About the Department of Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical Engineering looks forward to preparing specialized engineers in various fields of electrical engineering that are armed with a sober scientific, intellectual engineering aspect, and enhanced by practical aspects by linking theoretical curricula with the requirements of the local and regional market.

The department also aspires to keep pace with the progress and continuous development in the disciplines of electrical engineering sciences. The department also seeks to localize advanced technology in the industrial sector and harness the outputs of scientific research for it in a way that is compatible with the transition to clean energy and achieve economics of costs and resources. All of this is reflected to achieve the vision of the College of Engineering in the integration of the various engineering disciplines.




The Department of Electrical Engineering carries a clear message to serve the students and the community in order to achieve specific goals, including:

  1. -Preparing distinguished cadres to achieve progress in engineering work and scientific research.
  2. -Communicate with all state institutions and the private sector, engineering and scientific disciplines, and various scientific research and community centers to provide the best engineering advisory and research services.
  3. -Continuous development of engineering staff and increasing scientific, research, practical, and applied expertise.
  4. -Providing the University of Basrah and other universities in higher education with higher degrees (Masters and Ph.D.).

5- Dealing with the development and continuing education through the establishment of specialized courses for the public and private sectors, which improves the outcomes of engineers in all ministries.


The main objective of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to provide high quality education that results in the graduation of engineers who are distinguished by the following:

1 -Investing knowledge in applied sciences and engineering.

  1. -Analyzing and interpreting physical and engineering phenomena and finding real solutions based on what has been studied in the Department of Electrical Engineering.
  2. -Encouraging the spirit of working as an integrated team with other engineering disciplines, which achieves qualitative results.
  3. -Reducing resource consumption and managing time while maintaining quality.
  4. -Preparing an engineer armed with professional ethics and a sense of responsibility. 6 -Effective and efficient communication with others.

7- Paying attention to the scientific research of postgraduate students and its quality in order to achieve access to modern research and to consolidate the publication in accredited international journals. Moreover, motivate the students to participate in scientific conferences and to hold them annually without disregarding the local journals and supporting them with research.