Head of chemical engineering department

The speech of the head of the Department


We are pleased to welcome you to the website of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the College of Engineering - University of Basrah

The department’s affiliates and chairmen work hard to provide distinguished education by providing students with basic knowledge and engineering and applied skills necessary for a successful career in the field of chemical engineering to supply the national industry’s needs of efficient engineering in various branches and specializations of chemical engineering such as the oil, petrochemical, construction, desalination and water treatment units and industries Food, pharmaceutical, etc., and striving to reach an engineering education commensurate with the needs of the industrial community and the labor market by preparing graduates capable of operating and designing various industrial units, as well as managing units for controlling production processes and areas of management and industrial safety, in addition to research and development work, by focusing on theoretical aspects and linking them to the practical aspect and applied, where the department includes 8 specialized laboratories in addition to a laboratory for researches of graduate students. The department also works to actively contribute to community service. We aspire to be a pioneer in education and scientific research in the field of building knowledge for the community and qualifying its graduates to work and compete in the local and regional market at a high professional level by providing them with the necessary tools and skills necessary to face future industrial, technical and social challenges.


Head of Chemical Engineering Department


     Dr. Asaad A.Alsaed