Fourth stage projects-Mechanical Engineering Department

Fourth-stage projects for the Mechanical Engineering Department



Project Name


Dr. Abdulkareem F. Hassan

Characterization of glass epoxy functionally graded material


Dr. Salman H. Hammadi

Design and simulation of solar absorption chiller

Combination of solar distiller and underground heat exchanger for fresh water production


Dr. Muneer A. Ismael

Design and manufacture of a variable aperture plate air flow meter

Experimental and theoretical study to calculate friction losses in smooth pipes


Dr. Falah A. Abood

A study to calculate the cooling rate of a two floors building

Study of the process of heat transfer from a flat surface containing longitudinal fins


Dr. Hussein S. Sultan

Design construction and analysis of solar water heater


Dr. Jaafar K. Ali

Improving the performance of the ventilator in intensive care units


Dr. Khalid B. Saleem

Numerical study of opposing mixed convection in a vented enclosure


Dr. Haider K. Mehbes

Design of a medical gas station of 200 bed hospital


Dr. Murtadha A. Jabbar

Study the Effect of Tempering Conditions on the Corrosion Behavior of low alloy steels


Dr. Raheem K. Musawel

Optimization of Resistance Spot Welding on Aluminum Alloys using Response Surface methodology

Optimization of Friction Stir Welding on Aluminum Alloys using Tagachi method


Dr. Abdulbaseer S. Bahedh

Vibration of composite beam natural frequency and mode shapes

Cantilever and simply supported beams vibration with impact force applied in variable locations


Dr. Mohammed K. Kadom

Study of the effect of flow within a branching artery

Study of the effect of flow within an artery curved at an angle of 180 degrees


Dr. Imad A. Kheioon

Design of two arm moving robot with multi-degree of freedom used for engineering application

Design of six degree of freedom Robotic arm for line production application


Dr. Emad A. Khazal

Design of medical gases in hospitals


Dr. Raad J. Jassim

Optimization mechanical properties of welded joint in TIG welding using the Taguchi method and analysis of variance (ANOVA) and genetic algorithm


Dr. Basil S. Munahi

Graphical User Interface of Vehicles Cruise Control System


Dr. Mahmood S. Jamel

Study of the performance of the parabolic solar station

Study of the performance of the solar station with a concentric tower


Dr. Sana M. Shrama

Numerical Investigation of heat flow via heat lines due to natural convection within differentially heated cavities with curved side walls


Dr. Ahmad A. Mahdi

Design of a platform for withdrawing and pumping water from the Shatt Al-Arab

Design of a water hammer protection system for a water suction and pumping platform


Dr. Sana J. Yaseen

Design of shell and tube heat exchanger

Study of heat transfer on 2D lid driven cavity


Dr. Rafid A. Jabbar

Experimental Study of Effective Parameters in Dieless Drawing Process of Copper Wires


Dr. Mohammed B. Mohsen

Design of an internal combustion engine, compression ignition (diesel engine)

Design of an internal combustion engine, spark ignition (gasoline engine)


Mrs. Rana L. Natoosh

Studying the effect of the type of refrigerating fluid on the refrigerator’s performance coefficient


Mrs. Huda A. Abdulkareem

Mixed convection heat transfer in square cavity


Mr. Firas M. Khalaf

Environment effect on steam power plant, cooling water temperature and level in river