college Council

Administrative position

Scientific title

Personal Information


Dean of the College


Dr.Ramzy Salim Ali

 Associate Dean for   Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies

Assistant Professor

Dr.Muneer Abdul Jaleel Ismael

Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs

Assistant Professor

Dr.Sarmad Abdullah Abbas


Associate Dean Affairs for student                                              Lecturer    



    Dr.Atheed Habeeb Taha



Head of civil engineering department

Assistant Professor


Dr.Mohammed Jaawad Kadhim

Head of electrical engineering department


Dr.Mofeed Turki Rashid

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

Dr.Hassanein Ibraheem Khalaf

Head of the Department of Computer Engineering


Dr.Mosab Adel Ali


Head of chemical engineering department


Dr.Asaad A. Sayed Abduullah

Head of petroleum engineering department

Assistant Professor


Dr.Haider Maath Mohammed

Head of the architecture department


Dr.Hamed Hyab Samir

Head of Materials Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

  Dr. Qais A. Hassan Rashak

Teaching Representative Assistant Professor


   Dr.Ammar Jasim Dakhil