Two Researchers from the University of Basrah publish paper in an international journal

Assist. Prof. Dr. Faleh Mahdi Musa and Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Sawadi Abdullah, two teachers at the College of Engineering at the University of Basrah, and doctoral student Duaa Hakim Abdul Zahra, published research in the Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology
One of the journales affiliated with the international publishing house Springer, which is classified as a magazine
Calrevit with an impact factor of 1.9
 Within the second quarter Q2
A Highly Compact and Low Cost UHF Wide Slot Antenna
for Internet of Things Applications
The research includes the design of a very small, low-cost antenna that covers the UHF band (892-940 MHz) with a relatively high gain value for use in Internet of Things applications. The antenna was manufactured on a low-cost dielectric substrate and is characterized by a symmetrical radiation pattern that does not depend on the direction of placement of the Internet device. Stuff. Simulation results and results are shown
Measured after manufacturing match very well.