Academic Program-Architecture Engineering department

Academic Program-Architecture Engineering department


University Requirements:

 English Language

Human Rights and Democracy

College Requirements:

Mathematics I

Mathematics II



Computer Science



Engineering Drawing I

Engineering Drawing II

Applied Mathematics I

Applied Mathematics II

Engineering Project I

Engineering Project II

Engineering Ethics

Department Requirements:

Engineering Geology

Construction Materials

Engineering Workshops

Mechanics of Materials I

Mechanics of Materials II

Fluid Mechanics I

Fluid Mechanics II

Engineering Surveying I

Engineering Surveying II

Concrete Technology I

Concrete Technology II

Computer Programming

Engineering Statistics

Building Construction

Engineering Analysis

Numerical Analysis

Theory of Structures I

Theory of Structures II

Soil Mechanics I

Soil Mechanics II

Reinforced Concrete Design I

Reinforced Concrete Design II



Engineering Management

Engineering Economy

Traffic Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Computer Applications I

Computer Applications II

Foundation Engineering I

Foundation Engineering II

Steel Structures Design I

Steel Structures Design II

Hydraulic Structures

Engineering Hydrology

Highway Engineering

Highway Pavement Analysis & Design

Water Supply Engineering

Sanitary Sewage Engineering

Construction Methods

Estimation and Specifications

Prestressed Concrete