 Head of the Mechanical Department


With the help of God, I was entrusted with the tasks of heading the department of mechanical engineering in a difficult situation in Iraq and the world went through. With exceptional efforts, despite all the difficulties, the challenges were great at all levels. With the combination of all the good efforts of the teaching staff in the department, all the requirements of the educational process were prepared for our students because the student is the essential priority. In the educational process, we are working sincerely to provide distinguished educational and scientific services through high-quality programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students and to support sober scientific research. The department’s steps were confident in laying down scientific foundations through which we aspire to achieve a sober scientific level supported by a distinguished and loyal elite of faculty members with leading scientific competencies in the field of mechanical engineering.

The department of mechanical engineering is the mainstay for all other engineering departments, and it is a vital field that includes all aspects of engineering, and it is a discipline in which its students can excel and be creative. One of the visions that we bear in mind is that the department will be distinguished in all scientific activities to keep pace with scientific progress, and what we see today in the acceleration of pace in all scientific fields and at all levels, the department seeks to join the higher ranks and scientific progress by opening the field to apply widely evening studies.

Where the department offers a distinguished program in the field of mechanical engineering in two tracks, the first in applied mechanics and the second in thermal mechanics, which generally serve the industrial field. The department places among its priorities providing students with basic skills in mechanical engineering that meet the needs of the labor market. The department seeks to graduate engineers with high-level scientific and practical competence to supply the labor market with graduates with high skills suitable for all areas of the various industrial sectors and to promote a culture of creativity, innovation and self-learning among students in response to the rapid developments in modern technologies.

We have the desire and determination, me and my fellow in the department of mechanical engineering, to achieve the best integration of the outputs of the academic educational process and to supply the requirements of the labor market with qualified engineers to work in the major industrial companies in this dear country .... God save everyone



Assist Prof Dr. Hassanein Ibraheem Khalaf

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department