About the Department of Chemical Engineering

About the department

The Department of Chemical Engineering is one of the most important scientific departments in the College of Engineering. It was established in 1981. The department is considered one of the largest departments of the college in terms of the number of students. The department’s importance lies in the fact that during the past five decades it has been one of the most important contributors to supplying the public and private sectors with highly qualified engineering graduates. The chemical industry is still making great efforts to meet the future needs of the country.

The department is currently awarding a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering sciences with a general specialization and works to secure high-quality competencies from chemical engineering graduates, in addition to the fact that the department is keen to pay attention to scientific research through the participation of undergraduate students in graduation projects, and also the faculty members presenting applied research in conferences International and scientific journals.

The department is making all possible efforts to develop the scientific laboratories in the department for use in refining the basic skills of engineering students and in providing an appropriate climate for scientific research. The department, in turn, serves the community by conducting engineering checks and providing technical advice and training courses to meet the needs of different sectors in the country.

The study in the graduate department qualifies to work in research, production, and industrial institutions, operating systems, and electronic design, and work on developing the infrastructure of the national industry. In addition to his possession of a solid scientific and knowledge base that enables him to continue his higher academic studies.


Postgraduate studies:

To provide graduates with advanced knowledge of chemical engineering and to prepare specialized cadres in academic and applied scientific fields in various fields of chemical engineering, postgraduate studies were developed in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the College of Engineering - University of Basra in the year 1988 by opening a master’s study according to the system of courses (courses) and its duration One academic year, followed by another year, to prepare a specialized thesis to grant a master’s degree in this specialization. Among what distinguished the postgraduate studies in the department is following the approach of scientific cooperation and joint supervision with pioneer researchers specialized in all fields related to specialization, transfer of knowledge, and the combination of knowledge and experience from the academic side of the university To the fields of practical application and vice versa, to supply all universities, new colleges, industrial and oil institutions, with graduates holding high degrees in chemical engineering to be a nucleus for faculty members and researchers in those institutions because the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Basra is one of the first scientific departments in Iraqi universities in this specialization.




The department is working to restore and develop the infrastructure of the national industry and rehabilitate chemical engineers to advance the industrial reality and make optimal use of the components of crude oil to advance the distinguished petroleum and petrochemical industries, especially since we have all the ingredients for these industries and direct engineering projects in this direction.



The Department of Chemical Engineering looks forward to graduating qualified chemical engineers and preparing a distinguished and high-quality cadre of education and scientific research to advance the national industry and serve the community by contemporary technical developments and with high quality so that they can produce national materials with high efficiency and at a low cost to compete with what is imported from outside the country.



The Department of Chemical Engineering at the College of Engineering, University of Basra, aims to:

1. Preparing chemical engineers with the best contemporary technology for industry and academic study.

2. Enable students to access and learn about the latest contemporary technologies for the chemical and petrochemical industries through the Internet

3. Attempting to encourage postgraduate students to do joint research with supervisors from outside Iraq to get acquainted with the latest means of equipment and publications to organize work.

4. Emphasis on summer training for students in laboratories, and conducting multiple visits by teachers to students in laboratories, and ascertaining the extent to which the other party can give the student an opportunity for field practice and practical benefit.

5. Continuous evaluation of the curricula given to the student and the extent to which they keep pace with the rapid development in the world.

6. Serious interest in engineering projects and an attempt to involve a discussion member from the industry for which the project was designed.

7. To develop the student's abilities in the academic field and other scientific, technical, sports, and creative fields.

8. Instilling confidence in the student in the department, its leadership, and faculty members, and trying to deter destructive and inappropriate ideas for the university community.

9. Intensifying meetings with students and involving them in the evaluation of these stages, in addition to educational supervision and identifying their problems.

10. To graduate qualified chemical engineers for work and academic life.