About the Department of Civil Engineering

About The Department of Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering / University of Basrah is one of the oldest engineering departments in Iraq. It was established in 1964, in order to prepare qualified engineers to serve and develop the country under the supervision and teaching of the most prestigious academics with higher degrees. Every year a large number of students are accepted due to the urgent need to graduate civil engineers in order to rebuild and develop infrastructure. Admission to the department is for high school graduates, in a four-year study period. The graduate is awarded a bachelor's degree in civil engineering sciences. Where the department aims to prepare an efficient engineer capable of creativity and innovation, and follow up on engineering and scientific developments.

Over the years, the department has witnessed a great development in scientific capacity and capabilities.

The Civil Engineering Department is one of the largest departments of the college in terms of the number of students in terms of preliminary and graduate studies. The department is one of the most important tributaries to supplying the public and private sectors with high efficiency.




Vision of the Department of Civil Engineering

We plan to continuously upgrade and develop the level of scientific curricula, academic training and engineering services to suit the department's legacy and honorable history.


Strategic Objectives of the Department of Civil Engineering


  1. Creating a suitable climate for developing the capabilities and talents of students to prepare qualified engineers with comprehensive knowledge of the basics of civil engineering.
  2. Develop scientific research to provide effective solutions that improve the standard of life and push the wheel of economic development by directing scientific research and academic curricula towards economic development and linking scientific research to the problems and needs of human society in general and in Iraq in particular.
  3. Instilling professional ethics in the graduates and immunizing them against deviation and away from professionalism
  4. Providing distinguished engineering consultancy through the consulting office and the continuous development of the expertise available to ensure urban and urban progress in Basrah Governorate in particular and Iraq in general.
  5. Cooperation with scientific institutions in the fields of research, exchange of experiences, and encouragement of joint scientific research with Iraqi universities and reputable international universities.
  6. Adopting international quality standards to measure the performance of teachers and researchers in the department to improve their scientific and cognitive competence.
  7. Supporting the initiatives of faculty and researchers in the department to establish projects that serve the university and the community.
  8. Expanding extra-curricular activities and developing the latent skills of students outside the academic field.