The vision of architectural Department

About Architectural Department


The department of architecture was established in 2002 with an elite staff of academics and engineers to meet the emerging needs of the governmental and private sectors, including directorates, institutions, and companies to skilled architects and to keep up with scientific and technical progress in the world.  Since its opening, the department has adopted an efficient academic program parallel to architectural departments worldwide. This has been achieved through focusing on integrated theoretical and practical aspects of the architectural study so that the practical aspect of the approach is equivalent to a third of the entire teaching process.


The curriculum of the department has been updated. In addition, the department began to introduce new and distinct programs since the academic year (2015-2016) to keep up with the developments in architecture locally and globally.
The duration of the undergraduate in the department is five years, starting from accepting students of the first year who are qualified to join until their graduation. After that, the department graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.