A master’s thesis at the University of Basrah discussing (shear behavior of reinforced concrete beams with lightweight aggregate with recycled aggregate and steel fibers - an experimental study)

The thesis submitted by the student Doaa Hamid Abbas dealt with the casting of twelve reinforced lintels with dimensions of (1500, 250, 200) mm in width, height, and length, and strengthening them with steel reinforcement. Two lintels were cast as samples compared to shear reinforcement with a diameter of 8 mm, but without steel fibers. It was also tested. The rest is without shear reinforcement, but using steel fibres
The effect of a 2% volume content of steel fibers with hooked ends on the mechanical properties and shear behavior of beams reinforced with (50,75,100)% was studied From the minimum percentage of main reinforcement to determine the possibility of replacing the main reinforcement with steel fibres
The thesis aims to study the effect of steel fibers and recycled concrete aggregate on mechanical properties
The thesis concluded that the workability of lightweight concrete with recycled aggregate decreased by 8% when the replacement percentage of recycled concrete aggregate increased from 0 to 100%. The results also showed that the presence of 2% filament fibers with hooked ends is the most effective in improving compressive strength, improving fission resistance, and increasing flexural resistance to a high degree.