Research activity -Electrical engineering department

Names of researchers

Name of scientific research


Abdulghafor A. Abdulhameed

Falih M. Alnahwi

Haidar N. Al-Anbagi


Frequency reconfigurable key-shape antenna for
LTE applications



Hussein M. Hathal

Abdulkareem Swadi Abdullah

Ramzy S. Ali




Design and Optimizing of Compact Ultra-Wide Band Printed Patch Antenna Employing Different Optimization
Algorithms Based on Plant Inspiration



Yousif Mohsin Hasan

Abdulkareem Swadi Abdulla

Falih Mahdi Alnahwi


Compact Low-Cost Reconfigurable Microwave Bandpass Filter Using Stub-Loaded Multiple Mode Resonator for
WiMAX, 5G and WLAN Applications



Yousif M. Hasan

Abdulkareem S. Abdullah

Falih M. Alnahwi


UWB Filtenna with Recon gurable and Sharp Dual-Band Notches
for Underlay Cognitive Radio Applications



Ahmed Abdul-Kadhem Salih

Abdulkareem S.Abdullah


Design and Analysis of a Compact Dual-Band Printed Rectenna Circuit at WiFi and GSM Frequencies for Microwave Power Transmission



Abdulghafor A. Abdulhameed

Ali Fadil Marhoom

Multimodal Machine Learning for Major League Baseball Playoff Prediction



Yousif Abdulwahab Kheerallah

Abdulghafor A. Abdulhameed

Mofeed Turky Rashid


Path Planning of Multi-Robot System Based on Tracking of External Stimuli



Doaa Al-sehail

Abdulghafor A. Abdulhameed

Osama Al-Atbee


Smart Energy Metering Based on Arduino, GSM, and Raspberry pi3 as Server



Doaa Al-sehail

Abdulghafor A. Abdulhameed

Osama Al-Atbee


Theft Control Based Master Meter Using Different Network Technologies