Performance appraisal

4Quality Assurance and University Performance Division


The main tasks of the division in evaluating university performance are:


1) Circulating the evaluation files received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (the university performance evaluation file, the college performance evaluation file, the senior university leader’s performance evaluation file, the faculty performance evaluation file, and the staff performance evaluation file) to colleges, centres, departments or departments in university, and follow-up to ensure access to accurate information and its standardization

2) Completing the performance appraisal files (senior leaders, teachers, employees) in all university formations

3) Circulating the books received from the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research / Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority to the colleges.

4) Follow up the procedures of the performance evaluation process and provide the final reports for approval by the President of the University.

5) Updating the databases for the performance evaluation grades of university employees

1- Evaluation file for the administrative  university teacher performance

2- Academic staff performance form

3- Part-time  Academic staff performance form

4-    university teacher   performance evaluation form for  Full-time scientific research inside or outside Iraq

5- Academic file for performing of university leaders

6- employee performance form

7- job performance form