A Researcher at the College of Engineering publishes a research paper in an international journal

Professor Dr. Saleh Issa Khassaf, a teaching professor at the College of Engineering, published in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Baddour Naisa Youssef and doctoral student Majid Shaker, two lecturers from the College of Engineering at the University of Putra Malaysia, UPM, conducted research in the British journal Water, which is one of the journals affiliated with the MDPI publishing house, which is classified within the Clarvit - Scopus containers within the first quarter, Q1.
(Novel Techniques to Study the Effect of Parapet Wall Geometry on the Performance of Piano Key Weirs)
 The research includes studying new barrier wall designs to improve PKW performance and reduce the effects of flooding. The experiment focuses on modeling a PKW with a fixed height of 12.6 cm. Three parapet wall configurations were tested: Pattern 1 (walls along the top), Pattern 2 (walls installed on the sides and entrance), and Pattern 3 (walls along the sides). Each style includes three diaphragm profiles:
Rectangle (fixed shape), triangle, and trapezoid (different linear properties). The results indicate that the design of the barrier wall significantly affects water level changes with increasing wall height. Pattern 3, which features triangular and trapezoidal baffle walls, demonstrates the highest drainage capacity among the sections tested. The discharge coefficient is related to the height and shape of the barrier wall.