The University of Basra organizes a scientific symposium entitled A NEW GENERATION OF ROBOTIC SYSTEMS

The College of Engineering, University of Basra, Computer Engineering Department, organized a scientific symposium entitled A New Generation of Robotic Systems
The symposium aimed to introduce soft robotic systems as they are a new generation of robots in the world. The College of Engineering at the University of Basra, and specifically the Department of Computer Engineering, is unique in being one of ten universities in the world to work and develop this type of modern systems.
The symposium, in which lecturers from the Computer Engineering Department, Basra University, College of Engineering, lectured, included Dr. Musab Adel Ali, Head of the Computer Engineering Department, Dr. Alaa Falah Abdel Hassan, Dr. Hassanein Shaker Hussein, Ms. Heba Ali Mohsen, and Mr. Ziad Tariq. Lectures were given in the field of flexible robots, their mechanism of operation and development, along with suggested methods and future solutions to enrich the subject, which is the subject of research and development for undergraduate and postgraduate students