Head of computer engineering department

Department Chair's Speech

On behalf of myself, the faculty members, and the staff, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Basrah.

As we know that Computer Engineering nowadays is fundamental for human prosperity, equity, and wellness. Automation is revolutionizing transport, manufacturing and data science is transforming the health care system. 

Therefore, our department since establishment aims to graduate generations that are capable of tracking the rapid changes in technology, and have the ability to respond to these changes in the different fields such as in computer engineering, software /hardware analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

One of the main points that our department focus on is preparing the qualified teaching staff that have high level of the academic experiences. Furthermore, an emphasis is placed on providing good opportunities for the intellectual students to further their postgraduate studies, the matter that will definitely improve the department infrastructure. 

Compute engineering Department works hard on providing the required equipment, laboratories and arranged lots of agreements with Iraqi and nationally engineering companies for student training purposes over the summer holiday. 

over the last twenty years our department is committed to staying in line with the theoretical and practical aspects of the industry in order to produce highly qualified computer engineers who they were able to serve the labour market locally and globally.


Dr. Musab Adel Ali                               

              Head of Computer Engineering Dept.           

        Collage of Engineering – University of Basrah