Mechanical Engineering Department Overview

Mechanical Engineering Department Overview

      The department of mechanical engineering was established in 1964-1965 in the same year in which the college of engineering was established. Generally, the mechanical engineering department aims to prepare specialized engineering cadres to meet the labor market's need of engineers with the specialization of mechanical engineering to contribute effectively to the implementation of development projects and reconstruction plans in Iraq. The duration of study in the department is four years, after that the department graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, which allows practicing all work in mechanical engineering.

      The postgraduate program in the department of mechanical engineering began in 1976-1977, where the graduate student is awarded a higher diploma and a master's degree in mechanical engineering sciences, and in 1992-1993, a doctoral philosophy study program in mechanical engineering is began. In addition, the department of mechanical engineering follows a clear method of scientific research that contains mainly applied aspects for the development of postgraduate studies by linking projects with applicable problems in industry in the service of development in Iraq.

      The department of mechanical engineering provides engineering consultancy to many governmental and private industrial companies and institutions through the engineering consulting office of the University of Basrah, which was established in 1981 to develop engineering expertise in community service and contribute to raising the level of engineering practice.


The department's vision aims to graduate mechanical engineers trained on the latest international scientific curricula, and thus implement various engineering projects needed by the labor market. The department of mechanical engineering has also relied on balanced programs that include theoretical lectures and various practical aspects. In addition, the department of mechanical engineering contains (7) laboratories in various engineering disciplines that meet the needs of all academic levels. Where the department's management is works to developing its laboratories periodically in the best way to complete the practical aspect of theoretical courses that helping the student to understand and increase the assimilation of engineering subjects.

The engineering study also provides a sufficient means to create the best scientific life for the student, and this can be done through harmony and unity in the educational process at the university and providing the best possibility for the student to communicate and contribute to the labor market in all its fields and generates wide systems of engineering programs in addition to a high quality of employment and motivates the student on authorship and innovation. Thus, achieving a society that meets the labor market requirements of mechanical engineers with the best quality in education and scientific research.