Head of Electrical Engineering Department


 Dr Ammar Abdul Shaheed
 Head of electrical engineering department


The speech of Head of Department

In the name of Allah the Merciful


      The Department of Electrical Engineering at the College of Engineering - University of Basra seeks to prepare knowledgeable engineering cadres and keep pace with scientific progress in the field of Electrical Engineering, because it has an important role in the progress and prosperity of the national industry in the service of our beloved country, Iraq.

      One of the most important points that the department has worked on since its inception is the preparation of distinguished teaching staff with a high scientific level in the field of specialization by attracting distinguished professors with their academic history, as well as containing the department’s graduates from distinguished students and their acceptance in graduate studies to enrich the teaching staff with a young scientific research class to harness all available energies in the field specialization and diversity of its details.

      The Department of Electrical Engineering also worked to provide laboratories and physical equipment for training within the department in addition to agreements with Iraqi and foreign engineering companies to train students during their studying journey before graduation.

        During the past fifty years, more than fifty batches of electrical engineers graduated and were supplemented by stations, factories and companies at the governmental and local levels as well as at the international level, where there are many graduates of the department working outside the country in international companies, universities and academic institutes. This indicates that the education policy of the Electricity Department Since its inception has had a long-term view of what the requirements of the stage need at the time and in advance.

        In conclusion, I can only admit that this success that characterizes the Department of Electrical Engineering would not have been achieved without the grace of God Almighty and then the teaching staff in the department in addition to the supporting and encouraging scientific efforts represented by the University of Basra - College of Engineering.

      Thanks to everyone who made an effort to improve the reality of the country and its people.

And the success from the God