Publishing a joint scientific research by two teachers from the College of Engineering, University of Basra, in a reputable international journal.

Dr. Haider Moaz Muhammad, Dr. Murtada Abbas Jabbar, and Dr. Noha Hadi Jassim, teaching staff at the College of Engineering, University of Basra, published in the international magazine Instrumentation Mesure Métrologie within the Scopus Q3 classification entitled Optimization of sustainable turning factors for carbon steel.
The research included a study on the optimal cutting parameters for sustainable manufacturing using a lathe machine that improves manufacturing performance to increase productivity and product quality. In this research, experimental and theoretical work was carried out. The experimental work includes machining a carbon steel shaft (AISI 1045) using a turning machine, measuring the surface roughness and measuring the cutting temperature. Theoretical studies develop empirical equations for surface roughness and cutting temperatures. In order to reduce cutting temperatures and achieve smooth surfaces,
These equations are also intended to be used in Lacrange optimization approaches. At low cutting temperature and smooth surface, sustainable cutting conditions will be achieved. The optimal cutting speed and feed rate parameters obtained by the applied Lacrange optimum technique were cutting speed of 1000 rpm and feed rate of 1.8 mm/rev.