continuous education

Continuing Education Unit

Continuing education is defined as the education that comes after formal education and is based on self-initiative and facing challenges, and is based on the principle of lifelong learning, in which a person learns a set of new skills and knowledge or develops the existing skills of individuals in a specific field. Completeness, self-realization, and preservation of the individual's desire to acquire new knowledge outside the formal education system and thus his contribution to the success of the working life of individuals. Therefore, the Continuing Education Unit at the College seeks to achieve this vision by establishing training and educational courses that attract the best distinguished training and educational cadres, and establishing strong strategic relationships with the public and private sectors to contribute seriously to supporting the national development effort through the development of human resources by empowering individuals and public sector institutions. The private sector and various segments of society are encouraged to develop positively and help them unleash the potential human energies, which leads to raising competitiveness and achieving the highest levels of individual and institutional performance.



1- Opening up to the community by utilizing all the scientific energies and capabilities available in the college to enrich the community and its members, raise their scientific and practical level, and develop their knowledge and capabilities by offering a variety of high-quality applied training programs.

2- Raising the levels of institutional performance and competitiveness by providing advisory services to public and private sector institutions

3- Contribute to professional development and development by employing and investing the human and technical capabilities of the College in serving the community through training courses, workshops and specialized seminars in the scientific and technical fields.

4- Develop mutually beneficial professional partnerships between the college and various local institutions

5- Monitoring and following up on modern scientific and technical developments and trends and transferring them to the concerned segments of society in an optimal manner