A Reasercher at the College of Engineering publishes research in a scientific journal

Dr. Faleh Mahdi Musa, a teacher at the College of Engineering at the University of Basrah, researched in (Sensors) journal, which is one of the journals affiliated with the International Publishing House (MDPI) and is classified within Clarivate containers, with an impact factor of (3.9) Scopus (CiteScore = 6.8) within the first quarter, Q1

 Generalized Concept and MATLAB Code for Modeling and Analyzing Wideband 90 Stub-Loaded Phase Shifters with 3 Simulation and Experimental Verifications

The research includes presenting a general principle suitable for the design of all microphasic crawlers, as well as the MATLAB program that gives exact equations for microphasic crawlers, regardless of the complexity of the system and the number of its components. Note that the currently used mathematical modeling methods rely on manual mathematical derivations that contain many assumptions and facilities to make the mathematical derivation possible.