student activities

Graduation project entitled (3D printing and writing machine)

The student, Zahraa Jabbar Abdul-Shahid, and the student, Asawer Mahdi Fadel, presented it in the College of Engineering, University of Basra

A project entitled (3D printing and writing machine) under the supervision of Professor Muhammad Katea

The project performs several tasks, as it can write any pencil and draw any picture using the pen and using software

For writing, it converts words or images into E60-F, as well as printing 3D sensors using a material

PLA plastic is easy to soften upon heat and fast to solidify at room temperature

And convert it into a g-code and send it to the controller of the printer when the heating block is heated to melt a substance

Polylactic The process of forming the model begins with placing multiple layers of plastic until the final model is formed

Graduation project entitled (Designing an electric train on campus)

The student Batool Khudair Ghali and the student Mona Muhammad Muthanna presented in the Department of Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of

Basra, a graduation project entitled (Design of an electric train inside the university campus) under the supervision of Dr. Alaa

Al-Abadi The project dealt with the design of an electric train without a programmed Driverless driver due to the large number of errors

As a result of human irresponsibility and lack of focus, the electric train was designed on a funicular, and this gives a benefit

It avoids a lot of congestion. The train runs on batteries that are somewhat environmentally friendly and can be recharged

There is an idea to put solar cells on the roof of the train so that clean and renewable energy is consumed to be

In Iraq from the summer weather

There is less power consumption due to what

The train is programmed in such a way that when it reaches the desired station, the train will stop and the door will open

In a certain color to indicate the mechanism of opening the door as well as closing it, and a tone is heard to warn that the train has stopped and after it has passed

A specified period of time to enable passengers to board the train and vice versa, and then the door closes

LED to indicate that the door is closed, and another tone is heard that differs from the first tone to warn of the movement of the train

to the next stop

Graduation project entitled (Design and manufacture of an electric submersible pump)

The student, Hussein Sabr Matar, in the Department of Petroleum Engineering, the fourth stage, presented a graduation project entitled (Design and Industry

submersible electric pump) under the supervision of Professor Ahmed Ali Shanchoul and Dr

Faculty of Engineering The project dealt with a practical and theoretical study in the first part. The practical part was designed with a section

A cross-section of the layers of the earth after the excavation process, which included the ascending arrangement of the layers (water, oil, cover rocks).

Accumulated sedimentary rocks, groundwater and soil) well lining, cement, electric submersible pump, pipe

production, Christmas tree and overflow tube where the electric pump draws the oil from the container

The oil flows through the production pipeline down to the Christmas tree and then to the flow lines and up to no

To the insulators, but in the theoretical part, submersible electric pumps were designed for multiple fields through programs

oil from software prosper

Hussain Sabr could have real data added by the student

The theoretical part is a source for preliminary studies after it has been fully audited, as it contains a study of parts

Submersible electric pump and full analysis of its problems

Graduation project entitled (Smart Photovoltaic Energy System

The student Zahraa Saad Lahd and the student Mithal Jamil entered the Department of Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Cairo

Basra, a graduation project entitled (Smart Photovoltaic Energy System), supervised by Dr. Wasn Wali

The project has several axes

The first is to solve the electricity crisis at the present time. Solar cells and 81 meters are connected to each house to provide electricity

Electric energy sufficient to operate all electrical appliances, and in the event of a surplus of energy, it is converted

To the national electricity in exchange for material wages, but in the case of the need for energy, electricity is taken from the national electricity as a cover

The project is used to charge cars

The second axis is to connect it to the router and get internet

The aim of the project is to obtain clean energy (accompanying with the environment) that does not cause any pollution or noise

at lower prices