Master's thesis at the University of Basra to be discussed Adaptive controller for soft robot end-effecters

A master’s thesis by the student Shahad Abdel-Azim Latif was discussed at the University of Basra, College of Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering, entitled Adaptive control unit for the final effects of a soft robot. The thesis included the subject of soft robotics, which is a branch of robotics that focuses on technologies with physical features such as those found in living biological organisms, unlike robotics. Traditional solid materials. The results show that the accuracy of CPMA position control can increase significantly Under different loads. This adaptive control technology aims to inject damping to reduce residual vibration and place the free end in the desired position or path. The results show that the proposed control technique is much more efficient than PID control in transient and steady-state performance. The effectiveness of the adaptive controller on SREE has also been demonstrated through MATLAB/Simulink and practical experiments. The conclusion of the research shows how the fingers can follow the step and input Sinusoidal and closed loop position control