College of Engineering at the University of Basrah holds an introductory workshop on (Society of Energy Engineers / Iraq Branch)

Under the auspices of the President of Basrah University, Prof. Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi
Under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Engineering, Professor Dr. Ramzy Salim Ali, the College of Engineering at the University of Basrah, in cooperation with the Society of Energy Engineers, Iraq branch, held a workshop to introduce the Society in Iraq and the student branch
The workshop, presented by Joseph Habib Behnam, dealt with the definition of the association and its purpose
And he indicated that the association includes many consultant professors with experience in the field of energy.
Muhammad Hussein Mutlaq, an expert in the Ministry of Industry, confirmed that the organization is working to provide advice to students by raising their efficiency and training them in courses that help them obtain radical solutions to the obstacles they face during work and put them in the labor market, especially in the field of energy, as 50% of the industry is in Iraq During this branch, she works for training in maintenance work, and contributes in the future to finding job opportunities
Where he added that there are more than 16 branches in the Arab countries that are introduced through the holding of seminars and conferences.