Exam instructions

Instructions for Exam

1. The student must carry his identity card inside the examination hall and show it when asked.2. It is not allowed to bring
any book or paper into the examination hall.

3. The student must write his full name as it is recorded in the official lists, his description, his section, and the exam subject, in Arabic and using an ink pen.

4. It is forbidden to speak in the hall.

5. It is not permissible to tear off any paper from the exam copybook.

6. All inquiries are directed to the examination hall official only (the supervisor), and it is not permissible to speak with the observers.

7. No student is allowed to leave the exam hall during the first half-hour of the exam, and no student is allowed to enter the exam hall after the questions are spread.

8. The student remains in his place when the supervisor announces the end of the exam time until the exam copybooks are delivered.

9. It is not permissible for any student to move from his place without the permission of the supervisor.

10. Students must bring all their supplies, and borrowing is unacceptable inside the examination hall.

11. The student is not allowed to take the exam in case he violates the uniform.