The College of Engineering holds a workshop entitled The most important engineering applications in the MATLAB program

The College of Engineering at the University of Basrah held a workshop entitled The Most Important Engineering Applications in the MATLAB Program The workshop presented by Assist. Lecturer Rawan Saleh Ismail Najim and Dr. Salam Abdulqader, teachers in the College of Engineering, dealt with students of the second stage of the Department of Petroleum Engineering Focusing on a range of different topics such as mathematics, geology, resistance, floods, etc., and presenting the most prominent engineering applications that students have excelled in presenting.
1-S.F calculator
 2- mathematics problems
 3- Discharge In Porous Media
 4- Rock Type Estimation
 5- Quadratic Equation solver
6- GPS Petroleum tank level
7- Solving various engineering problems The aim of the workshop is to employ the MATLAB program to solve various engineering problems, to prepare and create a new generation that solves engineering problems programmatically, as it saves effort and time to solve a problem.
As programming has become one of the most important scientific fields in our daily life, as it has harmonized with many fields to find radical solutions to various problems, including medical, engineering, administrative, and marketing.