradp.heins
advanced engineering electromagnetics constantine a.balanis
antenna theory analysis and design constantine a.balanis
digital control systems theory hardwar software constantine h.houpis
control of power systems conference exposition conference record control of power
programmed blueprint reading coover.helsel
optimization:theory and practice cordon s.c.beveridge
algorithms and architectures cornelius t.leondes
energy.agriculture and waste management cornell.agricultral
chemical engineering coulson.richardsons
applied petroleum reservoir engineering craft.hawkins
efficient electricity use craig b.smith
energy managemement principles craig b.smith
seismic loss estimates for a hypothetical water system craig e.taylor
thermodynamics for engineers crawford and vorst
optical fibre communication cselt
applied numerical analysis curlis f.gerald
industrial load management theory practice and simulations curt o.bjork
applied numerical analysis curtis f.gerald
fractional and subfractional horse power electric motors cyriL g.veinott
tool design cyril.donaldson
tool design cyrll.donaldson
Intermediate mechanics d .humphrey b.a.
Well completion and servicing D. perryin
statistical methods in electrical engineering D.A.Bell
introduction to modern circuit analysis d.a.calahan
a modern introduction to metaphysics d.a.drennen
statics and strength of materials for technology d.a.halperin
electrochemistry the interfacing science d.a.j.rand
radar homing guidance for tactical missiles d.a.james
Indoor climate d.a.mclntyre
statistical thermodynamics d.a.mcquarrie
physical chemistry spectroscopy d.a.ramsay
advances in heat pipe technology d.a.reay
heat pumps design and application d.a.reay
heat recovery systems a directory of equipment and techniques d.a.reay
Liquid fuels d.a.williams
introduction to microprocessors d.aspinall
the microprocessor and its application d.aspinall
ground-water hydrology and hydraulics d.b.mc whorter
combustion and mass transfer a text book with multiple choice exercises for engineering d.b.spalding
engineering thermodynamics d.b.spalding
heat transfer and turbulent buoyant convection d.b.spalding
food and allied industries d.barnes
oxidation ditches in waste water treatment d.barnes
water and waste water engineering systems d.barnes
principles of telecommunication traffic engineering d.bear.b
Limit state design of reinforced concrete structures d.beckett
technology of ship repairing d.benkousky
electrical measurement and measuring instruments d.bhar
heat transfer and turbulent buouand and constrction D.brian spalding
microwave techniques d.c.agarwal
the management of change d.c.basil
fourier transforms and theoir physical applications D.C.champeney
computer aided structural design d.c.clarke
data communication d.c.green
electronics a textbook covering the level  syllabus of the technician education council d.c.green
radio and line transmission (A) d.c.green
engineering data for product design d.c.greenwood
mechanical details for product design d.c.greenwood
nonlinear continuum mechanics d.c.leigh
forecasting and time series analysis d.c.montgomery
principles of engineering instrumentation d.c.ramsay
fundamentals of applied kinematics d.c.tao
fundamentals of electric circuit theory d.chattopa dhyoy
fundamentals of electric circuit theory d.chattopadhyay
computer aided structural design d.clarke
dynamics of bases and foundations d.d.barkan
computer integrated design and manufacturing d.d.bedworth
integrated production control systems management analysis design d.d.bedworth
corrosion atlas carbon steels d.d.during
corrosion stainless steels and non-ferro materials d.d.during
essentials of general chemistry d.d.ebbing
theory and practice of Lubrication for engineers d.d.fuller
stability of chemical reactors d.d.perlmutter
purification of laboratory chemicals d.d.perrin
large-scale dynamic systems stability and structure d.d.siljak
coal Liquefaction the chemistry and technology of thermal processes d.d.whitehurst
computer graphics for architects engineers and environmental designers d.dayton.reuter
critical reviews in tribology d.dowson
elasto.hydrodynamic Lubrication d.dowson
elastohydrodynamics and related topics d.dowson
super laminar flow in bearings d.dowson
surface roughness effects in Lubrication d.dowson
the wear of non-metallic materials d.dowson
thermal effects in tribology d.dowson
an introduction to fuzzy control d.driankov
the inforamtion systems development life cycle D.E.avison
boundary element methods in structural analysis d.e.beskos
vector analysis and cartesian tensors D.E.Bourne
basic principles and practice of microprocessors D.E.Heffer GA.king
corporate planning theory and practice d.e.hussey
introducing corporate planning d.e.hussey
basic electric circuit analysis d.e.johnson
digital circuits and microcomputers d.e.johnson
an introduction to random vibrations and spectral analysis d.e.newland
advanced diemaking d.e.ostergaard
basic diemaking d.e.ostergaard
transmission and display of pictorial information d.e.pearson
fluid power engineering d.e.turnbull
electronic measurement techniques d.f.a.edwards
stress analysis problems in s.i units d.f.mallowe
stress analysis problems in s.i units d.f.mallows
stress analysis problems in s.i. units d.f.mallows
principles and applications of tribology d.f.moore
the friction and Lubrication of elastomers d.f.moore
the friction and Lubrication of elastomers principles and applications of tribology d.f.moore
the friction of pneumatic tyres d.f.moore
thermodynamics principles of energy degrading d.f.moore
concrete technology practice d.f.orchard
concrete technology properties of materials d.f.orchard
modern crystal and mechanical filters d.f.sheahan
circuits d.f.tuttle.jr
problems in higher algebra D.faddeer
molecular biology d.freifelder
finite elements for thin shells and curved members d.g.ashwell
dynamics and vibration of structures d.g.fertis
chemical process economics d.g.jordan
engineering economic analysis d.g.newnan
principles of turbomachinery d.g.shepherd
thin plate design for in plane loading d.g.williams
digital systems design d.g.wong
multivariable computer control d.grant.fisher
basic thermodynamics and heat transfer d.h.bacon
mechanical technology d.h.bacon
nonlinear maximum entropy spectral analysis methods for signal recognition d.h.chen
power sources.research and development d.h.collins
applied geophysics for engineers and geologists d.h.griffiths
an introduction to finite element analysis d.h.norrie
feed back and multivariable systems d.h.owens
berm break waters unconventional rubble mound break waters d.h.willis.w.f.baird
energy sources:conservation and renewables d.hafemeister
advances in automobile engineering d.hodgetts
introduction to dislocations d.hull
matrix methods in elasto mechanics d.I.e.c.pestel
structure and properties of magnetic materials d.j.craik
noise buildings and people d.j.croome
operational amplifiers and linear integrated circuits theory and applications d.j.dailey
earthquake resistant design d.j.dowrick
modal testing theory and practice d.j.ewins
ship construction d.j.eyres
chemical thermodynamics with special reference to inorganic chemistry d.j.g.Ives
modern electronic maintenance principles d.j.garland
fibre cements and fibre concretes d.j.hannant
exercises in engineering drawing d.j.hastings
matrix computer methods of vibration analysis d.j.hatier
gas.chromatographs as industrial process analysers d.j.huskins
management of engineering design d.j.leech
thermal stresses and thermal fatigue d.j.Litter
thermal stresses and thermal fatigue d.j.littler
formulas for the numerical solution of partial differential d.j.panov
communication theory:transmission of wave forms and digital information d.j.sakrison
physical fluid dynamics d.j.tritton
essentials of bridge engineering d.j.victor
introduction to digital computer design d.j.woollons
gmat graduate management admission test d.jaffe
essentials of bridge engineering d.johnson.victor
engineering mechanics statics d.k.anand
introduction to control systems d.k.anand
boundary element methods in engineering science d.k.banerjee
radar system analysis d.k.barton
microscopy of materials d.k.bowen
introduction to business data processing d.k.carver
transfer processes d.k.edwards
electromechanical systems d.k.gehmlich
the sun:our future energy source d.k.mcdaniels
irrigation systems design and operation d.karmeli
artificial intelligence and mobile robots d.kortenkamp
the aerodynamic design of aircraft d.kuchemann
progress in aero space sciences d.kuchmann
the nature of structural design and safety d.l.blockley
grund-undfachkenntnisse giessereitec hnischer berufe d.l.k.chrosciel
telecommunication by speech the transmission performance of telephone networks d.L.richards
how to find out in architecture and building a guide to sources of information d.L.smith
file structures for on-Line systems d.Lefkovitz
elements of load bearing brickwork d.Lenczner
thermoelastic deformations d.lesan
in organic solids an introduction to concepts in solid state structural chemistry d.m.adams
introduction to c++ for engineers and scientists d.m.etter
yield simulation for integrated circuits d.m.h.walker
fault detection and diagnosis in chemical and petrochemical processes d.m.himmelbau
basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering d.m.himmelblau
process analysis by statistical methods d.m.himmelblau
hydraulic behaviour of estuaries d.m.mcdowell
fortran 77 d.m.monro
advance in research on the strength and
fracture of materials
advances in research on the strength and fracture of materials.an.overview d.m.r.taplin
fracture of materials the physical metallurgy of fracture 2A d.m.r.Taplin
journal bearings in turbomachinery d.m.smith
theory and problems of state space and Linear systems d.m.wiberg
an introduction to polymer chemistry d.margerison
coalcombustion and conversion technology d.merrick
introduction to generalized electrical machine theory d.o.kelly
improved oil recovery by surfactant and polymer flooding d.o.shah
introduction to generalized electrical machine theory d.okelly
nonlinear control engineering d.p.atherton
thin shell concrete structures d.p.billington
physical principles of chemical engineering d.p.grassmann
thermal stresses in sever environments d.p.h.hasselman
thermal stresses in severe environments d.p.h.hasselman
introduction to the selection of engineering materials d.p.hanley
mathematics for electronic technology D.P.howson
Modern power system analysis D.P.kothari
the elevated temperature properties of selected supralloys d.p.moon
principles of industrial instrumentation d.patranabis
principles of process control d.patranabis
fermentation advances d.perlman
geometric methods in system theory d.q.mayne
the science and engineering of materials d.r.askeland
process systems analysis and control d.r.coughanour
Queues D.R.Cox
the theory of stochastic processes D.R.cox
ternary equilibrium diagrams d.r.f.west
principles of metal surface treatment and protection d.r.gabe
physical chemistry chemical kinetics d.r.herschbach
information theory of choice-reaction times D.R.J.laming
use of files d.r.judd
a course in electrical machinery experiments d.r.kohli
nuclear energy:its physics and its social challenge d.r.lnlis
semimetals and narrow bandgap semiconductors d.r.Lovett
fundamental aspects of nuclear reactor fuel elements d.r.olander
the analysis of nutrients in foods d.r.osborne
polymer blends d.r.paul
concrete in highway engineering d.r.sharp
the metals of Life d.r.williams
microcomputers:developments in industry business and education d.r.wilson
modern practice in servo design d.r.wilson
introduction to valuation D.Richmond
introduction to microelectronics d.roddy
radio and line transmission d.roddy
cad systems development tools and methods d.roller
physical metallurgy engineers d.s.clark
elasticity for engineers d.s.dugdale
elements of elasticity d.s.dugdale
methods in electromagnetic wave propagation d.s.jones
properties of matter d.s.mathur
principles of applied geophysics d.s.parasnis
physical fundamentals of materials science d.s.tulloch
type II super conductivity d.saint.james
pipe flow analysis d.stephenson
an introduction to tribology industry d.summers.smith
business legal and ethical phases of engineering d.t.confield
optimal expansion of a water resources system d.t.olaogaire
mechanical engineering science d.titherington
hydrobiology a text for engineers and scientists d.uhlmann
civil engineering drawing d.v.jude
introduction to probability and statistics D.V.Lindley
introduction to probaility and statistics from a bayesian viewpoint D.V.Lindley
basic solid mechanics d.w.a.rees
assemblers and loaders D.W.barron
recursive techniques in programming d.w.barron
a history of the modern british chemical industry d.w.f.wardie
IEE medical electronics monographs 18-22 d.w.hill
electric traction systems and equipment d.w.hinde
circuit design for electronic instrumentation d.wobschall
system design with microprocessors d.zissos
materials administration dag.ericsson
computer programming for scientiss and engineers dakhi lfi.jerew
Process Dynamics and Control Dale E. Seborg
Process Dynamics and control Dale E.seborg
process synthesis dale f.rudd
strategy of process engineering dale f.rudd
introduction to electromagnetic fields and waves dale r.gorson
engineering and construction projects dale r.kern
energy management and conservation dale.r.patrick
construction materials and processes dan a.watson
design of cold-formed steel structures dan dubina
techniques of safety management dan petersen
artificial intelligence programming for the macintosh dan shafer
design construction and rehabilitation of public transit facilities dan.jones
builders guide to foundations and floor framing dan.ramsey
phaselock loops for dc motor speed control dana f.geiger
theory and problems of heat transfer danald.r.pitts
introduction to mechanics of deformable solids daniel c.drucker
modern business data processing daniel d.benice
a guide to fortran programming daniel d.mccracken
asimplified guide to structured cobol programming daniel d.mccracken
computing for engineerings and scientists with fortran 77 daniel d.mccracken
numerical methods and fortran programming daniel d.mccracken
engineering statics in modular learning units daniel e.alexander
Introduction to matrices and linear transformations Daniel F.finkbeiner
recent advances in geomathematics an international symposium daniel f.merriam
data structures with abstract data types ans pascal daniel f.stubbs
identification of systems daniel graupe
introduction to computer theory daniel I.a.cohen
free vibration analysis of beams and shafts daniel j.gorman
engineering vibration daniel j.Inman
 engineering vibration daniel j.lnman
electronic circuit analysis and design daniel j.moore
experiments and techniques in organic chemistry daniel j.pasto
the phoneme its nature use daniel jones
Algebra for college students Daniel L.Auvil
modern graphics communication a cad approach daniel L.ryan
Structures Daniel L.schodek
water resource systems planning and analysis daniel p.loucks
finite mathematics daniel p.maki
computer structures principles and examples daniel p.siewiorek
distributed processor and data communications daniel r.mcglynm
microprocessors technology architecture and applications daniel r.mcglynn
linear programming an introduction to finite improvement algorithms daniel solow
norman foster daniel Treiber
a metric america adeision whose time has come daniel v.de simone
construction management daniel w.halpin
fluid logic controls and industrial automation daniel.bouteille
unix for programmers an introduction daniel.farkas
technical report writing today daniel.g.riordan
advances in irrigation daniel.hillel
22 microcomputer projects to build use and learn daniel.metzger
introduction to properties of materials daniel.rosenthal
theory and problems of college chemistry daniel.schaum
baileys industrial oil and fat products daniel.swern
baileys industrial oil and products daniel.swern
the  design and drafting of printed circuits darry l.Lindsey
cold regions construction darryi f.jordon
sediment transport technology dary L b.simons
sediment transport technology dary L.simons
A First course in the finite element method Daryl L. Logan
analysis data.communications
invited papers data.communications
Applied writing for technicals Date jungk
Interactive aerospace engineering and design Dava newman
introduction to linear and nonlinear programming davd g.Luenberger
master hi-fi loudspeakers and enclosures dave.berriman
c++ programming for technology dave.cooper
fuels and energy from  renewable resources david A. Tillman
fuels and energy from renewable resources david A. Tillman
marketing research privation and public sector decision david a.aaker
electronic devices and circuits david a.bell
amino acid metabolism david a.bender
Water-resources engineering David A.chin
construction equipment guide david a.day
analysis and design of digital integrated circuits david a.hodges
a field guide to the seashores of kuwait and the arabian gulf david a.jones
ordinary differential equations and stability theory:
an introduction
david A.sanchez
wood as an energy resource david a.Tillamn
contributions to mechanics david abir
topics in applied mechanics david abir
information and data modelling david benyon
basic statistics david blackwell
english for technical students2 david bonamy
elementary engineering fracture mechanics david broek
the rise of the computer state david burnham
Economics David C. colander
micro economics david c.colaner
transport and the environment david c.hothersall
management planning for survival  and growth david c.johnston
itroduction to word david c.kuncicky
Applied waterresource systems planing David C.major
order in chaos david campbell
digital electronics david casascent
obstetrics and gynecology david charles
calculus with analytic geometry david e.heyd
basic electric circuit analysis david e.johnson
Electric circuit analysis David E.johnson
introductory electric circuit analysis david e.johnson
biochemistry the chemical reactions of living cells david e.metzler
energy.society and environment technology for a sustainable future david elliott
natural ventilation of buildings theory,measurement and design david etheridge
Understanding flight David F.anderson
essentials of soil mechanics and foundations basic geotechnics david f.mccarthyp
mathematical elements for computer graphics david f.rogers
a guide to super conductivity david fishlock
hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics of tidal in lets david g.aubrey
introductory experiments in digital electronics 8080 microcomputer programming david g.Larsen
introductory experiments in digital electronics 8080 microcomputer programming and 8080 david g.Larsen
micro computer interfacing experiments using mark 80 microcomputer an 8080 system david g.Larsen
introduction to linear and nonlinear programming david g.luenbererger
linear and nonlinear programming david g.luenberger
The mechanical design process David G.ullman
preparation for general chemistry david g.williamson
compiler construction for digital computers david gries
backscattered scanning electron microscopy and image analysis of sediments david h.krinsley
principles of physical chemistry david h.mansfield
electronic materials and devices david h.navon
fundamentals of physics david halliday
physics part2 david halliday
Flight instruments and automatic flight control systems David harris
systems analysis and project management david i.cleland
management a systems approach david I.gleland
an introduction to programming using visual basic 4.0 david I.schneider
programming and its applications using ibm pc basic david i.schneider
creative application of materials engineering david j.akers
mass spectrometry analytical chemistry by open learning david j.ando
microprocessor based system design david j.comer
modern electronic circuit design david j.comer
process piping systems david j.deutsch
integrated circuit fabrication technology david j.elliott
integrated circuit mask technology david j.elliott
an introduction to dynamics david j.mcgill
introduction to communication command and control systems david j.morris
Mobile video telephony David J.nyers
aircraft structures david j.peery
electrochemical reactor design david j.plckett
bipolar semiconductor devices david j.roulston
maintainability engineering david j.smith
polymer science and engineering david j.williams
C++ object data base david jordan
C++ object data bases david jordan
radars volume2 the radar equation david k.bar lon
analysis of Linear systems david k.cheng
multinational business finance david k.elteman
strength and fracture of engineering solids david k.felbeck
ground water hydrology david keith todd
dynamics of nuclear reactors david L.hetrick
boundary value problems david l.powers
mathematics of finite dimensional control systems theory and design david L.russell
water for resource development david L.schreiber
computational matrix algebra david L.steinberg
microprocessor technology david l.terrell
design of industrial catalysts david L.trimm
advances in computational and stochastic optimization logic programming and heuristic search david L.woodruff
Advanced aircraft systems David lambardo
basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering david m himmelblau
introduction to programming using Tm java an object-oriented approach david m.arnow
introducing systems and control david m.auslander
graphic java mastering the jfc david m.geary
basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering david m.himmeibla
basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering david m.himmelblau
basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering david m.hlmm
micro wave engineering david m.pozar
microwave engineering david m.pozar
engineering computation  with matlab david m.smith
the theory of relational data bases david maier
Quantum field theory demystified David McMahan
Complex variables demystified David Mcmahon
String theory demystified David Mcmahon
 overseas students in higher education david mcnamara
thin shell concrete structures david p.billingtor
key papers on surface acoustic wave passive interdigital devices david p.morgan
experiments in physical chemistry david p.shoemaker
introductory java david parsons
mechanics of materials david q.fletcher
computer information systems:an introduction david r.adams
quantitative methods for business david r.anderson
interactive programming enviroments david r.barstow
laser probes for combustion chemistry david r.crosley
introduction to metallurgical thermodynamics david r.gaskell
computer applications in structural engineering david r.jenkins
municipal solid waste management david rimberg
energy from the waves david ross
elements of differentiable dynamics and bifurcation on theory david ruelle
optimization theory david russell
pro engineer instructor david S. kelly
probabilistic characterization of soil properties bridge between david s.bowles
pro/engineer 2001 instructor david s.kelley
pro/engineer instructor david s.kelley
recent developments in aerosol science david T.shaw
engineering electromagnetics david t.thomas
case book rhetoric a problem solving approach to composition david tedlock
an introduction to practical biochemistry david tplummer
applied mechanical vibrations david v.hutton
essentials of electrical and comp engin david v.kerns
mechanics of optimal structural design minimum weight structures david w.a.rees
environmental design for public projects david w.hendricks
electrical power technology david w.tyler
advanced well control David watson
Surfaces and their measurement David whitehous
highway bridge design david y.hill
analysis and design of digital integrated circuits david.a.hodges
optimization methods for large-scale system with applications david.a.wismer
english for  technical students david.banamy
essentials of general chemistry david.bookin
engineering thermodynamics with applications david.burghardt
electronic circuits david.casasent
building a web site for dummies david.crowder
a guide to superconductivity david.fishlouk
modern logic design david.green
the structure of computers and computations david.j.kuck
field and wave electromagnetics david.k cheng
radars pulse compression david.k.barton
radars:radar clutter david.k.barton
radars:radar resolution and multipth effects david.k.barton
rodars.monopulse radar david.k.barton
ground water hydrology david.keifh todd
groundwater hydrology david.keith.todd
applied solar energy david.kut
heating and hot water services in buildings david.kut
warm air heating david.kut
data management for on- ling systems david.lefkovitz
movements in buildings david.Lenczer
basic theory of wave guide junctions and introductory david.m.kerns
statistics for manages using microsoft excel david.m.Levine
principles of communication systems david.manela
galaxy dynamics a rutgers symposium david.merritt
joint ventures for architects and engineers david.r.dibner
key papers in the development of information theory david.slepian
bit.slice david.steingart
ports david.torseth
super cold an introduction to Low temperature technology david.wilson
applied mechanical vibrations Davidv.hutton
engineering mechanics dynamics davinder anand
pile foundation analysis and design davis.h
radio systems a text book covering the level syllabus of the technician education council dc green
transmission system 2 dc green
computing science dc palmer msc
the use of cruched rock aggregates in concrete dc teychenne
Lateral thinking for management de bono
systems analysis for engineering and managers de neufville
systems analysis for engineers and managers de.neufville
practical shipbuilding de.rooij.mrina
introduction to random processes de.w.a.gardner
Bioelectronic measurements Dean A.Demarre
high resolution radar imaging dean L.mensa
system dynamics:a unified approach dean.karnopp
Fundamentals  of Petroleum Debby  Deneby
Fundamentals of petroleum Debby denehy
technical writing principles and forms deborach c.andrews
preparation course for the toefl test deborah phillips
doing objects in microsoft visual basic 5.0 deborah.kurata
abgas.abfall abwasser recycling larm dechema
aktuelle probleme derluftrein haltung and ihre losung swege dechema
basic computer programming decima.m.anderson
principles of fortran programming deles f.detar
engineered work measurement delmar w.karger
introduction to c++ for engineers and scientists delores m.etter
planning now for irrigation and drainage in the 21 st century delynn r.hay
dynamics and vibration of structures demeter g.fertis
bridge engineering demetrios e.tonias
Well completion and servicing Denis  perrin
information system specification and design road map denis connor
trends in communications satellites denis j.curtin
Well completion and servicing oil and gas field development techniques Denis perrin
program style design dfficiency debugging and testing dennie van tassel
program style design efficiency debugging and testing dennie von tassel
dynamics of groth in afinite world dennie.l.meadows
dynamics of commodity production cycles dennis l.meadows
toward global equilibrium:collected prapers dennis L.meadows
electronic communications dennis roddy
digital and microprocessor electronics for scientific application dennis.barnaal
the complete manager dennis.Lock
encounters with chaos denny gulick
encounters with chaos denny.gulick
Small computer theory and applications Denton j. dailey
small computer theory and  applications denton j.dailey
water on the brain denys.gamblin
bayesian inference instatistical analysis deorge.e.p.box
introduction to probability and random variables deorge.p.wadswort
airconditioning and ventilation of buildings derek j. croome
system dynamics:an introduction derek rowell
multiple-choice questions for a-level chemistry derek stebbens
principles of paleoecology derek v.ager
your solar energy home including wind and methana applications derek.howell
an introduction to composite materials derek.hull
introduction to dislocations derek.hull
introduction to building derek.osbourn
probability derek.Rowntree
small scale water power dermot mcguigan
an introduction to structural design concrete bridges derrick.beckett
an introduction to structural design timber derrick.beckett
Limit state design of reinforced concrete structures derrick.beckett
sampling theory des raj
design technology transfer design engineering
Assistive technology in the work place Deslegh de jonge
optical fiber technology detle f.gloge
optical fiber technology detlef gloge
Theory of Computation Dexter C. Kozen
ATLAs of hot working properties of nonferrous metals DGM
energy:crisis or opportunity diana schumacher
programming with microsoft visual basic 2005 diane zak
visual basic 6.0 enhanced edition diane zak
scale models in engineering fundamentals and applications dieterich j.schuring
theory of dielectric optical waveguides dietrich marcuse
principles of optical fiber measurements dietrich.marcuse
programs for digital signal processing digital .signal
introduction to minicomputer networks digital equipment
programming languages digital equipment
digitals signal analysis using digital filters and fft techniques digital.signal
programs for digital signal processing digital.signal
principles of engineering geology and geotechnics dimitri p.krynine
data networks dimitri.bertsekas
statistical and adaptive signal processing dimitris g.manolakis
recent application in computational mechanics dimitris L.karablis
the engineering database dimitris n.chorafas
introduction to the laplace transform Dio L.holl
microwave communications diogenes j.angelakes
wandartige trager tafelnzur ermittungder bewehrung dipl.lng.willyforst
individuals active in environmentally sound and appropriate technologies directory of institution
virtual futures dixon.joan.broahuvst
process systems analysis and control do.r.coughanowr
construction materials and processes don a.watson
principles of miLitary communication  systems don j.torrieri
principles of military communication systems don j.torrieri
retailing today don L.james
buckling of bars.plates and shells don o.brush
fundamentals of network analysis don t.phillips
buckling of bars plates and shells don.o.brush
basic college chemistry don.roach
digital and linear ic projects don.tuite
extended surface heat transfer donad.q kern
statistics afirst course donald  h.sanders
computer aided network design donald a.calahan
models of particles and moving media donald a.dunn
electronic circuit analysis and design donald a.neamen
semiconductor physics and devices basic principles donald a.neamen
civil engineering applications of remote sensing and geographic information  systems donald b.stafford
digital principles and design donald d.givone
microprocessors micro computers donald d.givone
microprocessors/microcomputes an introduction donald d.givone
an introduction to computers donald d.spencer
computers and programming duide for scientists and engineers donald d.spencer
introduction to information processing donald d.spencer
introduction to computer aided drafting donald d.voisinet
noise control in internal combustion engines donald e.baxa
Design of wood structure ASD Donald E.breyer
optimal control theory an introduction donald e.kirk
the art of computer programming donald e.knuth
the art of computer programming fundamental algorithms donald e.knuth
storm water modeling donald e.overton
process engineering for manufacturing donald f.eary
techniques of press working sheet metal an engineering approach to die design donald f.eary
bearing design and application donald f.wilcock
Introduction to applied mechanics Donald F.young
fiber optic design and applications donald g.baker
modern spectrum analysis donald g.childers
engineering fundamentals principles problems and solutions donald g.newnan
state functions and Linear control systems donald g.schultz
introduction to partial differerntial equations donald greenspan
writing a technical paper donald h.menzel
computer graphics for the ibm personal computer donald hearn
human response to tall buildings Donald j.conway
aeration of activated sludge in sewage treatment donald L.gibbon
electronic circuits discrete and integrated donald L.schilling
aqueous  environmental geochemistry donald langmuir
fortran77 donald m monro
helicopter performance donald m.Layton
acrash course in pascal donald m.monro
basic an introduction to programming donald m.monro
basic basig donald m.monro
interactive computing with basic donald m.monro
principles of instrumental analysis donald m.west
introduction to electronic systems circuits and devices donald o.pederson
process systems analysis and control donald r .covghanow
traffic flow theory and control donald r. drew
essentials of materials science engin donald r.askel and
the science and engineering of materials donald R.Askeland
process systems analysis and control donald r.coughanowr
traffic flow theory and control donald r.drew
calculus concepts donald r.Latorre
calculus concepts an informal approach to the mathematics of change donald r.Latorre
aerial photographic interpretation principles and applications donald r.lueder
theory  and problems of heat transfer donald r.pitts
evolution of the earth donald r.prothero
financial decision making in the process industry donald r.woods
mechanics of under water noise donald ross
internal flow systems donald s.miller
communication networks for computers donald w.davies
electromagnetic wave propagation donald w.dearholt
semiconductor physics and devices basic principles donald.a.neamen
lifeline earthquake engineering in the central and eastern u.s. donald.b.ballantyne
cooling tower performance donald.baker
microprocessors microcomputers an introduction donald.d.civone
introduction switching circuit theory donald.d.givone
optimal control theory an introduction donald.e.kirk
a brief introduction to fluid mechanics donald.f.young
computer graphics with opengl donald.hearn
aleks tm work text for intermediate algebra donald.hutchison
basic mathematics donald.hutchison
transistor circuit measurements donald.p leach
process heat transfer donald.Q.kern
the science and engineering of materials donald.r
building structures donald.r.sherman
solar energy donald.rapp
charts and nomographs for electronics technicians and engineers donald.w.moffat
fundamentals of soil mechanics donald.w.taylor
computer graphics with open GL donald-hearn
computing with fortran iv aproctical course donatd m.monro
introduction to switching circuit theory donlad.d.givone
telephone techniques doroth y.a.neal
information warfare security dorothy.e.enning
workshop management:method to magic dorothy.strachan
group dynamics research and theory dorwin.cartwriohl
oh:pascal doug cooper
ohi Pascal an introduction to programming doug.cooper
client/server computing for dummies doug.Lowe
Technical Drawing  101  With Auto Cad Amultidisciplinary  for  the First Semester Douglas  Smith
principles of instrumental analysis douglas a.skoog
Applied statistics and probabilitys for engineers Douglas C. montgomery
physics for scientists  and engineers douglas c.giancoli
design and analysis of experiments douglas c.montgo mery
design and analysis experiments douglas c.montgomery
design and analysis of experiments douglas c.montgomery
design and analysis of experiments international student version douglas c.montgomery
fluid mechanics douglas j.f
Applied formal verification Douglas L.perry
principles of adsorption and adsorption processes douglas m.ruthven
operating system design inter networking with xinu douglas.comer
operating system design the xinu approach douglas.comer
Logical design of switching circuits douglas.Lewin
theory and design of digital computer douglas.lewin
theory and design of digital computers douglas.Lewin
logical design of switching circuits douglas.Lewjn
international symposium an concrete and concrete structures douglas.mchenry
Managing residential construction projects Drek Graham
java structures data structures in java tm for the principled programmer duane a.bailey
mastering matlab(7) duane hanselwan
the role of social and behavioral sciences in water resources planning and management duane.d.daumann
Low-cost sewerage duncan.mara
sewage treatment in hot climates duncan.mara
acoustics in the built environment advice for the design team duncan.templeton
materials and member behavior duones ellifritt
basic electric circuit analysis dvaid e.johnson
thermodynamics dwight c.Look
multi-level simulation for vlsi design dwight d.hill
Biofuels global impact on renewable energy production agriculture and technological Dwight tomes
random signal analysis dwight.f.mix
dynamics of composite  materials dy.e.h.lee
Programming  InC#  Aprimer E . Balagurusamy
Exciting Electrical Machines E . R. Laithwaite
The Measurement of Air Flow E .Ower
Programming  With  JAVA  Aprimer E. Balagurusamy
The Measurement of Air Flow E. Ower
an introduction to ordinary differential equations e.a.coddington
analysis and control of production systems e.a.elsayed
carpentry for the building trades e.a.Lair
physical chemistry e.a.moelwyn
marine pollution and marine waste disposal e.a.pearson
evaluation of concrete properties from sonic tests e.a.whitehurst
the treatment of industrial wastes e.b.besselievre
instrument technology measurement of pressure level flow and temperature e.b.jones
instrument technology telemetering and automatic control e.b.jones
problem solving and structured programming in fortran 77 e.b.koffman
arid Land irrigation in developing countries environmental problems and effects e.b.worthington
color metallography e.beraha
study guide to accompany e.boschmann
an introduction to scientific research E.Brig lt wilson
molecular vibrations the theory of infrared and Raman vibrational spectra e.bright wilson
watershed management in the eighties e.bruce.jones
introduction to transportation engineering e.c.carter
enhanced oil recovery fundamentals and analysis e.c.donaldson
mastering basic management e.c.eyre
digital signal processing a practical approach e.c.Ifeachor
electromagnetic wave and radiating systems e.c.jordan
experiments in materials science e.c.subbarao
catastrophe theory E.C.Zeemanfrs
valency and molecular structure e.cartmell
cost administration cases and notes e.d.bennett
introduction to vlsi design e.d.fabricius
strategies for marine pollution monitoring e.d.goldberg
microwave transistors e.d.graham
mechanical enqioeenine tribology e.d.handros
thermistors e.d.macklen
building energy management e.d.o.fernandes
elementary differential equations e.d.rainville
water and waste water treatment e.d.schroeder
dimensional methods in engineering and physics e.de.stq.lsaacson
mechanical engineering Laboratory practice e.e.ambrosius
mechanical measurement and instrumentation e.e.ambrosius
microprocessor systems design e.e.klingman
microprocessor systems design .microcoding array logic and architectural  design e.e.klingman
introduction to reliability engineering e.e.lewis
nuclear power reactor safety e.e.Lewis
elasticity in engineering e.e.sechler
transiens in electronic engineering e.e.zepler
rubber springs design e.f.gobel
internal combustion engines and air pollution e.f.obert
an introduction to computational combinatorics E.F.page
engineering thermodynamics e.g.cravalho
systems reliability and  risk analysis e.g.frankel
thermal energy storage e.g.kovach
functions of a complex variable with applications e.g.phillips
air conditioning principles and systems an energy approach e.g.pita
mechanical engineering e.g.semler
environmentally sound water and soil management e.gordon.kruse
structural analysis of shells E.H.Baker
design of steel bins for storage of bulk solids e.h.gaylord
thermodynamics applied to heat engines E.H.Lewitt
columns e.h.salmon
ball and roller bearings theory design and application e.h.weigand
heat transfer in boiling e.hahne
real time control of electric power systems e.hand schin
programs from decision tables e.humby
basic practice of chemical engineering e.I.shaheen
the machining of metals e.j.a.armarego
electronic circuits a unified treatment of vacuum tubes and transistors E.J.Angela
microbiology of oceans and estuaries e.j.ferguson
production engineering and tool design e.j.h.jones
computer aided kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems e.j.haug
mechanics of materials e.j.hearn
mechanics of materials 1 e.j.hearn
mechanics of materials1 e.j.hearn
mechanics of material 1 e.j.heavn
equilibrium stage separation operations in chemical engineering e.j.henley
stratified flows e.j.List.g.h.jirka
Computer-assisted network and system analysis ُE.J.Mastascusa
introduction pascal for computational mathematics e.j.redfern
introduction to pascal for computational mathematics e.j.redfern
modern digital communications e.j.ross
diesel equipment e.j.schulz
a course in english for engineering and science students e.j.shams
a course in english for first-year engineering E.J.shams
acourse in english for engineering and science students E.J.shams
acoures in english for engineering and science students e.j.shams el.dean
laplace transforms and applications E.J.watson
instrumentation in process control e.j.wightman
Principles of pavement design E.J.Yoder
electronics bjts.fets and microcircuits e.james.angelo
modeling the eutrophication process e.joe middlebrooks
statistical calculations how to solve statistical problems E.joe middlebrooks
biostimulation and nutrient assessment e.joe.middlebrooks
fluid mechanics e.john finnemre
numerical analysis and computaion theory and practice E.K.Blum
numerical analysis and computation theory and practice E.K.Blum
industrial robots and robotics e.kafrissen
long range planning the executive viewpoint e.kirby.warren
non-isothermal reaction analysis e.koch
the influence of state of stress on low-cycle fatigue of structural materials e.krempl
high-voltage engineering e.kuffel
theoretical naval architecture E.L.attwood
multicomponent diffusion e.L.cussler
principles of engineering economic E.L.grant
contact problems in theory of plates and shells e.l.grigolyuk
aerodynamics for engineering students e.L.houghton
tables for the compressible flow of dry air e.L.houghton
wind forces on buildings and structures an introduction e.L.houghton
wind forces on buildings and structures and introduction e.L.houghton
ordinary differential equations E.L.Ince
a guide to radio and tv broadcast engineering practice e.L.safford
advanced radio control E.L.safford
model radio control e.L.safford
modern radar:theory operation and maintenance e.L.safford
electricity distribution network design E.Lakervi
automatic computational techniques in civil and structural engineering e.Litton
systematic safety e.Lloyd
design of vlsi systems a practical introduction e.m.brackenbury
combustion calculations theory worked examples and problems e.m.goodger
principles of engineering thermodynamics e.m.goodger
73 dipole and long wire antennas e.m.noll
developments in telecommunications e.m.roche
engineering hydrology e.m.wilson
the passive solar energy books e.mazria
assembly of power transformers e.minsker
comprehensive qualitative analysis for advanced level chemistry e.n.lambert
fundamentals of electronics e.norman lurch
electric circuit fundamentals e.norman.Lurch
control system principles and design e.o.doebelin
dynamic analysis and feedback control e.o.doebelin
measurement systems application and design e.o.doebelin
power system economics e.opensha w.taylon
the fast fourier transform e.oran brigham
engineering economy e.p.degarmo
materials and processes in manufacturing e.p.degarmo
mechanics of materials e.p.popov
queueing theory in or E.page B.sc
the engineering of microprocessor systems guidelines on system development e.r.a
Lubrication and Lubricants e.r.braithwaite
new pavement materials e.r.brown
the stressed skin design of steel buildings e.r.bryan
new concepts and technologies in parallel information processing E.R.calaniello
foundations of the mathematical theory of structures E.R.de
analysis of heat and mass transfer e.r.g.eckert
heat and mass transfer e.r.g.eckert
measurements in heat transfer e.r.g.eckert
analysis of heat and mass transfer e.r.g.ecket
applications of linear integrated circuits e.r.hantek
transport without wheels e.r.Laithwaite
 exciting electrical energy conversion devices and systems e.r.Laitwaite
oracls a design system for Linear multivariable control e.s.armstrong
modern production operations management e.s.buffa
modern production/operations management e.s.buffa
microcomputers and applications e.s.colantonio
information representation manipulation in a computer E.S.page
analysis of kinetic data e.s.swinbourne
elements of structural geology e.sherbon hills
marine auxiliary machinery e.souchotte
stoichiometry for chemical engineers e.t.williams
solubility data series e.tomlinson
synthesis of subsonic airplane design e.torenbook
management an integrated approach e.torgersen
phase transfer catalysis e.v.dehmlow
galvanizing sherardizing and other zinc diffusion coatings e.v.proskurkin
introduction to chemical engineering e.v.thompson
structural concrete elements e.w.bennett
electrical measurements and measuring instruments e.w.golding
the generation of electricity by wind power e.w.golding
direct current transmission e.w.kimbark
power system stability:synchronous machines e.w.kimbark
theory and problems of engineering mechanics statics and dynamics e.w.nelson
single sideband principles and circuits e.w.pappenfus
braced frameworks an introduction to the theory of structures e.w.parkes
zeke spectroscopy e.w.schlag
heating and hot water services e.w.shaw
structural design by computer e.w.wright
microscopic identification of minerals e.wm.heinrich
computational methods for plasticity theory and applications ea de souza neto
theory of ordinary differential equations earl a.coddington
artificial intelligence earL b.hunt
elementary differential equations earl d.rainville
elementary differential equations earl.d.rain ville
computer arithmetic earL.e.swartzlander
accounting for governmental and nonprofit entities earl.r.wilson
professional application of personal computers to engineering design ebraheem.al.shareedah
fans eck.bruno
Richard G.lipsey Economics
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ed Francis
introduction to biomedical electronics ed.bukstein
advanced design and technology eddie norman
process consultation its role in organization development edgar h.schein
basic concepts of physical geology edgar.winstan.spencer
basic concepts of historical geology edgarwinston spencer
materials principles and practice edited.charles newey
circuit analysis of ac power systems edith.clarke
problem in solid state physics editor h.goldsmid
modern applications of Linear IC3 editorial staff
plant energy systems engineering editors of power
assebly laoguage programming for pdp-11 and lslil computers on introduction edouard j.desautels
a method of programming edsger w.dijkstra
selected writings on computing:apersonal perspective edsgerw.dijkstra
the constructed environment with man as the measure edward a.abdune
geoscience instrumentation edward a.wolff
geo-science instrumentation edward a.wolff
fundamentals of building construction materials methods edward allen
Algebra1 Edward B.burger
probabilistic approaches to design Edward B.haugen
probabilistic mechanical design edward b.haugen
value management value engineering and cost reduction edward d.heller
ashort coursein organic chemistry edward e.burgoyne
programming in assembly language vax-11 edward f.sowell
prestressed concrete a fundamental approach edward g.nawy
reinforced concrete a fundamental approach edward G.nawy
electrical technology edward hughes
applied optimal design edward j.haug
neural network data analysis using simulnel Edward j.rzempoluck
geography of transportation edward j.taaffe
introduction to transportation engineering and planning edward k.morlok
electrical wiring lighting for home and office edward L.safford
geometria wykreslna edward otto
fundamentals of semiconductor devices edward s.yang
microprocessing fundamentals edward v.ramirez
introduction to chemical engineering edward v.thompson
the dynamics of research and development edward.b.roberts
mathematics for dynamic modeling edward.beltrami
mechanical drawing instruction units and problems books 1 and 2 edward.berg
mathematical methods for artificial intelligence and autonomous systems edward.doghertj
plain concrete edward.e.bauer
a short course in organic chemistry edward.e.burgoyne
reading faster a drill book edward.fry
electrical technology edward.hughes
learn to compute: ahands-on introduction to the apple edward.j.coburn
industrial robots and robotics edward.kafrissen
text book of economic analysis edward.nevin
theory and problems of electronic circuits edwin c.Lowenberc
elements of calculus edwin e.moise
modern mathematics for the engineer edwin f.beckenbach
college algebra edwin f-beckenbach
statistical methods in engineering experiments edwin m.bartee
advanced engineering mathematics efwin kreyszing
analysis of electric circuits egon.brenner
basic conceptes and structured problem solving eileen b.entin
gendered by design information technology and  of hce systems eileen green
 communicating science:professional contexts eileen scanlen
statistical calculations how to solve statistical problems Ejoe middlebrooks
tcp/ip complete eL taylor
illustrator for window and macintosh elaine weinmann
introduction to statistical thermodynamics eldon.L.knuth
distribution systems electric utility
dc motors speed controls servo systems electro.craft
a practical guide to matvl cctv system design and service electronic.techni
selected circuits electronic.trainers
radar technology eLi.brookner
automatic data processing principles and procedures Elias m.awad
introduction to steel shipbuilding elijah.baker
Terence Conran the ultimate house book elizabeth.wilhide
fortran iv  elliett I.organick
electrical construction and maintenance techniques elliot c.gray
a fortran primer elliott i.organick
theory and problems of boolean algebra and switching circuits elliott mendelson
theory and problems of beginning calculus elliott.mendelson
servicing electrocardiographs elliotts s.kanter
computer algorithm s/c++ ellis horowitz
fundamentals of data structures ellis horowitz
fundamentals of data structures in pascal ellis horowitz
fundamentals of programming languages ellis horowitz
advances in cement manufacture and use ellis.gartner
fundamentals of data structures in c++ ellis.horowitz
process quality control troubles shooting and interpretation of data ellis.r.ott
reliability engineering elsayed a.elasayed
dictionnaive de chimie industrielle elsevier
Modern Production Management Elwood S. Buffa
modern production management elwood s.buffa
operations management problems and models elwood s.buffa
production inventory systems planning and control Elwood s.buffa
foundations design and practice elwyn e.seelye
shotcrete for underground support iv elwyn h.king
the development of coding theory elwyn r.berlekamd
algebraic coding theory elwyn r.berlekamp
modern probability theory and its applications emanuel parzen
elements of machine design emanuel rosenthal
properties of petroleum reservoir fluids emil j.burcik
wind effects on structures an introduction to wind engineering emil simiu
environmental protection emil t.chanlett
trigonometry: a graphing approach emily j.keaton
digital signal processing a practical approach emmanuel c.lfeachor
historic preservation of engineering works emory L.kemp
Thermionic valve circuits Emrys williams
occupational health and safety encyclopaedia
britannica book of the year encyclopedia
fresh meat technology endel.karmas
a national forum Florida 1975 forum proceedings energy.conservation
shotcrete for ground support engineering.f.c
use of shotcrete for underground structural support engineering.f.c
carbon black.polymer composites enid.keil.sichel
carbon black-polymer composites enid.keil.sichel
advanced strength of materials enrico volterra
environmental management for developing countries envitek.a.s
mathematics for secondary schools redtrack eon harper
applied probability for engineers and scientists ephraim suhir
beam structures classical and advanced theories erasmo.carrera
finite elements an introduction Eric b.becker
environmental remote sensing:applications and achievements eric c.barrett
afirst course in algol 60 eric foxley
english in electrical engineering and electronics eric h.glendinning
real time forecasting control of water resources systems eric.f.wood
circuits with semiconductor components fundamentals and designs of low frequency circuits erich gelder
electronics erich h.glendinning
power transmission by direct current erich uhlmann
electrical and mechanical engineering erich.glendinning
structural failure in residential buildings flat roofs. Roof terraces balconies erich.schild
structural failure in residential buildings flat roofs.basements and adjoining land drainage erich.schild
structural failure in residential buildings flat roofs.external walls and openings erich.schild
 demolition and reuse of concrete and masonry erik k.lauritzen
proceedings of the third international conference on photo conductivity erik m.pell
applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plant ernest e.Ludwig
automatic process control ernest f.johnson
the interpretation of geological phase diagrams ernest g.ehlers
mathematics of modern engineering ernest g.keller
equilibrium-stage separation operations in chemical engineering ernest j.henley
reliability engineering and risk assessment ernest j.henley
human factors engineering ernest j.mccormick
measurement systems application and design Ernest O.DC.
engineering experimentation planning execution.reporting ernest o.doebolin
principles of circuit synthesis ernest s.kuh
water supply and sewerage ernest w.steel
management theory and practice ernest.dale
electrical measurement analysis ernest.frank
home plumbing ernest.hall
water supply and sewerage ernest.w.steel
physics for technician ernet.zebrowski
hydraulic forging presses ernst.muller
low energy electrons and surface chemistry ertl kuppers
radiographic technique erwin a.hoxter
Advanced engineering mathematics Erwin kreyszig
advanced engineering mathematics erwin kreyszing
advanced engineering mathematics erwin kreyzing
advanced engineering mathematics erwin.kreyszig
advanced engineering mathematics erwin.kreyszing
technical physics erwin.selleck
experimental procedures in elementary qualitative analysis esmarch s.gilreath
applied gas dynamics ethirajan.rathakrishnan
equilibrium stage separation operation in chemical engineering Etnest.j.henley
the foundations of acoustics eugen skudrzyk
computional semantics an introduction eugene charniak
the new heat equipment design and analysis eugene f.adiutori
the new heat transfer eugene f.adiutori
the new heat transfer.research and development eugene f.adiutori
analysis of numerical methods eugene lsaacson
stochastic processes in information and dynamical systems eugene wong
mathematical physics eugene.butkov
theory and problems of optics eugene.hecht
computational approaches in applied mechanics eugene.sevin
statistical quality control eugenel L.grant
principles of engineering economy eugenel.grant
solid state devices european
of chemical engineering recommended systems for Liquid extraction studies european.federation
chemical reaction engineering european.symposium
flora of iraq evan guest
groundwater treatment technology evan k.nyer
industrial arts drawing everett r.glazener
punctuation capit alization and spelling evgene ehrlich
measurement systems application and design evnest o.doebelin
combustion calorimetry experimental
selection and use of engineering materials f a a crane
electric circuit problems with solutions F.A.Benson
electric-circuit theory f.a.benson
problems in electronics with solutions f.a.benson
chemical technology f.a.henglein
fluid flow for chemical engineers f.a.holland
heat transfer f.a.holland
selling principles and practices f.a.russel
engineering surveying problems and solutions F.A.shepherd
advanced in organic chemistry a comprehensive text f.albert.cotton
acoustic techniques for home and studio f.alton.everest
mono-olefins chemistry and technology f.asinger
capacitor discharge engineering f.b.a.frungel
advanced calculus for applications f.b.hildebrand
introduction to numerical analysis f.b.hilderand
electrical engineering principles f.b.Lockwood
building overseas f.b.powell
electronic integrated circuits and systems f.c.fitchen
cost and optimization engineering f.c.jelen
heating ventilating and air conditioning analysis and design f.c.mcquiston
ion exchange technology f.c.nochod
chemical engineering plant design f.c.vilbrandt
the design and construction of engineering foundations f.d.c.henry
abridged thermodynamics and thermochemical tables f.d.hamblin
traffic planning and engineering F.D.Hobbs
architecture form space and order f.d.k.ching
physical chemistry of melts in metallurgy f.d.richardson
electricity supply transmission and distribution f.dela c.chard
solid state devices f.e.fawker
technical drawing f.e.giesecke
organization and management a systems approach f.e.kast
radar design principles f.e.nathanson
automotive engine fundamentals f.e.peacock
electronic and radio engineering f.e.terman
electronic measurements f.e.terman
pcm and digital transmission systems f.f.e.owen
network analysis and synthesis f.f.kuo
thyristor control f.f.mazda
introduction to solid state electronics f.f.y.wang
site investigations in areas of mining subsidence f.g.bell
electronics for the physicist with applications f.g.delaney
practical organic chemistry f.g.mann
management organization and practice f.g.moore
production control f.g.moore
distillation control for productivity and energy conservation f.g.shinskey
process control systems application design / adjustment f.g.shinskey
process control systems application design adjustment f.g.shinskey
the techniques of sedimentary mineralogy f.g.tickell
eighth international conference on data engineering f.golshani
a survey of digital computing f.h.george
an introduction to digital computing f.h.george
computer arithmetic f.h.george
precision.language and logic F.H.george
computer arithmetic f.h.georgr
introduction to electronics design f.h.mitchell
the general properties of matter f.h.newman
automatic control engineering f.h.raven
fundamental research on creep and shrinkage of concrete f.h.wittmann
plumbing f.hall
plumbing cold water supplies drainage and sanitation f.hall
applied fibre science f.hayppey
simplified logic design using digital circuit elements f.j.mowle
sedimentary rocks f.j.pettijohn
sandwich construction f.j.plantema
basic engineering thermodynamics f.j.wallace
solar energy applications in houses f.jager
enhanced oil recovery f.john.eayers
building the future innovation in design materials and construction f.k.garas
reinforced and prestressed concrete f.k.kong
machine tool structures f.koenigsberger
compiler construction an advanced course f.l.bauer
compiler construction an advanced course F.L.bauer.J.eicke
engineering mechanics f.L.singer
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics f.L.singer
strength of materials f.L.singer
civil engineering in the arctic offshore f.Lawrence.bennett
industrial chemicals f.Lowenheim
complex numbers and elementary complex functions F.M.hawkins
fluid mechanics F.mac Loughlin
Laboratory exercises in chemical engineering f.molyneux
practical ship building f.n.derooij
bauing enieur praxis f.o.cimpa
mechanics for engineers statics and dynamics f.p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers statics and dynamics f.p.beer
masonry structures f.p.spalding
environmental engineering saving a threatened resource in  search of solutions f.pierce.Linaweaver
compiling techniques f.r.a.hopgood
offshore drilling technology f.r.carmichael
electronic devices f.r.connor
nuclear reactor safety f.r.farmer
the theory of matrices F.R.gantmacher
Operations and supply management F.Robert jacobs
principles of polymer systems f.rodriguez
building engineering and systems design f.s.merritt
waveguide tapers transitions and couplers f.sporleder
automation and control in transport f.t.barwell
elements of applied energy f.t.morse
power plant engineering f.t.morse
environmental problems in eastern europe F.W.carter
resource mobilization for drinking water and sanitation in developing nations f.w.montanari
electricity and magnetism f.w.sears
thermodynamics the kinetic theory of gases and statistical mechanics f.w.sears
water supply and sewerage f.w.steel
reinforced concrete bridges f.w.taylor
mechanics heat sound university physics f.weston sears
university physics part1 f.weston.sears
university physics part2 f.weston.sears
ground water contamination from hazardous wastes f.wood.director
electric power systems analysis and control fabio saccomanno
british construction equipment fabrication
Memristive Nonlinear Electronic Circuits Fadhil Rahma & Saif Muneam
elements of water supply and wastewater disposal fair.g.m
conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering state selected papers escriton fanamerican
irrigation drainage and salinity fao.unesco
automatic control systems farid golnaroghi
circuit simulation farid n.najm
solved problems in fortran farouk rassam
cobol for the ibm pc vax comptibles farouk.a.musa
biochemistry a short course fatima mahmoud al-nashash
marine resources of kuwait their role in the developmetn of non-oil resources fatimah h.y.al abdual.razzak
panoramic imaging sensor-Line cameras and Laser range-finders fay huang
heating ventilating and air conditioning analysis and design fayec.mcquiston
resistor theory and technology felix zandman
human factorsin safety-critical systems felix.redmill
turbulent drag reduction by surfactant additives Feng-chenLi
vector mechanics for engineers statics and dynamics ferdin and p.beer
mechanics of materials ferdinad p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers(statics) ferdinad p.beer
mechanics for engineers dynamics ferdinand beer
vector mechanics for engineers dynamics ferdinand beer
Mechanics of materials Ferdinand P. Beer
mechanics for engineers dynamics ferdinand p.beer
mechanics for engineers statics ferdinand p.beer
mechanics for engineers(statics) ferdinand p.beer
mechanics of materials Ferdinand P.Beer
vector mechanics for engineers  statics ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers dynamics ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers static ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers static and dynamics ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers statics ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers statics and dynamic ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers statics and dynamics ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers statics dynamics ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers:dynamics ferdinand p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers ferdinand.p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers dynamics ferdinand.p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers statics ferdinand.p.beer
vector mechanics for engineers statics and dynamics ferdinand.p.beer
vector mechanics  for engineers statics ferdinond p.beer
principles of polymer systems ferdnand.rodriguz
vector mechanics for engineers statics and dynamics fernand p.beer
glossary of building and bridge construction ferreira
introduction to communication systems ferrel g.stremler
environmental hydraulics:stratified flows flemming bopedersen
nonlinear and random vibrations florea dinca
phaselock techniques floyd m.gardner
phaselock techniques floyd m.gradner
phaselock techniques floyd.m.gradner
surface mechanics fongsum ling
communications electronics systems circuits and devices forrest barker
solid state devices fourth.european
optimization methods for eng-design fox richard fox
production control fr.g.moore
introduction to mathematical programming fr.s.hillier
modern mathematical methods in engineering fr.s.merritt
optical radiation measurements franc grum
energy from solid waste francis a.domino
fundamentals of optics francis a.jenkins
advanced calculus for applications francis b.hildebr
methods of applied mathematics francis B.hildebran
advanced calculus for application francis b.hildebrand
advanced calculus for applications francis b.hildebron
applied dynamics with applications to multibody and mechatronic systems francis c.moon
building construction illustrated francis d.k.ching
architecture form,space and order francis d.kching
characterization of heterogeneous catalysts francis delannay
geotechnical engineering congress francis g.mclean
photogrammetry francis h.moffitt
automatic control engineering francis H.raven
mathematics of engineering systems francis h.raven
mathematical connections A bridge to algebra and geometry Francis J.Gardella
thermodynamics for engineers francis j.hale
marine corrosion causes and prevention francis L.Laque
engineering foundation of robotics francis n.nagy
ourchanging coastlines francis p.shepard
numerical analysis francis scheid
theory and problems of introduction to computer science francis scheid
theory and problems of numerical analysis francis scheid
optics and information theory francis t.s.yu
mechanics, heat , and sound francis weston sears
theory and problems of computers and programming francis.scheid
theory and problems of introduction to  computer science francis.scheid
Large scale networks theory and design francis.t.boesch
mechanical vibrations francisstse
engineering foundations of robotics francs.n.nagy
mechanics of metals frank a.disa
mechanical behavior of materials frank a.mcclintock
theory and problems of differential and integral calculus frank ayres
theory and problems of differerntial equations frank ayres
programming language with structured programming frank bates
electric motors and control systems frank d.petr
Electric motors and control systems Frank D.petruzella
machin takeover the growing threat to human freedom in acomputer.controlled society frank george
maintenance engineering organisation and management frank gradon
physics of electronic conduction solids frank j.blatt
principles of heat transfer frank kreith
applied finite element analysis for engineers frank L.stasa
elements of probabiliyt and statistics frank L.wolf
Fluid mechanics Frank M.white
viscous fluid flow frank m.white
fundamentals of heat and mass transfer frank p.incropera
Loss prevention in the process industries hazard identification on assessment and control frank p.Lees
fundamentals of heat transfer frank p.lncropera
infrared  to millimeter wave length detectors frank r.arams
a first course in mathematical modeling frank r.giordano
Laser theory frank s.barnes
finite mathematics with applications frank s.budnick
briefing your architect frank salisbvry
industrial explosion prevention and protection frank t.bodurtha
digital design with RTL design, VHDL , and verilog frank vahid
fundamentals of tool design frank w.wilson
image processing and pattern recognition fundamentals and techniques frank y.shih
engineering drawing frank zozzora
applied chemical process design frank.aerstin
theory and problems of differential  equations frank.ayres
theory and problems of differential equations frank.ayres
theory and problems of matrices frank.ayres
theory first year college mathematics frank.ayres
theory and problems of matrices frank.ayres.jr
textbook of dynamics frank.chor Rlton
textbook of fluid dynamics frank.chorlton
power plant engineers guide frank.d.graham
basic heat transfer frank.kreith
principles of heat transfer frank.kreith
problem solving and structured programming in fortran frank.l.friedman
fluid mechanics frank.m.white
fundamentals of heat transfer frank.p.incropera
grob basic electronics frank.pugh
network analysis and synthesis franklin f.kuo
recent developments in structural optimization franklin.y.cheng
the complete guide to data storage technologies for network -centric computing franklyn e.dailey
digital computer plotting franklynk.brown
elementary matrix algebra franz e.hohn
applied boolean algebra an elementary introduction franz.e.hohn
ordinary differential equations: a first course fred brauer
uncertain dynamic systems fred c.schweppe
principles of highway engineering and traffic analysis fred L.mannering
incineration of solid wastes fred n.rubel
Control theory and biological systems Fred S.Grodins
elementary diffenential equations principles.problems and solutions fred.brauer
foundation engineering current principles and practices fred.h.kulhawy
automatic test equipment hardware software and management fred.Liguori
the master book of mathematical recreations fred.schuh
thermal uses and properties of carbohydrates and Lignins fred.shafizadoh
technical drawing frederick E. Giesecke
engineering graphics frederick e.giesecke
technical drawing frederick e.giesecke
introduction to switching theory and logical design frederick j.hill
physics frederick j.keller
general chemistry revised first frederick r.longo
 operations research Frederick S.Hillier
operations research Frederick S.Hillier
environmental geology frederick.betz.jr
computer aided logical design with emphasis on vlsi frederick.j hill
autocad conventions for architects frederick.jules
introduction to operation research frederick.s.hillier
operations research frederick.s.hillier
applied mathematics in engineering practice fredericks.merritt
introduction to physics for scientists and engineers frederrick bueche
fortran programming fredric stuart
Digital systems Hardware Organization And Design Fredrick  J. Hill
digital systems hardware organization and design fredrick j.hill
introduction to switching theory and logical design fredrick j.hill
microcntrollers and microcomputers fredrick m.cady
micro controllers and microcomputers fredrick m.cody
fachkunde kraftfa hrzeugtechnik freude
buckling strength of metal structures friedrich.bleich
the scsi bus and ide interface protocols.applicaltions and programming friendhelm schmidt
applied nonlinear optics frits zernike
fortran iv fritz a.mccameron
dffective internet fritz j.erickson
netscape navigator and the world wide web fritz j.erickson
lectures on advanced numerical analysis fritz.john
water and energy technical and policy issues fritz.kilpatrick
foundations on expansive soils fuhua.chen
Organic chemistry for students of biology and medicine G .A . Taylor
metallography of phase transformations g.a.chadwick
survey of modern industrial chemistry g.a.cook
engineering economy capital allocation theory g.a.fleischer
construction guide for soils and foundations g.a.fletcher
design and technology metal g.a.hicks
electronic analog and hybrid computers g.a.korn
microprocessors and small digital computer systems for engineers and scientists g.a.korn
foundation engineering g.a.Leonards
foundation engineering g.a.Leonnards
frequency methods in oscillation theory g.a.Leonov
electric transmission and distribution g.a.skrotzki
microprocessors theory and applications g.a.streitmatter
heat and concentration waves analysis and applications g.alan.turner
physical chemistry molecular structure and properties g.allen
operational amplifiers g.b.clayton
passenger transport after G.B.R.Feilden
passenger transport after 2000 ad g.b.r.feilden
calculus g.b.thomas
calculus and analytic geometry g.b.thomas
the dynamical behaviour of structures g.b.warburton
builders plant and equipment g.barber
calculus g.baumslag
fundamentals of metal machining and machine tools g.boothroyd
data base architecture g.bracchi
brief applied calculus g.c.berresford
statistical mapping and the presentation of statistics g.c.dickinson
transport properties of solids and solid state energy conversion g.c.jain
crushing and grinding g.c.Lowrison
essentials of financial management text and cases g.c.philippatos
an introduction to plasticity g.c.spencer
new systems and services in telecommunications g.cantraine
new systems and services in telecommunications g.contraine
executive programs and operating systems g.cuttle
solar energy utilisation a text book for engineering students G.D.Rai
mechanical engineering design g.d.redford
mechanical technology a two year course g.d.redford
principles of active network synthesis and design g.daryanani
the abc book of hi-filaudio projects g.de.Leon
practical shipbuilding g.de.roo j.mrin
work out dynamics g.e.drabble
time series analysis forecasting and control g.e.p.box
hydraulics g.e.russell
man the builder g.e.sandstrom
composition and properties of concrete g.e.troxell
applied operations research  a survey g.e.whitechouse
applied operations research a survey g.e.whitehouse
composition and properties of concrete g.earl.troxell
management techniques for librarians g.edward.evans
basic reinforced concrete design g.elwyn.large
engineering thermodynamics work and heat transfer g.f.c.rogers
digital control of dynamic systems g.f.franklin
chemical reactor analysis and design g.f.froment
Large chemical plants g.f.froment
modern inorganic chemistry g.f.liptrot
optics and its uses G.F.Lothian
engineering graphics and descriptive geometry in 3d g.f.pearce
engineering graphics and descriptive geometry in 3-D g.f.pearce
electrical indicating instruments g.f.tagg
advances in wind farming g.g.piepers
electromagnetic concepts and applications G.G.Skitek
engineering metrology g.g.thomas
degradation and stabilisation of polymers g.geuskens
engineering methods for analysing strength and rigidity g.glushkov
finite elements in geo mechanics g.gudehus
physics of semiconductor laser devices g.h.b.thompson
Lecorbusier an analysis of form g.h.baker
marine diesel lubrication g.h.clark
colour television theory g.h.hutson
electronics  a course book for students g.h.olsem
electronics a course book for students g.h.olsen
introduction to control techniques g.h.poucher
mechanics of machines g.h.ryder
strength of materials g.h.ryder
the rheology of fresh concrete g.h.tatterersall
the work ability of concrete g.h.tattersall
reservoir systems operations g.h.toebes
technical drawing in third and first angle projection g.h.w.andrews
analysis of inventory systems g.hadley
programming in cobol g.i.lancastev
ocean tides mathematical models and numerical experiments g.i.marchuk
optimal design of flexural system beam grillages stabs plates and shells g.i.n.rozvang
introduction to solid state electronics g.I.yepif anov
radar precision and resolution g.j.a.bird
solidificati and casting g.j.davies
solid state circuits g.j.pridham
electronic devices and circuits g.j.prigham
transistor circuit techniques g.j.ritchie
large engineering systems 2 g.j.savage
radar and electronic navigation g.j.sonnenberg
analysis and design of feed back control systems g.j.thaler
analysis and design of non linear feed back control systems g.j.thaler
fundamentals of classical thermodynamics g.j.van.wylen
fundamentals of classical thermodynamics g.j.vanwylen
mechanical vibrations g.k.grover
bibliographic guide to technology g.k.hall
electronic and radio engineering g.k.mithal
fastening technology systems and components for use in the construction industry g.k.wisniewsky
durability and reliability in engineering design g.kivenson
the principles of metallographic Laboratory practice g.L.kehl
optimal design of flexural systems beams grillages slabs plates and shells g.l.n.rozvang
engineering experimentation g.L.tuve
a guide to process engineering with economic objective g.L.wells
computation for process engineers g.L.wells
safety in process plant design g.L.wells
recent developments in lhermomechanics of solids g.Lebon
grinding machines g.Lurie
business law g.m.affley
strength and failure of visco elastic materials g.m.bartenev
strength and failure of viso.elastic materials g.m.bartenev
an introduction to geological structures and maps g.m.bennison
brittle fracture in steel structures g.m.boyd
a basic course in statistics g.m.clarke
a basic couse in statistics G.M.Clarke
water and waste water engineering water supply and waste water removal g.m.fair
water purification and waste water treatment and disposal g.m.fair
fundamentals of television engineering g.m.glasford
contact problems in the classical theory of elasticity g.m.L.gladwell
theory of structures g.m.mills
modelling in data base management systems G.m.nijssen
structural madeling and experimental techniques g.m.sabnis
advanced programming and problem solving with pascal g.michael schneider
an introduction to programming and problem solving with pascal g.michael schneider
microprocessors and instrumentation g.mirsky
soil mechanics transient and cyclic  Leads g.n.pande
fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering g.n.pandey
automatic voltage regulators and stabilizers g.n.patchett
advanced petrochemicals g.n.sarkar
elements of soil mechanics for civil and mining engineers g.n.smith
ocean currents g.neumann
glass g.o.jones
soil and water conservation engineering g.o.schwab
marine electrical practice g.o.watson
electrical engineering materials g.p.chhalotra
design and construction of foundations g.p.manning
foundations retaining and earth structures g.p.tschebotariof
foundations retaining and earth structures g.p.tschebotarioff
soil mechanics foundation and earth structures g.p.tschebotarioff
techniques in engineering design g.pitts
applied acoustics g.porges
developments in reinforced plastics g.pritchard
elements of optimization techniques and g.r.krishna murti
machine tool engineering g.r.nagpal
chemistry for technologists g.r.palin
electrochemistry for technologists g.r.palin
principles of management g.r.terry
solid state colour television circuits g.r.wilding
fundamentals of gas particle flow g.rudinger
optimization:theory and practice g.s.g.beveridge
israeli settlement policy g.s.hajjar
charge.transfer devices g.s.hobson
transport phenomena in Liquid extraction g.s.Laddha
design and construction of concrete shell roofs g.s.ramaswamy
modern prestressed concrete design g.s.ramaswamy
introduction to statistical mechanics g.s.rushbrooke
engine emissions pollutant formation and measurement g.s.springer
problems in metallurgical thermodynamics and kinetics g.s.upadhyaya
the penetrometer and soil exploration g.sanglerat
testing machine tools for theuse of machine tool markers users inspectors and plant g.schlesinger
internal combustion engines g.shanmugan
rafts and beams on compressible subsoil g.sherif
telecontrol methods and applications of telemetering and remote control g.swoboda
computer aided filter design g.szentirmai
work out computer studies for first examinations g.taylor
solid wastes engineering principles and management issues g.tchobanoglous
microprocessors and microcomputer systems g.v.rao
Engineering optimization methods and applications G.V.Rekaitis
an evaluation of the elevated temperature tensile and creep-rupture properties of wrought g.v.smith
an evaluation of the yield tensile creep and rupture strengths of wrought 304-316-321 and 347 g.v.smith
elevated temperature static properties of wrought carbon steel g.v.smith
evaluation of the elevated temperature tensile and creep-rupture properties of g.v.smith
evaluations of the elevated temperature tensile and creep rupture properties of g.v.smith
supplemental reporton the elevated.temperature properties of chromium molybdenum g.v.smith
electronic inventions and discoveries g.w.a.dummer
electronics reliability calculation and design g.w.a.dummer
Machining aluminum G.W.birdsall
measurements in high voltage test circuits g.w.bowdler
measurements in high.voltage test circuits g.w.bowdler
tables of physical and chemical constants and some mathematical functions G.W.C.Kaye
radar transmitters g.w.ewell
computer organization hardware software g.w.gors Line
basic statistics for the behavioral sciences g.w.heiman
business multimedia explained g.w.keen
precision gearing theory and practice g.w.michalec
drainage and flood control engineering g.w.pickels
route surveying g.w.pickels
principles of industrial metal working processes g.w.rowe
the planning and engineering interface with a modernized land data system g.warren.marks
economics g.whitehead
introduction to circuit synthesis and design gabor c.temes
modern filter theory and design gabor.c.temes
optical and digital image processing fundamentals and applications gabriel cristobal
logic and architecture synthesis for silicon compilers gabriele.saucier
instrumental methods of chemical analysis galen w.ewing
topics in chemical instrumentation galen w.ewing
mechatronics ganesh s
mechatronics Ganesh s.hegde
environmental biotechnology theory and application gareth m.evans
asurvey of modern algebra garrett brrkhoff
scale dependence and scale invariance in hydrology garrison sposito
analysis and testing of adhesive bonds garron.p.anderson
Introduction to Basic  programming Gary  B.  Shelly
computer concepts gary b.shelly
Microsoft office 2007 Gary B.shelly
 microsoft access 2000 comprehensive
concepts and techniques
gary b.shelly
thomas j.cashman
from promises to performance gary c.bryner
analytical chemistry gary d.chritiar
c++ for engineers and scientists gary j.bronson
modern electronic communication gary m.miller
Introduction to graphics  communications for engineers Gary R. bertoline
Fundamentals of graphics communication Gary R.berloline
fundamentals of graphics communication gary R.bertoline
Introduction to graphics communications for engineers Gary R.bertoline
Technical graphics communication Gary R.bertoline
tcp/ip III lustrated the implementation gary r.wright
data base processing with fourth generation languages gary w-hansen
intergrating technology in the classroon gary.b.shelly
dynamic response of structures experimentation observation prediction and control gary.hart
modern electronic communication gary.m.miller
fundamentals of graphics communication gary.r.bertoline
1981 international gas research conference gas
engineering data book 
 the processing and related process industries
gas processors
suppliers association
computer applications gautam roy
human- computer interaction gavriel salvendy
programming amicrocomputer:6502 gaxton c.foster
zeszyty naukowe politechniki gdanskiej 199
biochemistry geaffrey zubay
weather modification:prospects and problems geary breuer
crops people and irrigation geert.diemer
digital control of dynamics systems gene f.frankin
feedback control of dynamic gene f.frankin
digital control of dynamic systems gene f.franklin
feedback control of dynamic systems gene f.franklin
design of feedback control systems gene h.hostetter
Engineering network analysis Gene H.hostetter
digital control of dynamic systems gene.f.franklin
quality engineering in production systems genichi.taguchi
environmental management new directions for the twenty first century geoff a.wilson
dbase iv:the complete reference geoffrey t.leblond
research on the manufacture and use of cements geoffrey.frohnsdorf
reinforced concrete design georg f.Limrunner
tropenbau building in the tropics georg.Lippsmeier
linear programming and extensions george b.dantzig
introductory soil mechanics and foundations george b.sowers
calculus george b.thomas
calculus early transcendentals george b.thomas
thomas calculus george b.thomas
engineering an introduction to a creative profession george c.beakley
the slide rule electronic hand calculator and metrification in problem solving george c.beakley
city planning bibliography a basic bibliography of sources and trends george c.bestor
mini/microcomputer hardware design george d.kraft
fundamental structures of algebra george d.mostow
Engineering design George E.dieter
engineering design a materials and processing approach george e.dieter
welding metallurgy carbon and alloy steels george e.linnert
theory and problems of continuum  mechanics george e.mase
composition and properties of concrete george earl troxell
harmer e.davis
joe w.kelly
applied thermodynamics george f.babits
study guide for calculus george f.feissner
finite element simulation in surface and subsurface hydrology george f.pinder
computer simulation techniques in hydrology george fleming
building construction estimating george h.cooper
vector mechanics for engineers:statics george h.staob
avalanche transit time devices george I.haddad
poupulation geography:a reader george j.demko
geometry of engineering drawing george j.hood
trends in general systems theory george j.klir
electric machines:dynamics and steady state george j.thaler
challenges to civil engineering educators and practitioners george k.wadlin
nuclear reactor theory george l.bell
the theory and practice of metal work george Love
electronics in industry george m.chute
an introduction to electrical machines and transformers george mcpherson
legal institutional financial and environmental aspects of water issues george r.baumli
methods of signal and system analysis george r.cooper
probabilistic methods of signal and system analysis george r.cooper
probabilistic methods of signal system analysis george r.cooper
shreves chemical process industries george T.austin
time cost and architecture george t.heery
assembler language programming the ibm system  360 and 370 george w.struble
design of concrete structures george winter
hybrid computation george.a.bekey
calculus and analytic geometry george.b.thomas
elements of urban form george.banz
intelligent instrumentation george.c.barney
fiber reinforced concrete george.c.hoff
electrodeposition of chromium from chromic acid solutions george.dubpernell
mechanical metallurgy george.e.dieter
engineering electronics george.e.happell
artificial intelligence structures and strategies for complex problem solving george.f.Luger
differential equations with applications and historical notes george.f.simmons
transistor.transistor logic george.flynn
introduction to microprocessors hardware and software george.goode
kinematics and dynamics of machines george.h.martin
r.d.mindlin and applied mechanics george.herrmann
avalanche transit-time devices george.I.haddad
electronic communication systems george.kennedy
microwave-filters impedance matching networks and coupling structures george.L.matthaei
microwave transmission circuits george.L.ragan
practical interface circuits for micro george.Loveday
machinery acoustics george.m.diehl
an introduction to electrical machines an transformers george.mcpherson
self.organizing control of stochastic systems george.n.saridis
principles of polymerization george.odian
methods of signal and system analysis george.r.cooper
modern communications and spread spectrum george.r.cooper
elements of physics george.shortley
basic statistics a text book for the first course george.simpson
basic water treatment for application world wide george.smethurst
basic water treatment for application world-wide george.smethurst
design of concrete structures george.winter
physical chemistry george.woodbury
chemical reactions and chemical reactors georgew.roberts
engineering magnetohydrodynamics georgew.sutton
Lloyds register of shipping georye.blake
modern engineering graphics and design gerad g.s.voland
stadia a design and development guide geraint.john
statistical models in engineering geral j.hahn
practical transistor circuit design and analysis gerald e.williams
statistical models in engineering gerald j.hahn
basic circuit analysis gerald j.kirwin
structural detailing for technicians gerald L.weaver
principles of sedimentology gerald m.friedman
chemical engineering gerald.coren
track/train dynamics and design advanced techniques gerald.j.moyar
semiconductor memory design and application gerald.Luecke
mechanics of solids with applications to thin bodies gerald.wempner
environmental engineering gerard kiely
ground water gerard p.Lennon
automatic text processing gerard salton
Control systems modeling and analysis Gerard voland
environmental engineering gerard.kiely
control systems modeling and analysis gerard.voland
local area networks gerd E.keiser
metric system conversion factors and tables gerhard hubner
planning engineering of short wave links gerhard.braun
deutsche beitrage zur geotechnik german.repots
elements of mechanics of materials gerner a.olsen
elementary and intermediate algebra:a combined course gerry c.fitch
gas treating with chemical salvents giannj.astarita
the role of computers in manufacturing processes gideon.halevi
microcomputers for engineers and scientists gienn gibson
chemical reactor analysis and design gilbert f.froment
the computers modem reference gilbert held
introduction to environment science and technology gilbert m.masters
introduction to environmental engineering and science gilbert m.masters
Thermodynamics Gilbert Newton Lewis
linear algebra and its applications gilbert strang
physical chemistry gilbert w.castellan
coastlines of the caribbean gillian.combers
the dynamic properties of supercooled liquids gilroy harrison
fluid mechanics of internal flow gino.sovran
file organization for data base design gio wiederhold
data base design gio.wiederhold
exchange rate determination and control giorgio radaelli
principles and application of electrical engineering giorgio rizzoni
principles and applications of electrical engineering giorgio.rizzani
principled and applications of electrical engineering giorgio.rizzoni
properties of engineering materials gladius lewis
circuit  and system theory gladwyn.lago
management for business and industry glaude.s.george
analytical methods in conduction heat transfer glen e.myers
reliable software through composite design glenford j.myers
microcomputer systems the 8086 ,8088 family glenn a.gibson
advances in liquid crystals glenn h.brown
introduction to computer systems glenn h.macewen
digital electronic circuits glenn m.glasford
construction contracts and specifications glenn m.hardie
elementary soil and water engineering glenn o.schwab
excel and access for accounting glenn owen
an introduction to data structures and algorithms with java glenn rowe
an introduction to classical elctromagnetic radiation glenn s.smith
computer methods in power system analysis glenn w.stagg
principles of active network synthesis and design gobind.daryanani
Elements of Ordinary Differential Equations Goiomb& Shanks
digital processing of signals gold.raier
doublyfed induction machine modeling and control for wind energy generation Gonzalo Abad
video recording record and replay systems gord.white
computer data processing gordon b.davis
elementary cobol programming a step by step gordon b.davis
management information systems conceptual foundations structure and development gordon b.davis
accomplishments and impacts of reservoirs gordon g.green
principles of chemical kinetics gordon g.hammes
technical writing gordon h.mills
beginners guide to colour television gordon j.king
colour television servicing gordon j.king
fundamentals of classical thermo dynamics gordon j.van wylen
fundamentals of classical thermodynamics gordon j.van wylen
making and interpreting mechanical drawings gordon L.glegg
physical chemistry gordon m.barrow
physical chemistry for the life sciences gordon m.barrow
industrial robotics gordon m.mair
magnetoelectric devices transducers transformers and machines gordon r.slemon
introduction to electronic computers gordon.b.davis
supplementary readings in engineering design gordon.h.geiger
master hi-fi installation gordon.j.king
recycling derelict land gorge.fleming
an introduction to corrosion and protection of metals gosta.wranglen
an introduction to metallic corrosion gosta.wranglen
Line Commutated Thyristor Converters Gottfried  Moltgen
Line Commutated Thyristor Converters Gottfried Moltgen
probability Grace.E.bates
Urban Land Economics principles  and policy Graham  Hallett
linear electronic circuits and systems graham bishop
data processing hardware and programming graham c.lester
data processing systems analysis and design graham c.lester
one-dimension two-phase plow graham.b.wallis
one-dimensional two-phase flow graham.b.wallis
soil mechanics:principles and practice graham.barnes
vLsi specification verification and synthesis graham.birtwistle
audio circuits and projects graham.bishop
Linear electronic circuits and systems graham.bishop
finite elements computational aspects graham.f.carey
finite elements a scond course graham.facrey
Jdbc tm data base access with java atutorial and annotated reference graham.hamiton
microprocessors and small digital computer systems for engineers granino a.korn
microprocessors and small digital computer systems for engineers and scientists granino a.korn
microprocessors and small digital computers systems for engineers and scientists Granino A.Korn
minicomputers for engineers and scientists granino a.korn
interpreting the environment grant w.sharpe
building to save energy:legal and regulatory approaches grant.pthompson
the principles and techniques of engineering estimating granville calder
d base bridge green adam
strategic management gregory g.dess
metabolic engineering gregory n.step
decision making in systems engineering and management gregory s.parnell
cad/cam computer aicled groover.mikell.p
calculus part1 Grossman s.t
office 2000 gunter born
differential operators of mathematical physics gunter hell wig
telecontrol methods and applications of telemetering and  remote control gunther swoboda
calculus and analytic geometry gurcharancs.gill
introduction to the theory and application of the laplace transformation gustav doetsch
prestressed concrete gustave.magnel
microprocessors and microcomputer systems Guthikondo v.rao
modern refrigeration practice guy.r.king
analytical and applied mechanics guy.royer
an elementary guide to reliability GWA dummer
construction craft to industry gyula sebestyen
Principles of electrical measurements H. Buckingham.
introduction to microwave theory h.a.atwater
twenty lectures on thermodynamics h.a.buchdahl
production management h.a.harding
plastisols and organosols h.a.sarvetnick
physical chemistry thermochemistry and thermodynamics h.a.skinner
atreatise on applied hydraulics h.addison
electronics for engineers an introduction h.ahmed
solar energy and the arab world h.alawi
solar energy prospect in the arab world h.alawi
geothermal energy h.armstead
ventilation of buildings h.b.awbi
electronic engineering applications of two port networks h.b.gatland
structural analysis and design some minicomputer applications part1 h.b.harrison
structural analysis and design some minicomputer applications part2 h.b.harrison
production an international appraisal of contemporary manufacturing systems and h.b.maynard
combustion technology:some modern developments h.b.palmer
atlas of electron microscopy of clay minerals and their admixtures h.beutels pacher
the capital budgeting decision of h.bierman.j
modern physical chemistry an introductory text h.block
digital image restoration H.C.andrews
practical boiler firing h.c.armstrong
fluid pressure mechanisms h.c.conway
elements of strength of materials h.c.gupta
new energy technology some facts and assessments h.c.hottel
a.c.motor design with conventional and converter supplies h.c.j.de jong
integrated electronics h.c.Lin
the logic and rhetoric of exposition h.c.martin
world wide practical petroleum reservoir engineering methods h.c.slip.slider
the design and construction of machine tools h.c.town
classical thermodynamics of nonetectrolyte solutions with applications to phase equilibria h.c.van.ness
elementary semiconductor physics h.c.wright
gas turbine theory h.cohen
basic technical electricity h.cotton
the transmission and distribution of electrical energy h.cotton
machine tool operation safely measuring tools bench work the drill press the lathe forge work part 1 h.d.burghardt
machine tool operation the shaper the planer the milling machine the grinding machine hydraulics h.d.burghardt
one.dimensional compressible flow h.daneshyar
cement data.book h.duda
basic physical chemistry calculations h.e.avery.bsc
basic physical chemistry calculations h.e.avevy
plumbing h.e.babbitt
mechanics of machines h.e.barnacle
h.b.of mechanical and electrical systems for buildings h.e.bovay
surface active chemicals h.e.garrett
water clarification processes practical design and evaluation h.e.hudson
automatic control in desalination and the oil industry h.EL.hares
stationary and quasi-stationary fields
waves and application
blueprint reading for the construction trades h.f.bellis
textbook of materials of engineering h.f.moore
selecting and improving your hi.fi system h.f.swearer
electricity supply 1 h.ferry
back ground to buckling h.g.allen
introduction to engineering measurements H.G.Bass
fluid pressure mechanisms h.g.conway
introduction to operations research techniques h.g.daellenbach
mechanical foundations of engineering science h.g.edmunds
stress vibration and noise analysis in vehicles h.g.gibbs
stress.vibration and noise analysis in vehicles h.g.gibbs
elastic solutions for soil and rock mechanics h.g.poulos
pile foundation analysis and design h.g.poulos
introduction into design analysis of tall buildings h.g.schafer
surface water impoundments h.g.stefan
engineering economy H.G.thuesen
design of steel structures h.gaylord.jr
classical mechanics h.goldstein
britannica atlas h.h.benton
control of structures h.h.e.Leipholz
piecewise methods and applications to power systems h.h.happ
deformation and fracture of high ploymers h.h.kausch
mechanisms and dynamics of machinery h.h.mabie
computer aided control system design h.h.rosenbrock
electric networks h.h.skilling
electric transmission Lines h.h.skilling
electrical engineering circuits h.h.skilling
optical communication Ecoc 84 h.haupt
fundamentals of electric waves h.hi.skilling
electrical engineering circuits h.hildreth.shilling
marine auxiliary machinery h.hiLLier
industrial sealing technology h.hugo.buchter
structural analysis h.I.Larsen
structural analysis H.I.Laursen
filtering in the time and frequency domains h.j.blinchikoff
hydrobiologia h.j.dumont.ghent
vibrations.waves and diffraction h.j.j.braddick
the physics of vibrations and waves h.j.pain
physico-chemical elementary processes in flotation h.j.schulze
modern gear production h.j.watson
fuzzy sets and decision analysis h.j.zimmermann
structural geology in reservoir characterization h.johnson
Applied mathematics for polytechnics H.K.dass
instrument transducers an introduction to their performance and design h.k.p.neubert
strain gauges kinds uses h.k.p.neubert
modern prestressed concrete h.k.preston
prestressed concrete for architects and engineers h.k.preston
information systems a management science approach h.kamal
elementary matrix analysis of structures h.kardes tuncer
economics of reliability in electrical power systems h.khatib
Linear optimal control systems h.kwakernaak
solid geometry and spherical trigonometry h.L.c.Leighton
fracture mechanics h.L.ewalds
solid state radio engineering h.L.krauss
furnishing the city h.L.malt
satellite communications H.L.van
marine engineering written by group of authorities h.Lee.seward
stability of elastic structures h.Leipholz
mechanical behaviour of materials under pressure h.Li.d.pugh
microwave-enhanced chemistry fundamentals sample preparation and applications h.m.(skip)
internet and world wide web how to program h.m.deitel
java how to program h.m.deitel
java how to program with an introduction to visual j++ H.M.deitel
visual c# 2005 h.m.deitel
metallurgy and fuels basic materials and phenomena h.m.finniston
structural characteristics of materials h.m.finniston
principles of operations research with applications to management decisions h.m.wagner
planning the modern city h.maclean.lewis
solar energy h.messel
real time data handling and process control h.meyer
operations research techniques for management h.moskowitz
buoy engineering h.o.berteaux
10 cases in engineering design h.o.fuchs
metal fatigue in engineering h.o.fuchs
a classification system to describe workpieces h.opitz
werkstoffe der electro technik h.p.j.wijn
processes and systems in industrial chemistry h.p.meissner
dock and harbour engineering h.p.oza
soil mechanics and foundation engineering h.p.oza
practical electrical wiring h.p.richter
ball and parallel roller bearings design application h.peck
counter current separation processes h.r.c.pratt
drainage of highway and airfield pavements h.r.cedergren
seepage drainage and flow nets h.r.cedergren
hess’s paint film defects their causes and cure h.r.hamburg
project management using network analysis h.r.hare
the international style h.r.hitchcock
pollution control in the textile industry h.r.jones
practical problems in soil mechanics h.r.reynolds
rock mechanics h.r.reynolds
a text book of practical physics H.S.allen
conduction of heat solids h.s.carslam
conduction of heat in solids h.s.carslaw
an introduction to computer languages h.s.heaps
statistical theory of sample survey design and analysis H.S.konijn
nondestructive testing h.s.lew
the automobile h.s.reyat
electronic and Ionic impact phenomena h.s.w massey
Lightweight aggregates for structural concrete h.s.wilson
boundary layer theory h.schlichting
boundary-layer theory h.schlichting
elements of chemical reaction engineering h.scoh fogler
elements of chemical reaction eng h.scott fogler
the elements of chemical kinetics and reactor calculations h.scott.fogler
mechanical engineering projects part 2 course 205 h.spence
solubilities of inorganic and organic compounds part1 h.stephen
solubilities of inorganic and organic compounds ternary and multicomponent systems of Inorganic substances  part1 h.stephen
solubilities of Inorganic and organic compounds ternary and multicomponent systems part 2 h.stephen
solubilities of Inorganic and organic compounds ternary systems part 1 h.stephen
solubilities of lnorganic and organic compounds part2 h.stephen
solubilities of ternary and multicomponet systems
of lnorganic substances  part2
solubilities of ternary and multicomponet systems
of lnorganic substances  part3
organic and biological chemistry h.stephen.stoker
structural design h.sutherland
coastal wetlands h.suzanne.bolton
cast Iron:physical and engineering properties h.t.angus
differerntial equations and their applications H.T.H.piaggio
made simple self-teaching encylopedia H.T.Hayslett
statistics made simple h.t.hayslett
statistics made simple H.T.Hayslett M.S
symphony H.t.manual
the international foundation directory h.v.hodson
electronic measurements for scientists h.v.malmstadt
electronics and instrumentation for scientists h.v.malmstadt
theory of structures h.w.coultas
engineering technicians h.w.french
industrial accident prevention h.w.heinrich
introduction to electric circuits h.w.jackson
elements of gas dynamics h.w.Liepmann
statics and strength of materials h.w.morrow
advanced mathematics for engineers H.W.reddick
structure h.w.rosenthal
environmental impacton rivers rivers mechanics h.w.shen
river mechanics h.w.shen
sedimentation symposium to honor h.w.shen
parameter estimation principles and problems h.w.sorenson
the principles of electric power transmission h.waddicor
radio control for models h.warring
structure and application of galva nomagnetic devices h.weiss
mechanisms and dynamics of machinery ha.h.mabie
analytical dynamics haim baruh
materials science and processes hajra.s.k
source testing for air pollution control hal.b.h.cooper
analysis of complex hydrocarb on mixtures group analysis and detailed analysis hala.s
analysis of separation methods hala.s
structural theory hale.sutherland
operations research an introduction hamdy a.taha
operations research:an introduction hamdy a.taha
simulation modeling and simnet hamdy.a.taha
analysis of pile bearing capacity hamed s.saeedy
analysis and design of mechanisms hamid s.al.rubeye
of semiconductor circuits hand book
sheet metal series hand.processes
principles of physics hans c.ohanian
automating with step 7 in stl and scl  simatic s7-300/400 programmable controllers hans.berger
excavations and foundation in soft soils hans.georg
excavations and foundations in soft soils hans.georg kempfe
a finite element method the calculation of transient and stationary hans.petter.berg
matrix  methods when calculating dynamic influence coefficients for sarstens harald valland
Skills practice book Hbj algebra1 Harcoart brace jovanorich
elementary principles of chemical processes hardm.felder
computer aided engineering(cae)a promising tool for improving construction site productivity harey.m.bernstein
introduction to electrical machines harit majmudar
stripline circuit design harlan.howe
telecommunication network intelligence harmen r.vanas
the testing and inspection of engineering materials harmer e.davis
a students introduction to engineering design harold a.simon
basic graphical kinematics harold b.kepler
introduction to finite element analysis theory and application harold c.martin
introduction to matrix methods of structural analysis harold c.martin
personnel recruiting motivating rewarding harold d.pritchett
water supply engineering harold e.babbih
plumbing harold e.babbitt
sewerage and sewage treatment harold e.babbitt
water supply engineering harold e.babbitt
instrumentation in industry harold e.soisson
introduction to nonlinear differential an integral equations harold I.davis
introduction to probability theory and statistical inference harold j.larson
modern methods of engineering computation harold j.larson
probabilistic models in engineering sciences random noise signals and dynamic systems harold j.Larson
probabilistic models in engineering sciences random variables and stochastic processes harold j.Larson
parallelism in hardware and software harold lorin
highway materials soils and concretes harold n.atking
highway materials soils and concretes harold n.atkins
applied mathematics in chemical engineering harold s.mickley
technical mathematics harold s.rice
manufacturing organization and management harold t.amrine
noise control for engineers harold w.lord
problems in basic graphical kinematics harold.b.k.kepler
design of steel buildings harold.d.hauf
management a systems and contingency analysis of managerial functions harold.koontz
introduction to computer architecture and organization harold.Lorin
sorting and sort systems harold.lorin
electrical machinery transformers and control harold.w.gingrich
technical mathematics harolds s.rice
applied mathematics in chemical engineering harolds.mickley
introduction to computer organization and data structures:PDp-11 edtion harolds.stone
microcomputer interfacing harolds.stone
energy conversion systems harry a.sorensen
principles of thermodynamics harry a.sorensen
surveying harry bouchard
introduction to mathematical technioues in pattern recognition harry c.andrews
introduction to mathematical techniques in pattern recognition harry c.andrews
computer applications in water resources harry c.torno
technical mechanics harry dickenson
nastran primer static and normal modl analysis harry g.schaeffer
electronic structure properties and the periodic law harry h.sisler
analysis of structures harry h.west
digital computer engineering harry j.gray
forecasting technology for planning decisions harry jones
microcomputer graphics and programming techniques harry katzan jr
pneumatics and hydraulics harry L.stewart
vector and tensor analysis harry lass
contemporary polymer chemistry harry r.allcock
basics of data communications harry r.karp
study guide block gaussian processes harry van trees
study guide block markov processes harry van trees
study guide introduction to random processes harry van trees
study guide linear systems harry van trees
study guide second moment theory harry van trees
surveying harry.bouchard
analysis of structures harry.h west
analysis of structures an integration of classical and modern methods harry.h.west
analysis of structures introduction harry.h.west
automatic controls for heating and air conditioning pneumatic electric control systems harry.j.edwards
industrial electrostatic precipitation harry.j.white
a pl/k approach to programming languages harry.katzan
multinational computer systems harry.katzan
elementary heat power harry.L.solberg
simplified engineering for architects and builders harry.parker
simplified site engineering for architects and builders harry.parker
designing for manufacture harry.peck
dams and earthquakes harsh k.gupta
pulse and switching circuits harvey f.swearer
federal research :opportunities for the design and construction industry harvey m.bernstein
an introduction to operating systems harvey m.deitel
biochemical engineering harvey w.blanch
soil mechanics for road engineers in arabian peninsula hasan.al.sanad
advanced machining processes Hassan el-hofy
English for students of HVC/R (heating,ventilation,air-conditioning and refrigeration) hassan molavi
pic projects a practical approach hassan parchizadeh
fundamentals of machine operation preventive maintenance hathaway.L
architectural theory havry erancis
Biomedical electronics Haward M.yanof
mechanical vibration:analysis uncertainties and control haym.benaroya
balancing acts studiesin couselling tranining hazel johns
mechanics of materials hdward.hornesy
boundary- layer theory he.schlichting
heat and fluid flow in water reactor safety heat
heat and mass transfer in flow with separated regions heat
heat transfer in fires thermophysics social aspects economic impact heat
introduction to fortran programming heather.m.liddell
dreher fachkundemit fachrechnen heinrich gerling
Steam turbines design applications and revating Heinz P.bloch
vehicle and engine technology heinz.heisler
ground water in the pacific rim countries helen j.peters
statisticsal inference helen m.walker
oxford word power helen.worin
petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks helmut g.f.winkler
planning and engineering of radio relay links helmut.brodhage
hydraulic modelling helmut.kobus
reservoirs henderson.s.b
thoughts on style 1886-1909 hendrik.petrus
organic stereochemistry henri kagan
a digital signal processing laboratory using henrikv.sorensen
practical wiring henry a.miller
questions and answers electric wiring henry a.miller
air pollution henry c.perkins
fundamentals of soil science henry d.foth
statistical mechanics and dynamics henry eyring
data base system concepts henry f.korth
linear algebra henry g.jacob
friction and antifriction materials henry h.hausner
architectural structures an introduction to structural mechanics henry j.cowan
design of reinforced concrete structures henry j.cowan
introduction to probability and statistics henry L.alder
energy methods in applied mechanics henry L.langhaar
metal.based lubricant compositions henry m.drew
computer programming and architechure the vax-11 henry m.levy
applied hydraulics in engineering henry m.morris
damit henry olivier
energy the biomass options henry R.bungay
biological chemistry henry r.mahler
electric networks functions filters analysis henry ruston
practical servomechanism design henry s.baeck
elements of electronics henry v.hickey
anatomy of an expedition henry w.menard
noise reduction techniques in electronic systems henry w.ott
methods improvement for construction mangers henry w.parker
principles of management a modern approach henry.albers
electronic computers made simple henry.jacobowitz
characterization of epitaxial semiconductor films henry.kressel
applications of optical fourier transforms henry.stark
modern electrical communications theory and systems henry.stark
trends in applications of puremathematics to mechanics henryk.zorski
applied hydraulics in engineering henrym.morris
computer programming fundamentals herbert d.leeds
text book of the materials of engineering herbert f.moore
the management of organizations herbert g.hicks
corrosion and corrosion control herbert h.uhlig
corrosion and corrosion control an introduction to corrosion science and engineering herbert h.uhlig
basic electromagnetic fields herbert p.neff.jr
elasticity theory and applications herbert reismann
advanced turbo pascal version 4 herbert schildt
Borland c++ the complete reference herbert schildt
Borland c++:the complete reference herbert schildt
c++ the complete reference herbert schildt
window nt4 programming from the ground up herbert schildt
windows 98 programming from the ground up herbert schildt
electrical and electronic drafting herbert w.richter
electrical and electronic drafting herbert w.richtr
manufacturing processes herbert w.yankee
computer system performance herbert.hellerman
surface wave filters design construction and use herbert.matthews
modern cont-engineering techniques herbert.popper
modern technical management  techniques herbert.popper
Borland c++: the complete reference herbert.schildt
digital integrated electronics herbert.taub
principles of communication systems herbert.taub
data structures and programming techniques herman a.maurer
groundwater hydrology herman bouwer
coastal oceanography herman g.gade
technical report writing herman m.weisman
Materials Science And Metallurgy Herman W.Pollack
elementary decision theory herman.chernoff
boundary-layer theory hermann.schlichting
key monuments of the history of architecture hery a.millon
methods for analysis and testing heyden
Energy: water resources and sustainability in the arab world : Hickmet  shaban  "phd
Energy , water resources and sustainability in the arab world: Hickmet shaban; phd
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics higdon
utilization of waste materials in civil engineering construction hilary l.lnyang
introduction to ocean engineering hilbert schenck
theories of engineering experimentation hilbert.schenck
case studies in experimental engineering a programmed approach hillbert scheck
engineering drawing with creative design hiram e.grant
practical descriptive geometry hiram e.grant
foundations of ultracentrifugal analysis hiroshi.fujita
modeling and analysis an-introduction to system performance evaluation methodology hisahi kobayahi
an introduction to the powder method of x-ray diffraction hisham a.ghalib
knowledge engineering fundamentals Hojjat Adeli
mechanics computing in 1990 and beyond computational mechanics fluid mechanics hojjat adell
parallel and distributed processing in structural engineering hojjat.adeli
mechanics computing in 1990 and beyond structural and material mechanics hojjat.adell
cable-stayed bridges holger svensson
theory of electromagnetic waves hollis c.chen
solution of large networks by matrix methods homer e.brown
engineering drawing for advanced level hord
geometrical constructions for advanced level hord
stability theory an introduction to the stability of dynamic systems horst.Leipholz
the care and operation of a screw.cutting Lathe how to.run
chemical instrumentation a systematic approach howard a.strobel
calculus howard anton
calculus with analytic geometry howard anton
chemical reactor design for process plants principles and techniques howard f.rase
piping design for process plants howard f.rase
project engineering process plants howard f.rase
foundry engineering howard f.taylor
analysis and design of structural sandwich panels howard g.allen
General climatology Howard J.critch field
learning to program howard johnston
introduction to automatic controls howard L.harrison
decision analysis introductroy lectyres on choices under uncetainty howard raiffa
methods of thermodynamics howard reiss
reference data for radio engineers howard w.sams
television broadcasting howard.a.chinn
calculus howard.anton
combustion technology some modern developments howard.b.palmer
finite mathematics howark l.rolf
radiative transfer hoyt c.hottel
experiments on microwaves rf and telecommunications hp area.south
environmental impact on rivers hsieh.wen.shen
river mechanics hsieh.wen.shen
magnetic bubble technology integrated circuit magnetics for digital storage and processing hsu.chang
durability of concrete construction hubert woods
fundamentals of mechanics and heat hugh d.young
asphalt pavement engineering hugh.a.wallace
statistical treatment of experimental data hugh.d.young
transport models for in land and coastal waters hugo b.fischer
frontiers in hydraulic engineering hung tao shen
dynamic systems modeling and analysis hung v.vu
dynamics systems modeling and analysis hung v.vu
dynamic systems modeling and analysis hung.v.vu
elementary mechanics fluids hunter.rouse
elementary mechanics of fluids hunter.rouse
engineering hydraulics hunter.rouse
a Link between science and applications of automatic control I fac.triennial
limiting noise from pumps.fans and compressors I mech e
intercrystalline corrosion and corrosion of metals under stress I.A.Levin
problems in calculus of one variable I.A.maron
water hammer in hydraulics and wave surges in electricity I.bergeron
interactive fortran77 AH and s-on approach I.D.chivers
computational geometry for design and manufacture I.D.Faux B.Sc
combustion in advanced gas turbine systems I.e.smith
prestressed concrete design and construction i.f.Leonhardt
mechanics of composites I.f.obraztsov
fundamental mechanics of fluids I.G.currie
calculus I.grossman
deformation of solids I.h.hall
mechanisms in modern engineering design I.I.artoblevsky
prestressed concrete I.I.graduck
lectures on crystal morphology I.I.shafranovskil
lectures on crystal morphology I.I.shafranovsklll
microstrip antennas I.j.bahI
microstrip antennas I.j.bahl
control systems engineering I.j.nagrath
modern power system analysis I.j.nagrath
dislocations and plastic deformation I.kovacs.c
engineering with rigid pvcprocessability and applications I.Luis gomez
calculus of variations I.M.gelfand
programming the finite element method I.m.smith
programming the finite element method with application to geo mechanics I.m.smith
structure and properties of oriented polymers i.m.ward
electrical and electronic technology i.mc.smith
tribology in metal-working new developments I.mech
the most important industrial chemical processes part2 I.mukh Lyonov
the theoretical foundations of chemical technology part1 I.mukh Lyonov
chemical technology I.mukhlyonov
application of integral transforms in the theory of elasticity I.N.sneddon
a practical course in chemical technology I.p.mukhlyonov
mathematical theory of elasticitg I.S.sokol nikoff
higher mathematics for engineers and physicists I.s.sokolnikoff
mathematics of physics and modern engineering I.S.sokolnikoff
proceedings inter.noise79 I.september
concrete in hot environments i.soroka
portland cement paste and concrete I.soroka
Heat engineering I.T.shvets
optical methods in mechanics of solids I.U.T.A.m
friction and wear calculation methods I.v.kragelsky
stochastic processes in water resources engineering Iahr.synposium
principles of mechanical metallurgy iain Le may
hughes electrical and electronic technology Ian mc.smith
elements of partial differential equations Ian n.sneddon
steel frame design examples Ian robb
programmable controllers operation  and application ian.g.warnock
contents of kompass products and servie IASM
kompass IASM
kompass belgium Luxembourg IASM
kompass contents of company information IASM
kompass contents of products and services IASM
kompass firma information IASM
kompass information anagrafiche IASM
kompass prodottie fornitori IASM
kompass produkter IASM
kompass repertoire general dela production IASM
kompass schweizlsuisse Liechtenstein IASM
kompass sverige IASM
kompass sverige firmor IASM
nonlinear behaviour of reinforced concrete spatial structures iass.symposium
microsoft word Ibm.presonat
mathematical modelling of energy systems ibrahim karrakoglu
chemical engineering education Iche.engrs
sixth european conference on optical communication IEE.u.k
guide for the installation of electrical equipment to minimize electrical noise inputs IEEE
IEEE recommended practice for electric power distribution for industrial plants IEEE
IEEE recommended practice for emergency and stand by power systems IEEE
IEEE recommended practice for protection and coordination of industrial and commercial power IEEE
progress in overhead Lines and cables for 22 okv and above IEEE
sixth international conference on dada engineering IEEE
electrical and electronics graphic symbols and reference designations IEEE standards
selected papers in digital signal processing IEEE.digital
solid state circuit conference digest of technical papers IEEE.international
discussions and closures of abstracted papers from the winter meeting IEEE.power engin
IEEE recommended practice for grounding of industrial and commercial power systems IEEE.std
control and management of integrated industrial complexes Ifac
information-control problems in manufacturing technology ifac
identification and system parameter estimation ifac symposium
systems analysis application to complex programs ifac.ifors.llasa
digital computer applications to process control Ifac.international
multivariable technological systems ifac.international
control of distributed parameter systems Ifac.symposium
topics in contemporary mathematics ignacio.bello
Ionization conductivity and breakdown in dielectric liquids Ignacy.adamczewski
centrifugal pumps Igor j.karassik
modeling of large-scale energy systems iiasa.ifacsymposiu
wandelbare pneus convertible pneus IL
practical measurement for improving efficiency imeko.congress
enzymes for industrial reactors immobilized
microprocessor software Laboratory imsong.Lee
elastically fixed structures ing.gamal.sherif
industrial shed type and low rise buildings special structures ing.t.koncz
multi storey industrial and administration buildings school and  university buildings ing.t.koncz
the transporter family inmos
digital signal processing inmos.limited
Lightweight and energy technics Inst.of light
industrial reciprocating and rotary compressors design and operational problems insti.of mechanical
ground treatment by deep compaction institution
heat treatment of metals institution
hydraulic modelling in maritime engineering institution
behaviour of piles proceedings of the institution of
Large bored piles institution of
diaphragm walls and anchorages institution of civil
flood studies conference institution of civil
non-destructive testing of concrete and Limber institution of civil
vibrations and noise in pump,fan,and compressor installations institution of mechanical eng
marine treatment of sewage and sludge institution.c.e
design criteria and equipment for transmission at 400kv and higher voltages institution.el.eng
a century of soil mechanics institution.of civil
switching arc phenomena int.symp
charge storage charge transport and electrostatics with their applications Int.workshop
a link between science and applications of automatic control inte.federation
on shell structures in engineering practice inte.symposium
sensitivity methods in control theory inte.symposium
the 8080/8085 microprocessor book intel.marketing
advances in water pollution research inter.conf
progress in refrigeration science and technology progres dansla science latechnioue dufroid inter.congress
international institute of refrigeration heat transfer internatibal
advances in concrete slab technology international
advances in radiation processing international
aquatic pollutants transformation and biological effects international
automotive electronics international
charge storage charge transport and electrostatic with their applications international
chemical process hazards with special reference to plant design international
chemical reaction engineering international
chemical thermodynamics international
conference on flow measurement international
conference on solid Lubrication asteproteedings international
conference soil mechanics and foundation engineering suisse international
decisions with inadequate hydrologic data international
dynamic stability of structures international
edited proceedings 7th international
energy use management proceedings of the international conference international
fluidization technology international
gas bearing symposium international
heat transfer international
hydraulic problems solved by stochastic methods international
industrial waste water and wastes international
insitu testing of soils and roeks and performance of structures international
Low temperatures and electric power international
low-energy Ion beams international
machine aided image analysis international
marine and shipping conference international
pressure discussion part 3 international
pressure discussions part 3 international
pressure materials and fabrication part 2 international
pressure materials fabrication and inspection part2 international
pressure vessel technology design and analysis international
pressure vessel technology design and analysis part1 international
proceedings drag reduction international
radio spectrum conservation techniques international
second-order effects in elasticity plasticity and fluid dynamics international
seventeenth symposium on combustion international
skidding resistance and traffic safety on wet roads international
soil mechanics and foundation engineering international
stochastic processes in water resources engineering international
structural safety and reliability international
the application of systems analysis to problems of irrigation drainage and flood international
thin walled structures international
trendsinon Line computer control systems international
wind engineering international
controlling seepage Losses from irrigation canals international commission
high voltage dc and/or ac power transmission international conferen
energy conservation and use of renewable energies in the bio-industries international seminar
advanced micro devices international standard
storage in excavated rock caverns rock store international symp
second-order effects in elasticity plasticity and fluid dynamics international symposi
fracture 1969 proceedings international.c.on
advances in ready mixed concrete technology international.con
papers:addendum.antwerp international.harboout
antwerp papers international.harbout
papers sec vi handling and rans shipment of goods international.harbout
papers:hydraulic engineering in harbout international.harbout
papers:sec v11 portmanagemen international.harbout
papers:seclv:port equipment international.harbout
proceedings antwerpen international.harbout
advances in machine tool design and research international.m.t.d
sun mankinds future source of energy international.solar
computerized operation of power systems international.sym
distillation international.sym
dredging technology england international.sym
floods and droughts international.sym
switching arc phenomena internationual
advances in energy conversion engineering intersociety.energy
C++ for fortran programmers Ira pohl
wireless computing ira.brodsky
engineering and managerial economics Ira.h.kleinfeld
advances in solid.Liquid flow in pipes and its application Iraj zandi
prolog programming foratificiol intelligence iran bratko
legal phases of engineering contracts  and specifications iran c.crawford
discharges for selected gaging  stations in iraq.1930-1956 iraq.development
greater musseyib drainage project iraq.development
greater musseyib irrigation project iraq.development
greater musseyib.project iraq.development
hillah kifl drainage project iraq.development
hussatniyah.beni hassan drainage project iraq.development
rumaitha irrigation area pumphouse iraq.development
rawa hydroelectric projecton the euphrates river iraq.hydroproject
soils and soil conditions in iraq Iraq.ministry
discharges for selected gauging stations in iraq 1959-1975 iraq.mintstryof
the many facets of human settle
ments science and society
mayra buvinic
Operating Systems Iresh A.Dhotre
calculus concepts iris.brann.fetta
data base architecture iron flores
civil engineering specifications iror h.seeley
the architecture of computer hardware irv englander
perception irvin rock
fluid mechanics for engineering technology irving granet
engineering mechanics statics Irving h.shames
mechanics of fluids irving h.shames
Circuit analysis Irving L.kosow
electric machinery and control irving L.kosow
fundamentals of geotechnical analysis irving s.dunn
fundamentals of geotechnical analysis irvings s.dunn
Introductory engineering statistics Irwin guttman
solutions for introductory engineering statistics Irwin guttman
biochemical calculations irwin h.segel
probability and statistics for engineers Irwin miller
numerical solution of differentiol equations isaac fried
the art of 3d computer animation  and effects isaacv.kerlow
saud is in transition ismail a.sirageldin
Isme conference on mechanical engineering Isme
Lean six sigma using sigmaxl ISS a bass
international ship structures congress issc
international tug convention issc
computer-aided manufacturing itien.chien chang
carbohydrate chemistry -9 Iupac
chelating extractans part 4 Iupac
compound forming extractants solvating solvents part3 Iupac
mass spectrometry of natural products carbohydrate Iupac
solubility  dataseries scandium yttrium lanthanum Iupac
solubility data alcohols with water iupac
solubility data oxides of nitrogen iupac
solubility data series alkali metal alkaline earth metal and ammonium halides amide solvents iupac
solubility data series alkaline earth metal halates iupac
solubility data series ammonia amines.phosphine arsine stibine silane germane and stannane in organic solvents iupac
solubility data series argon iupac
solubility data series helium and neon IUPac
solubility data series oxygen and ozone iupac
solubility data series scandium yttrium Lanthanum and lanthanide nitrates iupac
solubility data series tetraphenylborates iupac
solubility dataseries halogenated benzenes.tollenes Iupac
solubility dataseries hydrogen and deuterium Iupac
solubility dataseries sulfur dioxide chlorine Iupac
solubility krypton xenon and radon IUPac
solubility sliver azide cyanide cyanamides cyanate selenocyanate and thiocyanate IUPac
the role of laboratory teaching in university chemistry courses Iupac
thermodynamic and transport properties of organic salts Iupac
building maintenance ivor h.seeley
building quantities explained ivor h.seeley
building technology ivor h.seeley
civil engineering specification ivor h.seeley
heat transfers j p hot man
Materials Science J.  C. Anderson
progress in aerospace sciences j.a.bagley
signal processing modulation and noise j.a.betts
plastics materials j.a.brydson
digital networks j.a.brzozowski
high speed pulse techniques j.a.coekin
failure of materials in mechanical  design analysis prediction prevention j.a.collins
failure of materials in mechanical design analysis prediction prevention j.a.collins
principles of logistics management j.a.constrantion
practical aspects of computational river hydraulics j.a.cunge
theory and problems of electric circuits j.a.edminister
theory and problems of electromagnetics j.a.edminister
service operation management j.a.fitzsimmons
an introduction to engineering fluid mechanics j.a.fox
hydraulic analysis of unsteady flow in pipe networks j.a.fox
drag reduction by additives review and biliography j.a.g.hemmings
the essence of electric power systems j.a.harrison
engineering instrumentation and control j.a.haslam
crystallographic instrumentation j.a.k.howard
microwave power measurement j.a.Lane
dynamo motions of electrically conducting fluids j.a.maki
advanced methods of machining j.a.mcgeough
principles of electrochemical machining j.a.mcgeough
engineering fluid mechanics j.a.roberson
theory and problems of engineering economics j.a.sepulveda
elastic energy theory j.a.van den broek
instrumentation in metal finishing j.a.von
modern developments in Lubrication mechanics j.a.walowit
lectures on mechanics for students of physics and engineering j.aharoni
computer-aided heat transfer analysis j.alon.adams
Macromodeling with spice J.alvin connelly
telephony automatic exchange systems j.atkinson.f.l.e
air pollution science for the 21st century j.austin
problems in electronics j.auvray
low invasion coring J.B.Bloys
petroleum microbiology j.b.davis
digital timing circuits j.b.gosling
electrical machines dc machines j.b.gupta
dynamic vibration absorbers j.b.hunt
a guide to metrication J.B.jones
waste water engineering j.b.white
mathematical modelling j.berry
tanker shipping j.bes
communication with extra terrestrial intelligence j.billingham
telecommunications j.brown
basic geology for engineers j.bundred.m.a
productivity now j.butterworth
basic matrix methods J.C mason ma
data and formula for engineering students j.c.anderson
magnetism and magnetic materials j.c.anderson
materials science j.c.anderson
microprocessor and microcomputer basics j.c.boyce
practical plumbing design guide j.c.church
computer interfacing and on-line operation j.c.cluley
transducers for microprocessor systems J.C.Cluley
convective boiling and condensation j.c.collier
Laser speckle and related phenomena j.c.dainty
feedback control systems analysis synthesis and design j.c.gille
the closure of tidal basins j.c.huis
modelling of marine systems j.c.j.nihoul
design methods seeds of human futures j.c.jones
chemistry engineering and technology general and physical chemistry j.c.kuriacose
chemistry in engineering and technology systematic organic and in organic chemistry j.c.kuriacose
further engineering dynamics j.c.maltbaek
interfacial transition zone in concerete j.c.maso
interfacial transition zone in concrete j.c.maso
basic matrix methods J.C.mason ma
design of reinforced concrete j.c.mccormac
structural analysis j.c.mccormac
sun power an introduction to the applications of solar energy j.c.mcveigh
plant Layout a guide to the layout of process plant and sites j.c.mecklenburgh
the theory of backmixing j.c.mecklenburgh
mechanics of fatigue crack closure j.c.newman
physical chemistry chemical kinetics j.c.polanyi
the fundamentals of corrosion j.c.scully
vibration and shock in damped mechanical systems j.c.snowdon
conservation of mass and energy j.c.whitwell
mathematics for mechanical engineering technicians j.cassidy
design methods for digital systems j.chinal
principles and use of surveying instruments j.clendinning
the mathematics of diffusion J.crank
problems in mechanical technology j.cresswell
wave propagation in elastic solids J.D.Achenbach
biotechnology and fungal differentiation j.d.bulock
air pollution chemistry j.d.butler
introduction to computer based information systems j.d.couger
fuels furnaces and refractories j.d.gilchrist
industrial noise and vibration control j.d.irwin
digital electronics logic and systems j.d.kershaw
concrete and statistics j.d.mclntosh
services for the chemical industry j.d.pratt
production engineering technology j.d.radford
the management of production j.d.radford
theory of electrical filters j.d.rhodes
Applied modeling of hydrologic time series J.D.Salas J.W.
minicomputers hardware software and applications j.d.schoeffler
flow tran simulation an introduction j.d.seader
gears and their vibration a basic approach to understanding gear noise j.d.smith
intermediate accounting j.d.spiceland
structural theory and analysis j.d.todd
instrumentation for engineers j.d.turner
computational aspects of vlsi j.d.ullman
fundamentals of physical metallurgy j.d.verhoeven
applied mechanics j.d.walker
basic engineering circuit analysis j.david irwin
engineering circuit analysis international student version j.david Irwin
alternate exercises and problems for use with intermediate accounting j.david.spiceland
advanced structural dynamics j.donea
power system analysis and design j.duncan.glover
Finite element analysis with error estimators J.E.Akin
reliability and maintainability of electronic systems j.e.arsenault
laboratory on line computing an introduction for engineers and physicists j.e.brignell
wind engineering j.e.cermak
real-time interfacing J.E.Cooling
security electronics j.e.cunning ham
cable television j.e.cunningham
inorganic chemistry and the earth j.e.fergusson
electronics from theory into practice j.e.fisher
electronics from theory into practice devices and amplifier design j.e.fisher
electronics-from theory into practice j.e.fisher
electronics-operational amplifiers oscillators and digital j.e.fisher
telecommunication networks j.e.flood
catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons j.e.germain
laser and electron-beam solid interactions and materials processing j.e.gibbons
thin shells computing and theory j.e.gibson
the design of cylindrical shell roofs j.e.glbson
structures or why things don’t fall down j.e.gordon
bearings in structural engineering j.e.long
an introduction to geology j.e.marr
design for good acoustics and noise control j.e.moore
applied electromagnetics j.e.parton
case studies in automation related to humanization of work j.e.rijnsdorp
dynamic analysis of machines j.e.shigley
kinematic analysis of mechanisms j.e.shigley
mechanical engineering design j.e.shigley
simulation of mechanical systems an introduction j.e.shigley
theory of machines and mechanisms j.e.shigley
theory of machines j.e.shingley
farm homes buildings and utilities for iraq j.e.snavely
plant corrosion prediction of materials performance j.e.strutt
reliability modeling in electric power systems j.endrenyi
interdisciplinary analysis of water resource systems j.ernest.flack
optoelectronics an introduction j.f.b.hawkes
fluidization j.f.davidson
fluid mechanics j.f.douglas
solving problems in fluid mechanics j.f.douglas
fundamentals of fracture mechanics j.f.knott
metallurgy of welding j.f.Lancaster
electro mechanics and electrical machinery j.f.Lindsay
electromechanics and electrical machinery j.f.Lindsay
environmental engineering j.f.malina.jr.pe
the art of assembly language programming vax-11 J.F.peters iii
principles of radar j.f.reinljes
chemical engineering j.f.richardson
coulson and richardsons chemical engineering j.f.richardson
numerical analysis of forming processes j.f.t.pitman
concrete materials technology j.f.trag
electrical installations technology j.f.whitfield
quantitative methods in construction management and design j.f.woodward
properties of concrete at early ages j.francis young
characterization and performance prediction of cement and concrete j.francis.young
elements of structural stability j.g.a.croll
mathematical modelling J.G.andrews
computer control of machines and processes j.g.bollinger
food engineering operations j.g.brennan
case-histories in engineering geology j.g.c.anderson
applications of operational amplifiers third generation techniques j.g.graeme
operational amplifiers design and applications j.g.graeme
atlas of spectral data and physical constants for organic compounds j.g.grasselli
welded joint design j.g.hicks
principles of photogrametry adjustment and field astronomy j.g.olliver
principles of surveying plane surveying j.g.olliver
the iron blast furnace theory and practice j.g.peacey
practical formwork and mould construction j.g.richardson
materials technology the fabrication of materials j.g.tweeddale
materials technology.the nature materials j.g.tweeddale
metallurgical principles for engineers j.g.tweeddale
fundamentals of fluidized bed chemical processes j.g.yates
Linear system fundamentals continuous and discrete classic and modern j.gary.reid
transport processes and unit operations j.geankoplis
technology reinforced and engineering of plastics/composites j.gilbert.mohr
cost control in the construction industry j.gobourne
advanced fluid dynamics and heat transfer j.grimson
hydro.electric engineering practice j.guthrie.brown
energy theorems and structural  analysis j.h.argyris
foundations and slopes an introduction to applications of critical state soil mechanics j.h.atkinson
the mechanics of soils j.h.atkinson
the mechanics of soils an introduction to critical state soil mechanics j.h.atkinson
electromagnetism man and the environment j.h.battocletti
defect properties and processing of high technology nonmetallic materials j.h.crawford
principles of electrical transmission Lines in power and communication j.h.gridley
basic engineering mechanics j.h.hughes
random processes in automatic control j.h.Laning
chemical plant design with reinforced plastics j.h.mallinson
marine steam boilers j.h.milton
a practical guide to effective writing j.h.perlmutter
angle modulation the theory of system assessment j.h.roberts
the theory of electric and magnetic susceptibilities j.h.van vleck
large synchronous machines design manufacture and operation j.h.walker
physical geology j.h.zumberge
nearshore sediment dynamics and sedimentation j.hails and a.carr
introduction to tribology j.halling
principles of tribology j.halling
mechanics of machines elementary theory and examples j.hannah
ship structural design concepts j.harvey.evans
mathematical methods in science and engineering j.heading
nonreciprocal microwave junctions and circulators j.helszajn
passive and active microwave circuits j.helszajn
electrical machines and their applications j.hindmarsh
aprogrammed text in statistics book1 summarizing data j.hine
kinematics and dynamics of plane mechanisms j.hirschhorn
materials and processes in manufacturing j.I.black
estimating for heating and ventilating j.j.barton
the science of adhesive joints j.j.bikerman
theory and problems of basic electrical engineering j.j.cathey
finite element techniques for fluid flow j.j.connor
structure constitution and general characteristics of wrought ferritic stain less steels j.j.demo
theory and problems of feedback and control systems j.j.distefano
nuclear reactor analysis j.j.duderstadt
adsorption from solutions of non-electrolytes j.j.kipling
statistical methods for engineers j.j.Leeming
hydraulic modelling j.j.sharp
digital communication by satellite j.j.spilker
digital communications j.j.spilker
nonlinear elasticity j.j.stoker
an introduction to statistical analysis for economists j.j.thomas
vibrations and stability order and chaos j.j.thomsen
modern communication principles with application to digital signaling j.jay.stein
environmental pollution and control j.jeffrey.peiree
energy storage j.jensen
computer methods in image analysis j.k.aggarwal
vibration isolation j.k.baker
mechanical engineering j.k.gupta
basic machine principles j.k.iliffe
fundamentals of soil behavior j.k.mitchell
Ion chromatographic analysis of environmental pollutants j.k.mulik
metal work technology j.k.n.sackey
passive solar energy design and materials j.k.paul
operational amplifiers theory and practice j.k.roberge
elementary fluid mechanics j.k.vennard
steps to draughts man ship metric edition j.k.wilkinson
concrete liquid retaining structures j.keith green
workshop theory and exercises j.kirkham
modern methods for the separation of rarer metal ions j.korkisch
methods for unconstrained optimization problems J.kowalik
ultrasonic testing of materials j.krautkramer
performance criteria for concrete durability j.kropp
computer systems architecture j.L.baer
numerical methods and analysis j.L.buchanan
a text book of economics j.L.hanson
signal processing theories and applications j.L.Lacoume
elementary reaction kinetics j.L.Latham
an introduction to the mechanics of machines j.L.m.morrison
metallography in failure analysis j.L.mccall
matrix structural analysis j.L.meek
 engineering mechanics statics j.l.meriam
engineering mechanic (statics) j.L.meriam
engineering mechanics (statics) j.L.meriam
engineering mechanics dynamics j.L.meriam
Engineering mechanics statics j.L.meriam
Engineering mechanics(IV)statics J.L.Meriam
engineering mechanics:dynamics j.L.meriam
statics j.L.meriam
Statics and dynamics J.L.Meriam
engineering mechanics dynamics j.L.merian
engineering mechanics statics j.L.merian
dynamics j.L.meriom
Heat treatment of metals J.L.Smith
the surface crack:physical problems and computational solutions j.L.swedlow
video tape production and communication techniques j.La.efrein
kinetics of coal gasification j.Lee.johnson
plastics waste recovery of economic value j.Leidner
mechanics of materials j.Lister robinson
social and economic impact of earthquakes on utility lifelines j.lsenberg
strength of materials fundamentals j.m.alexander
introductory solid mechanics j.m.b.brown
combustion aerodynamics j.m.beer
probabilistic fracture mechanics and fatigue methods:applications for structural design and maintenance j.m.bloom
gas conditioning and processing j.m.campbell
the use of radioactive isotopes in the life sciences j.m.chapman
chemical engineering j.m.coulson
chemical engineering chemical reactor design biochemical reaction engineering including computational j.m.coulson
chemical engineering fluid flow heat transfer and mass transfer j.m.coulson
chemical engineering unit operations j.m.coulson
thyristior control of a.c motors j.m.d.murphy
thyristor control of a.c.motors j.m.d.murphy
light weight and wich construction j.m.davies
light weight sandwich construction j.m.davies
flow through porous media j.m.dewiest
process dynamics and control analysis of dynamic systems j.m.douglas
process dynamics and control control system synthesis j.m.douglas
process dynamics and control system synthesis j.m.douglas
list processing j.m.foster
polymers chemistry and physics of modern materials j.m.g.cowie
concrete timber and metals j.m.Illston
industrial control electronics applications and design j.m.jacob
an introduction to fluid mechanics and heat transfer j.m.kay
the auto cad LT for windows 95 book j.m.kirkpatrick
construction materials theirnatur and behavior j.m.llston
Linear integrated circuits operation and applications j.m.mcmenamin
electrical breakdown of gases j.m.meek
discrete techniques of parameter estimation the equation error j.m.mendel
discrete techniques of parameter estimation the equation error formulation j.m.mendel
vibration and wear in high speed rotating machinery j.m.montalvaoesive
computer calculations for multicomponent vapor Liquid and Liquid- Liquid equilibria j.m.prausnitz
molecular thermodynamics of fluid phase equilibria j.m.prausnitz
computer calculations for multicomponent vapor-Liquid and Liquid- Liquid equilibria j.m.pravsnitz
dynamics of mechanical systems j.m.prentis
physical chemistry chemical crystallography j.m.robertson
theory of machines matric units j.m.shah
introduction to chemical engineering thermodynamics j.m.smith
a general theory of elastic stability j.m.t.thompson
elastic instability phenomena j.m.t.thompson
introduction to the principles of heterogeneous catalysis j.m.thomas
economic nematology j.m.webster
principles of communication engineering j.m.wozencraft
computers:appreciation applications implications an introduction j.mack adams
an introduction to computer science j.mack.adams
computer programming j.maynard
logic design principles with emphasis on testable semicustom circuits j.mccluskey
industrial control electronics applications and design j.michael.jacob
physical chemistry chemical crystallography j.monteath
moment methods in electromagnetics techniques and applications j.moore msc
mathematical statisics J.N. KAPUR
holography and its technology j.n.butters
digital transistor circuits j.n.harris
speech synthesis and recognition j.n.holmes
an introduction to the finite element method j.n.reddy
energy and variational methods in applied mechanics j.n.reddy
turbulence an introduction to its mechanism and theory j.o.hinze
molecular theory of gases and liquids j.o.hirsch felder
physical chemistry electrochemistry j.o.m.bockris
elementary mechanics of deformable bodies j.o.smith
fuel cells:their electrochemistry j.om.bockris
transfer coefficients in electrochemical kinetics j.p.brenet
advanced strength of materials j.p.den hartog
advanced strength of materials j.p.den.hartog
mechanical vibrations j.p.den.hartog
computer architecture and organization j.p.hayes
Heat transfer J.P.hdman
experimental methods for engineers j.p.helman
computer.based library and information systems j.p.henley
experimental methods for engineers j.p.holman
heat transfer j.p.holman
thermodynamics j.p.holman
control of flow in closed conduits j.paul tullis
infrastructure for urban growth j.paul.guyer
fatigue crack growth under variable amplitude loading j.petit
Non-destructive test and evaluation of materials J.prasad
Computing Methods in Solar Heating Design J.R. Simonson
chemisorption and reactions metallic films 1 j.r.anderson
structure of metallic catalysts j.r.anderson
process plant design j.r.backhurst
design and control of chemical process systems j.r.borer
civil engineering hydraulics j.r.d.francis
fluid mechanics for engineering students j.r.d.francis
A course in basic scientific english J.R.Ewer
electronic logic circuits j.r.gibson
statistical treatment of experimental data j.r.green b.sc
site handling equipment j.r.illingworth
selected developments in catalysis j.r.jennings
improving productivity j.r.king.jr
applied digital control theory design and implementation j.r.Leigh
law for the construction industry J.R.lewisll
the use of high purity oxygen in the activated sludge process j.r.mcwhirter
fundamentals of environmental engineering j.r.mibelcie
Linear control systems modeling analysis and design j.r.rowland
irrigation theory and practice j.r.rydzewski
computing methods in solar heating design j.r.simonson
the behavior of structures composed of composite materials j.r.vinson
the mathematics of finite elements and applications j.r.whiteman
elementary kinematics of mechanisms j.r.zimmerman
plan reading for home builders j.ralph.dalzell
simplified concrete masonry planning and building j.ralph.dalzell
cams and cam mechanisms j.rees jones
mathematical statistics with application in flood hydrology j.reimann
cams and cam mechanisms j.rese jones
coastal structures 83 j.richard weggel
proceedings of coastal structures j.richard.weggel
modelling and simulation of electrical machines and power systems j.robert
electric power transmission systems j.robert eaton
A Textbook of Theory of Machines J.S. Brar
elements of bridge engineering j.s.alagia
advanced mechanism j.s.beggs
basic theory of structures j.s.c.browne
fluid.bed heat transfer j.s.m.botterill
stochastic optimal Linear estimation and control j.s.meditch
probability and statistics in the engineering and computing sciences j.s.milton
theory of matrix structural analysis j.s.przemieniecki
introductory course on theory and practice of mechanical vibrations j.s.rao
rotor dynamics j.s.rao
an introduction to compiler writing j.s.rohl
buoyancy effects in fluids j.s.turner
introduction to numerical computations j.s.vandergraft
applications of the theory of plasticity in soil mechanics j.salencon
system modelling and control j.schwarzenbach
intake aerodynamics j.seddon
irrigation and salinity a world wide survey j.shalhevet
higher electrical engineering j.shepherd
circuit analysis by digital computer j.staudhammer
structure and fabric j.stroud.foster
structural design of cable suspended roofs j.szabo
turbulence phenomena j.T.davies
advances in food producing systems for arid and semiarid lands j.t.manassah
alternative energy sources j.T.manassah
innovations in telecommunications j.t.manassah
using finite elements in mechanical design j.t.mttram
corrosion and its control an introduction to the subject j.t.n.atkinson
finite elements of nonlinear continua j.t.oden
mechanics of elastic structures j.T.oden
kleppneers advertising procedure j.t.russell
physical fluid dynamics j.T.tritton
finite elements mathematical aspects j.tinsley oden
finite elements special problems in solid mechanics j.tinsley oden
the application of the bruel and kjaer measuring systems to acoustic noise measurements j.trampe.broch
surveying for engineers j.uren
feedback control systems j.v.d.vegte
theory of equations j.v.uspensky
modern algebra and trigonometry j.vincent robison
floods routing in reservoirs j.vrban
chalmers anniversary volume j.w.christian
rocket propulsion and space flight dynamics j.w.cornelisse
advances in applies mechanics j.w.hutchinson
computerized decisions support systems for water managers j.w.Labadie
precipitation hardening j.w.martin
waste water treatment technology j.w.patterson
introduction to industrial sterilization j.w.richards
the use of the scanning electron microscope j.w.s.hearle
thermodynamics and its applications j.w.tester
the mediation kit tools to solve pisputes j.w.zig.zeiglerj
semiconductor circuit design for a.f.and d.c amplification and switching j.watson
the structure of the chemical processing industries function and economics j.wei
british books in print j.whitaker
Lasers principles and applications j.wilson
optoelectronics and introduction j.wilson
theory of ground vehicles j.y.wong
neuroscience training programs ja.e.blankenship
beams and framed structures ja.heyman
chemistry:a first course jacaueline l.kroschwit
point mapping stability jacaues.bernussou
surveying jack b.evett
structural analysis using classical and matrix methods jack c.mccormac
structural steel design jack c.mccormac
Structural steel design lrfd method Jack C.Mcormac
elements of gas turbine propulsion jack d.mattingly
clay in engineering geology jack e.gillott
construction of power generation facilities jack h.willenbrock
structural timber design jack porteous
modern communication circuits jack smith
a guide to effective industrial safety jack w.boley
electrical magnetic and visual methods of testing materials jack.blitz
history of building jack.bowyer
structural steel design jack.c.m.cormac
control system design and simulation jack.golten
earth roads jack.hindson
coherent spread spectrum systems jack.k.holmes
directional broadcast antennas:a.guide to adjustment measurement jack.layton
probability.statistics and decision for civil engineers jack.r.benjamin
psychology applied to teaching jack.snow man
psychology applied to teaching jack.snowman
chemical engineering thermodynamics jack.winnick
dynamic behavior of concrete seismic engineering jacky mazars
relaxation techniques for the simulation of vlsi circuits jacob k.white
integrated electronics analog and digital circuits and systems jacob millman
plastics waste jacob.Leidner
electronic devices and circuits jacob.millman
electronic fundamentals and applications for engineers and scientists jacob.millman
integrated electronics analog and digital circuits and systems jacob.millman
integrated electronics:analog and digital circuits and systems jacob.millman
microelectronics jacob.millman
microelectronics digital analog circuits and systems jacob.millman
microelectronics digital and analog circuits and systems jacob.millman
pulse.digital and switching waveforms jacob.millman
electronic devices and circuits jacoh.millman
chemistry general  organic biological jacqueline l.kraschwi
chemistry.general.organic.biological jacqueline.I
automata languages and programming jacques loeckx
understanding changes in time the development of diachronic thinking in 7 to 12 year jacques montangero
urban hydrology jacques w.delleur
frequency modulation theory jacques.fagot
fundamentals of pipeline engineering jacques.vincent
microelectronics circuit design jaeger.blalock
parallel algorithms and matrix computation jagdish.j.modi
MWH’s water treatment principles and design jahnc.crittenden
physics and physics:classical and modern jai n.dahiya
liquid-liquid equilibrium and extraction B jaime wisniak
mixing and excess  thermodynamic  properties a literature source book jaime.wisniak
matrix structural analysis jamal j.azar
the science and design of engineering materials jamcs p.schaffen
Auto CAD 2006 companion essentials of autocad plus solid modeling James A. leach
discrete time and computer control systems james a.cadzow
practical infection control in dentistry james a.cattone
auto cad 14 companion james a.Leach
auto cad 14 instructor james a.Leach
Autocad 2006 instructor a student Guide to complete coverage of auto cads James A.leach
Autocad 2007 instructor a student Guide to complete coverage of auto cads James A.leach
Auto CAD 2006 Instructor James A.leacle
the essence of engineering thermodynamics james a.mcgovern
introduction to information systems james a.o brien
introduction to information systems james a.obrien
introduction to robotics a systems approach james a.rehg
fluid power theory applications james a.sullivan
fundamentals of fluid mechanics james a.sullivan
simplified building design for wind and earth quake forces james ambrose
simplified building design for wind and earthquake forces james ambrose
simplified design of steel structures james ambrose
schools and community the communitarian agenda in education james arthur
engineering thermodynamics an introductory textbook james b.jones
numerical mathematical analysis james b.scarborough
Laboratory studies in earth history james c.brice
practical plumbing design guide james c.church
analysis of indeterminate structures james c.grassie
environmental engineering james c.oshaughnessy
financial management and policy james c.van
a visual introduction to auto cad and 3d designing james d.bethune
introduction to electrical mechanical drafting with cad james d.bethune
Lifeline earthquake engineering performance design and construction james d.cooper
fundamentals of interactive computer graphics james d.foley
recombinant dna a short course james d.watson
construction equipment policy james douglas
introduction to fluid mechanics james e.a.john
gas dynamics james e.ajohn
biochemical engineering fundamentals james e.bailey
general chemistry principles and structure james e.brady
inorganic chemistry principles of structure and reactivity james e.huheey
hydraulics for engineering technology james e.johnson
operations research james e.shamblin
Future goals of engineering in biology and medicine James F.dickson
projected range statistics james f.gibbons
zero defects james f.halpin
computer networking james f.kurose
computer networking a top down approach featuring the internet james f.kursoe
structural materials james f.orofino
introduction to materials science for engineers james f.shackelford
laplace transforms for electronic engineers james G.holbrook
fluid dynamics and heat transfer james g.knudsen
principles of geology james gilluly
descriptive geometry james H.Ear Le
descriptive geometry james h.earle
design and descriptive geometry problems james h.earle
design drafting james h.earle
drafting technology james h.earle
engineering design graphics james h.earle
engineering graphics and design problems james h.earle
chemical kinetics and reaction mechanisms james h.espenson
petroleum refining technology and economics james h.gary
signal processing first james h.mccldan
number theory in digital signal processing james h.mcclellan
transition in the nuclear industry james h.olyniec
nuclear power safety james h.rust
basic electronic for scientists james j.brophy
chemical and catalytic reaction engineering james j.carberry
nuclear reactor analysis james j.duderstadt
principles of engineering james j.duderstadt
transport theory james j.duderstadt
cpm in construction management project management with cpm james j.obrien
advanced object-oriented analysis and design using uml james j.odell
electronic communications technology james k.hardy
computer utilization in structural engineering james k.nelson.jr
operational amplifiers theory and practice james k.roberge
numerical methods and analysis james l.buchanan
numerical methods and analysis james L.buchanar
numerical methods and analysis james L.buchonan
numerical methods and analysis james L.buckanan
optimization techniques with fortran james L.kuester
optimization techniques with fortron james l.kuester
electricity and electronics for aerospace vehicles james l.mckinley
computer programs for computational assistance in the study of Linear control james L.melsa
Linear control systems james L.melsa
operating system concepts james L.peterson
theory of networks and lines james l.potter
economic decision models for engineers and managers james L.riggs
essentials of engineering economics james L.riggs
introduction to operations research and management science a general systems approach james L.riggs
earth and earth rock dams james L.sherard
thermal environmental engineering james L.threLkeld
Electrical aspects of combustion James Lawton
conceptual design of chemical processes james m.douglas
mechanics of materials james m.gere
infinite series james m.hyslop
the auto cad LT for windows 95 book james m.kirkpatric
engineering design graphics james m.Leake
plant Layout and design james m.moore
an introduction to c++ and numerical methods james m.ortega
an introduction to numerical methods for differential equations james m.ortega
experimental mechanics of fiber rein forced composite materials james m.whitney
computer data.base organization james martin
Design of Real - Time Computer systems James Martin
future developments in telecommunications james martin
systems analysis for data transmission james martin
telecommunications and the computer james martin
drainage engineering james n.Luthin
essentials of modern materials science and engineering james newell
general chemistry for engineers james o.glanville
alternative energy sources james p.hartnett
the science and design of engineering materials james p.schaffer
the science and design of engineering materials james p.schuffer
minicomputer software james r.bell
solar power and fuels james r.bolton
ceramic permanent-magnet motors james r.lreland
continuum electromechanics james r.melcher
environmental engineering fundamentals, sustainability, design james r.mihelcic
artifical intelligences :the heuistic programming approach james R.slagle
engineering heat transfer james r.welty
fundamentals of momentum heat and mass transfer james r.welty
fundamentals of momentum, heat, and mass transfer james r.welty
theory and problems of introductory surveying james r.wirshing
Stalkup’s Electrical design look 2002 James stallcup
beginning algebra james streeter
parameter estimation in engineering and science james v.beck
GaAs Fet principles and technology james v.dilorenzo
industrial organization and prices james v.koch
soil mechanics and foundations james v.parcher
digital electronics james w.bignell
practical hard ware details for 8080 8085 280 and 6800 microprocessor systems james w.coffron
experimental stress analysis james w.dally
introduction to microcomputer based digital systems james w.gault
electric circuits james w.nilsson
introduction to circuits instruments and electronics james w.nilsson
application and performance of structural materials and exterior facades james w.richardson
undergraduate instrumental analysis james w.robinson
study guide for college algebra james w.snou
study guide for college trigonometry james w.snou
seismic design of buildings james.ambrose
simplified building design for wind and earthquake forces james.ambrose
simplified design of building foundations james.ambrose
shop theory james.anderson
numerical mathematical analysis james.b.scarboro
principles of organic chemistry james.english
structural and field geology james.geikie
principles of geology james.gilluly
operational amplifiers theory and practice james.k.roberge
model rail road electronics james.kyle
the geochemistry of natural waters surface and groundwater environments james.l.drever
critical path methods in construction practice james.m.antill
communications satellite systems james.martin
teleprocessing network organization james.martin
compressible flow tables for engineers james.palmer
engineering heat transfer james.r.welty
fundamentals of momentum heat and mass transfer james.r.welty
basic mathematical skills with geometry james.streeter
beginning algebra james.streeter
intermediate algebra james.streeter
prealgebra an integrated equations approach james.streeter
fluid dynamics james.w.daily
an introduction to C++ and numericalo methods jamesm.ortega
fluid dynamics jamesw.daily
monitoring bathing waters jamie bartram
elementary theory and design of flexural members jamison.vawter
medium and high temperature solar processes jan f.kreider
dynamics jan j.tuma
statics jan j.tuma
theory and problems of advanced structural analysis jan j.tuma
theory and problems of structural analysis jan j.tuma
solar heating and cooling engineering practical design and economics jan.f.kreider
the gas turbine engine design development applications jan.p.norbye
cement production and use jan.skalny
magnetic properties of materials jan.smit
american apaces janall mcculloch
american a paces janall.mcculloch
cutting edge pre-intermediate jane comynscarr
reverse osmosis industrial applications and processes
(reverse osmosis design,processes,and application for engineers)
jane kucera
who needs housing jane.darke
Diagnosing Corruption in Ethiopia perceptions realities and the way forward for Key Sectors Janelle  Plummer
eight conference on electronic computation janes.k.nelson.jr
chemical information systems janet e.ash
cutting the cost of cold affordable warmth for healthier homes janet rudge and fergus nicol
antennas in homogeneous media janis.galejs
sediment transport in alluvial streams janos.bogardi
japan directory List of foreign residents japan.press.Ltd
japan directory List of organization(tokyo) japan.press.Ltd
multiobjective programming and planning jared l.cohon
engineering hydrology jaromir nemec
solid-Liquid phase equilibria jaroslav.nyvlt
an introduction to microcomputers some real support devices jarry kane
engineering properties of soils and their jasgh e.boukes
modern control principles and applications jay c.hsu
engineering drawing and design jay d.helsel
introduction to linear programming jay e.strum
principles of operations management jay heizer
classic readings in urban pleanning an introduction jay m.stein
construction scheduling jay s.newitt
world dynamics jay w.forrester
statics dynamics combined version je.h.ginsberg
logical construction of systems jean dominiquewarnier
two-phase flows and heat transfer with application to nuclear reactor jean j.ginoux
two-phase flows and heat transfer with application to nuclear reactor design problems jean j.ginoux
introduction to bond graphs and their applications jean u.thoma
communication networks :a first course jean walrand
communication networks:a first course jean walrand
vocabulaire francais-arabe de.lingenieur Et Du technicien -1- electricite jean.jacaues
conceptual perspectives in quantum chemistry jean.Louis calaist
mechanical behavior of concrete jean.michel torrenti
greep of crystals high temperature deformation processes in metals ceramics jean.paul poirier
communication networks a first jean.walrand
communication networks: a first course jean.walrand
nanocomputers and swarm intelligence jean-baptistewaldner
renewable energy technologies jean-claude sabonnadiere
safety of computer architectures jean-Louis boulanger
8086-8088 architecture and programming including 8087 jean-michel.trio
computer networking:internet protocols in action jeanna.matthews
model-driven engineering for distributed real-time systems .   Marte modeling, model transformations and their usages jean-philippebabau
petroleum geostatistics Jef caers
visual egonomics in the work place jeffrey anshel
introduction to basic jeffrey b.morton
advanced java 1.1 programming using jeffrey c.rice
principles of database systems jeffrey d.vllman
introduction to systems analysis and design Jeffrey L.Whitten
systems analysis and design methods jeffrey L.whitten
a first course in data base systems jeffrey.d.ullman
introduction to the computer jeffrey.frates
microwave integrated circuits jeffrey.frey
oral cancer and precancer jens j.pindborg
Quantum-well laser array packaging Jens W.tomm
heating ventilating and air conditioning analysis and design jerald d.parker
operational amplifiers design and applications jerald g.graeme
english for the telecommunications industry jeremy comfort
off shore structural jeremy.p.blanc
Problem solving and program design C Jeri R. hanly
polymer materials science jerold schuliz
theory and problems college chemistry jerome L.ros
principles of electro mechanical energy conversion jerome.meisel
principles of electromechanical energy conversion jerome.meisel
vector calculus jerrold e.marsoen
energy conversion and utilization jerrold h.krenz
Fundament als of business data communications Jerry
basic environmental technology jerry a.nathanon
distributed systems future trends and technologies jerry cashin
Fundamentals of Business Data Communications  Jerry Fitzgerald
statics jerry h.ginsberg
water resources planning and management and urban water resources jerry L.anderson
statistics for petroleum engineers and geoscientists jerry L.Jensen
water forum 81 jerry r.rogers
irrigation and drainage todays challenges jerry.eggleston
semiconductor memories jerry.eimbinder
business data communications and networking jerry.fitzgerald
statics dynamics combined version jerry.h.ginsberg
information systems and data compression jerzy a.seidler
frequency synthesis:techniques and applications jerzy.gorski
future energy production systems heat and mass transfer processes jesse c.denton
thermodynamics for engineers jesse s.doolittle
theory and problems of college chemistry jevome L.rosenbery
electric machine analysis and design applying matlab ji.j.cathey
theory and computation of electromagnetic fields jian.mingjin
electrogastrography principles applications jiande z.chen
the cache memory book jim handy
troubleshooting hvac-r equipment jim johnson
modern television systems to hd tv and beyond jim slater
building cost planning for the deslg team jim smith
environmental management planning for traffic jim.antoniou
digital techniques student work book jim.fry
industrial design materials and manufacturing jim.lesko
structured system programming jim.welsh
internet resources for engineers jimin.he
2000 solved problems in  electronics jimmie j.cathey
electric machines:analysis and design applying matlab jimmie j.cathey
Computer fluid dynamics A practical approach Jiyuon Tu
optimization of power system operation jizhong zhu
moment methods in electromagnetics jmoore msc
managing technology products jo.mancuso
engineering drawing jo.vin.lombardo
failed bridges case studies, causes and consequences joachim scheer
die verbrennung joachim.agst
top notch english for todays world joan saslow
CAD 84 joanna wexler
CAD84 joanna.wexler
configurations of sententialcomplementation joban roorgck
configurations of sentential complementation joban rooryck
microelectronics jocob.millman
numerical methods for engineers and scientists joe d.hoffman
symmetry discovered joe rosen
planning and environmental impact assessment in practice joe.weston
numerical methods for eng application joeL h.ferziger
numerical methods for engineering application joel h.ferziger
matrix theory joel N.franklinui
basic complex variables for mathematics and engineering joh H.mathews
introduction to manufacturing processes johan a .schey
feed back control  systems Johan Van Devegte
data types and data structures johannes j.martin
simulating oil entrapment in clastic sequences johannes.wendeboury
image processing for computer graphics johas.gomes
Aerodynamics For Engineers John  J. Bertin
ordinary differential equations a first course john A. nohel
beyond spinoff military and commercial technologies changing world john a.alic
rock engineering applications john a.frankin
Formulation,implementation(control of comp-stra) John A.pearce
water today and tomorrow john a.replogle
engineering fluid mechanics john a.roberson
hydraulic engineering john a.roberson
introduction to manufacturing processes john a.schey
an introduction to heat pumps john a.sumner
domestic heat pumps john a.sumner
design with microcontrollers john b.peatmon
computer aided ship design john b.woodward
schaums a-z mathematics john berry
systematic hydrology john c.rodda
strength of materials and structures john case
social networks and social influences in adolescence john cotterell
computational fluid dynamics the basics with applications john d.anderson
Introduction to flight John D.anderson
power semiconductor applications john d.harnden
islamic architecture john d.hoag
electromagnetics john d.kraus
radio astronomy john d.kraus
physical models for semiconductor devices john e.carroll
Non linear automatic control John E.Gibson
automatic control of heating and air conditioning john e.haines
industrial Lasers and their applications john e.harry
modern physics john e.williams
Land fill technology john f.craw ford
diesel engine and fuel system repair john f.dagel
fluid mechanics john f.douglas
chemical processing of reactor fuels john f.flagg
pressure component construction design and materials application john f.harrey
production planning and inventory control john f.magee
cybernetic engineering john F.young
information theory john f.young
Digital signal processing principles algorithms and application John G. Proakis
transistors and active circuits john g.Limvill
communication systems engineering john g.p roakis
digital communications john g.proakis
digital signal processing john g.proakis
folding and fracturing of rocks john g.ramsay
energy the conservation revolution john h.gibbons
statics and strength of materials john h.jackson
basic complex variables for mathematics and engineering john h.mathews
numerical methods for computer science engineering and mathematics john h.mathews
numerical methods using matlab john h.mathews
biological control systems analysis john h.milsum
engineering fluid mechanics john j.bertin
the management of business logistics john j.coyle
feedback control system analysis and synthesis john j.d azzo
feedback control system analysis and synthesis john j.dazzo
Linear control system analysis and design conventional and modern John J.dazzo
Linear control system analysis and design:conventional and modern John J.Dazzo
systems programming john j.donovan
elementary fluid mechanics john k.vennard
design of industrial exhaust systems john L.alden
 working with microsof works john l.campbell
nonlinear system theory john l.casti
microcomputers/microprocessors hardware software and applications john L.hilburn
introduction to Landscape design john L.motloch
instructional planning systems john L.taylor
thin film processes john L.vossen
ECD/ICDL 4.0 john Lancaster
introduction to structural dynamics john m.biggs
molecular spectroscopy john m.brown
the story of the laser john m.carroll
molecular thermodynamics of fluid phase equilibria john m.prausnitz
optical fiber communications principles and practice john m.senior
basic corrosion and oxidation john m.west
plating of plastic with metals john mc dermott
plating of plastics with metals john mc dermott
computational techniqes for differerntial equations john noye
modern electrochemistry john o m.bockris
theory and problems of basic circuit analysis john omalley
introduction to digital logic design john p.hayes
dynamic soil-structure interaction john p.wolf
graphic engineering geometry john r.bedford
thermodynamics an introduction to energy john r.dixon
Op AMP network design John R.hufault
computer graphics software construction john R.rankin
matrix computations and mathematical software john r.rice
numerical methods software and analysis john r.rice
applied fortran iv programming john r.sturgul
application of computers to engineering analysis john r.wol berg
applicaltion of computers to engineering analysis john r.wolberg
Biochemical engineering John S.bahley
fundamentals of linear state space systems john s.bay
beach processes and coastal hydrodynamics john s.fisher
electrochemical systems john s.newman
engineering design john stephenson
the physics of atmospheres john t.houghton
elements of linear algebra and matrix theory john T.moore
energy for rural and island communities john twidell
introduction to operational amplifier theory and applications john v.wait
feed back  control systems John Van Devegte
solution of differential equation models by polynomial approximation john villadsen
water supply and pollution control john w.clark
college algebra john w.coburn
Precalculus John w.coburn
guide to design criteria for bolted and riveted joints john w.fisher
environmental chemistry john w.moore
the theory of  sound John william  strutt
The theory of sound John william strutt
transform method in linear system analysis john.A.aseltine
basic digital electronics with msi applications john.a.dempsey
solar energy thermal processes john.a.duffie
solar engineering of thermal processes john.a.duffie
supplemental reporton the elevated temperature temperature properties of chromium molybdenum john.a.van.echo
principles of engineering economic analysis john.a.white
electronic integrated circuits their technology and design john.allison
reaction kinetics and reactor design john.b.butt
a first course in abstract algebra john.b.fraleigh
analysis of Linear dynamic systems john.b.Lewis
an introduction to statistical communication theory john.b.lhomas
digital hardware design john.b.peatman
microcomputer based design john.b.peatman
the design of digital systems john.b.peatman
general chemistry john.B.russell
marine gas turbines john.b.wooward
advances in irrigation and drainage surviving external pressures john.borrelli
energy crises in perspective john.c.fisher
an introduction to the principles of communication theory john.c.hancock
introduction to languages and the theory of computation john.c.martin
castings john.campbell
strength of materials and structures john.case
networking lab practice kit for microsoft and cisco systems john.chirllo
fundamentals of aerodynamics john.d.anderson
modern compressible flow with historical perspective john.d.andeson
plastics forming john.d.beadle
proceedings civil engineering in the oceans john.d.ditmars
power semiconductor applications 11 equipment and systems john.d.harnden
subsurface geology in petroleum exploration john.d.haun
antennas john.d.kraus
elements of steel making practice john.d.sharp
structural design of nuclear plant facilities john.d.stevenson
light construction techniques john.e.ball
control system components john.e.gibson
nonlinear automatic control john.e.gibson
introduction to automata theory languages and computation john.e.hopcroft
design in structural steel john.e.lothers
optical fibers for transmission john.e.midwinter
corrosion of metals in association with concrete john.e.slater
building science and materials john.elliott
effectiveness of highway safety improvements john.f.carney
solution of problems in fluid mechanics john.f.douglas
climate and the environment john.f.griffiths
pressure component construction john.f.harvey
pressure vessel design nuclear an chemical applications john.f.harvey
production planning and inventory control john.f.magee
digital logic design tutorials and Laboratory exercises john.f.passafiume
water resources infra structure needs economics and financing john.f.scott
microcomputer architecture and programming john.f.wakerly
practice and theory of electrochemical machining john.f.wilson
dynamic soil structure interaction john.f.wolf
foundation design simply explained john.faber
green shift towards a green sensibility in architecture john.farmer
convective boiling and condensation john.g.collier
transistors and active circuits john.g.Limuill
introductory system engineering john.g.truxal
software design for microprocessors john.g.wester
master creative tape recording john.gardner
unified systems safety analysis for nuclear power plants john.garrick
creep.viscoelasticity and creep fracture in solids john.githus
optical communication systems john.gowar
radio wave propagation and antennas an introduction john.griffiths
american investmentin british manufacturing industry revised and updated edition john.h.dunning
theory and problems of statics and strength of materials john.h.jackson
numerical methods using matlab john.h.mathews
mechanics of machines advanced theory and examples john.hannah
mechanics of machines elementary theory and examples john.hannah
mechanics of machines:advanced theory and examples john.hannah
Low reynolds number hydrodynamics with special applications to particulate media john.happer
electrical machines and their applications john.hindmarsh
aerodynamics for engineers john.j.bertin
feedback control system analysis and synthesis john.j.d azzo
Linear control system analysis and design conventional and modern john.j.dazzo
micromechanics of flowin solids john.j.gilman
power system analysis john.j.grainger
transistor switching and sequential circuits john.j.sparkes
theory of machines and mechanisms john.j.uicker
elementary fluid mechanics john.kvennard
design of industrial exhaust systems john.L.alden
environment 00101 john.L.allen
computer lab work book john.l.hughes
practical guide to aviation weather john.L.nelson
the essentials of volumetric analysis john.lambert
contemporary urban planning john.m.levy
numerical methods in fortran john.m.mccormick
digital systems fundomentals john.m.motil
principles of communication engineering john.m.wozencraft
fundamentals of reinforced concrete john.n.cernica
computaional techniques for differential equations john.Noye
numerical solutions of partial differential equations john.noye
theory and problems of basic circuit analysis john.o malley
the hazardous waste dilemma issues and solutions john.p.collins
soil-structure-interaction analysis in time domain john.p.wolf
water hammer analysis john.parmkian
analysis of surge john.pickford
h.b.of heating ventilating and air conditioning john.porges
the architect as  developer john.portman
small-studio video tape production john.quick
economy john.r.canada
introduction to nuclear reactor theory john.r.Lamarsh
solid.state communication design of communications equipment using semiconductors john.r.miller
solid-state communications john.r.miller
circuit analysis john.r.omalley
introduction to communication science and systems john.r.pierce
foundations of electromagnetic theory john.r.reitz
introduction to business and economic statistics john.R.stockton
builders guide to contracting john.r.zehner
computer-based systems john.race
highways and our environment john.robinson
essentials of control john.schwarzenbc
hydraulic systems analysis an introduction john.stringer
microcomputer and microprocessors john.uffenbeck
telecommunications in business strategy and application john.vargo
solution of differential equation models by polynomial approximation john.villandsen
excel 97 programming for windows for dummies john.walkenbach
fortran scientific subrouting Library john.wiley
metallurgy for engineers john.wulff
free surface hydraulics johnm.townson
numerical mathods johnston.R.L
feedback control systems johrvan devegte
world resourses-engineering solutions joint conference
fluid mechanics of combustion joint fluids
agriculture. Biomass.wind new developments joint.conference
business commercial poster session miscellaneous joint.conference
sharing the sun joint.conference
sharing the sun solar technology in the seventies international and u.s programs solar flux joint.conference
socio-economics and cultural joint.conference
storage.water heater data communication education joint.conference
guide to oracle 10g rockyconrad joline morrison
conceptual design of chemical processes jomes m.douglas
pre calculus 1 mathematics jomes stewort
fundamentals of transportation engineering jon d.fricker
The complete technical illustrator Jon duff
 heating and cooling of buildings design for efficiency jon f.kreider
Ran your diesel vehicle on biofuels Ado.it yourself Guide Jon. Starbuck and Garin D.J. harper
 internetworking multimedia jon.crowcroft
historical geology interpretations and applications jon.m.poort
impact dynamics jonas a.zukas
essentials of engineering hydraulics jonas m.k.dake
introduction to vlsi design jonathan.allen
urban design as public policy jonathan.barnett
mixing in and coastal waters jorg.mberger
the symbiosis of work and technology jos benders
power system harmonics jos.arrillaga
plane and spherical trigonometry jos.b.rosenbach
signals in linear circuits jose b.cruzjr
interconnection networks an engineering approach jose duato
seismic application of homomorphic signal processing jose manuel tribolet
feedback systems jose.b.cruz
introduction to telegraph engineering josef.Lehnert
spaces of constant curvature josep h A.wolf
theory and problems of feedback and control systems josepe.j.distefano
theory and problems of electric circuits joseph a.edminister
contemporary abstract algebra joseph a.gallian
the analysis of organizations joseph a.Litterer
queueing theory a study of waiting lines joseph A.panico
transistor circuit design joseph a.walston
electric circuits joseph aedmin
fundamentals of engineering graphics joseph b.dent
signal processing for wireless comm joseph boccuzzi
microprocessor programming and interfacing joseph c.nichols
analysis of mechanism and robot manipulators joseph duffy
analytical and computer methods in foundation engineering joseph e.bowles
engineering properties of soils and their measurement joseph e.bowles
foundation analysis and design joseph e.bowles
Mechanical engineering design Joseph E.Shigley
mans physical world joseph e.van riper
mechanical engineering design joseph edward shigley
how to design electrical systems joseph f.mcparthanc
how to design electrical systems joseph f.mcpartlan
engineering  mechanics statics joseph f.shelley
engineering mechanics dynamics joseph f.shelley
spice for basic microelectronics joseph g.trout
engineering design joseph h.faupel
physical chemistry joseph h.noggle
fluid mechanics joseph h.spurk
dc power supplies a technicians guide joseph j.carr
designing microprocessor based instrumentation joseph j.carr
project management with cpm and pert joseph j.moder
structural engineering and microcomputers joseph j.rencis
structural engineering in nuclear facilities joseph j.uccifeere
structural engineering in nuclear facilities joseph j.ucciferro
fundamentals of quality precast concrete joseph j.waddell
practical quality control for concrete joseph j.waddell
precast concrete handling and erection joseph j.waddell
punched card data processing joseph levy
Electronic switching timing and pulse circuits Joseph M.pettit
strength of materials joseph marin
technical reporting joseph n.ulman
intermediate classical mechanics joseph norwood
constructing intelligent agents with java tm a programmers guide to smarter applications joseph p.bigus
introduction to fourier optics joseph w.goodman
fluid mechanics with engineering applications joseph.b.franzini
transition curves for highways joseph.barnett
information storage and retrieval joseph.becker
automotive electricity electric drives joseph.beretta
analytical and computer methods in foundation engineering joseph.e.bowles
mechanical engineering design joseph.e.shigley
semiconductor control joseph.f.white
gas tables thermodynamics properties of air products of combustion and component gases compressible flow functions joseph.h.keenan
steam tables thermodynamic  properties of joseph.h.keenan
servicing medical and bioelectronic equipment joseph.j.carr
theory and problems of feedback and control systems joseph.j.distefano
electronic switching timing and pulse circuits joseph.m.pettit
material requirements planning joseph.orlicky
energy for a technological society principles problems alternatives joseph.priest
problems of our physical environment energy transportation pollution joseph.priest
mechanical engineering design joseph.shigleg
mechanical  engineering  design joseph.shigley
op-amp circuit design and applications joseph-carr
random processes measurement analysis and simulation jozef.cacko
optimum design of metal structures jozsef.farkas
estuarine water-quality management jpo kane
dielectric materials for electrical engineering juan martinezvega
interactions 2 listening/speaking judith tanka
evaporates  petroleum and mineral resources judith.L.melvin
winning by design architectural competitions judith.strong
evaluating data base managent systems judy king
c++ programming from problem judy scholl
on course for first certificate students book judy.garton
computer aided experimentation interfacing to minicomputers jules finkel
Programming In Visual Basic 2010 Julia  Case  Bradley
gender and career in science and engineering julia.evetts
 inside broadcasting julian newby
gas solid reactions julian.szekely
intermediate algebra julie miller
introductory algebra julie miller
intermediate algebra julie.miller
engineering applications of correlation and spectral analysis julius s.bendat
random data:analysis and measurement procedures julius s.bendat
digital and sampled data control systems julius t.tou
pattern recognition principles julius t.tou
modern control theory julius.t.tou
fundamental microsoft publisher 97 june kanai reeder
chem one jury waser
Road - making machinery K.  Abrosimov ’ a . Bromberg
problems in engineering thermodynamics k.a.bhaskaran
alternating current circuit analysis through experimentation k.a.fiske
engineering drawing and graphics k.a.pocock
advanced engineering mathematics k.a.stroud
engineering mathematics K.A.stroud
engineering mathematics programmes and problems K.A.stroud
bearings selection and maintenance k.athre
operational research 75 k.b.haley
electronic measurement and instrumentation k.b.klaassen
spouted beds k.b.mathur
engineering fundamentals in measurements probability statistics and dimensions k.c.crandall
introduction to control system performance measurements k.c.garner
computer aided design of microwave circuits k.c.gupta
design for R.C.C slabs a ready reckoner K.C.Jain
manufacturing engineering economics and processes k.c.ludema
tire-road skid resistance k.c.Ludema
statics an individualized approach k.c.muhlbauer
statics an individualized approach k.c.muhlbouer
developments in bridge design and construction k.c.rockey
the finite element method k.c.rockey
thin walled steel structures their design and use in building k.c.rockey
essays in architectural theory k.coomaraswamy
fundamentals of structural mechanics k.d.hjelmstad
the engineering student survival guide k.donaldson
thermodynamics for chemical engineers k.e.bett
an introduction to the theory of seismology k.e.bullen
beginning and intermediate algebra k.e.martin.gay
design performance and applications of microwave semiconductor control components k.e.mortenson
deciphering of ground water from aerial photographs k.e.nefedov
basic college mathematics k.elan martin.gay
intermediate algebra k.elayn martin.gay
variable capacitance diodes k.emortenson
a guide to laboratory design k.eveertt
pc operation and repair K.F.ibrahim
further principles and systems for radio and tv mechanics k.f.lbrahim
basic applied logic k.f.machina
advanced technology in water management k.f.roberts
electromagnetic theory problems and solutions k.foster
walsh functions and their applications K.G.beaucham p
engineering materials properties and selection k.g.budinski
metal cutting technology and experiments k.g.chandiramani
chemical reactor theory k.g.denbigh
chemical reactor theory an introduction k.g.denbigh
electricity k.g.jackson
an introduction to critical path analysis k.g.Lockyer
the finite element method for engineers k.h.huebner
flow mixing and heat transfer in furnaces k.h.khalil
matrix analysis of structures k.h.m.bray
industrial applications of fuzzy technology k.hirota
scientific basis of air conditioning k.I.kimura
design of reinforced concrete beams k.ibrahim.waked
design of reinforced concrete slabs k.ibrahim.waked
design of reinforced concrete water tanks k.ibrahim.waked
foundation design k.ibrahim.waked
foundation design earth retaining structures k.ibrahim.waked
structural design of mosques k.ibrahim.waked
adaptive control k.j.astrom
finite element procedures k.j.bathe
finite element procedures in engineering analysis k.j.bathe
digital instruments k.j.dean
integrated electronics k.j.dean
general organic and biochemistry k.j.denniston
river channel changer k.j.gregory
engineering metrology k.j.hume
materials engineering controlling corrosion in process equipment k.j.mcnaughton
 an introduction to the properties of engineering materials k.j.pascoe
properties of materials for electrical engineers k.j.pascoe
basic ship theory k.j.rawson
numerical methods in finite element analysis k.jurgen.bathe
design practices of irrigation canals in the world k.k.framji
irrigation and drainage in the world a global review k.k.framji
electricity and magnetism with electronics k.k.tewari
principles of ideal fluid aerodynamics k.karamcheti
large power transformers k.karsai d
diesel fuel injection systems k.kussmaul
engineering fluid mechanics k.L.kumar
Engineering mechanics K.L.Kumar
non-linear structures k.l.majid
calculation design and testing of reinforced concrete k.L.rao
elements of applied casdynamics k.L.yadao
ports 89 proceedings of the conference k.m.childs
basic principles of the finite element method k.m.entwistle
automatic controls for heating and air conditioning k.m.Letherman
automatic controls for heating and air conditioning principles and applications k.m.Letherman
electrical engineering principles for technicians k.m.smith
unsteady flow in open channels k.m.v.yevjevich
unsteady flow in open channels k.ma.v.yevjevich
pipes and pipelines principles and practice k.myles
logical design for computers and control k.n.dodd
elements of environmental engin k.n.duggal
elements of public health engineering k.n.duggal
the physical nature and structure of oceanic fronts k.n.fedorov
model stationary and marine steam engines k.n.harris
dust explosions and fires k.n.palmer
state space analysis of control systems k.ogata
elements of mechanical engineering k.p.roy
water supply and sanitary engineering k.p.roy
water supply and sanitary engineering k.p.roy chowdhry
surveying a text.book k.p.roy chowdhury
mechanics of materials k.pete.arges
A C++ primer for engineers an object oriented approach K.ponnambalam
a c++ primer for engineers: an object oriented approach k.ponnambalam
A C++ primer for engineers:an object oriented approach k.ponnambalam
c++ primer for engineers k.ponnambalan
digital processing of biomedical images k.preston.jr
estuarinehydrography and sedimentation k.r.dyer
engineering drawing with problems and solutions k.r.hart
seepage and ground water flow k.r.rushton
bridge maintenance inspection and evaluation k.r.white
environmental electro chemistry fundamental and applications in pollution abatement k.rajeshwar
mechanical technology k.s.ashford
digital pattern recognition k.s.fu
pattern recognition theory and application k.s.fu
robotics control sensing vision and intelligence k.s.fu
fluid mechanics heat transfer and mass transfer. Chemical engineering practice K.S.N.Raju
frequency domain criteria for absolute stability k.s.narendra
thermodynamics k.s.pitzer
digital and analog communication systems k.s.shanmugam
principles of desalination part b k.s.spiegler
hydraulic and pneumatic controls (understanding made easy) k.shanmuga sundaram
bed.load transport theory and practice k.stelczer
applied science in the casting of metals k.strauss
Limit design of reinforced concrete structures k.t.krishnaswamy
dynamic heterogeneous catalysis k.tamaru
practical engineering metrology k.w.b.sharp
circular cylindrical shells subjected to concentrated radial loads k.w.bieger
industrial organic chemistry k.weissermel
selection of engineering materials kahtan k.al khazraji
principles of antenna theory kai.fong.Lee
advanced computer architecture parallelism scalability programmability kai.hwang
computer architecture and parallel processing kai.hwang
computer arithmetic principles architecture and design kai.hwang
scalable parallel computing kai.hwang
principles of antenna theory kai-fong.Lee
power plant system design kam w.Li
power plant systems design kam w.Li
Elements  of Quantum  Mechanics Kamal  Singh
digital communications :microwave applications kamilo.feher
technology and social institutions kan chen
engineering matheamtics kand samy.p
computer control systems theory and design kar I.j.astrom
energy and the chemical sciences karcher
the british on the costa del sol transnational identities and local communities karen oreilly
computer-controlled systems theory and design karl j.astrom
rewinding small motors karl wilkinson
the history of the theory of structures from arch analysis to computational mechanics karl.eugen kurrer
advanced theory of semiconductor devices karl.hess
computer controlled systems theory and design karl.j.astrom
adaptive control karl.johan.astrom
sewage treatment karl.lmhoff
soil mechanics in engineering practice karl.terzaghi
theoretical soil mechanics karl.terzaghi
rewinding small motors karL.wilkinson
fundamental aspects of organic mass spectrometry karsten.levsen
integral transformsin science and engineering kart bernardo wolf
text.theory space land literature and history in south aferica and australia kate darian.smith
industrial change in china economic restructring and conflicting interests kate hannan
theorizing anew agenda for architecture an anthology of architectural theory 1965-1995 kate.nesbitt
information technology project management kathy sehwalbe
discrete time control systems katsuhiko ogata
discrete-time control systems katsuhiko ogata
modern control engineering katsuhiko ogate
modern control engineering katsuhiko ogta
modern control engineering katsuhiko.ogata
modern control engineering katsuhiko.ogato
State space analysis of control systems Katsuhiko-ogata
manufacturing systems engineering katsundohitomi
symbolic visual learning katsushi-Ikeuchi
c++ effective object-oriented software construction kayshav dattatri
proceedings of the symposium on science and technology for devel opment in kuwait kazem behbehani
introducion to set theory and topology kazimierz.kuratowok
microwaves kc.gupta
unix system programming a programmers guide to keith haviland
introducing CAL aproatical guide to writing computer assisted learning programs keith hudson
energy management and operating costs in buildings keith j.moss
heat and mass transfer in building services design keith j.moss
heating and water services design in buildings keith j.moss
applied mechanics for engineering technology keith m.walker
law for civil engineers an introduction keith manson
chemical engineering faculties keith p.johnston
coastal and estuarine sediment dynamics keith r.dyer
mechanics keith r.symon
great sentences for great paragraphs an introduction to basic sentences keith s.folse
development control principles and practice keith thomas
oxford english for computing keith.boeckner
the flow of heat keith.covnwell
the civil service keith.dowding
unconfined vapor cloud explosions keith.gugan
unix system programming keith.haviland
chemical kinetics keith.j.Laidler
great paragraphs an introduction to writing paragraphs keith.s.folse
ocean science keith-stowe
building conservation contracts and grant aid ken davey
amateur fm conversion and construction projects ken w.sessions
the skyscraper bioclimaticlally considered ken yeang
client/server developers guide with delphi 3 ken.henderson
digital integrated circuit design ken.martin
techniques for production efficiency ken.swann
display electronics ken.tracton
how to build your own working 16-Bit microcomputer ken.tracton
integrated circuits guide book ken.tracton
accommodation of utility plant within the rights of way of urban streets and highways kendall e.bert
fundamentals of circuits electronics and signal analysis kendall L.su
relational theory concepts and application kenmores.brathwaite
direct current circuit analysis through experimentation kenneth a.fiske
manufacturing engineering:economics and processes kenneth cludema
the principles of chemical equilibrium kenneth denbigh
systems analysis and design kenneth e.kendall
power generation air pollution monitoring and control kenneth e.noll
the finite element method for engineers kenneth h.huebner
completion work over fluids Kenneth L.briges
microprocessors and programmed logic kenneth l.short
reinforced concrete design kenneth leet
computing in civil engineering microcomputers to supercomputers kenneth m.will
electronic computation kenneth m.will
materials for civil and highway engineers kenneth n.derucher
introduction to sequencing and scheduling kenneth r.baker
magneto fluid dynamics for engineers and applied physicists kenneth R.cramer
microcomputer applications in transportation kenneth s.opiela
data communications:ausers guids kenneth sherman
classical and modern physics kenneth w.ford
data communications via fading channels kenneth.brayer
the principles of chemical equilibrium kenneth.denbigh
the finite element method for engineers kenneth.h.huebner
communication circuits analysis and design kenneth.k.clarke
designing and maintaining the catv and small tv studio kenneth.knecht
corrosion for science and engineering kenneth.r.trethewey
applications of turbulent and multiphase combustion kennethk.kuo
microcomputes a technology forecast and assessment to the year2000 kensall d.wise
textbook of lithology kern c.jackson
fuzzy control kevin m.passino
Mechanism Design:visual and programmable approaches Kevin Russel
those who can teach kevin.ryan
machine design kewal.pujara
design of reinforced concrete khahlil ibrahim
design of reinforced concrete water tanks khalil ibrahim waked
stairs khalil ibrahim waked
water tanks khalil ibrahim waked
structural design mosses khaltl ibrahim
theory of machines khuami.r.s
applied abstract algebra kihangkim
core java fondation classes kim topley
elements of artificial neural networks kishan.mehrotra
guide to the use of the wind load provisions kishor c.mehta
systematics anew approach to systems analysis kit grindley
systematics:anew approach to systems analysis kit.grindley
european telecommunication liberalistion kjell.a.eliassen
special deep foundation compendium methods and equipment klaus f.hudelmaier
special deep foundation compendium volume 2 methods and equipment drilling rigs and duty cycle crawler cranes klaus f.hudelmaier
Formulations and computational AL gorithms in finite element analysis klaus jurgen bathe
expansive cement concretes klein symposium
analysis of welded structures koichi masubuchi
analysis of welded structures koichi.masubuchi
infinite sequences and series konrad knopp
web.based systems and network management kornel.terplan
irrigation drainage and salinity kovda.v.a
turbo pascal version 4.0 the pocket reference kris jamsa
prestressed concrete krishna.raju
treatment and disposal of Liquid and solid industrial wastes preprnts kriton.curi
engineering mathematics through applications kul deep singh
basic structural design kurt h.gerstle
graph algorithms and np-comleteness kurt mehlhorn
elements of electrical and electronic instrumentation an introductory text book kurt s.Lion
design of automatic telephone exchanges circuit units and functions kurt.trautmann
engineering chemistry kushal qanungo
in house training programs kwaku a.tenah
introduction to finite mathematics and linear programming kyohei sasaki
progress in biomass conversion kyostiv.sarkanen
variational methods in elasticity and plasticity kyuichiro.washizu
Computing methods for  scientists and engineers L . FOX
electrodynamics of continuous media l. d. L andau      e. m. Lifshitz
Symmetrical  Components L. J. Myatt
Principles of applied biomedical instrumentation L.A Gedde sand L.E.baker
principles of applied biomedical instrumentation L.a.geddes
assembly language subroutines for the 8086 L.a.Leventhal
introduction to microprocessors software hardware programming L.a.Leventhal
units of physical quantities and their dimensions L.A.Sena
technical writing L.a.stoddart
Essentials of lasers L.Allen
sewerage and sewage disposal L.b.escritt
how to obtain abundant clean energy L.b.mcgown
solution of problems in control engineering Linear systems L.balmer
practical applications of heat transfer l.birdcage.walk
pure mathematics L.bostock
convective heat transfer L.c.burmcister
viva in gynaecology L.c.gupta
combustion engine processes L.c.Lichty
statically indeterminate structures L.c.maugh
engineering drawing and construction L.c.mott
critical assemblies and reactor research L.c.schmid
design of concrete structures L.c.urquhart
design of steel structures L.c.urquhart
signal processing of hdtv L.chiariglione
quick cobol l.coddington
fundamentals of metallurgical processes L.coudurier
structure borne sound L.cremer
soil physics L.d.baver
optimal control theory L.d.berkovitz
personal engineering resource directory L.d.corporation
data compression L.d.davisson
fluid mechanics L.d.landau
physical principles of ultrasonic technology L.d.rozenberg
organic spectros copy L.d.s.yadav
the engineering of chemical reactions L.d.schmidt
worterbuch der chemic under chemischen verfahrenstechnik L.de.vries
economics of water resources planning L.douglas.james
the Laser doppler technique L.e.drain
data communication:fundamentals of base band transmission L.e.franks
fundamentals of acoustics L.e.kinsler
exercises in set theory L.E.sigler
elements of transport phenomena L.E.sissom
television measurement techniques L.e.weaver
an introduction to analytical atomic spectrometry L.ebdon
differential equations and the calculus of variations L.elsgolts
differential equations and the calculus of variations L.Elssgolts
engineering instrumentation and control L.f.adams
engineering measurements and instrumentation L.f.adams
gallium arsenide microwave bulk and transit-time devices L.f.eastman
the chemical industry during the nineteenth century L.f.haber
aluminum alloys:structure and properties L.f.mondolfo
gas machinery L.f.scheel
the structural use of timber L.g.booth
pre calculus experiments with the ti-81 graphics calculator L.g.gilligan
cartesian tensors in engineering science L.G.jaeger
elementary theory of elastic plates L.g.jaeger
digital magnetic tape recording for computer applications L.g.sebestyen
Lecture notes on clinical chemistry L.G.whitby
static power frequency changers L.g.yugyi
toleranzen passung and konstruktion l.h.brandenberger
highway curves L.h.c.lves
energy and environmental  chemistry fossil fuels L.h.keith
energy and environmental chemistry acid rain L.h.keith
identification and analysis of organic pollutants in water L.h.keith
analysis and design of structural connections reinforced concrete and steel L.h.martin
analysis and design of structures connections:reinforced concrete and steel L.h.martin
simplified design of reinforced concrete L.h.parker
elements of materials science and engineering L.h.v.vlack
materials science for engineers L.h.v.vlack
a text book of materials technology L.h.van vlack
elements of materials  science and engineering L.h.van vlack
elements of materials science and engineering L.h.van vlack
materials for engineering :concepts and applications L.h.van.vlack
elements of materials science and engineering L.h.van.vlock
materials science for engineers L.h.van.vlock
Ionic ploymers L.holliday
groundwater recovery L.huisman
new developments in phosphate fertilizer technology L.j.carpentier
aerodynamics L.j.clancy
Low-cost housing technology L.j.goodman
discrete and integrated semiconductor circuitry L.j.herbst
concrete materials and practice L.j.murdock
symmetrical components L.j.myatt
symmetrical fundamentals continuous and discrete classic and modern L.j.myatt
applied finite element analysis L.j.segerlind
statics and strength of materials a parallel approach to understanding structure L.j.wolf
recent advances in the engineering  analysis of chemically reacting systems L.k.doraiswamy
recent advances in the engineering analysis of chemically reacting systems L.k.doraiswamy
general chemistry L.k.krannich
high-voltage technology L.L.alston
fuels from waste L.L.anderson
matrix operations on the computer L.L.bhirud
management of technical field operations L.L.farkas
geophysical prospecting for oil L.L.nettL eton
corrosion corrosion control L.L.shreir
corrosion metal / environment reactions L.L.shreir
corrosion metal.environment reactions L.L.shreir
numerical methods for differential systems L.lapidus
theory of wave guides L.Lewin
aspects of energy conversion l.m.blair
a world geography of irrigation L.m.cantor
principles of welding technology L.m.gourd
survey practice on construction sites L.M.hayward
fundamentals of the theory of plasticity L.m.kachanov
theoretical aerodynamics L.m.milne
theoretical hydrodynamics L.M.Milne
guide to american english L.m.myers
chemical reactor design practice L.m.rose
advances in electronics  and electron physics L.marton
advances in electronics and electron physics L.marton
computational methods instructural dynamics L.meirovitch
electromagnetic scattering and its applications L.P.Bayvel
plant growth regulators L.p.hanson
vegetable protein processing L.p.hanson
active filters lumped distributed integrated digital and parametric L.p.huelsman
circuits matrices and Linear vector spaces L.p.huelsman
digital computations in basic circuit theory L.p.huelsman
introduction to the theory and design of active filters L.p.huelsman
theory and design of active rc circuits L.p.huelsman
advanced power system analysis and dynamics L.p.singh
inspection of chemical plant L.pilborough
flows in networks L.R.ford jr
optimization techniqes an introduction L.R.foulds
optimization techniques an introduction L.r.foulds
traffic engineering and transport planning L.R.Kadiyali
the critical path method L.r.shaffer
ferrite control components junction circulators yig filters and Limiters L.r.whicker
ferrite phasers and ferrite mic components L.r.whicker
structural design of tall concrete and masonry buildings L.s.beedle
elementary Linear circuit analysis L.s.bobrow
physical chemistry of metals L.s.darken
selecting engineering materials for chemical and process plant L.s.evans
Design of Steel Structures L.S.Jayagopal
basic engineering and mathematical tables L.s.srinath
experimental stress analysis L.s.srinath
strength of materials L.singer
a review of the principles of electrical electronic engineering from circuits to computers L.solymar
a review of the principles of electrical modern physical electronics L.solymar
microwaves communications and radar L.solymar
principles of heavy current engineering L.solymar
fatigue design of machine components L.sors
vector field theory with applications L.sowerby
wave generation and shaping L.strauss
solid gas separation L.svarovsky
horse power tables for agitator impellers L.t.advani
systematic methods of chemical process design L.T.Biegler
engineering economy L.t.blank
use of polymers in chemical plant construction L.t.butt
structural geology L.u.de.sitter
text book of machine drawing L.v.Lakshminarayanan
elements of materials science L.van vlack
engineering properties of rocks l.w.farmer
asphaltic road materials L.w.hatherly
electromagnetic and electro-mechanical machines L.w.matsch
electronics engineers refence book L.w.turner
network analysis and synthesis L.weinberg
insulation guide for buildings and industrial processes L.y.hess
wear in slurry pipeline sc bhra information series number1 La.gittins
pulse.digital and switching waveforms lacob.millman
solid.Liquid separation Ladislav.svarovsky
fluid mechanics and hydraulics lal.jagdish
numerical methods with fortran iv case studies lam s.dorn
state space analysis an introduction Lamar k.timothy
purchasing and materials management text and cases Lamar.Lee
bridges and transmission line structures Lambert.tall
transport engineering economics lan g.heggie
high-resolution computer graphics using fortran77 lan o.angell
introduction to hover craft and hover ports lan.cross
an introduction to applied probility lan.f.blake
kinetics and dynamics of elementary gas reactions lan.w.m.smith
dc and ac circuits Lancaster.gardo
microcomputer experimentation with the motorola mek 6800D2 lance a.lerenthal
6502 assembly language programming lance a.leventhal
introduction to electronics Lane k.branson
the engineering of chemical reactions Lanny.d.schmide
design of urban runoff quality controls Larry a roesner
industrial mechanics and maintenance Larry chastain
process chemistry for water and waste water treatment Larry d.benefield
electronic instruments and measurements Larry d.jones
microwave digital radio Larry j.greenstein
applied finite element analysis Larry j.segenlind
Introduction to computers and information processing Larry Long
separation techniques 2 gas/Liquid solid systems Larry riccr
internal structure of the city readings on space and environment Larry s.bourne
 marks mechanics problem .solving companion larry silverbery
environmental impact assessment larry w.canter
ground and surface water hydrology Larry w.mays
water resources engineering Larry w.mays
biological process design for waste water treatment Larry.d.benefield
separation techniques 2 gas/Liquid solid systems Larry.ricci
interactive distributed multimedia systems and telecommunication services lars c.wolf
power system stability Laszlo.z.racz
simplified design of concrete structures Late.harry.parker
microprocessors Laurence altman
applied calculus for business economics and the social and life sciences Laurence D. hoffmann
Calculus for business  S.economics and the social and life sciences Laurence D. hoffmann
applying microprocessors Laurence.alema
microprocessors electronics book series Laurence.alema
Large scale integration Laurence.altman
geotechnical engineering in residual soils Laurence.d.wesley
finite sets:theory counting and applications laurence.p.maher
pascal programming laurence.v.atkinson
environmental pollution laurent hodges
fundamentals of acoustics lawrence e.kinsler
engineering mechanics dynamics lawrence e.malvern
engineering mechanics statics lawrence e.malvern
simulating with spice lawrence g.meares
elements of materials science and engineering Lawrence h.van
gradient optimization and nonlinear control Lawrence hasdorff
Basic circuit theory Lawrence P.huelsman
digital siganl processing Lawrence r.rabiner
theory and application of digital signal processing Lawrence r.rabiner
artificial intelligence the search for the perfect machine lawrence stevens
numerical compting:on introduction lawrence.f.shampif
 gradient optimization and nonlinear control Lawrence.hasdorff
industrial organization and management Lawrence.L.bethel
digital signal processing Lawrence.r.rabiner
collected papers on structural engineering lb a.eldarwish
reproduction in the dog and cat lb.j.christiansen
planning for urban quality LDR international
the interpretation and construction of break-even charts Lea.s.Limited
the characteristics of parallel algorithms leah h.jamieson
electromagnetic and electromechanical machines leander w.matsch
radical reconstruction Lebbeus.woods
testament of pere corbu Lecorbusier
three roads to quantum gravity Lee.smolin
fluidized bed combustion of coal and waste materials Lee.yaverbaum
calculations of analytical chemistry Leicester f.hamilton
rock dynamics and geophysical exploration leif n.persen
statistical procedures for engineering management and science Leland.blank
applied biochemistry and bioengineerig lemuel b.wingard
selected articles from the Lenkurt demodulator Lenkurt
engineering considerations for microwave communications systems Lenkurt.gte
an introduction to electrocardiography leo schamroth
microwave filters using parallel coupled Lines Leo young
parallel coupled Lines and directional couplers Leo young
probability Leo.breiman
d.h.Lawrence Leo.hamalian
practical boiler water treatment Leo.I.pincus
practical boiler water treatment Leo.l.pincns
microwave filters using parallel coupled Lines Leo.young
noise and vibration control leol.beranek
the science and politics of 1.q leon j.kamin
computer aided analysis of electronic circuits Leon o.chua
introduction to nonlinear network theory Leon o.chua
Linear and nonlinear circuits Leon o.chua
optimization theory for Large systems Leon s.Lasdon
discrele structures of computer science leon s.levy
digital and analog communication systems Leon w.couchii
digital and analog  communication systems Leon w.couchll
digital computation for chemical engineers Leon.Lapidus
methods for solving engineering problems using analog computers Leon.Levine
digital and analog communication systems Leon.w.couch
reinforced concrete design Leonard  spiegel
electrical coronas their basic physical mechanisms Leonard b.Loeb
glass reinforced plastics in construction engineering aspects Leonard hollaway
electrical measurement system for biological and physical scientists leonard j.weber
queueing systems computer applications leonard kleinrock
queueing systems theory leonard kleinrock
elements of vibration analysis leonard meirovitch
methods of analytical dynamics leonard meirovitch
principles and techniques of vibrations Leonard meirovitch
methods of analytical dynamics leonard meivovitch
environmental regulation and impact assessment leonard ortolano
elementary linear circuit analysis leonard s.bobrow
applied structural steel design Leonard spiegel
the kinetic theory of gases leonard.b.loeb
rc.active circuits theory and design Leonard.bruton
apl an introductive approach Leonard.gilman
principles and techniques of vibrations leonard.meirovitch
applied structural steel design Leonard.spiegel
elementary Linear circuit analysis Leonards.bobrow
field effect transistors Leonce.j.sevin
electronic processes in materials Leonid v.azaroff
elements of x-ray crystallography Leonid v.azaroff
laboratory experiments in x-ray crystallography leonid v.azaroff
fuzzy controllers Leonid.reznik
digital and analog communication systems Leonw.couch
file techniques for data base organization in cobol leroy f.johnson
economics for business decisions Leroy h.mantell
essential quantitative mwthods les oakshott
comparative programming languages Leslie b.wilson
Biomedical Instrumentation and measurement Leslie crom well
Biomedical instrumentation and measurements Leslie crom well
biomedical instrumentation and measurements Leslie cromwell
Medical instrumentation for health care Leslie cromwell
environmental acoustics Leslie.L.doelle
NBSINRC steam tables Lester haar
differential equations Lester R.ford
from hydrocarbons to petrochemicals Lewis f.hatch
communications and networks Lewis-mackenzie
automata theory:an engineering approach lgor aleksander
centrifugal pump clinic lgor j.karassik
centrifugal pumps lgor j.karassik
elementary structural analysis and design steel timber and reinforced Li.e.grinter
applied electromagnetism Liang chi-shen
applied electromagnetism Liangchi shen
Ti-2003 science and technology pages 2033-2718 liitjering albrecht
ti-2003 science and technology pages 2719-3418 liitjering i.albercht
the wisdom of confucius Lin.yutang
new Lessons in arc welding Lincoln.electric
fundamentals of heat transfer lindon c.thomas
fred brauer linear mathematics
design of modern steel structures Linton e.grinter
theory of modern steel structures statically determinate structures Linton e.grinter
environmental systems engineering Linvil g.rich
simplified fortran programming: with companion problems lisa rosenblatt
micheal j.crosbie living together
housing management consumers and citizens liz cairncross
transportation energy and the future lloyd j.money
engineering fundamentals for professional engineers examinations Lloyd m.polenz
process equipment design vessel design Lloyd.e.brownell
statistical reasoning Lloyd.rosenberg
geometric properties of rolled sections and built girders Lloyds.register
rules and regulations for the construction and classification of steel ships Lloyds.register
fans design and operation of centrifugal axial.flow and cross flow fans lng.bruno.eck
kinematics of mechanisms lng.n.rosenauer
the science of rock mechanics the strength properties of rocks lng.w.dreyer
the numerical control of machine tools lng.wilhelm.simon
chromatographic analysis of environmental pollutants lon.j.d.mulik
dynamis of apractical and of ricid bodies Loney.s.L
shipping law Lord chorley
engineering mechanics Loren d.Lutes
fortran 77 featuring structural programming Loren p.meissner
the global politics of the environment Lorraine.elliott
fuzzy sets and their applications to cognitive and decision processes Lotfi a.zadeh
Linear system theory the state space approach Lotfi a.zadeh
number systems lothar moos
power cables and their application Lothar.heinhold
number systems lothar.moos
telegraph and data transmission over short wave radio links fundamental principles and networks Lothar.wiesner
heat transfer Loughlin.f.mac
Theory of Machines Louis  Toft & Kersey
applied mathematics for engineers and and physicists louis a.pipes
applied mathematics for engineers and physicists louis a.pipes
advanced engineering mathematics Louis c.barrett
convective heat transfer Louis c.burmeister
convective heat transfer Louis c.burmeistor
 a course in apl with applications louis d.grey
contemporary marketing Louis e.boone
principles of electronic commun sys Louis e.frenzel
principles of electronic commun systems Louis e.frenzel
principles of electronic communication system Louis E.frenzel jr.
computing in civil engineering and symposium on data bases Louis f.cohn
environmental analysis of transportation system louis f.cohn
organic experiments louis f.fieser
unified design of steel structures Louis f.gesch winder
storage batteries and rechargeable cell technology Louis f.martin
piping systems:drafting and design Louis gary Lamit
small hydroelectric projects for rural development planning and management louis j.goodman
traffic engineering theory and practice louis j.pignataro
the Library at phillips exeter academy Louis l.kahn
abcs of electrical soldering Louis m.dezettel
electrical soldering Louis m.dezettel
advanced analytical chemistry louis meites
an introduction to chemical equilibrium and kinetics Louis meites
the calculus with analytic geometry Louis.Leithold
theory of machines Louis.toft
PET preliminary english test Louise hashemi
master stereo cassette recording lr.sinclair
tribology of thinlayers lran iliuc
detection theory lran.selin
vapor-Liquid equilibrium data bibliography lran.wichterle
Laser devices and applications lranp.kaminow
developing online content:the principles of writing and editing for web lrene hammerich
einflu bfelder orthogonal anisotroper platten lrg.s.krug
mechanics of materials lruning j.levinson
switching regulators and power supplies with practical inverters and converters lrving gottlieb
statics and strength of materials lrving.j.levinson
electric motors and control techniques lrving.m.gottlieb
regulated power supplies lrving.m.gottlieb
fundamentals of geotechnical analysis lrving.s.dunn
aircraft gas turbine engine technology lrwin.e.treager
graph theory application to the calculation of electrical networks lstvan vago
integrated automation practice Lucas pun
electrical power distribution and transmission Luces m.faulkenberry
physics of thin films ludmila.eckertova
advanced microprocessor architectures Luigiciminiera
digital hardware design lvor catt
building economics appraisal and control of building cost and efficiency lvor.h.seeley
micromachines anew era in mechanical engineering lwao fujimasa
RF analog impairments modeling for communication systems simulation Lydi smaini
sound.noise and vibration control Lyle f.yerges
processes for major addition typoplastics and their monomers Lyle.f.albright
photoshops cs2 top 100 simplified tips and tricks Lynette kent
reactor dynamics and control Lynn e.weaver
plastic design of steel frames Lynn s.beedle
the economic analysis of industrial projects Lynn.e.bussey
computational hydraulics elements of the theory of free surface flows m b.abbott
basic stress analysis m j.lremonger
concrete technology m L gambhir
Computer  System  Architecture M. Morris  Mano
absolute stability of regulator systems m.a.aizerman
diagnosis and reliable design of digital systems m.a.breuer
current advances in mechanical design and production m.a.el.salamon
engineering materials m.a.h.kadhim
engineering materials part1 m.a.h.kadhim
engineering materials part2 m.a.h.kadhim
semiconductor optoelectronics m.a.herman
source book on gear design technology and performance m.a.howes
the control of noise in ventitation systems a designers guide m.a.iqbal
tunnel diodes m.a.Lee
developments in petrophysics m.a.lovell
seepage and ground water m.a.marino
applied electromagnetics m.a.plonus
systems approach for devel lopment M.A.R.ghonaimy
solar distillation m.a.s.malik
disposal and utilization of electric utility wastes m.a.usmen
problems on electromagnetics with solutions and answers m.al hakkak
second international conference on performance of concrete in marine environment supplementary papers m.alasali
direct energy conversion m.ali.kettani
heliotechnique and development m.ali.kettani
engineering graphics m.anandakrishnan
engineering applications of computational hydraulics.homage to Alexandre preissmann m.b.abbott
engineerings applications of computational hydraulics homage to Alexandre prissann m.b.abbott
pressure vessel design and analysis m.b.bickell
phase equilibrium in mixtures m.b.king
regional earth science in formation in local water management m.b.mcpherson
understanding programming languages M.Ben.Ari
nuclear chemical engineering m.benedict
differentiol equations and their applications an introduction to applied mathematics M.Braun
differential equations and their applications M.broun
computer vision for robotic systems an introduction m.c.fairhurst
solidification processing m.c.flemings
physical properties of materials m.c.L.lovell
a text book of soil physics m.c.oswal
an introduction to macros m.campbell
the city of collective memory m.cb.boyer
electric drive m.chiLikin
theoretical Inorganic chemistry m.clyde.day
data transmission m.d.bacon
engineering thermodynamics with applications m.d.burghardt
water well technology field principles of exploration drilling and development of ground and other m.d.campbell
Laterite soil engineering pedogenesis and engineering principles m.d.gidigasn
advanced engineering mathematics m.d.greenberg
theory of hierarchical multilevel systems m.d.mesarouic
unified analysis and solutions of heat and mass diffusion m.d.mikhailov
environmental science managing biological and physical resources m.d.morgan
advanced differential equations m.d.raisinghania
an introduction to statistical signal processing with applications m.d.srinath
matrix structural analysis m.d.vanderbilt
building science and materials checkbook m.d.w.pritchard
introduction to the engineering profession m.david burghardt
Architectural lighting M.David egan
intermediate algebra m.dugopolski
preliminary text book on engineering economy m.e.abu
preliminary text book on process dynamics and control m.e.abv.goukh
control system engineering m.e.el.hawary
optimal economic operation of electric power systems m.e.el.hawary
principles of electric machines with power electronic applications m.e.el.hawary
Large engineering systems 3 m.e.el.howary
foundations of theoretical soil mechanics m.e.harr
groundwater and seepage m.e.harr
solid waste as a resource m.e.henstosk
the recycling and disposal of  solid waste m.e.henstosk
ocean engineering wave mechanics m.e.mccormick
basic electronics m.e.schultz
introduction to minicomputer and microcomputers m.e.sloan
analog filter design m.e.v.valkenburg
introduction to modern network synthesis m.e.v.valkenburg
post buckling behavior of structures m.esslinger
civil engineering drawing m.ezz al.din
engineering drawing from the beginning m.f.cousions
draft tubes of hydro-electric stations m.f.gubin
design machine elements m.f.spotts
design of machine elements m.f.spotts
mechanical design analysis m.f.spotts
an introduction to heat transfer m.fishenden
the very best test preparation reas testbuster for the TOEFL CBT m.fogiel director
the computer science problem solver m.fogiel.directer
discharge measurement structures M.G.Bos
flow measuring flues for open channel systems m.g.bos
irrigation efficiency in small farm areas m.g.bos
on irrigation efficiencies m.g.bos
corrosion engineering m.g.fontan
paper manufacture m.g.halpern
synthetic paper from fibers and films m.g.halpern
digital simulation methods m.g.hartiey
mini and microcomputer systems m.g.hartley
industrial applications of induction heating m.g.Lozinskil
alternating current machines m.g.say
direct current machines m.g.say
electrical engineers reference book m.g.say
electrotechnology m.g.say
systems:decomposition optimisation and control m.g.singh
soil engineering m.g.spangler
qualitative analysis of physical problems m.gitterman
control systems m.gopal
energy and man:technical and social a spests of energy m.granger.morgan
the economics of pollution control in the non-ferrous metals industry m.h.atkins
Economics and operational research M.H.beilby
proceedings of the symposium on computers electronics and control m.h.hamza
design and analysis of asphalt paving m.h.khan
Intoduction to AUTOCAD 2009 Essentials M.Hamad
digital Vlsi systems m.I.elmasry
problems of Linear electron (polaron) transport theory in semiconductors m.I.klinger
introduction to radar systems m.I.skolnik
feedback design of systems with significant uncertainty m.j.ashworth
introduction to chemical ultrasonics m.j.blandamer
geological map exercises m.j.bradshaw
reading geological maps m.j.bradshaw
heatpump technology for energy m.j.collie
recent  theoretical  developments in control m.j.gregson
power system control m.j.h.sterling
mineralogy a geologists point of view m.j.hibbard
mechanical engineering science m.j.hillier
charge-coupled devices and systems m.j.howes
optical fibre communications devices circuits and systems m.j.howes
variable impedance devices m.j.howes
basic stress analysis m.j.lremonger
two phase steam flow in turbines and separators
theory instrmentation
two-phase steam flow in turbines and separators . Theory .instrumentation m.j.moore
two-phase steam flow in turbines and separators theory instrumentation m.j.moore
piling european practice and worldwide trends m.j.sands
soil mechanics m.j.smith
foundation design and construction m.j.Tomlinson
 information theory for information tecknologsists M.J.usher
information and communication for engineers M.J.Usher
information theory for information technologists m.j.usher
information theory for information tecknologsists M.J.usher
sensors and transducers m.j.usher
computer aided control systems engineering m.jamshidi
computer-aided control systems engineering m.jamshidi
fundamentals of optical fiber communications m.k.barnoski
prestressed concrete design m.k.hurst
computational methods for partial differential equation m.k.jain
materials science and processes m.k.muralidhara
electrical power m.k.s.units
electrical machine design and machine drawing m.k.sibal
water forum 86 world water issues in evolution m.karamouz
physical chemistry surface chemistry and colloids m.kerker
marine auxiliary machinery and systems m.khetagurov
motor vehicle engines m.khovakh
planning of radiological departments m.kormano
fluid mechanics for engineers m.L.albertson
nondiffererntiable optimization m.L.balinski
introduction to environmental engineering m.L.davis
systems.networks and computation:basic concepts m.L.dertouzos
electroacoustics microphones earphone and loudspeakers m.L.gayford
applied numerical methods for digital m.L.james
chemical thermodynamics m.L.mcgashan
estuarine and coastal modeling m.L.spaulding
oil spills management and legislative implications m.L.spaulding
die grundlehren dermathematischen wissenschaten m.losifescu
introduction to mechanical properties of materials m.m.eisenstadt
nuclear power engineering m.m.el.wakil
hydraulic structures m.m.grishin
industrial applications of adhesive bonding m.m.sadek
activation of alkenes and alkynes m.m.taquikhan
homogeneous catalysis by metal complexes activation of small inorganic molecules m.m.taquikhan
an introduction to computer simulation m.m.woolfson
heat transfer with thermal control applications m.m.yovanovich
wind in architectural and environmental design m.melaragno
streams their dynamics and morphology m.morisawa
computer system architecture m.morris man
computer system architecture M.morris mano
computer system architecture m.morris.mano
digital design m.morris.mano
digital Logic and computer design m.morris.mano
digital.design m.morris.mano
an introduction to Lasers m.n.avadhanulu
basic engineering physics m.n.avadhanulu
design tables of reinforced concrete members m.n.hassoun
elements of electromagnetics m.n.o.sadiku
structural concrete theory and design m.nadim hassoun
basic heat transfer m.necati ozisik
boundary value problems of heat conduction m.necati ozisik
heat conduction m.necati ozisik
heat transfer a basic approach m.necati ozisik
heat conduction m.necati.ozisik
radiative transfer and interactions with conduction and convection m.necati.ozisik
heat conduction m.necatio ozisik
cad/cam:computer-aided design and manufacturing m.p.groover
vibrations of cam mechanisms m.p.koster
limit analysis and concrete plasticity m.p.nielsen
metal-semiconductor contacts m.pepper
durability of concrete in cold climates m.pigeon
durability of converte in cold climates m.pigor
architectural design:theory and design M.Pratap Rao
interior design principles and practice M.Pratap Rao
advances in computer chess 1 m.r.b.clarke
motor vehicle science through worked examples m.r.bellingham
power resources of india M.R.chaudhuri
an urban approach to climate sensitive design  strategies for the tropics m.r.emmanuel
analog vlsi  design   nmos and cmos m.r.haskard
plastic design of low-rise frames m.r.horne
the stability of frames m.r.horne
the fundamentals of well log interpretation m.r.j.wyllie
advanced mathematics for engineers and scientists m.r.spiegel
laplace transforms m.r.spiegel
mathematical h.b.of formulas and tables m.r.spiegel
statistics si edition m.r.spiegel
theory and problems of calculus of finite differences and difference equations m.r.spiegel
modern computer architecture m.rafiquzzaman
ordinary differential equations m.Rama mohana rao
electric power at low temperatures m.rechowicz
fundamentals of mathematics m.richardson
thyristor engineering m.s.berde
applied metallurgy for engineers m.s.burton
nonwoven textiles m.s.casper
modern filter design active rc and switched capacitor m.s.ghausi
principles and design of Linear active circuits m.s.ghausi
finite elemetnt grid optimization m.s.shephard
chemistry the molecular nature of matter and change m.s.silberberg
semiconductor devices physics and technology m.s.sze
cable stayed bridges theory and design m.s.troitsky
theory of hydraulic models m.s.yalin
achema jahrbuch m.safwat.f.lmahoy
zusammengefasstes worterbuchder wissenschaftlichen fachausdrucke m.sami El.khouly
environmental chemistry m.satake
computer communication network design and analysis m.schwartz
analysis of structures by the force displacement methods m.smolira
analysis of tall buildings by the force displacement method m.smolira
diesel and mobile plant service technology m.tempest
surface.Launched acoustic wave sensors m.thompson
electrical power system design m.v.deshpande
perturbation methods in fluid mechanics m.v.dyke
elementary general thermodynamics m.v.sussman
time-sharing compiler writing m.v.wilkes
distillation m.v.winkle
distillation m.van.winkle
cable nets m.vandenberg
data base design methodology m.vetter
nonlinear systems analysis m.vidyasagar
laser.beam interactions with materials m.von.allmen
basic engineering thermodynamics m.w.zemansky
heat and thermodynamics an intermediate text book m.w.zemansky
powder coatings technology m.william.rannay
adsorption and chromatography macelroy.don
repairs and inspection machendra j.shah
process engineering calculations material and energy balances mack.tyner
process engineering control mack.tyner
introduction to environmental engineering mackenzie L.davis
Principles of environmental eng-science Mackenzie L.davis
introduction to environmental engineering mackenziel.davis
Mechanical ventilation Maclntyre neilr
decentralised control madan g.singh
dynamical hierarchical control madan.g.singh
electrical noise fundamentals and sources madhu s.gupta
writing scientific papers in english maeve oconnor
dynamics and vibration an introduction magd abdel wahab
dynamics and vibration an introduction magd addel wahab
large scale systems modelling magdis.mahmoud
dynamics and vibration an introduction maged abdel wahab
conceptual modelling magnus.boman
modern cost engineering methods and data magzine
apractical approach to operating systems malcolm g.lane
a guide to soil mechanics malcolm.bolton
biological energy resources malcolm.slesser
computer system architecture mane.m.morris
Biomedical engineering systems Manfred clynes
analysis transmission and filtering of signals mansour.javid
programming in matlab marc e.herniter
thermophysical properties of fluids marc j.assael
mechanical behavior of materials marc.andre
theory and problems of discrete mathematics marc.lipson
digital cmos circuit design marce annaratone
programmable logic controllers the industrial computer marce.costanzo
electric drives design methodology marcel jufer
physics marcelo alonso
intermediate dynamics Marcelo R.M.crespo
programmable logic controller the industrial  computer marco.costanzo
robot shaping an experiment in behavior engineering marco.dorigo
carbon fibres in engineering marcus langley
soil mechanics technology marcusm.truitt
programming in matlab mare e.hemiter
Trigonometry margarel L.Lial
Water Resource Planning and Development Margaret  S. Petersen
Mathematics with Applications in the management,natural,and social sciences Margaret L.Lial
electronic health records margert k.amatay akup
Metals and plastics Marilyn granbeck
interfacing PIC microcontrollers embedded design by interactive simulation Marin Bates
architecture marin trache
desalting seawater achievements and prospects marion.clawson
fuels and combustion marion.L.smith
pipelines in adverse environments mark b.pickell
microsoft frontpage 98 mark ciampa
empire building orientalism and victorian architecture mark crinson
empire building orientatism and vctorion avebitecture mark crinson
microcomputer applications with in the urban transportation environment mark d.abkowitz
transportation of hazardous waste materials towards a national strategy mark d.abkowitz
microcomputer operating systems mark dahmke
elementary algebra mark dugopolski
elementary and intermediate algebra Mark Dugopolski
Ideas student guide Mark H.lawry
computing for calculus mark j.christenser
Water and waste water technology Mark J.hammer
applied statistics a first course mark L.berenson
microelectronics circuits and devices Mark N.horenstein
foundations of engineering mark t.holtzapple
mathematics supplement to accompany foundations of engineering mark t.holtzapple
heat and thermodynamics mark w.zemansky
heat and thermodynamics an intermediate textbook mark w.zemansky
principles of network and system administration mark.burgess
intermediate algebra mark.dugoplski
intermediate algebra mark.dugopolski
fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering Mark.F.Davis robert J.
CGI internet programming with C++ and c mark.felton
electromagnetic field theory:a problem solving approach markus.zahn
corrosion engineering mars g.fontana
hydraulic engineering saving a threatened resource in search of solutions marshall.jennings
pollution control in the plastics and rubber industry marshall.sittig
introduction to the mechanics of solids martin a.eisenberg
solar cells operating principles technology and system applications martin a.green
applied electromagnetics martin a.plonus
differential equations and their applications martin braun
probabilistic reliability:an engineering approach martin L.shooman
probability and its applications martin m.Eisen
civil engineering hydraulics martin marriott
analog and digital communication systems martin s.roden
passenger transportation martin t.farris
applied electromagnetics martin.a.plonus
neurofuzzy adaptive modelling and control martin.brown
modern electronics math martin.clifford
air pollution control theory martin.crawford
an introduction to computer hardware martin.cripps
basic algebra martin.Lee
traffic system analysis for engineers and planners martin.wohl
computer interfacing martion cripps
the technology and applications of engineering materials marty n.s.ray
digital video communications martyn j.riley
elements of engineering design :an integrated approach martyn s.ray
the technology and applications of engineering materials martyn s.ray
elements of systems analysis marvin gore
spread spectrum communications marvin k.simon
elements of systems analysis marvin.gore
basic radio marvin.tepper
basic radio repair marvin.tepper
challenge and innovation:methodlogical advances in social research on hiv/aids mary boulton
the java tm tutorial object-oriented programming for internet mary campione
data management and file processing mary e.s.loomis
web page design adifferent mutimedia mary E.s.marris
information and records management document based information systems mary f.robek
environmental engineering for exploration and production activities Mary jane wilson
mathematical methods in the physics science mary L.boas
the carriculum field;its formatire years mary louise seguel
bio-inspired and nanoscale integrated computing mary mehrnoosh eshaghian
Mathematics structure and method Mary P.dolciani
Pre-algebra An Accelerated course Mary P.dolciani
Tests mathematics structure and methods Mary P.dolciani
computers concepts and uses mary sumner
expert systems for civil engineers technology and application mary.Lou.maher
transport of hazardous materials mary.monro
listen to this mary.underwood
optimal control and system theoryin dynamic economic analysis masanao aoki
network flow transportation and scheduling theory and algorithms masao Iri
introduction to information theory masud.mansuripur
the complete guide to java database programming mathew.d.siple
fundamentals of mechanical vibrations mathew.hussey
technology of engineering materials mathew.philip
fluid mechanics for chemical engineering mathieu mory
teach your self networking matt hayden
electronic puzzles and games matthew.mandl
 operations research:methods and problems mauice.sasieni
operations research:methods and problems mauice.sasieni
gas dynamics maurice j.zucrow
the evolution of mechanics maurice.duhem
modern methods for trace element analysis maurice.pinta
new curing techniques in the printing coating and plastics industries maurice.w.ranney
design of modern transistor circuits maurice.yunik
principles of optics max born
the philosophy of quantum mechanics max jammer
frost resistance of concrete max josef setzer
comprehensive structural design guide max kurtz
principles and applications of optical communications max ming kangliu
principles and applications of optical communications max ming.kang Liu
principles and applications of optical communications max ming.kangliu
principles and application of optical communications max ming.king Liu
principles and applications of optical communications max ming-kang
principles and applications of optical communications max ming-kangliu
plant design and economics for chemical engineers max s.peters
elements of heat transfer max.jakob
principles and applications of optical communications max.minc.kang Liu
principles and applications of optical communications max.ming.kang Liu
plant design and economics for chemical engineers max.peters
plant design and economics for chemical engineers max.s.peters
modern control engineering maxwell noton
advanced organic chemistry mays shankar
control of fluid power:analysis and design mccloy.martin
Mathematical connections Abridge to algebra and Geometry McDougal littell
federal compensation for architectural engineering services mclane.f.chairman
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics mclean and nelson
solids handling mcnaughton.staff
construction law in contractors language mcneill stokes
statistical quality control for the food industry me.r.hubbard
dynamic vibration isolation and absorption mechanical engineers
transient well testing medhat M. kamal
modeling simulation testing and measurements for solar energy systems meeting
housing america in the twenty first century mehmet Inan
collective excellence building effective teams mel.hensey
an inrtoduction to genetic algorithms melanie mitchell
an introduction to genetic algorithms melanie.mitchell
design automation of digital systems theory and techniques melvin a.breuer
diagnosis and reliable design of digital systems melvin a.breuer
industrial energy conservation melvin h.chiogioji
understanding mass communication melvin L.defleur
introduction to mechanical properties of materials melvin m.eisenstatt
diagenesis a quantitative perspective melvyn r.giles
surface irrigation systems and practice melvyn.key
menzel symposiumon high pressure steam curing menzel
metallurgy and plastics for engineers merle c.nutt
Fluid mechanics demystified Merle C.potter
mechanic of fluid merle c.potter
Mechanics of fluids Merle C.potter
Thermodynamics demystified Merle C.potter
soil engineering merlin g.spangler
the logic book merrie bergmann
introduction to radar systems merrilli l.skolnik
machine processes metal series
metallurgical transactions metallurgical society
treatise on materials science and technology metallurgy
waste water engineering collection treatment disposal metcalf and eddy
probability theory and applications meyer dwass
probability and statistics an undergaduate gourse meyer.dwass
arbitrary lagrangian-eulerian and fluid-structure interaction mhamed souli
ocean wave energy conversion mi.e.mccor mick
campus planning and design mi.f.schmertz
Microprocessors principles and Applications Michael  J. Debenham
the design of well-structured and correct programs michael a.arbib
life line earthquake engineering michael a.cassaro
seismic design and construction of complex civil engineering  systems michael a.cassaro
the mexico earthquakes factors involved and lessons learned michael a.gassaro
electron optical applications in materials science michael b.berer
introduction to mechatronics and measurement systems michael b.histond
object.oriented modeling and design for data base applications michael bloha
basic electrical and electronic tests and measurements michael braccio
An introduction to mechanical engineering 1 Michael clifford
theory of optimal control and mathematical programming michael d.canon
Introduction to circuit analysis and design Michael D.ciletti
foundations of applied mathematics michael d.greenberg
Urban transportation planning Michael D.mayer
english for the travel and tourist industry michael duckworth
freshman chemical engineering michael e.Leesley
ocean engineering wave mechanics michael e.mccormick
engineering materials an introduction to their properties and applications michael f.ashby
engineering materials z an introduction to microstructures processing and design michael f.ashby
Materials selection in mechanical design Michael F.ashby
microprocessors industry michael f.hordeski
hilbert transform applications in mechanical vibration michael feldman
Machining  and CNC technology Michael fitzpatrick
robotic microassembly michael gauthier
finite probability michael gemignani
pc hardware interfaces michael gook
fundamental of eng thermodynamics michael I.moran
file structures an object oriented approach with c++ michael j.folk
fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics michael j.moran
fundamentals of engineering  thermodynamics michael j.moroh
classical optimization:foundations and extensions michael j.panik
power pneumatics michael j.pinches
water power 85 michael j.roluti
Systems networks and computations basic concepts Michael L.dertouzos
essentials of process control michael L.Luyben
basic electrical installations michael neidle
electrical installation:questions and answers michael neidle
electrical installations and regulations michael neidle
guide to designing and implementing local and wide area networks michael palmer
study notes in system dynamics michael r.goodman
materials for civil and construction engineers michael s.mamlouk
tensile surface structures a practical guide to cable and membrane construction michael seidel
finite mathematics an applied approach michael sullivan
Precalculus enhanced with graphing utilities Michael Sullivan
statistics informed decisions using data michael sullivan III
data structures and algorithms in java michael t.goodrich
introduction to super conductivity michael tinkham
hydraulic engineering proceeding of the national conference on hydraulic engineering michael.a.ports
optimal control an introduction to the theory and its applications michael.athans
engineering materials an introduction to their properties and applications michael.f.ashby
file structures an object-oriented approach with C++ michael.j.folk
direct.current machines michaeL.Liwschitz
theory and problems of thermodynamics michael.m.abbott
materials for civil and construction engineers michael.mamlouk
thermodynamics and its applications michael.modell
office planning and design michael.saphier
chaos and integrability in nonlinear dynamics and an introduction michael.tabor
c++ programming power pack michael.vilot
spanabhebende metall bearbeitung michallk.antoni
instructors guide to accompany understanding
 fortran 77
miche boillot
convective heat transfer solved problems michel favre marinet
mechanical vibrations for engineers michel Lalanne
understanding fortran 77 with structured problem solving michel.boillot
electric power systems michel.croppe
mechanical vibrations for engineers michel.Lalanne
thermodynamics principles and practice michel.saad
experimental chemistry michell j.sienko
abstract data types in java michoel s.jenkins
analysis micro.electronics
microsoft.g w.basic interpreter microsoft.corporat
learning cad with autocad mihir k.das
ethics in engineering mike w.martin
ethics in engineering mike w.wartin
deploying solutions with.net enterprise servers mike young
cities for citizens planning and the rise of civil society in a global age mike.douglass
cad/cam:computer aided design and manufacturing mikell p.groover
fundamentals of modern manufacturing materials.processes and systems mikell p.groover
introduction to manufacturing processes mikell p.groover
cad/cam mikell p.grover
analog integrated circuits miklos.herpy
numerical solution of nonliner baundary vale problems with applicaions milan kubicek
image processing analysis and machine vision milan sonka
fundamentals of petroleum mildred.gerding
computer architecture and organization miles j.murdocca
living in the environment miller
industrial minerals and rocks milos kuzvart
materials science of thin films deposition and structure milton.ohring
statics and strength of materials miltong.bassin
pentium pro and pentium II mind share
tom shanley
theory and problems of descriptive geometry minor.c.hawk
application of finite difference equations to shell analysis mircea soare
computer communication network design and analysis mischa schwartz
information transmission modulation and noise mischa schwartz
communication system and techniques mischa.schwartz
communication systems and techniques mischa.schwartz
computer-communication network design and analysis mischa.schwartz
information transmission modulation and noise mischa.schwartz
signal processing discrete spectral analysis detection and estimation mischa.schwartz
microdoft gw basig interpreter mitac international
microsoft ms-dos users guide mitac.international
the s68000 family hardware funamentals mitchell gooze
Switching circuits for engineers Mitchell P.marcus
utilization of reject heal mitchell.olszewski
computer graphics primer mitchell.waite
computer aided data book of vapor Liquid equilibria mitsuho hirata
nuclear reactor kinetics mitton.ash
printed circuit assembly mj.hughes
guide to digital logic:processors memories and interfaces modern
baustoffe furdie warmedammung im industrie of enund anlagenbau moers.h.s
electrical machines:technology and performance mohamed h.salama
power systems voltage stability
and power quality
mohamed zaki
structural analysis mohamed.abdel
structural analysis a transition from classical to matrix methods mohamed.abdel
engineering chemistry mohamed.amer
Power boiler design inspection an repair Mohammad A.M.
fundamentals of performance evaluation of computer and telecommunication systems mohammad.s.obaidat
problems on electromagnetics with solutions and answers mohammed al hakkak
problems on electromagnetics with solutions and answers mohammed al.hakkak
3 american short stories mohammed saadeddin
the canterville ghost mohammed saadeddin
the fur robbers/cats in the dark mohammed saadeddin
the prince and the pauper mohammed saadeddin
a robot engineering text book mohsen.shahinpoor
intelligent hybrid systems fuzzy logic neural networks mol.belgium
dynamic consideration of motion on the behaviour of mechanical monir f.massoud
pallple tm device programmable logic array monolithc.memorles
theory and problems of digital signal processing monson h.hayes
Laser applications monte ross
nonlinear programming analysis an methods mordecai avviel
electronic components morris a colwell
electronic diagrams morris a colwell
project planning and building morris a colwell
maxima and minima morris e.levenson
spectrum analyzer theory and applications morris engelson
experiments in general and biomedical instrumentation morris tischler
essentials of communication electronics morris.slurzberg
experiments in amplifiers filters oscillators and generations morris.tischler
experiments in telecommunications morris.tischler
methods of theoretical physics morse.feshach
optimization by variational methods morton m.denn
process fluid mechanics morton m.denn
optimization by variational  methods morton.m.denn
strength of materials fundamentals mosaid al.hussaini
concepts in problem solving moshe F.rubinstein
Seismic inversion Mrinal K. sen
power electronics circuits devices  and applications muhammad harunur rashid
synchronous machines their theory stability and excitation systems mulukutla s.sarma
robust process control munfred morari
soil mechanics and foundations muni budhu
electricity and magnetism munir h.nayfeh
nonlinear hh2/h constrained feed back control murad.abu.khalaf
problems for engineering graphics communication and technical graphics communication murari j.shah
calculus with analytic geometry murray h.protter
claculus with analytic deometry murray h.protter
calculus of finite differences and difference equations murray r.s.piegel
advanced mathematics for engineers and scientists murray r.spiegel
applied differential equations murray r.spiegel
calculus of finite differences and difference murray r.spiegel
laplace transforms murray r.spiegel
theory and problems of complex variables murray r.spiegel
theory and problems of fourier analysis murray R.spiegel
theory and problems of probability and statistics murray R.spiegel
theory and problems of theoretical mechanics murray R.spiegel
theory and problems statistics in si units murray r.spiegel
axiomatic theory of sets and classes murray.elsenberg
advanced mathematics for engineers and scientists murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems complex variables murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems of advanced calculus murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems of advanced mathematics for engineers and scientists murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems of calculus of finite differences and difference equations murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems of college algebra murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems of complex variables murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems of laplace transforms murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems of probability and statistics murray.r.spiegel
theory and problems of insi units murry R.spiegel
theory and problems of statistics murry R.spiegel
theory and problems of statistics insl units murry R.spiegel
digital electronics demystified myke.predko
numerical analysis for applied science myran b.allen
support housing N C E A
Radio and electronic materials N. P. Bogoroditskii
Differential forms on  electromagnetic networks N. v. balasubramanian
early childhood education a constructivist perspective n.a.branscombe
dynamic  programming with management applications n.a.j.hastings
the mechanics of frozen ground n.a.tsytovich
orthogonal transforms for digital signal processing n.ahmed
optical communications N.Bala Saraswathi
electrical network theory n.balabanian
introduction to high temperature oxidation of metals n.birks
biochemical and biological engineering science n.blakebrough
experimental measurements:precision error and truth n.c.barford
elements of machine design n.c.pandya
fundamentals of reinforced concrete n.c.sinha
automatic process control n.cheremisinoff
nutrition technology of processed foods n.d.pintauro
aerodynamics n.f.krasnov
principles of polymer engineering n.g.mccrum
principles of polymers engineering n.g.mccrum
heat and mass transfer in the biosphere transfer processes in the part 1 n.h.afgan
heat and mass transfer source book fifth all union conference minsk n.h.afgan
heat exchangers design and theory source book n.h.afgan
heat exchangers:design and theory source book n.h.afgan
heat transfer and fluid flow n.h.afgan
heat transfer in flames n.h.afgan
basic audio systems n.h.crowhurst
dangerous properties of industrial materials n.irving.sax
the designers guide to wind loading of building structures n.j.cook
use of vegetation in civil engineering n.j.coppin
theory and problems of reinforced concrete design n.j.everard
civil engineering materials n.jakson
multidimensional systems theory and applications n.k.bose
multidimensional systems:theory and applications n.k.bose
modeling and identification of dynamic systems N.K.sinha
proceedings of the eight international conference on offshore mechanics and arctic engineering n.k.sinha
prestressed concrete n.khachaturian
prestressed concrete bridges N.Krishna Raju
the evolution of the igneous rocks n.L.bowen
Liquid waste of industry theories practices and treatment n.L.nemerow
scientific stream pollution analysis n.L.nemerow
introduction to engineering design n.L.svensson
machine tool design n.lgnatyev
industrial pollution n.lrving.sax
problems in strength of materials n.m.belyayev
solved problems in industrial electronics a self tutor for students n.m.morris
electronic drafting and design n.m.raskhodoff
introduction to sequential smoothing and prediction n.morrison
electric power utilization n.n.hancock
matrix analysis of electrical machinery n.n.hancock
special functions and their applications N.N.Lebedv
fundamentals of tribology n.p suh
structural mechanic software series n.perrone
structural mechanics software series n.perrone
calculus differential integral n.piskounov
automatic speech and speaker recognition n.r.dixon
applied regression analysis N.R.draper
transformers for electronic circuits n.r.grossner
an introduction to automobile engineering n.r.khatawate
automotive electrical systems and equipments n.r.khatawate
Laser machining and welding n.rykalin
wave from quantization and coding n.s.jayant
wave from quantiztion and coding n.s.jayant
identification of industrial processes n.s.rajbman
stochastic water resources technology n.t.kottegodo
turbocharging the internal combustion engine n.watson
Design of steel structures to BS 5950 Nabeel abdul razzaq jasim
Structural analysis  Nabeel abdul razzaq jasim
Textbook of Stability of structures  Nabeel abdul razzaq jasim
plumbing nadir.Lahiji
the palestinian exodus from galilee 1948 naffz nazzal
design of functional pavements nai c.yang
aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery analysis and design naixing chen
group technology and cellular manufacturing nallan c.suresh
elements of the mechanical behavior of solids nam p.suh
introduction to finite element analysis and design nam.ho kun
deltas key to the toefl test nancy gallagher
industrial pollution control issues and techniques nancy j.sell
exceptional children and youth nancy.hunt
structured cobol programming nancy.stern
elements of engineering electromagnetics narayana.rao
control systems naresh k.simha
control systems naresh k.sinha
control systems naresh.k.sinha
system simulaton with digital computer narsing h.deo
graph theory with applicaltion to engineering and computer science narsingh.deo
an introduction to the mechanics of solids nathan h.cook
manufacturing analysis nathan h.cook
mobile telecommunications factbook nathan.j.muller
transformers for electronic circuits nathan.r.grossner
Linear applications national
Linear data book national
proceedings national systems conference national
TTL data book national
organization and members national academy
salinity and water use national symposin
salinity and water use national symposium
solar conference proceedings national.passive
international association for hydraulic research national.research
engineering plasticity by mathematical programming nato advanced
digital image processing and analysis nato.advanced
process and device modeling for integrated circuit design nato.advanced
technology of efficent energy utilization nato.science
solids injection Neal b. Nagel
computer programming in the basic language neal golden
mathematical methods in chemical engineering matrices and their application neal r.amundson
the mathematical understanding of chemical engineering systems neal r.amundson
calculus a problem-solving approach neal reid
architecture of the universe necia H.apfel
fundamentals of hydraulic engineering systems ned h.c.hwang
electric machines and drives a first course ned mohan
360 programing in assembly language ned.chopin
power electronics converters applications and design ned.mohan
dynamics for undergraduates Neeraj pant
principles of modern physics neil ashby
Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) Neil bloom
java apractical guide neil fawcett
Civil engineering materials Neil jackson
architecture neil stevenson
introduction to computer architecture neil willis
farm irrigation planning and management neil.southorn
introduction to computer architecture neil.willis
learning c neill graham
Learning c neill.graham
the mind tool computers and their impact on society neill-graham
pascal plus data structures algorithms and advanced programming nell.dale
noise and its effecton communication nelson m.blachman
hydraulics and pneumatics neubert.inc.g
proceedings of the fifth new.enclgnd
process instrumentation and control Niall.english
principles of plasma physics nicholas a.krall
coastal sediments 87 nicholas c.kraus
coastal sediments 91 nicholas c.kraus
identification of organic compounds nicholas d cheronis
population and global security nicholas.polunin
argument in the green house nick mabey
coronary pressure nico h.j.pijls
flight guide supplement world wide nicola buttows
world wide flight guide nicola buttows
theory of nonlinear control systems nicolai.minorsky
microrobotics for micromanipulation nicolas.chaillet
artificial ants from collective intelligence to real-life optimization and beyond nicolas-monmarche
the failure of agrarian capitalism niek.koning
introductory dc/ac circuits nigel p.cook
cities and structural adjustment nigel.harris
algorithms + data structures:programs Niklaus  Wirth
principles of artificial intelligence nils j.nilsson
modern control theory nils r.sandell
cracks and fracture ninth.national
microsoft word 97 nita h e witt
microsoft office professional nita hew jl rutkokg
microsoft office professional 97 nita hewitt
microsoft office professional nita hewitt rutkosky
microsoft office professional nita hewitt rutosky
microsoft office professional nita.h.r
office professional nita.h.r
microsoft word 97 nita.h.rutkosky
microsoft office professional nita.hewitt
microsoft office professional nita.hewitt.r
measurements and control in water desalination noam Lior
Semiconductor  devices Noel  m . Morris
Air pollution control engineering Noel de nevers
fluid mechanics for chemical engineers noel de.nevers
reinforced concrete design noel j.everard
theory and problems of reinforced concrete design noel j.everard
logic circuits noel m.marris
electrical circuits and systems noel m.morris
logic circuits noel m.morris
an introduction to microprocessors experiments in digital technology noel t.smith
fluid mechanics noel.de.nevers
physical and chemical equilibrium for chemical engineers noel.de.nevers
fluid mechanics for chemical engineers noelde nevers
theory and problems of reinforced concrete design noelj.everard
non waste technology and production non
behaviour of reinforced concrete spatial structures non linear
microprocessor system debugging noordin.ghani
detection control and renovation of contaminated ground water norbert.dee
willian f.mcternan
cybernetics or control and communication in the animal and the machine norbert.wiener
earthquake resistant building design and construction norman b.green
Electrical al network theory Norman Bala banian
Linear network theory analysis properties design and synthesis Norman balabanion
Theodore A.bickart
study guide to accompany Russell general chemistry norman eatough
economic analysis for engineering and managerial decision-making norman n.barish
foundations of physiology instrumentation a source book with experiments Norman N.goldstem
three-dimensional coastal  ocean models norman s.heaps
control systems engineering Norman S.nise
applied mathematical methods for chemical engineers norman w.Loney
computer-communication networks norman.abramson
information theory and coding norman.abramson
airport engineering norman.ashford
modern air conditioning practice norman.c.harris
refrigeration and air conditioning technology norman.cook
television norman.cook
nature and the idea of a man made world norman.crowe
electronic musical instruments norman.h.crowhurss
statistics and experimental design in engineering the physical sciences norman.L.johnson
electronic computer technology norman.r.scott
control systems engineering norman.s.nise
anglo-american cataloging rules north.american
design of machinery norton robertL
theory and problems of reinforced concrete design novel.j.everard
the nature and properties of soils nyle c.brady
the finite element method o.c.zienkiewic
finite elements and approximation o.c.zienkiewicz
the finite element method o.c.zienkiewicz
the finite element method in engineering science o.c.zienkiewicz
the finite element methods in engineering science o.c.zienkiewicz
turbomachines a guide to design selection and theory o.e.balje
micrometeorology o.g.sutton
the promotion of the relationship between research and industry in mechanical production o.kienzle
metallurgical thermochemistry o.kubaschewski
chemical reaction engineering o.Levenspiel
transportation and the 1977- clean air act amendments o.m.bevilacqua
basic electronics o.n.bishop
Maleer &hartmans machine design O.P.grover
plain and reinforced concrete o.p.jain
theory and analysis of structures o.p.jain
a text of foundry technology (for engineering students) o.p.khanna
waste management towards a sustainable society o.p.kharbanda
electronics principles and applications o.r.Lawrence
an introduction to numerical control of machine tools o.s.puckle
diagnosing and repairing house structure problems o.seaquist
chemical engineering costs o.t.zimmerman
chemical engineering laboratory equipment design construction operation o.t.zimmerman
phase separation in glass o.v.mazurin
theoretical foundations of nonlinear acoustics o.v.rudenko
irrigation principles and practices o.w.israelsen
irrigation principles and practices o.w.lsraelsen
design of fire station building obada.kayyali
solid state electronics objective.tests
chemical reaction engineering octare Levenspiel
chemical reaction engineering octave levenspiel
chemical reaction engineering octave.Levenspiel
engineering flow and heat exchange octave.Levenspiel
understanding engineering thermo octave.Levenspiel
general engineering workshop practice odhams.books
power supplies linear power supplies dc-dc converters odon.ferenczi
switched mode power supplies odon.ferenczi
CGI programming with visual basic 5 ofer laor
mechanics of materials ohls.h.edward
construction of lower cost housing oklay.ural
energy resources and conservation related to built environment oktay ural
affordable housing a challenge for civil engineers oktay.ural
electronic computation proceedings of the tenth conference oktay.uraland ton-Lo wang
geochemical processes weathering and groundwater recharge in catchments ola m.saether
chemical process principles oLaf.a.hougen
chemical process principles material and energy balances olaf.a.hougen
processing of polyester fibers oldrich.pajgrt
catalysis by non metals rules for catalyst selection olegv.krylov
wind energy generation modelling and control olimpo anayalara
a primer for fortran iv on-line oliver g.selfridge
metals ceramics and polymers oliver h.wyatt
natural resource conservation management for a sustain a ble future olivers.owen
electric energy systems theory olle I.elgerd
electric energy systems theory an introduction olle I.elgerd
control systems theory olle l.elgerd
basic electric power engineering olle.l.elgerd
control systems theory olle.l.elgerd
electric energy systems theory an introduction olle.l.elgerd
Non-linear programming Olvi L.mangasa
nonlinear programming olvil.mangassarion
design of welded structures omer blodgett
ground water hydrology and management or.mostafa
structural optimization recent developments and applications oradia e.lev
concrete box girder bridges oris h.degenkalb
research on transportation facilities in cold regions orlando b.andersland
coastal zone 83 orville t.magoon
coastal zone 85 orville t.magoon
durability of stone for rubble mound break waters orville t.mogoon
coastal zone 91 orville.t.magoon
280 programming for logic design osborne adam
8080 programming for logic design osborne adam
asme h.b.metals engineering design oscar j.horger
industrial separators for gas cleaning otakar.storch
modelling hydroelastic vibrations otto haszpra
feed back control systems otto.j.m.smith
sulphide catalysts their properties and applications otto.weisser
basic file design owen hanson
computational methods in chemical engineering owen T.hanna
beginners guide to electronics owen.bishop
simulation with gpss and gpss v p.a.bobillier
nonlinear dynamical systems p.a.cook
computer graphics mathematical first steps p.a.egerton
design for structural stability p.a.kirby
introduction to quantum mechanics for electrical engineers p.a.lindsay
science medicine and technology english grammar and technical writing p.a.master
an introduction to probability theory P.A.P.Moran
Maintenance of horticultural  equipment P.A.Reynolds
building design evaluation costs in use p.a.stone
building economy design production and organise a synoptic view p.a.stone
fundamentals of engineering materials p.a.thornton
treatment and disposal of waste water sludges p.a.vesilind
weirs and flumes for flow measurement p.ackers
stability of nonlinear systems p.atherton
principles of engineering geology p.b.atte well
elements of computer process control with advanced control applications p.b.deshpande
communication systems analysis p.b.johns
twin screw extrusion p.b.m.janssen
critical state soil mechanics p.b.morice
text book of surveying p.b.shahani
steady state flow sheeting of chemical plants p.benedek
active filters for communications and instrumentation p.bowron
an introdcution to turbulence and its measurement p.bradshaw
an introduction to turbulence and its measurement p.bradshaw
experimental fluid mechanics p.bradshaw
digital transmission systems p.byLanski
A Textbook of Production Engineering P.C. Sharma
engineering mechanics(statics) p.c.hibbeler
using unix by example p.c.poole
thermal physics p.c.riedi
management information systems and the computer p.c.sanderson
thyristor dc.drives p.c.se.n
Modern Power Electronics P.C.Sen
principles of electric machines and power electronics p.c.sen
thyristor dc drives p.c.sen
recrystallization and grain growth in metals p.cotterill
stability of nonlinear systems p.d.p.atherton
physics of plastics p.d.ritchie
basic hydraulics p.d.smith
experiments in environmental chemistry p.d.vowles
propagation of waves p.david
prestressed concrete structures p.dayaratnam
Leaky feedess and subsurface radio communication p.delogne
heat pipes p.dunn
computer aided analysis of mechanical systems p.e.nikravesh
physics p.e.tippens
quantitative production p.f.bestwick
introduction to state variable analysis p.f.blackman
cost estimating for engineering and management p.f.ostwald
fundamentals of welding skills p.f.woods
production welding p.f.woods
reactor physics p.f.zweifel
heating and cooling load calculations p.g.down
chemical methods of rock analysis p.g.jeffery
mechanics of materials p.g.Laurson
electronic and structural properties of amorphous semiconductors p.g.Le.comber
an introduction to metallurgical Laboratory techniques p.g.ormandy
guided weapon control systems p.garnell
guided weapon control systems p.granell
unit processes in organic synthesis p.h.groggins
electrical transducers for industrial measurement p.h.mansfield
engineering management of water quality p.h.mcgauhey
underwater engineering surveys p.h.milne
principles of accounting p.h.walgenbach
applied electromagnetism p.hammond
energy methods in electromagnetism p.hammono
advanced antenna technology p.j.b.clarricoat
individual study in undergraduate science P.J.Black
practical work in undergraduate science P.J.Black
small group teaching in undergradate science P.J.Black
students reactions to undergradate science P.J.Black
precedence network for project planning and control p.j.burman
organic chemistry p.j.durrant
electric power transmission and distribution p.j.freeman
automatic feed back control system synthesis p.j.g.truxal
introduction to corrosion prevention and control p.j.gellings
electronics pocket book p.j.mcgoldrick
advances in manufacturing systems research and development p.j.peklenik
power plant theory and design p.j.potter
mechanical vibration and shock measurements p.j.t.broch
mechanical vibration and shok measurements p.j.t.broch
mechanical vibration shock measurements p.j.t.broch
the estimation of pollution damage p.j.w.saunders
the determination of molecular structure p.j.wheatley
reflector antenna analysis and design p.j.wood
boundary element methods in engineering science p.k.banerjee
developmetns in boundary element methods-1 p.k.banevjee
Advanced Electronics P.K.dash
engineering mathematics p.kandasamy
operations research an introduction p.kumar.gupta
refrigeration and airconditioning p.l. ballaney
refrigeration and air conditioning p.L.ballaney
theory of machines p.L.ballaney
problems in engineering soils p.L.capper
the mechanics of engineering soils p.L.capper
problems in engineering soils p.L.cappes
electromagnetic scattering p.L.e.uslenghi
staged cascades in chemical processing p.L.t.brian
physical chemistry of the solid state applications to metals and their compounds p.lacombe
the mechanics of engineering soils p.leonard.capper
strategy of pollution control p.m.berthouex
basic electronic circuits p.m.buckley
analysis and design of electronic circuits p.m.chirlian
electronic circuits physical principles analysis and design p.m.chirLian
bio process engineering principles p.m.doran
engineering drawing for advanced students p.m.dunne
reinforced concrete fundamentals p.m.ferguson
advanced calculus a course in mathematical analysis p.m.fitzpatrick
constitution of binary alloys p.m.hansen
introduction to autolisp p.m.moanfeldt
green management a reader p.mcdonagh
basic materials studies p.n.peapell
models in hydraulic engineering p.novak
models in hydraulic engineering physical principles and design applications p.novak
thermal comfort analysis and applications in environmental engineering p.o.fanger
analysis of air pollutants p.o.warner
stepping motors a guide to modern theory and practice p.p.acarnley
mechanics of solids and structures p.p.benham
design of piping systems p.p.products
principles of river engineering the non-tidal alluvialriver p.ph jansen
pade approximants and their applications P.R.graves-morris
advanced solid mechanics p.r.lancaster
electrical machinery p.s.bimbhra
power electronics p.s.bimbhra
designer guide to osha p.s.hopf
nonlinear oscillation and waves in dynamical systems p.s.Landa
stochastic models estimation and control p.s.maybeck
an introduction to organic chemistry p.s.rutledge
engineering mechanics p.s.sawhney
50 photo electric circuits and systems p.s.smith
probaility p.sabine
statistics p.sabine
welding process technology p.T.houldcroft
welding processes p.t.houldcroft
transistor audio amplifiers p.tharma
gas-Liquid reactions p.v.danckwerts
insights into chemical engineering p.v.danckwerts
plane figures and sections how to construct them given specific conditions p.v.pritulenko
physical chemistry p.w.Atkins
the elements of physical chemistry p.w.Atkins
worked examples in basic electronics p.w.crane
numerical computation P.W.williams
modern marine electricity and electronics p.willard smith
engineering physical metallurgy p.y.Lakhtin
organic chemistry p.yurkanis.bruice
toefl test of english ASA foreign language pamela J.sharpe.ph.d.
conference an soil mechanics and foundation engineering paulo panamerican
conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering state discussions and conference record panamerican
conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering state of the ari papers panamerican
Artificial Intelligence Pankaj Sharma
coastlines of italy paolo.fabri
the utilization of naturalgas papers
fault tolerant and fault testable hardware design parag k.Lala
practical machinery vibration analysis Paresk Girdhar
Modern techniques in water shed management:1ts uses and effect Parikshit ballabh
additive cellular automata theory and applications parimal pal chaudhuri
computer-aided analysis of mechanical systems parviz E.nikravesh
concepts and models in groundwater hydrology patrick a.domenice
Turning.milling and grinding processes patrick byrne
analog systems for microprocessors and minicomputers patrick h.garrett
compressible fluid flow patrick h.Oosthuizer
computational fluid dynamics patrick j.roache
the 68000 hardware and software patrick jaulent
urban housing strategies education and realization patrick l.wakely
membrane separation processes patrick meares
java 1.1:the complete reference patrick naughton
artificial intelligence patrick.h.winston
membrane separation processes patrick.meares
manufacturing planning and control Patrik jonsson
fortran iv with watfor and watfiv paul . Cress
proceedings australian software engineering conference paul a.bailes
hydrogen sulfide removal from gases air and Liquids paul a.ferguson
electricity from sunlight an introduction to photoltaics paul A.Lynn
electronic signals and systems paul a.Lynn
substructure analysis and design paul andersen
an introduction to optimal estimation paul b.liebelt
housing the essential foundations paul bolchin
fortran iv with watfor and watfiv paul cress and others
differential equations with applications paul d.ritger
Small Gas engine repair Paul dempsey
troubleshooting and repairing diesel engines paul dempsey
electronic principles physics models and circuits paul e.gray
electronic principles physics modes and circuits paul e.gray
physical electronics and circuit models of transistors paul e.gray
industrial/organizational psychology paul e.Levy
microcomputer interfacing with the 8255 ppl chip paul f.goldsbrough
optical mineralogy paul f.kerr
elementary statistics paul g.hoel
introduction to mathemtical statisics paul g.hoel
introduction to stochastic processes paul G.hoel
diffusion in solids paul g.shewmon
transformations in metals paul g.shewmon
principles and applications of thermal analysis paul gabbott
machine design paul h.black
basic control systems engineering paul h.Lewis
high way engineering paul h.wright
highway engineering paul h.wright
microsoft word made easy for the macintosh paul hoffman
control of flow separation paul k.chang
reliability for technology engineering and management paul kales
basic networks theory paul m.chirlian
Fundamentals of electrical engineering analysis Paul M.chirlion
state variables for engineers paul m.derusse
state variables for engineers paul m.derusso
electronic digital techniques paul m.kintner
urban land economics paul n.balchin
informix clientls server application on development paul r.allen
analysis and design of analog paul r.gray
analysis and design of analog integrated circuits paul r.gray
lectures on boolean algebras paul r.haimos
an introduction to linear programming and game theory paul R.Thie
elementary surveying an introduction to geomatics paul r.wolf
elements of photogrammetry paul r.wolf
elements of photogrammetry with air photo interpretation and remote sensing paul r.wolf
introduction to auto cad 2010 paul richard
reinforced concrete design for buildings paul rogers
air craft pavement interaction an integrated system paul t.foxworthy
waste treatment and disposal paul T.williams
fortran iv programming paul w.marrill
an introduction to fortran iv programming paul w.murrill
an introduction to fortran iv programming a general approach paul w.murrill
the analysis of algorithms paul walton purdom
introductory digital signal processing with computer applications paul.a.lynn
radar systems paul.a.lynn
builders guide to new materials and techniques paul.biancbina
teaching reading in today elementary schools paul.c.burns
fortran iv with watfor and watfiv paul.cress
thermoanalytical methods of investigation paul.d garn
computer communications paul.e.green
introduction to mathematical statistics paul.g.hohl
the art of electronics paul.horowitz
rubber and plastics testing paul.kluckow
physics for scientists and engineers paul.m.fishbane
catalysis in organic syntheses paul.n.rylander
bio process engineering principles pauline m.doran
urban planning and the british new right pbili allmendiger
simple circuit building pc.graham
fortran scientific subrouatine library peerless E
PC inerfacing using centronic Rs232 and came ports pei ann bsc
developments in high.power lasers and their applications pellegrini.c
toilets.bathtubs sinks and sewers penny.colman
operating system principles per brinch hansen
port engineering per brunn
advances in quantum chemistry modern trends in atomic physics per.olov.Lowdin
new analytic geometry percey.f.smith
introduction to feedback control systems pericles emanuel
introduction to feedback control systems pericles.emanuel
a critiquing approach to expert computer advice:attending perry L.miller
systems analysis.design and development with structured concepts perry-edwards
singular perturbation methods in control analysis and design petar v.kokotovic
environmental engineering peter a.krenkel
introduction to numerical methods peter a.stark
fundamentals of engineering materials peter a.thorntan
fundamentals of engineering materials peter a.thornton
AIDS: fondations for the future peter aggleton
comprehensive computer studies peter bishop
electro-mechanical prime movers peter c bell bsc
industrial fuels peter c.bell
mechanical power transmission peter c.bell bsc
mechanical prime movers peter c.bell bsc
engineering drawing communication and design peter cooley
applying research to hydraulic practice peter e.smith
the process of software architecture peter Eeles
development and dilemmasin science education peter fensham
empirical analysis for expert systems peter g.politakis
underground power transmission the science technology and economics of high voltage cables peter graneau
analog and digital electronics peter h.beards
functional programming application and lmplementation peter henderson
computer numerical control programming peter j.amic
solar thermal engineering peter j.lunde
solar thermal engineering space heating and hot water systems peter j.Lunde
The dynamic earth:text book in geosciences Peter J.Wyllie
data bases peter laurie
peter nortons guide to access 97 programming peter norton
entity-relationship approach to in formation modeling and analysis peter p.chen
introduction to computers and programmng:pascal peter p.smith
information and reflection peter pav L.kirschem
systematic errors in engineering experiments peter polak
theory and practice in engineering thermodynamics peter polak
principles of organic chemistry peter r.s.murray
developments in highway pavement engineering peter s.pell
wind forces in engineering peter sachs
new progressivism peter silcock
university chemistry peter siska
advanced engineering mathematics peter v.on
design of systems and circuits peter w.becker
elements of engineering mechanics peter w.Likins
programming languages:information
  structres:and machine organization
peter wegner
programming with a data introduction by means of graduated examples peter wegner
foundry technology peter.beeley.bmet
strength of materials a course for students peter.black
marine biology peter.castro
career fitness how to find win and keep the job you want in the peter.d.weddle
elementary quantum mechanics peter.fong
the power guide peter.fraenkel
civic realism peter.g.rowe
programming in pascal peter.grogono
process control peter.harriott
mechanical forces and the endothelilm peter.i.lelkes
solar thermal engineering peter.j.Lunde
the complete idiots guide to the internet uk edition peter.kent
detailing for acoustics peter.Lard
systems modelling and optimization peter.nash
plc automation with programmable logic controllers peter.rohner
wind forces in engineering peter.sachs
basic welding peter.somsky
error control coding an introduction peter.sweeney
a guide book to mechanism in organic chemistry peter.sykes
chemistry in industry fats oils and waxes peter.tooley
an introduction to industrial organic chemistry peter.wiseman
switching power converters peter.wood
spatial neglect position papers on theory and practice peterw.halligan
general chemistry petrucci harwood
sand and sandstone pettijohn.potter
probability,random variables and random peyton z.pecbles
probability.random variables and random signal principles peyton z.peebles
rein forced concrete fundamentals phil m.ferguson
reinforced concrete fundamentals phil m.ferguson
prevention of premature stainingg of new buildings phil parnham
reinforced concrete fundamentals phil.m.ferguson
modulation noise and spectral analysis philip f.panter
modulation noise and spectral analysis applied to information transmission philip f.panter
mechanics and thermodynamics of propulsion philip g.hill
continuum mechanics an introductory text philip g.hodge
plastic analysis of structures philip g.hodge
model prototype correlation of hydraulic structures philip h.burgi
methods of numerical integration philip j.davis
the mathematical experience philip j.davis
power plant theory and design philip j.potter
aguide to sql featuring oracle philip j.pratt
concepts of database management philip j.pratt
surveying for civil engineers philip kissam c.e
surveying instruments and methods philip kissam c.e
surveying practice the fundamentals of surveying philip kissam c.e
induction machines their behavior and uses philip l.alger
mathematics for science and engineering philip l.alger
theoretical acoustics philip m.morse
data reduction and error analysis for the physical sciences philip r.bevington
simplified modern filter design philip r.geffe
energy environment and building philip steadman
Element of Power Electronics Philip T.Krein
elements of power electronics philip t.krein
communication systems design Line of sight and trope scatter systems philip.f.panter
communication systems design line of sight and tropo scatter systems philip.f.panter
cities for a small planet Richard Rogers philip.gumuchdjian
surveying for civil engineers philip.kissam
surveying practice the fundamentals of surveying philip.kissam
logic tools for programming philip.pace
vistas in electric power philip.sporn
organic chemistry a brief survey of concepts and applications philips s.bailey
organic chemistry philips.bailey
vistas in electric power philip-sporn
semantic computing phillip c.y.sheu
coms analog circuit design phillip e.allen
manufacturing proceses and systems phillip f.ostwald
manufacturing processes and systems phillip f.ostwald
electronic applications of the smith chart in wave guide circuit and component analysis phillip h.smith
semiconductor circuit analysis phillip.cutler
reinforced concrete fundamentals philm.ferguson
telecommunication systems phsmale
telecommunication systems I phsmale
elements of system theory pierre faurre
optimal in vestment decisions pierre masse
Corrosion Engineering principles and practice Pierre R.roberge
elements of system theory pierre.faurre
an outline of soil and rock mechanics pierve.habib
concrete systems for homes and low rise con pieter a.vander
system identification parameter and state estimation pieter eykhoff
Fluid mechanics Pijush K.Kundu
fracture problem in the transportation industry pin.tong
oscar orringer
numerical and matrix methods in structural mechanics with applications to computers ping chun.wang
language specification pL/m6800
design and control of concrete mixtures portland cement
flat radiating dipoles and applications to arrays pr.g.dubost
Introduction to Biostatics Pranab Kumar Banerjee
elements of strength of materials pref.r.c.gapts
environmental and engineering geophysics prem v.sharma
engineering and operations in the bell system prepared.members
electrical engineering science preston r.clement
symposium grenoble (france) principles
the utilization of natural gas discussion proceeding
current developments in fuel utilization proceedings
gasification processes proceedings
shell and spatial foundations of tower and high buildings proceedings
XVII international conference of the chilean computer science society proceedings
high voltage engineering prof d.v.razevig
machine control systems prof.d.s.ross
proceedings of the1st international conference on prof.t.Lupton
programmable logic controller prof.vijay.jadhar
EHV transmission link reference book project EHV
introduction to computers prul.a.rude
transactions of the american society of civil engineers pu.b.the society
internet instant reference pul e.hoffman
generation of precision artwork for printed circuit boards pveben.Lund
current research and development in optical fiber communications in china q.m.wang
landslides and their control quido zaruba
engineering geology quido.zaruba
Atextbook of Engineering Mechanics R . S. Khurmi
basic numerical methods R E scraton
prestressed concrete with emphasis on partial prestressing r f.warner
Transport phenomena R. Byron  Bird
fundamentals of vibrations r.a.anderson
college algebra a graphing approach r.a.barnett
pre calculus a graphing approach r.a.barnett
management in the construction industry r.a.burgess
general chemistry R.A.day jr
ronald c.johnson
groundwater r.a.freeze
fluid mechanics r.a.granger
transfer operations r.a.greenkorn
semiconductor devices and applications r.a.greiner
design of precast concrete an introduction to practical design r.a.hartland
heating ventilating and air conditioning fundamentals r.a.havrella
engineering applied physical metallurgy r.a.higgins
engineering metallurgy r.a.higgins
engineering metallurgy applied physical metallurgy r.a.higgins
engineering metallurgy metallurgical process technology r.a.higgins
energy and the environment cost-benefit analysis r.a.karam
materials and manufacturing technology r.a.Lindberg
the time trap r.a.mackenzie
electronic projects in audio r.a.penfold
electronic projects in the workshop r.a.penfold
sustainable sewerage r.a.reed
calculus basic concepts and applications R.A.Rosenbaum
communication systems analysis and design a systems approach r.a.williams
groundwater r.allan freeze
groundwater r.allan.freeze
fundamentals of vibrations r.anderson
the measurement of power spectra r.b.blackman
urban water supply in uttar pradesh bihar and madhya pradesh R.B.Das
introduction to electron devices r.b.faber
engineering mechanics and strength of materials r.b.gupta
photoelasticity for designers r.b.heywood
design analysis of shafts and beams r.b.hopkins
drying principles and practice r.b.keey
introduction to industrial drying operations R.B.Keey
application of b and k equipment to frequency analysis r.b.randall
design of piping systems r.b.smith
integrated electronics r.b.sorkin
engineering graphics and numerical control r.b.thornhill
walsh functions-an introduction R.barrett.B sc
the construction of buildings r.barry
organization development strategies and models r.beckhard
organization its nature origins and prospects r.bekhard
circuit theory and design r.boite
electrical rotating machine testing r.bourne
electronic device and circuit theory r.boylestad
electronic devices and circuit theory r.boylestad
operations recakch r.bronson
operations research r.bronson
associated studies for motor vehicle mechanics (381) r.brooks
heavy vehicle technology(381) r.brooks
motor vehicle craft studies part 1 r.brooks
introduction to matrices and power systems r.bruce shipley
introduction to matrices and power systems r.bruce.shipley
an introduction to methods r.butler m.sc
transport phenomena r.byran.bird
transport phenomena R.Byron Bird
transport phenomena r.byron.bird
Comprehensive injection moulding R.C. Batra
structural analysis R.C. hibbeler
fracture mechanics of ceramics concepts flaws.and fractography r.c.bradt
fracture mechanics of crack growth and microstructure r.c.bradt
fracture mechanics of flaws and testing r.c.bradt
fracture mechanics of microstructure materials and applications r.c.bradt
microprocessor systems engineering r.c.camp
structural analysis r.c.coates
identification techniques r.c.desai
spread spectrum systems r.c.dixon
modern control systems r.c.dorf
welding engineering science and metallurgy r.c.gupta
significant phased array papers r.c.hansen
engineering mechanics (statics) r.c.hibbeler
Engineering mechanics dynamics R.C.Hibbeler
engineering mechanics statics r.c.hibbeler
engineering mechanics statics and dynamics r.c.hibbeler
engineering mechanics:dynamic r.c.hibbeler
engineering mechanics:dynamics r.c.hibbeler
engineering mechanics:statics r.c.hibbeler
mechanics of materials r.c.hibbeler
statics study pack r.c.hibbeler
structural analysis r.c.hibbeler
Engineering mechanics statics ٌR.C.Hibbeler
engineering mechanics:statics r.c.hibbler
embankment.dam engineering r.c.hirschfeld
proceedings of the first world conference in industrial tribology r.c.malhotra
solar energy conversion the solar cell r.c.neville
introduction to reinforced concrete  design r.c.reese
an introduction to sedimentology r.c.selley
materials of construction r.c.smith
Strength of Materials Theory and Examples R.C.Stephens
principles of hydrology r.c.ward
fundamentals of automatic control r.c.weyrick
a practical approach to quality control r.caplen
Rubber and plastic technology R.chandra
bubbles drops and particles r.clift
design of Liquid retaining concrete structures r.d.anchor
network based management systems(pert/cpm) r.d.archibald
pile foundations r.d.chellis
grammar.rhetoric and composition r.d.mallery
applied functional analysis an introductory treatment R.D.Milne
computer graphics techniques and applications r.d.parslow
university Library administration r.d.rogers
engineering mechanics:statics and strength of materials r.d.snyder
electric circuits and networks r.d.strum
electromagnetic field theory an introduction for electrical engineers r.d.stuart
principles of programming languages R.D.tennent
 hands on computing using Lotus 1.2-3 wordperfect 5.0 and dbase 1v r.dale.hobart
hands on computing using lotus 1.23 word perfect 5.0 and dbase 1v r.dale.hobart
hands on computing using ms-dos r.dale.hobart
hands-on computing using Lotus 1.2-3 word perfect 5.0 and dbase 1v r.dale.hobart
Audel water well pumps and systems mini-ref r.dodge.woodson
mathematical methods for artificial intelligence and autonomous system r.dougherty
advancements in aerodynamics fluid mechanics and hydraulics r.e.a.arndt
surface water sewerage r.e.bartlett
phase locked loops theory design and applications r.e.best
introduction to digital filtering r.e.bogner
introduction to building management r.e.calvert
surveying theory and practice r.e.davis
chemistry matter and the universe an integrated approach to general chemistry r.e.dickerson
molecular thermodynamics r.e.dickerson
transient ground water hydraulics r.e.glover
introduction to catalytic combustion r.e.hayes
7 contaminated land and its reclamation r.e.hester
air quality management r.e.hester
contaminated land and its reclamation r.e.hester
calculus with analytic geometry r.e.johnson
pilot plants models and scale up methods in chemical engineering r.e.johnstone
optimization in HPLC R.E.kaiser
Topics in mathematical system theory R.E.kalman
elementary and intermediate algebra a combined course r.e.Larson
pre calculus with Limits a graphing approach r.e.Larson
statistical design of fatigue experiments R.E.Little
microbiology for sanitary engineers r.e.mckinney
physical properties of soils r.e.means
scope 5 environmental impact assessment principles and procedures R.E.munn
roofs r.e.owen
stress concentration factors r.e.peterson
physical metallurgy principles r.e.reed
principles of accounting a managerial approach r.e.seiler
modern metallography r.e.smallman
modern physical metallurgy r.e.smallman
fundamentals of thermodynamics r.e.Sonntag
interpersonal peacemaking confrontations and third party consultation r.e.walton
principles of communication systems modulation.and noise r.e.ziemer
principles of communications r.e.ziemer
principles of communications systems modulation and noise r.e.ziemer
signals and system:continuous and discrete r.e.ziemer
signals and systems continuous and discrete r.e.ziemer
soil mechanics r.f.craig
environmental conservation r.f.dasmann
solutions to problems fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics R.F.knacke
long-term energy resources R.F.meyer
an introduction to mechanical vibrations r.f.steidel
kinetics and mechanism of crystallization r.f.strickland
modern communication systems r.f.w.coates
reinforced concrete r.f.warner
newer engineering materials r.f.winters
computers for management:language and concepts r.g.a.boland
flowing gas-solids suspensions r.g.boothroyo
Introduction to linear systems analysis R.G.Brown
statistical forecasting for inventory control r.g.brown
advanced strength and applied stress analysis r.g.budynas
comprehensive chemical kinetics r.g.compton
decision analysis r.g.coyle
how to solve it by computer R.G.dromey
modeling and simulation in chemical engineering r.g.e.franks
communication satellite systems an overview of the technology r.g.gould
protein purification process engineering r.g.harrison
integrated circuit packel book r.g.hibberd
integrated circuits a basic course for engineers and technicians r.g.hibberd
fundamentals of electricity and magnetism r.g.mendiratta
troubleshooting with the oscilloscope r.g.middleton
noise and vibration r.g.white
analog and digital control systems r.gayakwad
control in transportation systems r.genser
energy methods in finite element analysis r.glowinski
instrumentation for engineering measurement r.h.cerni
stress-strain behaviour of soils Roscoe memorial symposium r.h.g.parry
finite element analysis fundamentals r.h.gallagher
finite elements in biomechanics r.h.gallagher
finite elements in fluids r.h.gallagher
finite elements in fluids viscous flow and hydrodynamics r.h.gallagher
finiter elements in fluids R.H.Gallagher
hot and cold water supply R.H.Garrett
Lightning protection r.h.golde
finite element analysis fundamentals r.h.gollagher
mosfet in circuit design r.h.grawford
heat pumps r.h.heap
flow in channels r.h.j.sellin
analysis and presentation of experimental results r.h.leaver
the solar decision book a guide for heating your home with solar energy r.h.montgomery
an introduction to chemical metallurgy r.h.parker
building effective decision support systems r.h.sprague
digital television bandwidth reduction and communication aspects r.h.stafford
mechanical survival the use of reliability data r.h.w.brook
recent developments in markov decision processes R.hartley
how to master networking r.henderson
practical microscopical metallography r.henry.greaves
the mathematical theory of plasticity r.hill
the characteristics of mechanical engineering systems r.holmes
planning and design of airports r.horonjeff
prestressed concrete design by computer r.hulse
reinforced concrete design by computer r.hulse
computers in quantity surveying r.j.alvey
general engineering science r.j.besanko
general engineering science for technicians r.j.besanko
business economics for engineers r.j.betts
mis:management dimensions r.j.coleman
plastics engineering r.j.crawford
spectroscopy for surface science r.j.h.c.frs
mathematical application for the management r.j.harshbarger
utilisation of electrical power r.j.hartles
production concepts analysis control r.j.hopeman
trends in applications of puremathematics to mechanics r.j.knops
computer simulation of dynamic systems r.j.kochenburger
aspects of civil engineering contract procedure r.j.marks
the management control process introduction to computer based r.j.mockler
transportation engineering planning and design r.j.paquette
intrinsic safety the safe use of electronics in hazardous locations r.j.redding
formulas for stress and strain r.j.roark
high traffic analysis and design r.j.saher
highway design and construction r.j.salter
traffic engineering r.j.salter
traffic engineering worked examples and problems r.j.salter
Linear systems r.j.schwarz
filtration post treatment processes r.j.wakeman
progress in filtration and separation r.j.wakeman
drilled pier foundations r.j.woodward
transport in porous catalysts r.jackson
Electrical measurements and measuring instruments R.K. rajput
Economics for engineers R.K.amin
Engineering Mechanice R.K.Bansal
Atextbook of Engineering Drawing R.K.Dhawan
machine design mechanical engineering design r.k.jain
matrix methods of structural analysis r.k.Livesley
heating services design r.k.mclaughlin
introduction to differential equations r.k.miller
traveling.wave engineering r.k.moore
Statistical mechanics R.k.pathria
design for creep r.k.penny
the experimental method r.k.penny
fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines r.k.rajpuL
a course in electrical engineering materials R.K.Rajput
Basic Mechanical Enginering R.K.Rajput
elements of mechanical engineering r.k.rajput
fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines r.k.rajput
thermal engineering r.k.rajput
chemical engineering r.k.sinnatt
chemical engineering design r.k.sinnott
Pascal for students r.kemp
passcal for students r.kemp
statistical theory in research R.L.anderson
the electromagnetic interaction R.L.armstrong
introductory circuit analysis r.L.boylestad
fluid mechanics with engineering applications r.L.daugheety
fluid mechanics with engineering applications r.L.daugherty
fluid mechanics with engineering applications r.L.dougherty
design and manufacture of plastic parts r.L.e.brown
dynamics particles-tigil.bodies and systems r.L.halfman
elements of electronics for physical scientists r.L.havill
numerical methods a software approach r.L.johnston
microprocessors and logic design r.L.krutz
mis management in formation systems r.l.marrtino.ph
critical path networks r.L.martino
resources management r.L.martino
electric motor control fundamentals r.L.mcintyre
radar signal simulation r.L.mitchell
the fifth generation challenge R.L.muller
introduction to nuclear engineering r.L.murray
construction planning equipment and methods r.L.peurifoy
estimating construction costs r.L.peurifoy
form work for concrete structures r.L.peurifoy
formwork for concrete structures r.L.peurifoy
electrical characteristics of transistors r.L.pritchard
matrices and computers in electronic circuit analysis r.L.ramey
electronic communication r.L.shrader
computer applications r.L.sisson
power system planning r.L.sullivan
a practical introduction to impedance matching r.L.thomas
information technology and management r.L.thompson
basic mechanical engineering r.L.timings
identification and system parameter estimation r.lsermann
an introduction to the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds r.m.acheson
motion and time study design and measurement of work r.m.barnes
zeolites and clay minerals as sorbents and molecular sieves r.m.barrer.frs
mechanics of composite materials r.m.christensen
applied chemistry for engineers r.m.e.diamant
total energy r.m.e.diamant
elementary principles of chemical processes r.m.felder
supervision principles of professional management r.m.fulmer
digital computer design r.m.kline
passive solar heating design r.m.Lebens
110 cosmos digital ic projects for the home constructor r.m.marston
110 electronic alarm projects for the home constructor r.m.marston
110 operational amplifier projects for the home constructor r.m.marston
110 semiconductor projects for the home constructor r.m.marston
110 thyristor projects using s.c.r sand triacs r.m.marston
110 wave from generator projects for the home constructor r.m.marston
electronics circuits pocket book (Linear 1c) r.m.marston
Laser remote sensing fundamentals and applications r.m.measures
engineering properties of thermoplastics R.M.ogorkiewicz
dynamics of machinery r.m.phelan
analytical dynamics of discrete systems r.m.rosenbery
analytical chemistry theory and practice r.m.verman
integrated circuits design principles and fabrication r.m.warner
transistors:fundamentals for the integrated circuit engineer r.m.warner
a guide for better technical presentations r.m.woelfle
microprocessors essentials components and systems r.meadowe
computer techniques for electromagnetics r.mittra
satellite communication antenna technology r.mittra
applied naval architecture r.munro
refrigeration at sea r.munton
Digital communication R.N  mutagi
Digital communication R.N mutagi
algebra for college students a functions approach r.n.aufmann
college algebra r.n.aufmann
college algebra and trigonometry r.n.aufmann
intermediate algebra with applications r.n.aufmann
intermediate algebra: an applied approach r.n.aufmann
introductory algebra: an applied approach r.n.aufmann
introductory algebra:an applied approach r.n.aufmann
pre algebra r.n.aufmann
mechanical design r.n.childs
computer aided power system operation and analysis r.n.dhar
architecture of hig performance puters R.N.ibbett
gas conditioning advanced techniques and applications r.n.maddox
gas conditioning gas and Liquid sweetening r.n.maddox
management of industrial enterprises r.n.owens
courses in mining geology r.n.p.arogyas wamy
a refresher in basic mathematics r.n.rowe
chemical process industries r.n.shreve
new reinforced concretes r.n.swamy
an introduction to production and inventory control r.n.van.hees
petroleum refinery distillation r.n.watkins
structural engineering r.n.white
structural introduction to design concepts and analysis r.n.white
principles of organic synthesis r.o.c.norman
elasticity and geomechanics r.o.davis
geotechnical aspects of soft clays r.p.brenner
microprocessors and microcomputers r.p.c.managing
constitution of binary alloys first supplement r.p.elliott
composite structures of steel and concrete r.p.johnson
structural concrete r.p.johnson
modeling and simulation of mineral processing systems r.p.king
industrial electrical systems r.p.professor
business statistics r.p.runyon
industrial security management r.p.sharma
high temperature fatigue properties and  prediction r.p.skelton
electronic conversions symbols formulas r.p.turner
mosfet circuits guide book with 100 tested projects r.p.turner
thermal conductivity r.p.tye
sensors and signal conditioning r.pallas.areny
reinforced concrete slabs r.park
industrial gas utilization engineering principles and practice r.pritchard
vertical transportation for buildings r.r.adler
books in print 1978-1979 authors r.r.bowker
books in series in the united states r.r.bowker
sources of serials r.r.bowker
theory and application of variable structure systems r.r.mohler
reinforced masonry design r.r.schneider
applied optics and optical engineering r.r.shannon
Applied mecganics and strength of materials R.S. KHURMI
internal combustion engines r.s.benson
the phenomena of fluid motions r.s.brodkey
mechanics r.s.gambhir
the 280 microprocessor architecture interfacing programming and design r.s.gaonkar
solar heating and cooling of buildings r.s.greeley
kinematic synthesis of Linkages r.s.hartenberg
building site organisation (metric) r.s.imrie
the estuarine environment r.s.k.barnes
a text book of engineering mechanics applied mechanics r.s.khurmi
a text book of hydraulics r.s.khurmi
a text book of hydraulics fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines r.s.khurmi
a text book of machine design r.s.khurmi
a text book of mechanical technology r.s.khurmi
a text book of refrigeration and air conditioning r.s.khurmi
a text book of workshop technology (manufacturing processes) r.s.khurmi
A Textbook of Thermal Engineering R.S.Khurmi
atext book of engineering thermodynamics r.s.khurmi
civil engineering (objective type) r.s.khurmi
hydraulics fluid mechanics r.s.khurmi
material science r.s.khurmi
steam tables r.s.khurmi
Theory of Machines R.S.khurmi
engineering in history r.s.kirby
strength of materials mechin of solids r.s.kurmi
a text work book geometric tolerancing r.s.marrelli
electric Lifts r.s.phillips
software engineering a practitioners approach r.s.pressman
introduction to waste water treatment processes r.s.ramalho
basic engineering drawing r.s.rhodes
the variational method in engineering r.s.schechter
air pollution r.s.scorer
a text book of electronic circuits r.s.sedha
research techniques in nondestructive testing r.s.sharpe
nace corrosion engineers reference book r.s.treseder
engineering hydrology r.s.varshney
hydra-power structures r.s.varshney
theory and design of irrigation structures canals and tube wells r.s.varshney
introduction to statistics for business decisions r.schlaifer
harbour dock and tunnel engineering r.srinivasan
delta modulation systems r.steele
pyrotechnics in industry r.t.barbour
gas turbine engineering applications cycles and characteristics r.t.c.harman
quantitative microscopy r.t.dehoff
cavitation r.t.knapp
a.c.motor control r.t.Lythall
the jsp switchgear book an outline of modern switchgear practice for the non-specialist user r.t.lythall
composite reinforced concrete r.taylor
exercises in graphic communication r.thomson
principles of graphics communication for engineers r.thomson
rolling contact fatigue performance testing of lubricants r.tourret
workout electromagnetic fields R.V.Buckley
plastics technology r.v.milby
systems analysis and water quality management r.v.thomann
american civil engineering practice r.w.abbett
american civil engineering practice in three volumes r.w.abbett
a coustics and vibration progress r.w.b.stephens
finite dimensional linear systems r.w.brockett
residential foundations design behavior and repair r.w.brown
fundamentals of nuclear flight r.w.bussard
approximation methods for electronic filter design r.w.daniels
strength of materials r.w.fitzgerald
optoelectronics guide book with test projects r.w.fox
digital filters r.w.hamming
numerical methods for scientists and engineers R.W.hamming
introduction to noise analysis r.w.harris
hydrometry principles practices r.w.herschy
numerical methods in heat transfer r.w.Lewis
the finite element method in heat transfer analysis r.w.Lewis
principles of data communication r.w.lucky
electrical and related properties of organic solids r.w.munn
pressure vessel engineering technology r.w.nichols
developments in pressure vessel technology. 3 materials and fabrication r.w.nicols
heat transfer calculations for buildings r.w.r.muncey
speech analysis r.w.schafer
concepts of programming languages r.w.sebesta
digital techniques r.w.sudweeks
experiments in electricity r.w.tinnell
introduction to computing r.wade.cole
basics of refrigeration r.warren.marsh
corrosion and corrosion control r.winston revie
radiation damage and defects in semiconductors radiation
dynamics of petroleum reservoirs under gas injection rafael.sandrea
structural wood research state of the art ant research needs rafik y.itani
qatar development of an oil economy ragaei el mallakh
organic reaction mechanisms raj.k.bansal
modern computer architecture rajan chandra
electrical measurements and measuring instruments rajendra.prasad
Software Engineering Rajib Mall
applied clay mineralogy ralph e.grim
clay mineralogy ralph e.grim
 computer simulation of dynamic systems Ralph J.kochenburger
computer simulation of dynamic systems Ralph J.kochenburger
circuits devices and systems ralph j.smith
circuits.devices and systems ralph j.smith
electronics circuits and devices ralph j.smith
motion and time study design and measurement of work ralph m.barnes
Earth science Ralph M.feather
marketing principles and applications ralph m.gaedeke
environmental microbiology ralph mitchell
principles of alternating-current machinery ralph r.lawrence
passive equalizer design data ralph r.lownsley
electronics circuits and devices ralph r.wright
civil engineering application of remote sensing ralph w.kiefer
foundation engineering ralph.b.peck
advanced techniques in data communications ralph.glasgal
computer methods and numerical analysis ralph.h.pennington
grounding and shielding techniques instrumentation ralph.morrison
instrumentation fundamentals and applications ralph.morrison
factors that affect the precision of mechanical tests ralph.papirno
fundamentals of cybernetiss ralph.parkman
the cybernetic society ralph.parkman
home energy for the eighties ralph.wolfe
non-Linear analysis of steel structures Ram chandra
the 280 microprocessor.architecture interfacing programming and design ramesh s.gaonkar
Wind energy engineering Ramod jain
Fluid mechanics and hydraulics Ranald V.giles
deploying microsoft exchange sever5 rand.morimoto mcse
Design for  thermal stresses randall f.barron
cryogenic systems randall.barron
perception randolph blake
offshore drilling technology rank r.carmichael
concrete in the service of manking appropriate concrete technolohy ravindra k.dhiy
optimum design of mechanical elements ray c.johnson
hydrology for engineers ray k linsley.jr
applied hydrology ray k.linsley
hydrology for engineers ray k.Linsley
water-resources engineering ray k.Linsley
Chemical engineering design Ray sinnott
dynamics of structures ray w.clough
engineering chemistry ray,das
mechanical design synthesis with optimization applications ray.c.johnson
optimum design of mechanical elements ray.c.johson
applied hydrology ray.k.linsley
water-resources engineering ray.k.Linsley
hydrology for engineers ray.linsley.jr
dynamics of structures ray.w.clough
fundamentals of transport phenomena ray.w.fahien
College algebra Raymand A.barnett
elements of industrial systems engineering raymand n.blair
current trends in programming methodology tv raymaond t.yeh
geological environment and soil properties raymod n.yong
short course in surveying raymon e.davis
College  Physics Raymond  A. Serway
college algebra raymond a.barnett
college algebra with trigonometry raymond a.barnett
pre calculus raymond a.barntt
engineering metallurgy raymond a.higgins
engineering metallurgy applied physical metallury raymond a.higgins
elementary plane surveying raymond e.davis
surveying theory and practice raymond E.davis
systems analysis and design raymond mcleod
sedimentation consolidation models predictions and validation raymond n.yong
soil properties and behaviour raymond n.yong
mathematics for engineers raymond w.dull
college algebra a graphing approach raymond.a.barnett
precalculus functions and graphs raymond.a.barnett
chemistry raymond.chang
digital computer design raymondm.kline
basic engineering thermodynamics in si usits rayner joel
building maintenance management reginald.Lee
making good decisions Reidar B. Bartvold
 advanced organic chemistry reinhard burckner
computers and programming a system 360-370 assembler language approach reino hannula
grid converters for photovoltaic and wind power systems remus teodoresen
control methods for electrical machines rene husson
rotating electrical machines renele doeuff
new patterns of management rensis Likert
concepts in physics reuben benumof
essentials of engineering fluid mechanics reuben m.olson
civil engineering hydraulics essential theory with worked examples revised by martir marriott
machinists Library machine shop rex miller
Liquid fuels from coal rex T.ellington
electronics the easy way rex.miller
fortran 77 for humans rex.page
introduction to classical mechanics RG takwale
engineering quantities and systems units rhys lewis
physical science I rhys lewis
electrical engineering principles and testing methods rhys.Lewis
stability of large electric power systems ric.t.byerly
fortran for humans rich.didday
hom computers:questions and answere rich.didday
solar energy conversion the solar cell richar.c.neville
The atmosphere Richard A.anthes
engineering materials and their applications richard a.flinn
the theory and management of systems richard a.johnson
comprehensive auto mechanics richard b.hathaway
matrix methods an introduction richard bronson
modern introductory differential equation richard bronson
csdp control system design program richard c.dorf
modern control systems richard c.dorf
modern control systems richard c.dort
microel electronic circuit design richard c.jacgo
microelectronics circuit design Richard C.jaeger
elements of petroleum geology richard c.selley
stats data and models richard d.deveaux
characteristics and limitations of transistors richard d.thornton
multistage  transistor  circuits richard d.thornton
large boiler furnaces theory construction and control richard dolezal
introduction to rock mechanics richard e.goodman
transmission Lines for digital and communication networks richard e.matick
fundamentals of thermodynamics richard e.Sonntag
fundamentals thermodynamics richard e.Sonntag
introduction to thermodynamics classical and statistical richard e.Sonntag
regenerating town centres richard evans
elementary analysis richard f.mc cart
mechanical engineering design richard g.b
Algebra structure and method Richard G.brown
Basic algebra Richard G.brown
shigleys mechanical engineering design richard g.budgnas
mechanical engineering design richard g.budynas
Shigleys mechanical engineering design Richard G.budynas
understanding digital signal processing richard g.Lyons
electronic intelligence:the analysis of radar signals richard g.wiley
mini computer systems organization programming and applications (PDP-11) richard h.fckhouse
computer concepts and assembler progrmming:360/370 systems richard h.stark
planning and control with pert/cpm richard I.Levin
electricity principles and applications richard j.fowler
hazardous wastes sources path ways receptors richard j.watts
microelectronics circuit design richard jaege
liturgies and trials richard k.fenn
introduction to differential equations richard k.miller
thermofluid mechanics richard k.pefley
frost action and its control richard L.berg
numerical analysis richard L.burden
optimization methods for engineering design richard L.fax
production operations management richard l.Levin
introductory quantum mechaice richard L.Libeff
transmission Lines wave guides and smith charts richard L.Liboff
introductory quantum mechanics richard L.Lihoff
welding and welding technology richard L.Little
probability and statistics for engineers richard L.scheaffer
elementary principles of chemical process richard m.felder
elementary principles of chemical processes richard m.felder
dynamics of machinery richard m.phelan
fundamentals of mechanical design richard m.phelan
hydraulic engineering richard m.shane
pascal for electronics and communications richard meadows
basic college mathematics: an applied approach richard n.aufmann
performance and evaluation of lisp systems richard p .gabriel
earth under siege from airpollution to global cahnge richard p.turce
machine tool practices richard r.kibbr
short-circuit currents in three-phase networks richard roeper
computer and statistical techniques for planners richard s.baxter
transducers for biomedical measurements principles and applications richard s.c.bobbole
logarithmic video amplifiers richard s.hughes
device electronics for integrated circuits richard s.muller
modern digital design richard s.sandige
information architects richard saul wurman
introduction to applied statistical signal analysis richard shiavi
coastal engineering generation propagation and influence of waves richard sil vester
coastal engineering sedimentation bstuariestides effluents and modelling richard sil vester
introduction to internal combustion engines richard stone
management of engineering projects richard stone
elementary classical physics richard t.weidner
principles of biomedical  instrumentation and measurement richard.aston
understanding engineering design context theory and practice richard.birmingham
programming from first principles richard.bornat
modern introductory differential equations richard.bronson
modern control systems richard.c.dorf
application of solar energy for heating and cooling richard.c.jordon
aprimer on pascal richard.conway
characteristics and limitations of transistors richard.d.thornton
modern geometrical optics richard.ditteon
process dynamics automatic control of steam generation plant richard.dolezal
the new humanities reader richard.e.miller
fundamentals of thermodynamics richard.e.Sonntag
water wastes and health in hot climates richard.feachem
physical geology richard.foster.flint
water pollution control richard.helmer
introduction to differential equations richard.k miller
pascal for electronics and communications richard.meadovs
energy primer solar water wind and biofuels richard.merril
computer programming for electrical engineers richard.murray shelley
 practical plant layout richard.muther
introductory algebra : an applied approach richard.n.aufmann
a text work book geometric tolerancing richard.s.marrelli
fundamentals of organic chemistry richard.s.monson
Lasers operation equipment application and design richard.saunders
introduction to internal combustion engines richard.stone
estuarine cohesive sediment dynamics richard.t.barber
elementary classical physics richard.T.weidner
taik back iv:two way cable television richard.veith
coding and information theory richard.w.hamming
energy ecology and the environment richard.wilson
the feywman lectures on physics richardp.feynman
Theory And Design for mechanical measurements Richards.Figliola
Economics richaro.c.lipsey
mathematics for elementary school teachers rick billstein
case work book in human genetics ricki Lewis
student study guide to accompany life ricki.Lewis
engineering geology ries.and.watson
modern basic drafting rip weaver
modern basic drafting work book rip weaver
process piping design rip weaver
structural drafting rip.weaver
cace 79 european symposium rippin.dwt.ed
electronic devices and circuit theory rob.boylestad
in the beginning personal recollections of softeware pioneers rober l.glass
Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics Robert  .P Benedict ,
Elementary Statistics Robert  Johnson  
principles of data processing Robert a. Stern
experimental physical chemistry robert a.alberty
introduction to theoretical mechanics robert a.becker
principles of chemical sedimentology robert a.berner
theory and problems of transmission lines robert a.chipman
structural systems design robert a.coleman
coastal hydrodynamics robert a.dalrymple
signals and linear systems robert a.gabel
signals and linear systems robert a.gobel
Lines waves and antennas the transmission of electric energy robert a.sharpe
principles of data processing Robert A.stern
Work book to accompany anatomy&physiology revealed Robert B. broyles
experimental methods in catalytic research robert b.anderson
experimental methods in catalytic research characterization of surface robert b.anderson
precedence and arrow networking techniques for construction robert b.harris
electronic devise  and circuit theory robert boy lestou
electronic devices and circuit theory robert boylejtad
spread spectrum systems robert c.dixon
spread spectrum techniques robert c.dixon
electrical wiring design and construction robert c.johnson
engineering considerations of stress strain and strength robert c.juvinall
fundamentals of machine component design robert c.juvinall
the properties of gases and Liquids robert c.reid
the properties of gases and liquids their estimation and correlation robert c.reid
modern topographic drawing robert c.steele
selected papers from chines journals of structural engineering robert c.y.young
 Reservoir conformance improvement Robert D. sydansk
concepts and applications of finite element analysis robert d.cook
finite element modeling for stress analysis robert d.cook
an introduction to geotechnical engineering robert d.holtz
highway materials robert d.krebs
difference methods for inilial value problems robert d.richtmger
difference methods for initial value problems robert d.richtmyer
the role of the resident engineer robert del.re
plant physiology robert devlin
international air transportation a new international airport robert e.boyer
antenna theory robert e.collin
field theory of guided waves robert e.collin
foundations for microwave engineering robert e.collin
applied bio remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons robert e.hinchee
bio augmentation for site remediation robert e.hinchee
bio remediation of chlorinated solvents robert e.hinchee
bio remediation of inorganics robert e.hinchee
bio remediation of recalcitrant organics robert e.hinchee
in situ aeration air sparging bioventing and related remediation processes robert e.hinchee
intrinsic bio remediation robert e.hinchee
monitoring and verification of bio remediation robert e.hinchee
Exploring Earth science Robert E.kilburn
site impact traffic assessment problems and solutions robert e.paaswel
principles of mechanical design robert e.parr
watershed planning and analysis in action robert e.riggins
highway safety at the crossroads robert e.stammer
microcomputer application in transportation 2 robert e.stammer
research techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology robert e.thach
mass transfer operation robert e.treybal
mass transfer operations robert e.treybal
faking nature:theethics of environmental restoration robert elliot
data structures and network algorithm robert endre tarjan
the highway risk problem policy issues in highway safety robert f.baker
origin and refining of petroleum robert f.gould
cities and geology robert f.Legget
geology and engineering robert f.legget
fundamentals of drilling engineering Robert F.mitchell
semiconductor fundamentals robert f.pierret
introduction to real analysis robert g.bartle
water wave mechanics for engineers and scientists robert g.dean
information theory and reliable communication robert g.gahager
fundamentals of transportation engineering robert g.hennes
integrated circuit operational amplifiers robert g.meyer
optoelectronics robert g.seippel
transducer interfacing signal conditioning for process control robert g.seippel
catastrophe theory for scientists and engineers robert gilmore
expert system for civil engineers knowledge representation robert h.allen
modern control systems analysis and design using matlab and simulink robert h.bishop
dynamics of physical systems robert h.cannan
dynamics of physical systems robert h.cannon
machine design robert h.creamer
introduction to statics robert h.goff
power system operation robert h.miller
build it book of digital electronic timepieces robert haviland
data structures and their implementation robert j.baron
essentials of organic chemistry Robert j.boxer
geology robert j.foster
the dhtmL companion robert j.mudry
heat transfer tools robert j.ribando
principles of underwater sound robert j.urick
principles of underwater sound for engineers robert j.urick
Elementary Statistics Robert Johnson  
digital design with cpLd applications and vhdL robert k.dueck
social theory and social structure robert k.merton
thermodynamics for engineering technologists robert k.will
    introductory circuit analysis robert L.boylestad
   introductory circuit analysis robert L.boylestad
electronic devices and circuit theory robert L.boylestad
introductory circuit analysis robert L.boylestad
Fluid mechanics with engineering applications Robert L.daugherty
dynamics particles.rigid bodies and systems robert L.halfman
dynamics systems variational methods and relativity robert L.halfman
data structures and program design robert l.krase
data structures and program design robert l.kruse
data structures and program design in c++ robert L.kruse
engineering economics robert L.mitchell
applied strength of materials robert L.mott
Design of machinery Robert L.nortom
Design of machinery Robert L.norton
kinematics and dynamics of machine robert L.novton
directional wave spectra applications robert L.wiegel
modeling and simulation of dynamic systems robert L.woods
Optical Communications Robert M. Gagliardi
air pollution control technology an engineering analysis point of view robert m.bethea
structure and properties of engineering materials robert m.brick
deformation and fracture of solids robert m.caddell
deformation and fractures of solids robert m.caddell
elements of applied thermodynamics robert m.johnston
mechanics of composite materials robert m.jones
theory and analysis of flight structures robert m.rivello
electronic properties robert m.rose
mathematical foundation for design:civil engineering systems robert m.stark
mathematical foundations for design robert m.stark
assignments in auto cad robert mcfarlan
Machines Robert O.Brien
Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics Robert p. Benedict,
fundamentals of pipe flow robert p.bendict
fundamentals of temperature pressure and flow measurements robert p.benedict
power electronics semiconductor devices robert perret
building a dynamic corporation through grid organization development robert r.blake
reinforced masonry design robert r.schneider
applied optics and optical engineering robert r.shannor
transport phenomena a unified approach robert s.brodkey
algorithms in c robert sedy ewick
thermal radiation heat transfer robert siegel
circuit analysis by computer from algorithms to package robert spence
fortran iv programming robert steven ledley
Calculus Robert T.simith
Calculus Robert T.smith
Calculus Early transcendental functions Robert T.smith
calculus multivariable robert t.smith
calculus single variable robert t.smith
guide to air traffic control robert t.smith
microwave diode control devices robert v.garver
applied statics for engineers and physic robert v.hogg
fortran programming robert v.jamison
systems analysis and water quality managent robert v.thomann
Iconography and electronics upon a generic architecture robert venturi
american civil engineering practice robert w.abbett
engineering contracts and specifications robert w.abbett
fluid mechanics robert w.fox
introduction to fluid mechanical robert w.fox
introduction to fluid mechanics robert w.fox
numerical methods robert w.hornbeck
concepts of programming languages robert w.sebesta
vax 11 structured assembly language programming robert w.sebesta
lisp craft robert wilensky
theory and problems of advanced calculus